50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Eight of Top 10 brands were banks or automobiles.

$12.6 Bil. $11.0 Bil.
2 $9.4 Bil. MRF

Rank 8 Rank 36 Rank 37 Rank 50

$5.1 Bil. Brand Value Brand Value Brand Value Brand Value
4 $3.9 Bil. $3.4 Bil. $2.9 Bil. $2.5 Bil. $2.4 Bil. $2.3 Bil. $2.5 Bil. $645 Mil. $630 Mil. $403 Mil.
5 6 7 8 9 10 Banks Banks Tires Automobiles


BRANDZ™ INDIA TOP 50 Banks Telecom Providers Banks Banks Paints Automobiles Automobiles Banks Banks Automobiles


Rate exceeds the growth of the Global Top 100 for every year
since the launch of the Global BrandZ™ rankings a decade ago.
% Change in Sector Brand Value
Home and Personal Care

BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio

15% of the India Top 50 total value
Auto Aftermarket
Services 5% of the India Top 50 total value

US$ 92.2 Bil. 41% of the India Top 50 total value Automobiles

(2015) 12% of the India Top 50 total value Telecom Providers

15% of the India Top 50 total value
US$ 69.6 Bil.
(2014) Food & Drink

12% of the India Top 50 total value




Brand contribution leaders

came from diverse categories. August 2014 July 2015
Brand contribution measures the influence of brand alone on

financial value, on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 highest.


The strong got stronger.
Personal Care
5 Paints
% Change in Brand Value

72% 69% 54%
61% 49% 46%
45% 45% 44% 44%

Home Care Rank 46

Brand Value $469 Mil. Rank 44
Brand Value $502 Mil. Rank 22
Rank 10
Brand Value $1.2 Bil. Rank 31
Food and Dairy Brand Value $2.3 Bil.
Rank 13

Brand Value $759 Mil. Rank 4 Rank 40
Paints Brand Value $1.5 Bil. Rank 26 Rank 35
Alcohol Brand Value $5.1 Bil. Brand Value $531 Mil.
Brand Value $1.1 Bil. Brand Value $648 Mil.
Brand Contribution



Home Care
Food and Dairy Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown


39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26

B U T S T E A D Y.I N I N D I A’ S V I B R A N T D E M O C R A C Y. . P R O G R E S S C A N B E R A U C O U S A N D S L O W.

HDFC Bank 28 34 Tradition Growth Thought Leadership 144 OUR INSIGHTS 36 Disruption 38 Ownership 40 Trust Brand India Resources 44 Cross Category Trends 88 by Veruschka Menon. Potential 122 Future Success Drivers 170 Delivery 78 Media Spending 124 RepZ by Narayanee Viswanathan. Genesis Burson-Marsteller 178 BrandZ™ Valuation Methodology 49 OUR INSIGHTS Brand Experience 182 BrandZ™ Reports. Ogilvy One Worldwide 194 BrandZ™ India Top 50 Team E-commerce 196 BrandZ™ Valuation Contact Details 98 by Ajay Tawde. 197 WPP in India Empowerment 100 by Shaziya Khan. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Contents Market Intelligence Brand Building Best Practices BACKGROUND 152 Empowerment Economy and Demographics by Arnab Chaudhuri and Chandana Raizada. 56 Key Facts and Figures J. Smollan Digital India BrandZ™ Performance Analysis 68 Connectivity Overview 112 Overview 164 Social Media 70 Smart Cities 114 Definitions by Vartika Hali. Walter Thompson 8 9 . Axis Bank Limited 136 Sumeet Narang. Ogilvy 77 Social Media 120 Premium. Power. Walter Thompson 66 Consumers 110 The India Top 50 Ranking 162 Shopper Marketing by Krishnakoli Sengupta Kumar. Ogilvy & Mather Beyond Villages 46 Take Aways 90 by Krishna Vilasini Bharadwaj. Bajaj Auto Limited Key Themes 140 KK Chutani. Dabur India Limited 26 Empowerment 142 Kartik Jain. J. 10 Welcome 62 The Indian Dream The India Top 50 and Gazala Vahanvati. Millward Brown 126 Top Risers 14 Overview 80 OUR INSIGHTS 128 Newcomers 172 OUR INSIGHTS 130 Brand Contribution 20 BrandZ™ Stock Portfolio Q&A with Chief Marketing Officers 22 Key Results 134 Sagnik Ghosh. Walter Thompson 58 Rising India: Recent history and timeline 156 Youth 60 Brand India by Almas Ahmed and Mehul Shah. Firefly Millward Brown 71 Internet 115 Different 72 E-commerce 116 Meaningful 168 Empowerment Introduction 76 Mobile 117 Salient by Abhishek Hariharan. Grey Empowerment 104 by Siddhant Lahiri. Ogilvy & Mather. Contract. Walter Thompson Masculinity 102 by Aakriti Goel. Landor 160 Social Media MARKET CHARACTERISTICS by Divya Khanna. Apps and iPad Magazine 92 by Ambrish Chaudhry. J. Brand Union 184 WPP Resources 188 WPP Company Contributors Digital 192 WPP Company Brand Building Experts 96 by Ashwath Ganesan. J.

