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PRESSURE COOKING -  3 IN 1 3 . QUICK because many people have only a little time- for cooking. With the Fissler pressure cookers. HEALTHY because vitamins and nutrients are almost completely retained. 2. too! The 3-in-1 benefit or the vitacontrol® digital cooking assistant and the inte- grated recipe gallery in theFissler Cooking App) you can also conjure up delicious meals with a minimum of effort. and the right recipe (www. a little know-how which we will provide you with on the next few pages. And they are healthy.Really good meals To create a really good meal you do not need to spend hours at the oven. 3. DELICIOUS because the aroma is ideally retained.

In addition. and potatoes come out of the pot with virtually the same mineral content as when they were placed in it. THE PRESSURE COOKER COMPARED TO THE CONVENTIONAL POT % 100 97 96 92  91 88 85 74  74 71 63 49  MINERAL NUTRIENTS MINERAL NUTRIENTS MINERAL NUTRIENTS MINERAL NUTRIENTS MINERAL NUTRIENTS MINERAL NUTRIENTS VITAMIN C VITAMIN C VITAMIN C VITAMIN C VITAMIN C VITAMIN C Source: Study for Fissler pressure cooker dossier 2012 4 . carrots. vitamins are ideally conserved. Scientists have discovered that when pressure steamed in a pressure cooker. broccoli. the pressure cooker offers many benefits. One very tangible one is that the vitamins and minerals in the ingredients are largely preserved. 1 Healthy As a true multitalent.

The shortened distribution. 2. This saves you a great deal of time. In a pressure cooker the tastiest meals can be conjured up in no time at all. re optimal heat abso aluminum core ensu cooking rage. In ad efficiently than conv pro cess. Delicious A meal is only perfect when it tastes delicious. Saving energy y more e energy significantl Pressure cookers us dition entional pots. Quick In the tightly closed pressure cooker an overpressure is produced which reduces the cooking process to a minimum – with stewed dishes by up to 70%. and their flavor is particularly intensive because the aroma of the ingredients is almost fully retained. and sto to be ergy consumption time enables the en %! reduced by up to 50 5 . especially with complex dishes. 3. during the cook ing to the overpressure r all- ted Fissler cooksta the fully-encapsula d its stability it offers an stove base with the rption.

Simple: 4 steps to the perfect meal Brief instructions 6 .

In the case of foods that froth or expand during cooking. oil.1st step Opening the pot: Press the control key on the lid handle in the direction of the arrow and turn the lid to the right until you reach the stop. or wine (200–300 ml are the basic minimum) into the pressure cooler. such  as rice or puls- es. only half fill the pressure cooker (1/2 marking). Liquid: Now pour the minimum amount of water. 7 . Preparing the ingredients: Place the pressure cook- er on the stove and switch the burner on. According to taste. When preparing meat. first lightly fry or roast individual components with a little butter. If specified by the recipe. You can now remove the lid. or lard. broth. ensure you sear it at the beginning so that it becomes as brown as it is to look finally on the plate. Then add the ingredients to the pressure cooker in accordance with the recipe. you can also add herbs or spices.

Please refer to the Fissler cooking time guide or the recipe for pressure cookers for the cooking time. Cooking setting 1 (110 °C): This gentle setting is perfect if you wish to prepare delicate food such as fish or vegetables. With your vitavit® pressure cooker you can choose between two cooking levels. A "click" when closing and a color display on the handle (green) indicate whether the pressure cooker is firmly closed. 2nd step Closing the pot: To make it extremely easy to close. The correct position of the lid is also marked by red dots on the tab and on the handle. Choosing the cocking setting: Now you can begin to cook your dish. which has a groove in the pot handle as its counterpart. Only then can pressure be built up. such as meat dishes or stews. 8 . the pot's lid incorporates a metal tab. This allows you to fit the lid on easily.t. Cooking setting 2 (116 °C): This speed setting is the right choice for everything which has a lengthy cooking time.

the setting for the cooking level must be controlled by regulating the energy supply. You can now turn the heat down. your pressure cooker will automatically begin to release pressure.Cooking process: The cooking display with traffic light function will navigate you reliably through the process. 1st ring ( yellow): Th e right temperature has almost been reached. The cooking time begins now. With the vitaquick® model. 2nd ring ( green): The cooking temperature you have selected has been reached. You should regulate the heat so that the cooking display always remains in the green area. 3rd ring ( red): The temperature is too high. Simply turn down the heat further in order to stop the depressur- izing and return to the green area. In order to regulate it. The cooking display has two markings (white rings) which show you when you have reached the required cooking level. First ring: Cooking setting I (gentle setting) Second ring: Cooking setting II (speed setting) vitavit® vitaquick® 9 .

