Ang alamat ng tao ay nag simula noong ginawa o lumabas sa

nahating kawayan si malakas at si maganda, sila ang
pinaniniwalaan ng mga tao na dito nagsimula ang isang alamat na
kung tawagin ay alamat ng tao.

When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in the 16th century, they
discovered a distinct and advanced civilization in our country.
According to Philippine historians, it was Ferdinand Magellan who
discovered the islands of the Philippines.

The Philippine tarsier, known locally as mawmag in Cebuano/Visayan and
mamag in Luzon, is a species of tarsier endemic to the Philippines.

navigator. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. the Queen. Prince Henry (properly the Infante Dom Henrique) was born in 1394. the daughter of John of Gaunt. Also known as the men from champa. It was first mentioned in the 16th Century in the Chronicles of Pigafetta. and colonizer. and is known as the oldest watercraft found in the Philippines. the third son of King João of Portugal. His mother. Indochina. was Philippa of Lancaster. he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. The Manunggul Jar is a secondary burial jar excavated from a Neolithic burial site in Manunggul cave of Tabon Caves at Lipuun Point at Palawan. citizen of the Republic of Genoa. The Balangay or Butuan b o at is a plank boat adjoined by a carved-out plank edged through pins and dowels. .

the king of Cebu was baptized into Catholici The Tondo Conspiracy (1587-88) Cause: Regain Lost Freedom Miguel López de Legazpi. also known as El Adelantado and El Viejo. Later. Aranda. The Igorots were headed by Juan Caragay but was crushed by Capt. . A blood compact was performed between Magellan and Rajah Humabon. The Spaniards wanted to Christianized the Igorots but they resisted. was a Basque Spanish navigator and governor who established the first Spanish settlement in the East Indies.

On June 12. Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence in Kawit Cavite facing a huge crowd. The national anthem – Marcha National Filipina (formerly Marcha Filipina Magdalo) composed by Julian Felipe. between 4-5 PM. 1898. was played by the town band of San Francisco de Malabon (now General Trias) The National Flag of the Philippines (Filipino: Pambansang Watawat ng Pilipinas) commonly known as the Three Stars and a Sun .

Gen. Arthur Mc Arthur issued an order to advance his troops. After Mabini’s resignation. Aguinaldo appointed Pedro Paterno as head of the Cabinet. Elwell Otis that the firing was against his order. Aguinaldo avoided it by sending a message to Gen. . This was used by the Americans to rationalize their actions in the country.He also said that the Americans must educate and uplift the conditions of the Filipinos.

copra. manufacturing. Prior to the invasion. hemp. Liwayway. banking and real estate. was the only Tagalog weekly allowed to continue publication. The Chinese invested in rice production. logging. timber. . tobacco. Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina served as president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944. the 1500 Japanese laborers participated in the construction of the zigzag road to Baguio City (1903).

1943. PHILIPPINE HISTORY CHRISTINE IYLE Q. Currency and banks were closely monitored. On October 14. BALGOS . around 800.000 Filipinos gathered to witness the inauguration of the new republic. They circulated their own money.

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