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The legalization of same sex marriage has been a battle that has
been raging since the late 20th century. By not allowing same sexual, the
United States is creating discrimination against same sex couples. People
of faith are the biggest advocates against same sex marriage with a belief
that marriage is the foundation for procreation, same-sex couple without
the ability to have their own child, should not be allowed the right of
marriage. Being that there are many right and responsibilities associated
with marriage same-sex couples or denied these and are being
discriminated against.


Same sex marriage, other known as gay marriage and lesbian

marriage. It is between people of the same sex. Base as of 3 January
2017, same sex marriage legally recognized in other countries like:
Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, France, Iceland,
Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
and Uruguay. But in our country the Philippines mostly in Roman Catholic
Church, This marriage is not approved because it is a sin to our God. They
have a point from this situation but when it comes to love no one can stop.
But also especially we need to follow our God because he is the only one
who knows what is right for us, who is right for us, he will give us a right
way and God loves us.

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We therefore conclude that:

For same sex partners, we dont agree anyones born anyway

at all. Its a choice. But in same sex relationships, theres something
about the combination of friendship, a sort of secret lover the
straight world is oblivious to and a kind of trust and intimary
reminiscent of childhood- theres a sense that against all odds, this
same sex is more real somehow, because it is, in fact, a choice. If
you love or fall in love or choose to accept love and that love comes
in a body just like yours. You can love and you can be beloved
nothing else that matters.

Upon knowing the same sex marriage, we are came up with
these recommendation:

To receive federal and state benefits assigned to married

couples, a civil marriage must be obtained. It is a contract entered
into by two parties which is legally recognized by the government.
POLICY RECOMMENDATION: Same sex couples are entitled to
the same rights to civil marriage as opposite sex couples.

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* George Chauncey Why marriage? The history shaping todays debate

over gay equality, Basic books, (2004)

* Linda Hollingdale Creating Civil Union: Opening hearts and minds,

Common Humanity Press, (2002)

Homosexual couples should be allowed the right to marry
because they are people too and deserve the same rights as
heterosexual couples. Granting legal marriage rights to gays and
lesbians would threaten the stability of the family a pillar of our
country or society. Granting legal marriage rights under the laws
must extend to gays and lesbians to ensure that all citizens enjoy
full human rights.

Objectives of same sex marriage are much the same as
opposite sex marriage: to share a life together with the person you
love, to create a family to the person you love, to enjoy all the legal
benefits of marriage under state and federal, to be part of the
community, to raise a family, and equal rights activists, including
people of all sexual orientations, have fought long and hard to pass
law that allow same-sex couples to marry

The goals and objectives of people having same sex
marriage or relationships are the same as for people having
heterosexual relationships. Gay and Lesbian people are looking for-
they just happen to be hardwired to look at persons of the same
sex for these things.

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The importance of same-sex marriage:
-Marriage is a civil institution and a civil society should give same-
sex couples recognition
-As recently as 1967, 16 states outlawed interracial marriages
because the citizens of the states believed they were immoral.
-If homosexuality is proven to be innate, then moral objections to
same sex marriages are similar to moral objections to inter-racial
-Marriage has been recognized in the United States as a
fundamental human right through several different court cases.
-According to cox courts refusing to validate civil unions as the
legal commitment and the relationship the partner instead/intend
abdicate their responsibility to provide for their own citizens who are
in need of legal remedies.
-Being denied the label of marriage devalues the same sex
relationship implying the couple is less than a different-sex couple.
-Children within same sex families are denied the protections and
securities that are provided for children and families with different
sex couples who are legally married.
-Same-sex couples can and do have successful, loving and
committed relationships.
-Lesbians and gay share the same reasons for seeking to marry as
heterosexual couples.

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Marriage is a relationship between two person, man and

woman. This is the formal union of a man and a woman , typically as
recognized by law, which they become husband and wife. Marriage can
also be described as a socially or ritually recognized union of legal
contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between
them and their children. The same-sex marriage can be defined as a
marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender
identify. At common law a marriage between persons of the same sex was
void could not be validated by adopting a child. But in the contemporary
world the homosexual marriage has been validated. The first law in
modern times enabling same-sex marriage was enacted during the first
decade of the 21st century. As of 19 August 2013 fifteen countries
(Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Span, South Africa,
Sweden, Uruguay) allowed same sex couples to marry. A law has been
passed by the United Kingdom going to be effective in 2014 which
validates same sex marriage the study in various parts of the society
shows that there rising support for legally recognizing same-sex marriage.

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Same sex marriage is marriage between people at the same
sex, either as a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting. It is
the legal union between two people of the same gender.
Throughout history, same sex unions have taken place around the
world, but laws recognizing such marriages did not start occurring
until more modern times. As of 2015, only 17 countries around the
world have laws allowing same sex couples to become legally
married. Support in some countries that do not allow same sex
marriage is rising, however, which leads many to believe than
acceptance will continue to grow.