otherwise the food you have cooked could spill out. 10 vitavit® vitaquick® . With all models you can either: • depressurize quickly using the control button on the lid handle. otherwise the skin could burst. In the case of foods which froth or expand easily (such as pulses or soups). The pressure on unpeeled foods such as jacket potatoes should also be released slowly. • depressurize quickly under running water. 3rd step Depressurizing: You can depressurize your Fissler pressure cooker in up to four different ways – depending on which model you own. you should release the pressure slowly. vitavit® premium and vitavit® edition also enable you to • depressurize more gently or somewhat more quickly using the control valve. • allow the pressure cooker to cool by using the re- sidual energy in the dishes with a longer cooking time and removing the pot in good time from the stove. Which method is the best depends on the content of your pressure cooker.

Discover new dishes in our recipe world and find out what the culinary variety tastes like. tasty dish to place on the table. euromatic vitavit® 11 . shake it gently to release any steam bubbles that may have formed in the food and to prevent the euromatic (safety valve on the lid which prevents the lid from being opened while there is pressure in the cooker) from blocking.Opening: Before opening the pressure cooker. 4th step Ready: In no time at all you have conjured up a healthy. Enjoy your meal! With your pressure cooler you can cook healthy. de- licious food quickly every day.

no.* * Information on compatibility with your smartdevice is available at: www. delicious) by two positive properties: intelligent and uncomplicated. VITACONTROL® DIGITAL The uncomplicated and intelligent cooking assistant – for enjoyable cooking with success guarantee. Art. 620-001-00-470/0 vitacontrol® digital + Cooking App: A perfect team. 12 . Suitable for vitavit® edition and vitavit® premium. • Cooking assistant with step-by-step instructions • Monitors the complete cooking process • Extensive recipe gallery with regular updates • All updates and enhancements are available free of charge in the App Store (for iPad and iPhone) or at Google play™ (for Android™ devices).Cooking assistant for pressure cooking The new vitacontrol® digital and the associated Fissler Cooking App enhance the tried and tested 3-in-1 benefit (healthy.

Cooking with the vitacontrol® digital and the Fissler Cooking App – explained step-by-step. 13 .

It's as easy as pie to start the cooking assistant for the first time: First download the free Fissler Cooking App from the App Store or Google play. the time at which the signal to regulate the temperature is issued is ideally adjusted to suit your stove. and it will take you to your cookpit. As a result of this set- ting. Important: Ensure that your tablet's or smartphone's Blue- tooth interface is enabled. Touch the signal strength display on the bottom edge of the display to get to the device list. 4) Then select your stove type. 3) Now start the app. 2) Then insert the battery supplied in the vitacon- trol® digital and switch the device on.1) Let's get started. ➼ 14 . Your vitacontrol® digital is displayed here. Simply touch "Connect" and the pressure cooker will already be connected.

even when you are in the room next door. 7) Set your burner to maximum heat. 6) When you have completed all the preparatory steps for the recipe and have put the ingredients in the pressure cooker. you will receive a message in the cookpit to reduce the energy supply. Now place your vitacontrol® digital on the valve and follow the instructions on the screen. you can serve your tasty and healthy meal. press the Menu button at the top edge of the display and select the recipe gallery entry. As soon as the right temperature has been reached. To access it. 5) The Fissler Cooking App offers an extensive library of recipes. 15 . After de- pressurizing. 8) At the end of the cooking time the cookpit tells you to depressurize your pressure cooker. During the heating-up phase the app will keep you informed. and you can sit back and relax. close the pressure cooker in accordance with the instructions. From now on the timer begins to count the cooking time.

If the euromatic is blocked. and lid handle can be removed from the lid and cleaned by hand. The rubber gasket. Replace the parts which are subject to wear.It was delicious! Always clean the pressure cooker after you have used it. The disassembled lid and the lower part are dishwasher-proof. for safety reasons the pressure cooker may not be opened. and sooner if used more frequently. 16 . at least every two years. Consequently please never leave anything in the pressure cooker. control valve. such as the rubber gas- ket.

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