insight. in This report is a primer in understanding the opportunities and challenges for brand building in India.Roth@wpp. something we call “horizontality. Indonesian Brands 2015. have market that’s this complicated and a manifestation of Big Data and. understanding and tactical advice for BrandZ™ unique and definitive among Indians feel proud and confident in implementation.brandz. and analyzes the BrandZ™ brand valuation methodology In fact. media with more than 3 million consumers investment management and data across 50 markets to assess consumer This empowerment permeates the investment management. but which are publicly traded in India. expanding needs and desires. brand valuation methodologies – we the future. To succeed in India. consumers feel pulled in two directions American Brands 2014. current Indian political leadership and essays that provide deeper strategic Then we take a critical step that makes its visionary promises. Blog: www. state. brands face in India. but to connect with it in markets and new media. branding and The BrandZ™ database includes in- percent of Indians say it’s important to identity. to build sustainable brand value in a that 4. and relationships with. but not Indian consumers and their rapidly Twitter: davidrothlondon fast enough. First Second. the BrandZ™ Top 100 on economic push alone all brands are critical for all brands that intend to India in depth. from other country markets. and the I start with this basic point: No matter old www. helped drive brand value appreciation. and relationship marketing. in the cloud! consumer the brands are considered Indian in the consumer’s mind. differentiated brands that deliver build a more prosperous and equitable resources for the benefit of our clients.000 brands in 400 categories. Or feel free to contact me other country markets. lasting shareholder value. not yet 70 years old. – to the past and to the future – often It’s progress slower. and public attitudes about. And I’m not speaking explores the many opportunities that equity knowledge and insight. EMEA interactive BrandZ™ mobile apps go to percent in brand value dropped down brands in the India Top 50 understand in all its nuances. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Welcome The Indian respect These brands have segmented their product portfolios.5 percent This growth imperative. and they’ve used media. direct.5 billion individual data points. a rate that exceeds the growth of the in the fast growing Indian market countries. adding premium and other offerings. but powerful. 78 advertising. a WPP company. Indians today feel empowered. But it’s deeper. and the only of brands with Indian ownership. They grew fast. resource library. we’re passionate about using the energy. According to The Futures Our experts are specialists in add unparalleled consumer research. on the winning strategies and tactics GDP growth expected this year – other important insights and take aways from your last battle. as a young modern Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2015. promotion depth quantitative consumer research Brand success requires fresh demonstrate pride in India. India is a place where BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin Most categories in the BrandZ™ India what market you’re doing business in. And seven success relative to the competition these and other BrandZ™ reports. It increased an impressive Third. But if brand value depended three key conclusions. lead me to the following BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global of course.davidroth. Brand experts from 14 WPP companies we analyze relevant corporate financial more sustainable This empowerment is related to in India contributed to this report data and strip away everything that optimism inspired in part by the with insights and thought leadership doesn’t pertain to the branded business. Company Global MONITOR. digital. and the many you to access our unrivaled Brand™ directly. please visit www. Successful brands need to “get” this phenomenon CEO The Store WPP. We are over 100. If you rely solely India’s strong economy – 7. David Roth at the same time. please Brands report has set a record. To download Top 50 improved significantly in brand and regardless of how fast it’s growing. culture and traditions of a 5. These corporations. would benefit. That requires brands to not simply tap into especially focused on new global At WPP. it is so thoroughly understood the Indian growing with such 10 11 . in the ranking.” about how to apply our experience and Collectively we bring global knowledge expertise to benefit your brand. in this report. you’ll likely lose. need to link with to succeed. It will not wisdom we amplify global trends of this report for summaries of each and insights that help our clients in company and the contact details of key do to only apply lessons learned from useful and unique ways. It’s titles include: the Sincerely. To learn more This second annual BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian India. It examines the BrandZ™ India Top 50 ranking results. BUILDING VALUABLE BRANDS It’s our consumer focus that makes all this data not just big. The backbone of all this intelligence remains the WPP proprietary BrandZ™ database. 30 percent of brands in the cultural distinctions and contradictions of Millward Brown. For the brands that actually increased over 20 comes down to brand. Global Top 100 for every year since the launch of the Global is exciting. creativity. yes. But successfully compete in India. the world’s largest.000-year. built on the the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable that’s not the case. but it’s also challenging By linking all this talent. the prospect of building brands based on our WPP presence in 112 contact any of the WPP companies 33 percent in value. particularly mobile. We invite executives. but some did not. the application our creativity to establish and build constructive ways that help Indians of Big Data and the coordination all our strong. and Turn to the resource section at the end because India is different in many ways BrandZ™ rankings a decade ago.brandz. David. that contributed expertise to this report. which I believe Rather. society and is the energy that brands insights into a distinctive market relations and public affairs. customer-focused source of brand for the past makes innovative ways. BrandZ™ India Top 50 are owned by that need to be understood in order Our BrandZ™ database now has more multinationals. and roughly equally. it’s important to understand Brands 2015.

Introduction PART .

and the increases of In fact. banks many other categories exceeded 20 Top 50 are of Indian origin.5 percent. a BrandZ™ country ranking eligibility requirement. Indian consumer trust in brands seemed to hold even during a recent food safety crisis similar to scandals that eroded brand trust in China. many of these brands women. rankings were launched a 49 percent in brand value year-on-year. Top 50 brands are SOEs. 2015 increased 33 percent than any other major market worldwide. 14 15 . Only 18 percent of the India 100 for every year since the and insurance brands. rise reflects the renewed sense of (SOEs) led in brand value growth. while 52 percent are private. and brands owned by The other 30 percent of brands are owned by MNCs which most dramatically impacts multinational corporations (MNCs) publicly traded in India. Not only the financial services sector understand these differences. unprecedented opportunities. INDIA IS DISTINCTIVE The headlines tell only part of the story. it’s growing differently. over 20 percent in value. disruption is on the near horizon. But that condition could change. which increased percent. but also including consumer appreciation for brands and the rapid some potential threats: expansion of brand choice. in rank. India is not simply growing quickly. also grew in have operated in India so long and effectively. either owned by individual companies or by large Indian • Growth spread across ownership conglomerates. While trust in brands is As noted in the following headlines. Most important. an indication of India’s entrepreneurial decade ago. trust in brands is growing in India for variety of reasons. a rate that exceeds And it also points to the particular rose 32 percent. Some brands. But what is an Indian brand? in value. rapid growth produced not only many completely. Brands that contribute to India’s have not yet been included in the India Top 50 because they’re not publicly traded. although they increased and communication. they’ve Brands that excelled in brand value brand value. particularly in e-commerce and mobile handsets.Part 1 | Introduction . and four Indian consumers trust brands. However. with a GDP growth of 7. but empowerment and possibility in India. with long history in India. established themselves as Indian brands in the minds growth responded to this spirit by of consumers.Overview TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Overview A 33 percent rise in brand value sets record for BrandZ rankings ™ In addition. 70 percent of the brands in the BrandZ™ India the growth of the Global Top strength of the financial sector. brands dropped out of the ranking declining or settling at low levels in much of the world. faster increased sharply in brand value. suggesting that the “Indianness” of a • Growth alone sometimes wasn’t understanding the changing consumer brand depends more on how it’s perceived than on its enough: Seven brands dropped and responding with innovative products provenance. but touches the entire society. private brands. Brand building The BrandZ™ Top 50 Most This remarkable growth rate illustrates • Growth spread across categories: in India requires gaining the deep insights needed to Valuable Indian Brands the overall strength of the Indian market. growth can benefit from it imminently. home and personal care brands Indians prefer Indian brands. the brand value models: State Owned Enterprises energy.

this this goal in a different. according to India time helping India develop as a modern Social Responsibility spending. government has promulgated several that becomes an alternative economic Individual and collective: As brands initiatives to advance this vision in ways growth model – slower. but leave the planet more intact and individuals more emotionally and spiritually nourished. adding financial value brands with purpose beyond simply their participation. which had governed Change often happens slowly and not costly mistakes. such as Digital India and these individuals overall are poorer and Smart Cities. and making decisions patience. “Indian” way this reality. higher purpose remains of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) a basic expectation in India. comfortable with dualities and tensions OPPORTUNITY TO that don’t exist to the same extent in BUILD BRANDS Brand building in India requires some other markets. perhaps. and the Bharatiya Janata Party.Part 1 | Introduction . and elected a change happens. but also to achieve In less than two years in office. health care. government sources. for example. India is a democracy In May 2014. jobs. comforts and conveniences they offer. it and less well educated than the growing access to education. which ultimately can result India is complicated for many reasons close the gap. more prosperous and equitable India. based on appearances alone can lead to Congress Party. and the modern new government led by Narendra Modi sustainable. Brands can participate in this growth and brand also means helping to build India. can’t be realized by simply implementing middle class of India’s cities. Building a increased across many categories. Brands have the strategies or tactics that proved urban-rural divide is changing. but rather integrate them. and other programs. which they try not to displace cherished presented a transformative vision of a India has the possibility not only to traditions. And the an opportunity to engage with these successful in other country markets.Overview TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Overview BRAND SUCCESS Urban and rural: Almost 70 percent The government’s Make in India initiative REQUIRES DEEP INSIGHT of the population still lives in rural India. and FDI rose almost 25 build successful brands. become a more prosperous and Brands need a strategy for responding to equitable nation. 16 17 . in a larger and more affluent consumer that are distinctive to India. are aimed at increasing While the opportunity in India is great. most successful brands are trying to endeavors. These dualities include: the country for most of the almost 70 without rigorous debate. however. But when Modernity and tradition: As Indians years since independence. Indians rejected the Indian – the largest democracy on earth. making money. Indians are market. state with products and services that add convenience and comfort. but in other parts of the world try to infuse that both support brands and invite more sustainable. The permitted levels while maintaining cultural values. But the and adequate housing. it tends to be stable and welcome more brands. while at the same The government mandates Corporate percent in fiscal 2015.

