Full Name Salman Badar Sarwat Badar
Date of Birth 16th February 1983
Nationality Pakistani
Marital Status Married
Languages Reading / Writing English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi All Fluent.
Typing Speed 55 WPM
Mobile 00971-52-8860903
Passport No. AK3423961
Visa Status. Work Visa
Driving License Valid UAE Driving License with Vehicle
Address Al Buhaira Corniche – Sharjah – UAE

To strive for challenging career opportunity in an organizational setup. And Create integrated strategies to
Objective: develop and expand existing customer sales, brand/product evolution, and media endorsement.

Experiences Having 3 plus years experience of IT support in UAE.
Summary: Having 10 plus year experience as IT support engineer in home country.
Expert in CRM usage.
Expert in IT, networking and desk support, Windows server, active directory.
Expert in Data recovery from working hardware.

UAE experience: Currently working in Sharjah Corniche hospital, as an IT Incharge.
Sep 2013-till date Job tasks are as follows.
 I’m handling Hardware, Software support with all networking and technical support.
Including LAN, WAN for desktop and laptop infrastructure for domain connected wired
and Wirelessly.
 CC TV Camera monitoring software implementation on different floors of hospital.
 Fix computers for technical issues in Software (Oracle) + troubleshooting all hospital
systems for hardware too, working on LAN and WAN.
 Maintaining active directory while Monitoring network traffic as well as email server and
user account in Windows Server.
 Plus maintaining hospital website and updating it by using Macromedia Dreamweaver.
 Providing support when required to accounts dept. as cash handling, salaries

I.T Officer in MSP (Pvt.) Ltd. – ( )
Home Country I worked on I.T Trouble shootings in MSP’s I.T department.
Experiences JOB Descriptions:
Professional  Managing internal intranet with security policies on the company’s domain
Experience (1)  Data Recovery (worked on database data recovery too)
 Preparing Survey and Technical reports for all projects
Site acquisition Dept  Monitoring field staff
Cellular Towers.  Preparing monthly progress reports
Lahore, Pakistan.  Assisting the manager and C.E.O in different official tasks
(March2005 -June  Making all employee ID cards for barcode attendance

 Maintain Daily agents report. . supervisor +  Distribute the V.Wireless Terminal.  Collect complaints about Network services problems and submit it on PTCL’S Customer Relation Web based interface. Professional My Jobs descriptions were to sales the sets control as Supervisor + Managing sales cash as Experience (3) Accountant. Experience (4) I support there all CSRs and TSRs for different Canadian companies like Voxcom (Canada) and Call Center.  Data Recovery on Demand. PPI (UK).Professional I also worked in the Administration in Department of MSP (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi & Islamabad  To update record of joining.O Pakistan.E.  Software and Hardware installation with required repairing.  Making salaries for 2 departments including 50+ employees with the help of H. It was running as a sub company of Global Engineering Services Professional (GES).  Manage agents recordings regarding agent name. Lahore. Sahiwal. resignations. connection. Pakistan  Deposit all amount of daily sale in PTCL bank accounts.R department.  Manage all agents data protection on windows Server 2003  Installed and Worked on ViciDial now 1. My designation was “Executive Assistant + Accountant”. I. and leaves of all offices Worked in PTCL to Sale. Company Limited  Deal every complaint against the sold PTCL V.  Design the procedure and Marketing schedules to reduce the shortage of V.  Maintain the Daily attendance from all departments of MSP (Pvt) Ltd. Global BPO Services a call center. From all their offices Lahore. on Daily basis.  Make daily Sales Report and E-Mail it to higher staff in Islamabad. Company’s new product named PTCL V.3CE for Predictive Dialer. (Sep2006 .Wireless accountant for Scratch cards in Sahiwal district.T Manager: (Jan2010 – Dec2010) I did my job with the following responsibilities.  Design Employee ID cards for every employee of GES.Wireless Scratch cards in whole district via marketing staff. Regional Sales  To increase the sale of sets in Sahiwal District make more dealers for sales department.Wireless Phone. (PTCL).  To arrange meetings of official visitors with C.  Handled Petty cash handling  Also worked as purchase office a bit before new joined in.Sep2007)  Manage cash and make office salaries for staff of 20 employees. Telecommunication  Provide every kind of technical facility to my valuable customer.  Maintaing Predictive Dialer for 2 campaigns. Experience (2) Executive Assistant + JOB Descriptions: Accountant. Pakistan.

A.  Communicative.R+Administration because of vast experience. Pakistan. My Abilities:  I Can speak English in good US accent. Urdu.U Islamabad.I.  Always taking the intellectual approach  Able to work under pressure  Able to work within deadlines.B. (2000-2004) Education: Intermediate: D.  Enthusiastic in followings ->  Planning and Prioritization  Inter-personal relations  Excellent listening & communication skills  Ability to articulate  Multi-Tasking  Problem solving skills .  Manage multiple jobs same time as IT+Accounts+H.A (Diploma in Business Administration) Matriculation: Metric in Computer Sciences.  Able to present any idea with ease  Obedient  Multiple tasks at a time. Graduation: BSCS (Hons) .O. Extra Ordinary Talent  Fluent in English.  Punctual plus dependable. Punjabi and Hindi.