Black propaganda in Philippine

FROM THE STANDS By Domini M. Torrevillas (The Philippine Star) | Updated May 3, 2016 - 12:00am

Political jousts in this country are eternally exciting, entertaining, somehow also enlightening and, from the point
of view of those who become objects of vicious black propaganda attacks, absolutely infuriating.

Remember the malicious tag of “Brenda” hurled against a leading presidential candidate a few years ago that
was intended to put her mental faculty in serious doubt? Or the cruel calumny of being gay which was attached
to a former senator?

The current political campaign has not been wanting in this diabolic practice. And while some of the charges
and accusations against some political personalities appear to have credible basis, many others are obviously
nothing but malevolent character assassination. It is, therefore, up to the voters and the public at large to
distinguish those that are truthful and those that are wicked lies.

Among those who became open targets of very serious accusations are Vice President Jejomar Binay for
alleged plunder related to the construction of a building and a school and the purchase of hospital beds and
facilities. Senator Santiago has denounced continuing innuendos about the state of her health, and asserts
that she has successfully licked the lung cancer that she herself admitted, had afflicted her.

Senator Grace Poe is still besieged with insinuations that she is actually the offspring of an illicit relationship
between a former President and a former actress. This, aside from persistent issues about her Filipino

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is hard put in parrying charges of hiding enormous wealth in several secret
bank accounts with transactions amounting to P1.2 billion. Earlier, he had to face the fury of an enraged public
offended by his lewd “joke” that he should have been the first to ravish a pretty Australian missionary who was
sexually brutalized by several inmates in a Davao City jail who then slashed her throat.

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Mar Roxas, with his concededly spotless record of public service was not spared from the malicious insinuation
fired by the Davao Mayor that he is “bayot” (gay) and that he is weighed down by an indecisive character that
has given rise to his supposed “teka, teka” attitude even when confronted by critical situations.

Expectedly, it is Senator Bongbong Marcos who is getting the brunt of brickbats among the vice presidential
candidates. But you know when black propaganda gets completely out of hand? It’s when a simple,
unassuming, soft-spoken, self-effacing Leni Robredo becomes the target of outrageous claims meant to tarnish
her reputation.

Initially, she was said to have received P500 million from the Liberal Party just to agree to be the party’s vice
presidential candidate and running mate of Mar Roxas. After this failed to gain traction, an absurd story

705.875 registered voters.296 voters and San Carlos City under Rep. the second vote-rich city with 96. surveys or no surveys. Rep. waving matching yellow flaglets.” For months now. patronage politics. Mascarina talk about the Ating-Koop Party List at the Nation’s Leaders Forum sponsored by the Capitol Christian Leadership held at the Faith Baptist Church Social . this is intended to besmirch her public image as a simple-living widow who leads a nearly austere existence. Roxas also enjoys the unwavering support of Rep.183 voters. adding. for the last presidential debate. Arenas.” This claim was made more evident by the massive showing of Roxas supporters when he arrived in Dagupan City. In addition to Reps. Urdaneta. which is the 3rd vote-rich province in the country.000 of his supporters later convened in two viewing venues to watch the debate. an overflowing crowd of loyal supporters welcomed him with a marching band playing his campaign jingle. Roberto C. with 1. ** * I had the opportunity to listen to Cong. even more accusations are coming out of the woodwork: illegal donations. It was a campaign moment for Mar! Some 6. Manay Gina has been actively campaigning for Mar and Leni Robredo in Pangasinan. Rep. De Venecia and Bataoil. His outstanding performance in various agencies.accusing her of buying a luxurious bed with a stratospheric price of P700. I know this because I meet them on my daily visits to the public markets in the whole province. She believes that Mar Roxas has the support of the silent majority. lined up on both sides of the street. 76. garbed in Mar-Leni yellow. the 3rd vote-rich with. “The surveys do not reflect what I see on the ground.000 was peddled! Obviously. Mayor Belen Fernandez of Dagupan City and Mayor Bobom Perez of Urdaneta City. “Mar Roxas is the best among the rest. Visibly moved. There was even the dastardly attempt to put to ridicule her very act of riding a public bus in going home every weekend to Naga City after attending to her Congressional duties. I suppose that the Filipino saying really holds true: Ang pinaka-mabungang puno ay ang pinaka madalas binabato. He was escorted to the debate venue by hundreds of bikers as thousands of supporters. When Mar reached the venue. and other easily-refutable issues. Gina de Venecia of Pangasinan’s 4th District. The canard being passed off as immaculate truth is that she or her family owns the public buses that she takes in going home to the province. Now that she has surged in the ratings. Leopoldo Bataoil of the 2nd District also agreed. the political stalwarts of Pangasinan are convinced that Mar Roxas will be the “flavor of May.” That is the conviction of Rep. ** * ON ANOTHER FRONT. Roxas came out of his vehicle and greeted his enthusiastic supporters amid a shower of yellow confetti. Dagupan is the number one vote rich city in Pangasinan with 105. vast experience. Roxas supporters gave him a ”yellow-carpet” welcome when he arrived in Dagupan City. track record and brilliance make him the best option for our country.260 registered voters. Baby Arenas of the 3rd District. Marlyn Agabas of the 6th District.