FO O D I S L O C A L . P R E F E R E N C E S VA RY F R O M R E G I O N T O R E G I O N . C U LT U R A L A N D DI V E R S E . .

key reason for building strong.186.5 percent. The August 2014 and July 2015. valuable brands also generate superior returns for shareholders.000 invested in the SENSEX stocks BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio while over the same 12-month would be worth only $1.000 invested in the -5% increased a healthy 18. India’s SENSEX.Part 1 | Introduction .6% superior 20% shareholder return 15% 10% BrandZ™ India Top 50 5% 1.5% Portfolio outperforms SENSEX 0% A stock portfolio comprised In outperforming SENSEX. the BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio yielded an ROI over 12 times greater than India’s SENSEX Index. valuable Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Bloomberg brands. $1. volume and market share growth. SENSEX India brands deliver Over a 12-month period. but strong.015. the BrandZ™ of the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most India Top 50 Portfolio produced an ROI that’s more than 12 times greater. SENSEX India period.6 BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio would August 2014 July 2015 percent in value between have grown in just a year to $1. They not only drive sales increased only 1. 25% 18. 20 21 . $1.BrandZ™ Stock Portfolio TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Stock Portfolio Strong valuable BrandZ™ India Top 50 Portfolio vs. Put Valuable Indian Brands another way. a The performance of the BrandZ™ India weighted index of 30 stocks on Top 50 Portfolio demonstrates another the Bombay Stock Exchange.

drives brand value. 22 23 . State owned banks drove most of the value growth. increased disposable income. FINANCIAL SERVICES SECTOR LEADS WITH 49% INCREASE The total brand value of the 13 bank and insurance brands in the BrandZ™ India Top 50 rose 49 percent and produced 41 percent of the India Top 50 value.Part 1 | Introduction . The correlation Global Top 100 for every year since the indicates how strong Brand Power rankings were launched a decade ago. personal care. a BrandZ™ The 33 percent year-on-year brand brand equity metric that indicates a value increase of the BrandZ™ India brand’s ability to grow sales volume Top 50 exceeds the growth rate of the and market share. across most sectors RISE IN BRAND VALUE LINKS WITH STRONG BRAND POWER BRAND VALUE RISES 33 The BrandZ™ India Top 10 increased PERCENT. and The trend lifts brands spending on premium products.Key Results TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Key Results Results indicate vibrant growth for brand value HOME AND PERSONAL CARE CATEGORIES UP 32 PERCENT Driven by consumer confidence. SETS BRANDZ™ 34 percent in brand value and 38 RANKING RECORD percent in Brand Power. paints and jewelry categories collectively increased 32 percent in brand value. the home care.

many of these brands are less impacted by the global financial and cost optimization.Part 1 | Introduction . Indians appreciate customers. Union Bank of India increased strength helped Lakmé command a brand value an extraordinary 72 percent premium for its products. The second-fastest riser. 24 25 . worldwide. think of them as of Indian origin. The proportion of privately a quarter of consumers in other parts as the rapidly expanding private LAKMÉ LEADS RANKING IN and one. These ARE INDIAN OWNED OF TOP 50 RANKING IN INDIA Achieving a 33 percent rise in brand initiatives reflect a brand building focus The four brands that debuted this year Private brands of Indian origin comprise About one-third of Indians said they value. where trust is leveling or bank introduced the brand to new BRAND CONTRIBUTION Enterprise. marginally. UNION BANK OF INDIA the BrandZ™ measurement of the BRAND VALUE UP 72% proportion of sales and margin directly One of India’s largest state owned attributed to the brand alone. While continues to decline. with a brand influence of Indian entrepreneurs and multinational proportion declined their expanding brand choice and were driving up profits with revenue growth value increase of 69 percent. consumers crisis that disenchanted consumers India Top 50 in Brand Contribution. particularly in rural markets. Three are private brands brands. is a State Owned owned and state owned brands of the world. brand Lakmé also led the BrandZ™ so embedded in local life. skin care Indian family conglomerates. a real-time money VALUABLE BRAND transfer facility popular in India. Brand banks. in the BrandZ™ India Top 50 are of 52 percent of all the India Top 50 trust brands compared with roughly one in the BrandZ™ India Top 50. HDFC Bank remained number on customer centricity. a bank. Indian origin. This result indicates the increased slightly year-on-year.Key Results TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Key Results HDFC BANK REMAINS as it accelerated digitalization efforts THE 4 NEWCOMER PRIVATE BRANDS CONSUMER TRUST RANKING’S MOST and expanded its Immediate Payment BRANDS IN TOP 50 COMPRISE MAJORITY IN BRANDS IS HIGHEST Service (IMPS).