History of all great works is to witness that no great works

was ever done without either the active or passive support a
persons surrounding and ones laws quarters .We would like to
record our appreciation to all people that involve in the writing this
report. First of all, our appreciation goes for all the guidance
especially our teachers, Ms. Noemi Rosita for guiding and
supporting us until we complete this report successfully. In addition,
a lot loves and thanks to our parents that always supporting and
encouraging us with their loves and hopes. Besides, we are very
grateful to all of our group mates for all the information and their
help. There are number of people without whose help this thesis
would not have been possible: Patricia Suzette Macasaet our
leader, Leirica Resma our assistant leader, Alvin Caalim, Julia
Lescano and Marinelle Almero.

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We would like to dedicate this research work first to God who

gave us strength and ideas to create this research paper and to our
beloved family who served as our inspiration. And also to our dear
friends who taught us to think, understand and express the ideas
here in. We earnestly feel their inspiring words which guided us to
come up with bright ideas. Their words of encouragement truly
pushed us to make a collaborative works. We encounter so many
hindrances while we are making this research. We exerted our
time, effort, and even money. In the end, we are very proud to
present our work to our beloved teacher. We did not expected that
we can do it in a given period of time that is why we feel happy and

We felt so proud to ourselves by finishing this research paper.

We are very grateful to our English teacher Ms. Noemi Rosita, for
her great support to make this research successful. Thank you
maam for the patience youve showed to us.


This research paper entitled LGBT (Same Sex Marriage): A

Threat to Our Country presented by group 8.


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A. The family Code of the Philippines defines marriage as a
special contract of permanent union between a man and a
woman. The constitution of the Philippines does not prohibit
same-sex marriage.

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B. Laws affecting LGBT community

Noncommercial, homosexual relations between two

adults in private are not a crime, although sexual conduct or
affection that occurs in public may be subject to the grave
scandal prohibition in Article 200 of the Revised Penal Code;
which states:

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C. Article 200. Grave Scandal

- The penalties of arresto mayor and public consure

shall be imposed upon any person who shall offend
against deceny or good customs by any highly
scandalous conduct not expressly falling within any
other article of this code.
- While on the Family Code of the Philippines, stated on
Article 1, Article 2, and Article 147 respectively:

Marriage is a special contract of permanent union

between man and a woman entered into in
accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal
and family life. It is the foundation of the family and an
inviolable social institution whose nature,
consequences, and incidents are governed by law and
not subject to stipulation except that marriage
settlements may fix the property relations during the
marriage within the limits provided by this code.

No marriage shall be valid, unless these essential

requisites are present:

(1) Legal capacity of contracting parties who must be a

male and a female; and
(2) Consent freely given in the presence of the
solemnizing officer.

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D. The Advantages of Same-sex Marriage

1. Not allowing some people to marry is unconstitutional

By allowing some people to marry, and not
others, the government is discriminating against
citizens. This creates the feeling that the government
classifies homosexual people as second rate citizens
who do not have the same rights as heterosexual
2. Access to Equal Benefits
There is a wide variety of benefits that are
offered to couples who are legally married. Some of
these include tax benefits and insurance perks. Some
sex couples can now marry, they too get to enjoy
those benefits and perks that come along with being
3. Traditional Marriage Views have Changed
The way that society think has drastically
changed over the past decades. Peoples minds are
opening to things that they may have not understood
before. The same idea of two men or women getting
married often confused people, which is why they did
not support it. Times have changed and legalizing
same sex marriage is a testament to this.
4. Everyone needs love
All couples experience different relationships,but
the idea and feeling of love is universal. Marriage is a
traditional thing that truly solidifies and commits a
relationships, and straight couples should not be the
only ones who have the privilege of doing this.
5. Religion is the problem
The biggest reason that it is wonderful that
same sex marriage has been legalized is the fact that
the arguement is largely religions. It is unfair to
oppress some people based on the views of few.

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E .The Disadvantages of Same Sex Marriage

1. Marriage is a Religious Sanction

The entire idea of marriage is from religion. This is what
arguers of same sex marriage speak the most about. The
traditionally defined marriage is between a man and a woman,
same sex marriage is against what the Bible teaches, so it is sac
religious to marry to men or two women into a religious sanction.
2. Confusing for Children
Another big problem with same sex marriage is how it will
affect the children of the country. By legalizing same sex
marriage it gives the message to children that it is normal or
okay to be in a homosexual relationship. This also causes
confusion for them as to how reproduction works.
3. Marriage is for Procreation
The entire purpose of being on this planet and getting
married is to have children, expand the population, and keep the
human race going. Some sex couples cannot have children
because it requires both a female and male to conceive a child.
If we begin to praise people for not having children, the human
race could slowly begin to dwindle.
4. Its a slippery slope
By legalizing same sex marriage, you are opening the door
for other types of nontraditional couples to fight their right to
marry. This could include underage, inicstuons, and even group
5. Having a mother and father is important
Kids need balance in their life in order to be successful
adults. This balance comes from having influiness from a
mother and a father in their development years. Same sex
couples cannot give this to a child because there is only one
gender having influence over their life.
6. Reduces to Sanctity of Marriage
Marriage is a traditional and religious ceremony and
commitment that people hold very sacred. The institution of
marriage has been degrading slowly over time, and we need to
do everything that we can preserve this. Same sex marriage
divalue traditional marriages and cause people to may away
from getting married.
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