Atty. Gilda U.” Its mantra is. Remolona. He organized a cooperative (otherwise called credit union). he found an answer out of his predicament. is a true-blooded cooperator after almost 27 years of success of Barangka Credit Cooperation which he founded with his fellow cooperators from the Universal Textile Mills. Puno. enjoying the benefits of medical care. but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). . in 1986. Puno as honorary chair and Rev. Tingson. this was founded by the late journalist Leon O. By God’s grace. CCL is observing its 48th year of existence. For the May 9 elections. with the theme “Building a Godly Nation. and sleeping under a creek near the construction site. Inc. His salary could not sustain his family and personal needs. Aida P. Let’s vote for this party list. among others. education for their children. thus avoiding the wild interest rates charged by 5-6 creditors. The first nominee of Ating –Koop Party List.” as he is popularly called. About Capitol Christian Leadership. loans (which they pay regularly). Pring. Jose Lagunsad Gonzales as chair. dela Cruz. Every Tuesday. the Ildefonso J. Salibio.Hall in Quezon City last week. Gregorio J. “Righteousness exalts a Nation. Ka Bert stopped studying at the University of Santos to work at the textile mills to support his family. and Ptr. “Ka Bert. David D. Leo S. Perla Agustin. Jean M. it holds a forum featuring respected personalities. and currently has former Chief Justice Reynato S. it has sponsored vice-presidential and local candidates. Aguila. from government to private individuals. Other officers are Bishop Juan S. Delegencia. which helped him and his cooperators save and earn money. Ty and Dr. Today his coop has hundreds of members throughout the country.

Aquino visits INC leader to lobby for Mar SHARES: VIEW COMMENTS By: Christine O. in an apparent last-minute plea for Mar Roxas’ presidential bid. but the . DJ Yap @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer 12:33 AM May 3rd. executive minister of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). Avendaño. 2016 Photo by Joseph Vidal/ Malacañang Photo Bureau PRESIDENT Aquino on Monday met with Eduardo Manalo.

EDUARDO MANALO PHOTO COURTESY OF INC And with less than two months to go before he steps down on June 30. In a statement released by Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. Grace Poe on second place. from apathy to one of being more hopeful.” “I have no complaints but to say thanks for all the support. Aquino said.” he added. “I thanked him for the support he and his brethren have extended to us. Mr.. whom he said would continue his governance reforms. was statistically tied with Sen. Aquino said his legacy was “the change in the attitude of people. Roxas. Aquino said he thanked Manalo for his support to his six- year administration but also when he was senator.” . “Lastly I expressed the hope that these gains will not only be continued but built upon in the future. Interviewed by reporters. in the latest presidential surveys. trailing runaway front-runner.” he said. head of the sect known for voting as a bloc during presidential elections.” Mr. He also said he shared the “vision of what happens after I step down from power. Aquino said he sought the meeting at the INC central office in Quezon City with Manalo. Mr. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. and made the usual appeals and political appeals.Liberal Party (LP) candidate struggling in voter preference surveys expressed confidence he could secure victory even without the backing of the powerful religious group. I enumerated the gains under daang matuwid (straight path). Mr. Aquino has been campaigning intensely for Roxas. Mr.

but he still lost by more than 700.” Roxas said. we cannot coerce them into siding with someone when they don’t want it. the former interior secretary said an INC endorsement would be welcome but not crucial to win the presidency. Speaking to reporters at LP’s Balay headquarters in Quezon City. Roxas sought to downplay the meeting between Mr. “Let’s wait for the people’s judgment. Asked if he believed his support base was big enough to win without INC’s help. “If there’s no endorsement. he said people had seen his reforms and it was up to them if they wanted this continued and strengthened even more. I am operating [on the notion] that it will just be a plus if it happens. “An endorsement is freely given.” . denying it was a last-minute attempt to get INC leaders to endorse his candidacy. INC endorsed Roxas for the vice presidency against Binay in 2010.Asked on his message to the people with May 9 just a week away. Aquino and the INC leader. he replied: “I believe so.000 votes. Aquino said. We’re just steady. I don’t know to whom they will give it. what our bosses want.” Mr.” he said.