offering loans for home react on Twitter at #ShareTheLoad. faster than any other major economy. mother-in-law. to encourage more international family. Unilever the past threatens male self-esteem. was fine. Even as Indian women women weaker in health. save time Empowerment throughout Indian purchase items they want. Brazil ranks that had ruled the country ambitious programs that include: be eligible for marriage. An Indian woman in the Hero motorcycles markets a model specifically for women. Growing in It challenges ancient social conventions to empower the unempowered Both presidents Xi Jinping and Barack to preserve family traditions. Brands are expanding to Research by The Futures Company’s tailored its portfolio of laundry produces resentment and contributes India and brand values are increasing. traditionally her mother and need and use. But it’s unfolding at different speeds across a powerful disruptive force in a society 2014. however. Not long ago. expected to grow 7.Part 1 | Introduction . compared with women still do laundry by hand. It Indian women represent a large improvement and other needs. messages to women who often are And a growing number of men populate It has forced brands to reconsider their the home decoration decision makers. and China 91. is more likely to opens new possibilities for But empowerment of women is In that election. Of National Congress party which it has begun to advance with brands to manufacture and sell in India. Their empowerment is transforming the Today. organized around a long-accepted beyond the politics of don’t have – influence the products they hierarchy that favored men and left with expanded access to information. And 51 26 27 . Many woman works on her laptop. wealth and education. their financial futures. or about half the population of to many other categories previously India and almost twice the population of Evolving gender roles are evident in targeted at men. The choices women have – or efficiency and empower Indian citizens enough to sustain credibility. sentiment that this is India’s time. shoppers ALL SEGMENTS OF SOCIETY with a 33 percent global average. sectors. touching all segments of Indian society. now include women of empowerment. In more a global average of 45 percent. Indians took a step networks. now man enters. born before economic liberalization began. where films and TV paint category was a male domain. Her role grievance to a period of models. Basic bar soap is available in to considerable incidents of violence these developments produce a strong of Indian women today feel they control aimed at empowering Indians with smaller towns and villages. direct strong and assertive women characters. providing broader job opportunities. this rupture with art technology and infrastructure. Change is happening even in small towns and villages. Her marriage is more everyone – men and women. but just enough to the other BRICs. led by Narendra job opportunities and enhanced skills. Women’s greater independence messages and the media they use to communicate them. Today. The ad ends with an invitation to most impactful aspect of this change. say can find liquid washing machine they’d take on short-term debt to detergent to add convenience. Banks address women shirt. 79. both urban and rural potential market of around 620 million The attempt to reach women extends FURTHER PROGRESS NEEDED people. including China. compared affluent urban neighborhoods. she’s concerned less with in ways that motivate most people by replacing village-based narrow Obama visited Prime Minister Modi to The Futures Company’s Global being accepted and more with being to find a moderate balance between economies with new cities. Consumers the empowerment spectrum. where many against women in India. Although she India. signalling MONITOR. she’s not doing all the chores. almost education. touches all segments the economy in 1991. Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party. and balance work and family. the the US. such as Asian programs now are more likely to feature traditional Indian family structure and Paints and Berger Paints. offer loans with special terms for women woman that she hasn’t washed his green The empowerment of women is the entrepreneurs. and as a key strategic partner. according to the IMF. in May technology to build national electronic bureaucratic sluggishness. promised a transformative vision for a investment permitted across over 20 around duty to husband and they deposed the Indian more prosperous and equitable India. heightened expectations and exert greater independence.Key Themes TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Key Themes: Empowerment Rising empowerment EMPOWERMENT TOUCHES percent of Indian women. Pursuing education India ranks 135 out of 187. banks. improve government has been slower than planned but fast of an equal partnership. Indians feel a renewed The new government. are spending. grew up in a time government promulgated a policy to assure minimum representation by women when choosing a spouse was on village governing bodies. GDP is may manage the family day-to-day. aimed at harnessing the power of digital enormous complexity and historical parents. this woman not her Empowerment of women years after independence. A young the central control and regulation of the of Indian society. Several years ago the is the most impactful change workplace today. as measured by the sense of confidence since UN Gender Inequality Index. complaining to the young economy. Implementation of these programs for most of the almost 70 Digital India: A connectivity initiative entails dealing with high costs. health and other services. A more capitalist and less socialist approach produced CATEGORIES RESPOND Proctor & Gamble raised the question: rising respect for individual initiative. In extreme throughout the country with state-of-the that both China and the US view India can become. the audiences of TV cooking shows. leading brands. Russia 57. built during his first year in office. To fit the needs of women all along cases. All Global MONITOR found that 60 percent Make in India: An economic initiative detergents. although more slowly. Smart Cities: An urban initiative 80 percent also believe it’s important worldly accomplishment. her parent’s decision to make. Further progress is needed.5 percent this year. Make in India increases levels of foreign and her role in life revolved however. such as State Bank of India. Progress select her spouse. Is doing the laundry only a woman’s The government of former Prime job? One ad features two older women More flexible interpretation of traditional Minister Manmohan Singh established a conversing over tea while a young societal roles paralleled the relaxation of bank dedicated to women in 2013. popular media. according confidence. in their ads. recognized for who she is and what she tradition and modernity. prompted an online debate. society began with the liberalization of BRANDS ACROSS In a campaign for its Ariel detergent.

Part 1 | Introduction - Key Themes TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015

Key Themes: Tradition

The Indian respect
Winning: In the past, the goal in a
contest or negotiation was to reach
a mutually agreeable compromise.
Today, the goal more often is to win

for the past makes
Merit: In the past, people respected the
person descended from a prominent
family, educated in the best schools,
carrying success easily, whether earned
or not. Today, people have high regard

progress slower, but
for the small town achiever who
overcomes disadvantages to succeed.
Similarly, people in the past believed
their destiny was determined at birth.
Most people have abandoned that

more sustainable
view. And greater empowerment not
only opens more opportunity, but
also loosens the social constraint that
shaped families and the society.

The term “global” Indian consumer

Brand success requires doesn’t refer to someone seeking
advancement in North America or
another destination in the Indian

getting the balance right diaspora. Rather, it increasingly
describes an Indian physically living in
India but with a global mindset. These
Indian consumers adhere to traditions,
As India contends with all This desire to live vibrantly in the present rather on a secure seam fused over time but are aware of international brands
the pressures of any other while respecting the foundational by heated and sometimes contentious because of travel and popular culture.
values and traditions of a 5,000-year- debate.
fast growing market trying old civilization touches Indian men and
They can afford international brands
to rapidly build an economy, Brand success in India requires and feel entitled to purchase them.
women of all ages, regions, and religions
acknowledging this tension between In the clothing they wear, the music
increase wealth and expand – and the government itself.
tradition and modernity and the they listen to, the décor of their
the middle class, it also faces This duality means, for example, that challenges and opportunities it presents homes, these people appear like other
a distinctive challenge – consumers want the latest and also the for developing relevant products and international cosmopolitans and are
accomplishing all this while most traditional fashions; and that the building close customer relationships. as responsive to international popular
remaining fundamentally new cities the government builds in rural fads and trends. But they navigate the
India will feature modern high rises and EMPOWERMENT AND most important aspects of their lives
shopping malls, but also temples and OPPORTUNITY – relationships between husband and
mosques. wife, raising children, respecting parents
The tension between tradition and
– with values that are emphatically
Like anywhere else, tradition in India can modernity is fluid. Recent consumer
be cumbersome, ritualistic, impractical attitudes reflect greater empowerment
and inconvenient. Indians respect and and recognition of the primacy of the Some may look like young people
protect tradition, however, because it’s individual. Here are several examples: anywhere struggling to be independent
a critical aspect of their personal and from their parents, and many fit that
Mind over matter: In the past, Indians
national identities. description. But a generation gap, a
valued mind over matter. Most of India’s
chasm of misunderstanding between
Progress can be slow, but it’s more likely religious traditions center on renouncing
children and their parents, doesn’t exist
to be sustainable. It’s not built over a the physical world by exercising mental
in quite the same way in India as it has
fault line between past and future, but power. Today, substance and style
in the West.

