Roll Number 14JE000293

Education History (Highest Education Onwards):

Four Year Degree Course:

Level Duratio Specialization Grade(CGPA
n Institut )
3rd semester 6 8.74
months Indian
School B.Tech in
2nd semester 6 of Petroleum 8.96
months Mines, Engineering
1st semester 6 8.88

OGPA( up to 3rd
semester) 8.86/10

Remarks Currently holding batch rank 9 out of 91 students of
Petroleum Engineering Department.

Other Educational Qualifications:

Level Duration Institute Discipline Percentage
MS Children’s Physics,
Senior Mathematics, 93.2
XII(CBSE) 2012-13 Secondary Chemistry,
Academy, Physical
Orai, U.P. Education and

93.1 X (CBSE) 2010-11 Secondary English. Chevron. Senior Mathematics. Dr. English MS Children’s Science. Sciences and Orai. etc. Niladri Sinha. Strategies Implemented • Guest Lectures: Organized various guest lectures by SPE ISM prominent industry professional like Mr. . Student Member HOI. Social Academy. an assistant professor of Department of Petroleum Engineering at Indian School of Mines. Dhanbad. U. present) in Dhanbad to spread the awareness about energy Org sustainability and familiarize young minds about the opportunities in energy sector. Outcomes • SPE ISM Student Chapter became the first chapter in India to collaborate with “Energy4me” and conduct an awareness drive on energy sustainability in more than 30 schools involving 10. Project: Working on a project on “Characterizations of Oil and Water Emulsions” under the mentorship of Mr. Extra Curricular and Non-Academic Activities: Position of Activity Responsibility Outcome /Role My Role • Coordinating with other members of the team to initiate new activities to improve the industry-academia interaction. Hindi th Remarks School topper in class 10 Board exams and District topper in Class 12th Board exams. VP. IOGPT.speism. Ganesh Thakur. Kartavya Finance Team My Role (A NGO run Member • Raising money for teaching and providing basic by the (July 2015 to amenities for the underprivileged children of Dhanbad students of present) city. Vinay Kumar Rajak.P. Chapter (July 2014 to • E=mc2: Initiated an inter school energy quiz competition www.000 students.

Do you hold any Scholarships. according to their needs. Outcome:- As a result of our efforts. Dhanbad consisting of their medical Donation information. Strategies Implemented • Never refuse to reuse. 500 students of ISM Dhanbad donated blood last year. NGO Organiser concerned students of appropriate blood group were associated (July 2015 to asked to help. a paper presentation competition conducted by SPE ISM Student Chapter. in which a person sponsors the ISM) education expenses of a child for the entire year was implemented. was started to raise money by selling old books donated by the graduating batch to the juniors. number of students getting education by Kartavya increased. Due to increase in funds. 2. During emergency requirements of blood. Three Blood Donation Camps were organized last year to fulfill the requirements of 2 blood banks of Dhanbad which saw a participation of more than 350 people. Head of the decorating team in the visit of SPE President Dr. Won 1st prize in ‘INCARTA’. .000Rs through recycling activities and more than 3 lakh rupees through sponsors. with FAST present) Street Plays and Awareness programs were organized FORWARD in the crowded areas of Dhanbad to develop a positive INDIA(FFI) awareness for Blood Donation amongst the masses. • Allocation of available resources to the 5 centers of Kartavya Dhanbad Chapter. To coordinate among the students of different blood groups and motivate them to donate blood. Outcomes • Kartavya was able to raise more than 50. • Sponsor a child scheme. My Role:- To look after the daily medical cases which require blood-donation. Activities:- Bloodline: A A Data Sheet was being prepared hostel wise for every Blood student of ISM. Nathan Meehan at ISM Dhanbad in 2015. Awards or Achievements: Achivements: 1.

PATHANPURA. 2.4 million students appeared and thereby counting in the top 1% minds of the country. Sports: 1. Qualified to the quarter finals and semifinals of the Chess Championship of Parakram 2014 (Sports fest of ISM Dhanbad) respectively. Qualified to the Semi-Finals of the Badminton tournament in Parakram 2014 (Sports Fest of ISM Dhanbad). an event conducted by SPE ISM Student Chapter. Contact Details: Mailing Address 02saunil@gmail. in Pratibimb 2014 (interdepartmental Fest ISM Dhanbad). Academics: 1. (for use upto mid-2013) Permanent Address GAYAYRI NAGAR. I believe in giving back to the society and these ventures have helped me realize this want. What I Learnt From This: Organizational skills: I learnt how to manage various dimensions of an event together & optimize the end result. 4. District Topper in Class XII and qualified IIT JEE in the next year with All India Rank of 5802 out of 1. RATH.Nukkad Natika (Street Play) Competition. Won 1st prize in ‘VIDEO MAKING COMPETION RELATED TO CLIMATE’. Mobile 8948123608 . an event of annual techno- management fest CONCETTO 2014. (for use after you graduate) HAMIRPUR. 3. 2nd runner up in ‘RC Aircraft’. Winner. A regular and ardent player of lawn tennis. (U.P) Personal Email Address: 02saunil@gmail. Contact Numbers 8409778460 Permanent 8409778460 Campus Campus Email Address: 02saunil@gmail. School Topper in Class X.

Personal Details: Date of Birth 02/09/1996 Place of Birth RATH Gender MALE Nationality INDIAN .