Where to Shop for Cheaper Prices in Manila

Frugal or expense-conscious people are always on the lookout for "bagsakan" or
cheaper sources of products. Buying from the source is usually cheaper, like if you buy
from farmers or fishermen in case of fresh produce. For consumer goods, factory outlets
are popular among buyers, like the Citygate mall in Hong Kong.

In Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, there are places known and becoming
popular bargain havens. From my professional and personal buying experiences, I
compiled below a list of such places per product category. Prices become a lot cheaper
when buying in bulk, and when you've canvassed first before haggling for lowest or last

Food & Beverage Items
Fruits - Carmen Planas St. in Divisoria, Manila
Vegetables - night markets in Divisoria and Cloverleaf, Balintawak
Mangoes - near PNR Blumentritt station at Antipolo St. in Manila
Seafoods - night market in Malabon fish port
Prawns - "consignacions" in Hagonoy, Bulacan
Beef - Mahogany market in Tagaytay
Live Cattle – auction markets in Pedro Garcia (Batangas) and Urdaneta (Pangasinan)
Lechon - Retiro St. in La Loma district of Quezon City
Grocery products - Carlos Palanca Sr. St. in Quiapo, Manila
Chinese ingredients - Arranque market in Manila
Chinese delicacies - Carvajal St. in Binondo, Manila
Liquors & Spirits - Gil Puyat (Buendia) Ave. from Taft to Roxas Blvd.

Art Supplies - CM Recto and Avenida streets in Manila

Birds and Pets - Arranque market (Manila) and Cartimar (Pasay)

Curtains. Laguna along national highway Car Parts & Accessories . Rosa in Sta. (QC) & Evangelista St. in Manila Handicrafts and Wood Carvings .Hidalgo St.Banaue St.Ylaya St. Manila Fake Products/Knock Offs . etc. Quiapo Eyeglasses .Gilmore St. in Sta.Dapitan & Quinta markets in Manila Herbal medicine products . Manila Medical supplies and equipment . Manila Computers & Accessories . in Sta. Bearings. Rosa. Laguna Oil Seals. in Binondo.Gonzalo Puyat (Raon). Manila Guitars & Musical Instruments.CM Recto in Manila.HMR and S.. in Binondo. Binan. Manila Imported surplus stuffs .Paterno St.Soler St. Cruz. in Quiapo Caps (Baseball) .Quiapo.Ongpin St. (Makati) Cards (Invitations) & Certificates .Carlos Palanca St.Paseo Sta. Mapa St. etc. Manila .O. Trophies .CM Recto Avenue from Mendiola in Manila Camera & Photography Accessories .Books (Used) . . . . Cruz. Manila Light Bulbs & Fixtures .Platero. in Divisoria & CM Recto. Etc.factory outlet in Mamplasan. Manila Fabrics. in Quiapo.S outlets Kitchen & Restaurant Supplies . Binan.V.Dos Castillas St.Bambang and Avenida streets in Manila Factory outlet of Levi's. Quiapo. Laguna Nike shoes and Products .Greenhills (San Juan) and Divisoria (Manila) Flowers .Ongpin St. near Dangwa bus station in Manila Gold Jewelries .Masangkay St. Nike. (QC) and Virra Mall (San Juan) Electronic & Communication Parts . from Mendiola Chinese medicines .

Ylaya St. Manila . Manila Tools & Industrial supplies . in Sta. in Divisoria. in Binondo.Yuchengco or Nueva St. Manila School and Office supplies . in Divisoria. near Central Market.Bangkal. Jerseys) and Jeans .Picture Frames . Manila Uniforms (Military. Alonzo St.Juan Luna St. in Divisoria. Manila Plastic Bags & Containers . Makati Various consumer items .Andalucia St. Manila Toys . Cruz.Quezon Blvd. Manila T-Shirts & Clothes .T. north of Quiapo.168 Mall and nearby shops in Divisoria. Manila Vintage & Antique items .Tabora St. from Quiapo.