28 29

Part 1 | Introduction - Key Themes TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015

Key Themes: Tradition

Brands need multi-level messages
Preserving traditions ranks
high among Indian priorities
that reach both the contemporary
and traditional aspect of the individual
simultaneously. The newest and
shiniest product may appeal to the
consumer’s westernized spirit but her Even as the pressures of
more traditional self will seek good modern life erode traditions
value for money. and family ties in much of the
Tradition and modernity coexist…
In the West, holidays often are times world, preserving these values Compared with the average consumer across 24 countries, Indians are
notably more inclined to believe it’s important to preserve family traditions.
for sales promotions. In India, a sale continues to be a driving force
during a festival is unsatisfying unless shaping Indian society. I like products that few people have and aren’t easy to get
it’s communicated in a way that’s
relevant to the festival. It can be a costly In the 2014 Futures Company Global
mistake for brands to uncritically rely on MONITOR survey of 24 countries, 79 0% 100%
percent of Indians answered that it was
32% 50%
strategies that worked in other country
extremely or very important for them to Extremely/very important in your personal life today: Purchasing luxury products
markets. To succeed in India brands
must understand and find a way to fit preserve their family’s cultural traditions.
in this balancing act between tradition The average response among the other 0% 100%
countries was only 58 percent.
15% 41%
and modernity. Approaches vary by
brand but they generally fall into one of Extremely/very important in your personal life today: Showing pride in your country
This finding doesn’t automatically
three categories: mean that preserving family traditions
0% 100%
1. INDIVIDUALITY: circumscribes engaging in the modern 54% 78%
Connect the brand with the shift to world or enjoying its benefits. Rather,
individualism. respect for tradition and the engagement Extremely/very important in your personal life today: Preserving your family’s cultural traditions
with modernity coexist, as suggested by
2. TRADITION: other Futures Company findings. 0% 100%
Reinforce tradition at a time when 58% 79%
some Indians worry that rising Almost two-thirds of Indians compared
individuality is among the factors with less than half of respondents from The Internet helps me find new ways of expressing my identity and feelings
eroding people’s connection to other countries agree with the statement,
tradition. “I am always looking for different cultural 0% 100%
experiences and influences that will 48% 72%
3. BALANCE: broaden my horizons.”
Take a position in the middle
presenting the brand as a resolution Similarly, when asked about what … Loyalty symbolizes … But Indians are open
to the dilemma. accomplishments they consider to be
signs of success, “Being a dutiful member
success… to new experiences
Tata Tea takes this last approach. of your family” was selected by 71 percent Compared with the average consumer Compared with the average
A DIFFERENT KIND In other respects, Indian young people The brand illustrates multi-level of Indians, compared to an average of 54 across 24 countries, Indians are much consumer across 24 countries, Indians
could be young people anywhere. They communication using the term “awake”
OF MILLENNIAL and all its implications. It promotes
from all the countries surveyed. more likely to view being loyal to family are much more open to experiences
wear the same clothes and listen to and owning luxury brands as measures outside their own backgrounds.
In the West, the family launches similar music. But they’re different from being awake in one’s self, a call for Revealing some movement in the tension
of success.
children into adulthood and they remain other millennials. Some Indian young mindfulness that resonates with between tradition and modernity, the % who agree with the statement, “I am always
Indian response about family loyalty Owning Luxury Brands looking for different cultural experiences and
somewhere in the family orbit during people are more westernized; others are traditional Indian values. And it uses the
influences that will broaden my horizons.”
adult life. In India, the gravitational pull is more traditional. And most confounding, term awake to mean being aware of declined slightly between 2013 and 2014.
much greater. Family occasions are more sometimes the westernized and one’s rights. The desire for luxury products and brands, 0% 100% 2013
likely welcomed as times of celebration another success measure, increased. 19% 37%
traditional spirits inhabit the same body. These meanings are not contradictory, 0% 100%
rather than obligation. 48% 61%
This dichotomy of appearance and but rather connect both with the Indians are grounded in their own Being Loyal to Family
traditions and not constrained by them. 2014
Indian young people are grounded in the deeper reality is important for brands to private space of individuals and their
Being secure in their own cultural identity 0% 100%
historical traditions and values passed understand because what they see – or public responsibility to the collective 0% 100% 48% 62%
down by their parents. Unlike some what they think they see – is not always welfare. They address the whole person Indians feel free to explore those of 54% 71%
of their western peers, Indian young what they’ll get. What they get is much in an integrated way, simultaneously others. That disposition may be natural in
0% 100%
people usually look for meaning in their richer – consumers who are in step with communicating to the self that draws a nation of 22 official languages where Global MONITOR average (Other Countries) 47% 64%
traditions, not irony. the world on the outside and grounded strength and comfort from ancient people daily encounter both commonality
on the inside. values and the self that lives in the and difference. Source: Global MONITOR 2014/The Futures Company

modern world.
30 31



The four-wheeler leader Maruti Personal Care a healthy 14 percent in 2015. Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown 34 35 . but 26 Auto perspective: The 2015 BrandZ™ China percent to 134 from 123. The relatively premiumization touched other categories. however. Motor fuels lost 4 percent auto aftermarket (28 percent). benefits and a willingness to pay for those Along with the 41 percent financial benefits. brand building expertise. a leader in the two- • Financial services led growth. Financial services 3 13 Financial Services grew over 20 percent in brand value actually dropped to a lower rank in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most are particular to India. As the value of the India Top 50 should which contributed less. shoppers trading up to premium 32% Personal Care of the Top 10 brands outperformed the the strong 33 percent increase of the 50 growth by 10 percent or more: models as well as those in the vast 21% Telecom Providers 33 percent rise of the India Top 50 and BrandZ™ India Top 50 overall. Food and rankings a decade ago. and Berger paints. As the Indian market became more competitive. both autonomous Two auto brands outperformed the 33 in the BrandZ™ India Top 50 Aftermarket produce the greatest brand value Top 100 increased 22 percent in brand percent to 138 from 128. the cosmetic and skin care brand. Although the And in the components of Brand Power 33 percent increase exceeds the growth auto category increased 27 percent in Financial – Different (unique or trend setting). The value of the BrandZ™ India Top 50 services contribution to BrandZ™ India Lakmé. promoted positive hygiene habits. telecom providers (21 percent). personal 6 11 Telecom raised the ranking cutoff to $403 million sales volume and market share. When aggregated building pursued product innovation and into six sectors that broadly represent connected with consumers in new ways. The The 15 multinationals (MNCs) trailed percent in the most recent report. The three Top May 2014. across categories. An average conglomerates. may not increase one-third in value every Top 50 total brand value. were close behind with Top 50. Meaningful grew 9 36 percent in brand value. Colgate. more recently empowered women. appealing to their percent. The nine brand value. across an expanding Power drive record value increase services is consistent across the BRIC markets and characterizes the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 as well. Positioned as an indulgence. in brand value. Different grew 8 private brands. Suzuki increased a whopping 54 percent 12% 12% Telecom Providers BrandZ™ Latam Top 50 declined 4. depended on their represented. love) and Salient (being top of mind) – the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in And auto brands dropped an average of 8 value contribution… 15% Drinks high scores of the BrandZ™ India Top the BrandZ™ India Top 50 increased Auto places in the ranking. These and one was an SOE. Growth. men should share the laundry chore. value contribution of auto and FMCG Growth is the new imperative. the Top 10 grew substantially • Legacy brands spiked. Only one category declined brands to keep up home and personal care (32 percent). Risers and their increases were: Union brand value growth to touch most Personal Care categories. percent increase 10% Food and Drinks Auto difference. but with an expanding economy and sophisticated brand building expertise. leads the India Top 50 Food and 12 Drinks Valuable Indian Brands.Part 1 | Introduction . Hero.Key Themes TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Key Themes: Growth BRAND VALUE GROWS INNOVATION AND trend toward greater social responsibility. consumer expectations about brand ranking. the six brands in … And in brand Services since the launch of the Global BrandZ™ the category experienced varying results. seven brands that brands. challenges key consumer-facing industries in India. These brands reinvented themselves by identifying and filling … And in brand value 49% Financial Services measurement of brand equity. Leveraging the number of product categories and all brand ownership models. Regulatory issues may have slowed brand value appreciation of the telecom provider imperative. the Top 10 overall rose 34 percent. and the strong boost in consumer Auto confidence following the elections in With 13 banks and insurance brands Aftermarket Faster rising brands produced a 33 same time. At the Lifebuoy.5 in brand value. a robust economic growth combined with strengthening Brand Power. care brand Lakmé (69 percent) and brands. And 8 percent of the brands from the 2014 India Top 50 dropped out of the The steady expansion of India’s middle in number brands… Auto 2015 ranking completely. in just one year. while it also added salons to reach percent. the financial services category exceeds 5 Home and percent year-on-year increase in the 2015 in all three components of Brand Power. 41 percent. a BrandZ™ insurance brands in the BrandZ™ India strong result but less than the increase in brand value. exceeding 28% Home and brands exceeded the 33 percent Top buyers. include: detergent campaign questioned whether value growth. which still grew a healthy 21 by more than 20 percent. HDFC Life. middle. At the same time. and food and drinks (10 percent). In addition: a 33 percent brand value increase. With well-considered segmentation the 27% Top 50 this year were private brands The financial services brands rose 49 Auto Aftermarket Strong brands grew stronger. Providers from $208 million. In many every sector but one grew in brand value categories brands communicated more category. The fortunes of individual all categories in number of brands BrandZ™ India Top 50 brand value. growing sense of empowerment and availability of low-price mobile handsets These sectors. created the conditions for in the BrandZ™ India Top 50. led by the 49 effectively with women. All but one • Category leaders excelled. class. except for auto aftermarket. brands served the needs of first-time percent in brand value. Automaker Maruti Suzuki. of the India Top 50 overall. The 13 financial services brands The following recent results add 10 improved further. appreciate at a steady pace for the large brand value contribution of financial the jewelry brand Tanishq also up scaled foreseeable future. India’s wheeler segment. often through social media. The Punjab National Bank (61 percent). and the absence of technology. brand value grew 15% 41% rate of the Global Top 100 for every year Meaningful (meeting needs and inspiring across all ownership models. the BrandZ™ Global 100 improved 24 percent to 143 from 115. and Salient grew brands and brands owned by Indian percent brand value rise of the India contribution by far. an affordable soap brand. auto (27 in value and brands in the category Personal care brands responded to rising dropped an average of nine spots in the percent). The high brand some of its offering. and the brand score is 100. in the order of the brand their financial independence. Brand value also grew significantly The brands that excelled in brand particularly for children. made the Top 50 rose 49 percent and produced 41 percent of the India Top 50 value. the other benefited from this premiumization year. Three of the four newcomers that entered the India product gaps in the evolving India market. Strong economy and Brand sectors each contributed 12-to-15 trend. improved 34 percent total brand value of the 13 bank and with a brand value rise of 26 percent. the new ACROSS CATEGORIES COMMUNICATION GET RESULTS Lifebuoy. Expanded Internet use and the percent increase of financial services. 5% Home and value. One popular should drive future telecom provider brand value growth they achieved. and which measures a brand’s ability to grow Bank of India (72 percent). for example.

Brand leaders in two of India’s The brands in these categories. short of the threshold brand value. and mobile handsets – are metrics comprise Brand Power. low-cost. Launched The entrance of a powerful brand can sharpened Flipkart. don’t yet appear in because India is one of the world’s to some estimates. occurred when e-commerce purchases in India are they competed with the company Micromax. in these three metrics that comprise Brand Power. are uniquely Indian and reach individual of Indian e-commerce brands. e-commerce and mobile headset categories – e-commerce score of 100 is average. targeted ways. the market share. mobile 248 175 165 150 143 137 141 142 129 brands may soon Meaningful Different Salient Meaningful Different Salient Meaningful Different Salient enter the Top 50 India 100 is an average score. 20 percent in business. which launched in India ability to grow sales volume and market Micromax has generated significant represented. while Alibaba scores 143 in Apple premium. which sells its mobile handsets sector. which entered India in 2013. and the other mobile Investors are betting on these brands made with mobile devices. following Different and Salient in India than undersold Indian brands. a handset maker. Over 40 percent of India. Flipkart scores 248 in Salient brand offering quality smart phone retail category. started also assembling them consumers anywhere in the country in their ability to gain the confidence phone sector. such These India e-commerce brands example. Competition intensified and balance the historical brand value Competition among Indian brands dollars from foreign investors and several years is especially significant. and the surest winner Xiaomi. Flipkart. and Amazon – and now Alibaba – recently when the Chinese brand contribution of the financial services creating new marketing avenues that It means that the substantial growth will be fierce. for performance without the Samsung or Walmart in brand value. of foreign investors. brands entered the Indian market and the 2015 Global Top 100. will broaden the number of categories BrandZ™ measurement of a brand’s expected to soon appear in the ecosystems that influence consumer and Alibaba. Jabong. The marketplaces compete. 36 37 . during the summer of 2015. Jackman as its spokesperson. A To build that reputation internationally. Snapdeal and the in 1991. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Part 1 | Introduction . publicly traded or they fall somewhat earth where five homegrown online Brazil and below 15 percent in Russia. priced products until Chinese value as illustrated by Alibaba’s inclusion in portend market disruption Flipkart scores higher in Meaningful. e-commerce. The brands are attracting billions of Amazon’s presence in India for in Brand Power. dramatically impact a BrandZ™ ranking. foreign investment. Different and Salient in India than China’s Alibaba scores in China and globally. Karbonn. but also with the brand engaged actor Hugh brands in the BrandZ™ India Top 50. 105 and above is a good score China Global Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown Dynamic categories Competing with Amazon no doubt brand development curve. surpassing Amazon and (unaided awareness) in India. brands – Intex. according that literally wrote the book about handset brands. and of this face-off will be the mobile in India. but none Some of the leading Indian smartphone e-commerce brands are not publicly dominates. Micromax produced low. These circumstances could Micromax – rapidly moved up a change imminently.Key Themes Key Themes: Disruption Fast growing Flipkart outscores Alibaba in Brand Power metrics Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart scores higher in Meaningful. reflecting the growing BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable purchasing across categories. These three not only rapidly growing sales and only with each other. Over the past five diversity of the Indian economy as share. other Indian e-commerce players. are Myntra and Snapdeal – compete not Salient in China and 142 globally. compared with less succeeding in the e-commerce the ranking. as e-commerce leader Flipkart and – Fashionandyou. The inclusion of the leading fastest-growing and disruptive Micromax. Alibaba immediately China’s Alibaba scores in China and then quickly repositioned as a rose to the number one rank in the globally. either because they’re not largest markets and the one place on than 35 percent in China. they’re also developing Amazon. Micromax the brand’s IPO. years. Micromax has grown 389 percent new upstart brands increase in value Indian Brands. Lava and traded.

while MNCs grew 8 percent and in Different becomes increasingly private brands improved more modestly. rising across ownership models in India. 2014 The special strength of MNCs in India Each brand ownership model – private. as customers experience more choice and being Different from the competition in a Meaningful way MNC Private SOE becomes a determinative factor in (15 Brands) (26 Brands) (9 Brands) Indian and Chinese Brand purchasing decisions. mostly in SOEs. MNCs in China scored only 101 in Brand Power. Brand Power scores are derived from which has produced some leading Different -2% Different -2% Different -3% Enterprise (SOE) – scored relatively high model. SOEs increased 10 percent in Private market-driven brands in China scored 205. It follows efforts by Indian 101 205 building success. adopting which is now being liberalized. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Part 1 | Introduction . 2014) (2015 vs. premium. value. including both brands owned 18 percent in Brand Power and MNCs Power can be attributed to two of these Brand Power. the state of private brands. a BrandZ™ brand equity (2) there is a clear correlation between how effectively consumers say brands as indigenous. SOEs setting trends) and Salient (top-of-mind 36 percent. financial and energy brands. and strong Brand Power not much higher than the average Brand lifted brand values across all types of brand ownership models. which in the BrandZ™ India Top 50 increased awareness). while private brands factors. improvement The SOEs increased Brand Power 18 percent. regardless of ownership India and MNC brand building expertise. Different. 2014) OWNERSHIP Indian MNCs scored 330 in Brand Power. led in brand value growth. drive brand value growth. And MNCs. 2014) (2015 vs. and these three components that indicate brands in India that most Indians view Salient +4% Salient +2% Salient +10% in Brand Power. Chinese Competitive SOEs. India. Different (being unique and presence in India and high Brand Power. Conversely. 2014 2015 vs. component of brand equity. increased consumer confidence. those in consumer-facing categories. 2014 2015 vs. Private Indian brands. 105 and above is a good score Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown BrandZ™ India Top 50 2015 and BrandZ™ China Top 50 2015 BrandZ™ divides Chinese SOEs into Competitive (in brand-facing categories) and Strategic (in the finance and energy categories). The Indian government’s metric that measures a brand’s ability to brand value growth and high Brand are connecting with them: Meaningful success in attracting foreign investment Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown grow sales volume and market share. 330 192 166 The strong growth in Salient signifies scored 214 in Brand Power. 100 is an average score. growing Brand Power particular. important. Power. during the past few available for the first time to many open and welcoming market for years. The increase in SOE Brand Private brands in India scored 192 in In Brand Power Indian brands scored high in each brand ownership model and totaled 26. incrementally they’ll also be able to command a brands and SOEs all declined in a third removing protectionist regulations. The Strategic brands rose 26 percent. mostly Brand Power scores are not only high loved). But they’re also an important window that these SOE brands. 2015 vs. +8% +0% +18% Robust economic growth.Key Themes Key Themes: Ownership Brand Power drives accessible. has enabled banks to establish conglomerates and MNCs to participate will require brands to continue to be more personal and useful relationships vigorously in the economy. private and in a measured way. and in Meaningful. Meaningful and Salient while improving with consumers. Some of the variations in Salient and 2 percent in Meaningful. And brand value of the 15 MNC growth rates may be category related. … Indian and Chinese Brand Power varies by ownership banks. that reveals how brands are evolving in financial services. The strong Brand Power scores for (Competitive / Strategic) banks to become more inclusive and Indian brands. are well known to scored 220. The growth of mobile. 38 39 . The government of that accomplish these goals will drive across brand somewhat in Salient but declined India opened the Indian market over time sales volume and market share. more consumer-centric brand-building left ample room for small entrepreneurs. These results indicate: (1) all types of LEVERS OF BRAND SUCCESS reflects their long-time presence in Meaningful -4% Meaningful -3% Meaningful +2% multinational (MNC) and State Owned brands in India. and the levers to pull for brand 214 / 220 consumers. in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Power score for all brands. value growth As the Indian market becomes even attitudes. making financial services result in part from India being a relatively openness. Brands Both MNCs and private brands increased changing. Component Changes Component Changes Component Changes Most Valuable Indian Brands 2015. rose 33 percent in brand remained flat. by individuals and those owned by Indian grew 8 percent. in well-established Indian family more competitive. MNC Private SOE conglomerates. Even when the state exclusively advanced policies to increase market Meaningful score indicates that SOEs dominated the financial services sector. The SOE improvement in the brands. Current leadership advocates greater A decline in Different is not unusual ownership models as markets mature and become more crowded with brands that consumers Indian SOEs increase most in Brand Power… view as similar. increasing from 305 a year ago. Change in Change in Change in INDIAN AND CHINESE Brand Power Brand Power Brand Power BRAND POWER VARIES BY Power varies by ownership (2015 vs. of course. And. across ownership models. highest in MNCs. the Chinese government has people. (meeting consumer needs and being also contributed to the significant MNC The nine SOEs in the ranking. and SOEs scored 166. which is 100. competition and encourage the growth are meeting customer needs. Both the Indian and Chinese markets are their scores in being Different.

comparable across major country in China. Indian India is an outlier in trust both for of consumers responded positively in they remain critical of banks for not brands outscored the global brands by reasons that are particularly Indian and India. Trust is one place in brands. while in other countries consumers was measured and did not and corporate reputation. brands can devote more Brands are beneficiaries of the ensuing the 2015 BrandZ™ India Top 50. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Part 1 | Introduction . Luxury was the while in other markets consumers were discharged much of their frustration For brands marketing in India. 116 to 114. When asked. By 2014. the lack of trust in brands in engagement with employees and 35% 35% consumer trust in brands was slightly or remained level at 27 percent much of the developed world is most society). the reaction of Indian the BrandZ™ measurement of brand abuse the trust Indian consumers in brands. blamed banks for precipitating the compared with 108 for the Global Top they trusted a brand. Indian financial services brands penetrate through general distrust or category. Trust is Percent of consumers in each country who say they trust brands the percentages of consumers who metastasize to other categories. 27 percent in China. and 26 fervently directed at banks. 26 percent in implementing adequate reforms. Although India recently elsewhere. and responsibility (positive Just six years ago.Key Themes Key Themes: Trust Indian consumer trust in brands grows steadily Brand trust rises in India Brands reach a receptive Indian consumer trust in brands has grown steadily. about brand benefits and trying to arced upward in India and downward optimism. rather than skeptical audience 40% Indian consumer trust in brands has grown steadily. 40 41 . they removed the long-serving Indian financial crisis relatively unscathed. 33 percent of experienced a food safety scandal Indian brands also scored high in RepZ. which fragile. audience. Global banks was one of only two 110 to 101. Second. in 2010. a wider margin in the trust component. 27% Global Brands 2015. It’s important not to 20% 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Indian consumers expressed trust similar to China’s. 25 percent in the US. leading attention to educating consumers Subsequently. a mirror image of the decline in trust that has occurred in other parts of the world. delight them. First. Global brands edged past in other parts of the world. high other category. 26% 26% recoiling from the global financial crisis and distrust of government and large consumer trust means that brand that shook their faith in government. fairness (good pricing and practices). improved 49 percent in brand value in skepticism. results). 30% reasons that pertain to the conditions the US and 27 percent in the UK. however. It builds over time but crumbles Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown overnight. the level of affirmed trust in brands declined In addition. Consumers The India Top 50 scored 112 in RepZ markets. levels of consumer trust rise in consumer confidence and all categories in brand value growth. Indians the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable component. A score of 100 is average. expanding choice. whether percent in the UK. Indians categories to decline in brand value in Indian brands only in the success Indian consumers were on the cusp appreciate brands and the rapidly of a growing fascination with brands. institutions in the 2014 election. Without the need to 25% especially in the financial services National Congress party. only 25 percent global crisis of 2008 and 2009. a mirror image of the decline in trust that has also includes success (strong financial occurred in most other parts of the world. and 50. component of the RepZ score. when Indian banks survived the global messages will reach a receptive 25% 25% major institutions – and brands.


Key Results TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Cross Category Trends Needs of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP Consumers hospitable to new ideas. Premiumization is the can also strengthen customer bonds. Along with marketing development. That’s beginning to change for several reasons. First. Mobile is particularly suited mission. Bharti. Ultimately. Unilever launched its own radio station communal welfare. Some of these during the summer of 2015. Amazon has been present in India for available through the mobile phone. with more as the differently-abled. Segmenting the market by – even luxury products like jewelry. companies are Brands are adding new products on different abilities rather than as more women enter the workforce. In India. transactions and social messaging. but also of the audiences. SEGMENTATION command a higher price point. as consumers in India’s agents of social change in India. areas and is not always easily reached the primary corporate goal of enhancing shareholder value. it’s annual report. The Indian government can afford – products that fill particular in product offer and communication. brands growing middle class. In this ready-mix foods. To meet Snapdeal and Jabong. but also Social Responsibility (CSR) remains the Creating a more inclusive society Indians are increasingly purchasing different. building the needs or wants. the online range goes well nation and provide more equal access to purpose and strategy. low social and includes just about any category services. Banks mandates it. In India. the two-wheeler maker Hero Indians have many online marketplaces to choose from. In the individualistic western status or geographic inaccessibility. society. part of the national agenda to link the initiatives disconnected from corporate greater opportunity to those who In India. More than half of the BrandZ™ India Top 50 brands are privately agenda drive trends held. Brands are expected communication boom is brand not an elective option to be agents of social reaches large audience building chance In many western markets Corporate improvement in India Mobile is another instance where India Like consumers in most markets. CSR spending isn’t an elective expanding middle class desire – and case. mobile is not just a philanthropic giving that appears in the is a key aspect of India’s national online to find wide product range. CSR is have been historically excluded beyond basic apparel and electronics. for available at bricks and mortar locations for reaching the roughly 70 percent tradition. This Indian designed and markets a motorcycle with traditional media. Mahindra. Online a number. Reliance and Tata. preparations. use mobile to reach the unbanked as nation helps grow shareholder value by clearest example of this trend. In India. dishes without the time consuming is an efficient way to build a brand in a contact details and can target ads. including Flipkart. device for personal communication. education and government much more connected to the corporate because of poverty. Bajaj. CSR and higher purpose But other formerly disenfranchised example. 44 45 . expected to serve not only the interests to serve more narrowly targeted disabilities. In an innovative seeks broader choice model specifically for woman. Brands are expected to be FMCG brands are introducing more about three years and Alibaba arrived People can listen to the station free of their shareholders. sometimes as bolted on agenda. It primarily means extending convenience and transparent pricing. Unilever gains customer option. India has always made room for entrepreneurs. It’s not that India hasn’t been known for its entrepreneurs. And of India’s population that lives in rural usually are embraced when they serve groups are being embraced. better educated personal care brand Lakmé markets live in the new India while satisfying their with apps that combine financial population necessary for a consumer specialized skin care products that taste for the old India. such Expanding middle class gender. MOBILE CORPORATE SOCIAL E-COMMERCE RESPONSIBILITY INCLUSION Innovative Online purchasing CSR is a requirement. Online is of charge by giving a missed call to nation. That benefit fills an even country as large as India. and entrepreneurs launched many of them. The more specific need – helping people well as the new generation customers creating the wealthier. is similar to other markets. Second.Part 1 | Introduction . It’s just that they’ve often lived in Silicon Valley. About a quarter of the BrandZ™ India Top 50 brands are owned by entrepreneurial Indian family conglomerates with names like Aditya Birla. progressive advocacy expressed products provide traditional Indian booming but it’s just starting. health care. Hindustan of a balance between individual and term itself signals a mentality that’s more progressive in its emphasis the need for time saving convenience other Indian-based marketplaces. what’s more appealing to an entrepreneur than a and the national fast growing market? And no major market currently is growing faster than India.

for example. but it crosses many categories. so a score of 113 is good. insight. the Top 25 brands scored 127 in Different.Part 1 | Introduction . purpose is especially important in discover needs they didn’t know they had. Interests and tastes can change dramatically by region. Be purposeful Identify new niches When a brand has clear purpose consumers feel If the size and complication of the India market that it’s in business to help improve their lives – or creates challenges. there’s an owner of an economy different from other markets because consumers car who is looking for a more premium model. 46 47 . but perhaps not good enough. In this context. The problem with a normal slice of life ad. But India is wheeler to a car. Advocate for social progress.Take Aways TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Take Aways Building brands in Be Indian Don’t assume lessons learned in China or any other fast growing market will apply in quite the India requires same way in India. is that life Be different in India is changing quickly. to the welfare of the nation. In the BrandZ™ chores. Important as people rapidly move into the middle class and in all markets. it also produces opportunities. India Top 50. it’s rapidly becoming more brightness of her wash reaches many women crowded with brand choice. to understand the nuances so thoroughly that consumers view the brand as Indian. expect brands to have a purpose and contribute Premiumization is just one segmentation trend. the world – not just to make money. boldness and speed Be on the cutting edge of change Resist the comfortable. India is a physically large and remarkably diverse nation of 22 official languages. To be Indian doesn’t mean imitating what on the surface seems Indian. An average score is 100. while the Bottom 25 scored 113. The detergent Because India is such a large and hospitable commercial with a woman extoling the market for brands. viewers who no longer want to do the wash and it becomes more important for brands to be believe that men should share in the household different from the competition. For India. India is like other markets where purpose every person who’s just traded up from a two- becomes an important differentiator. It requires deep deep insight. regardless of its provenance.

a resigned to promote empowerment of Indian consumers tend to be more trustful of acceptance of circumstances. tread carefully. Pawan Singh of the digital age. seriously consumers take digital a tweeted lost luggage digital or be left behind connectivity. is over. Young Indians. what certain do online. learned DIGITAL use mobile extensively for entertainment and refusing to be born to parents from them.Take Aways TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Take Aways Our Insights Get the media right Use traditional media when appropriate. That means right or wrong. After all. are more likely to respect example of digital customer focused engagement traditions. From a and quick response time would brands dropped in ranking this year even though sarpanch. one hopes. compared with young Old Spice offers a good digital media to create authentic people elsewhere. but it can activity is influencing public some other markets brands first need to repair certainly not define our opinion like never trust. Brands can get right to the fun part – trying still be dismal. and. consumers Brands need to to merit and respect the consumers’ trust. help build brands in this post- they increased over 20 percent in brand value. Mumbai in brand value. to a “celebrity roast” on brands than consumers elsewhere.Singh@millwardbrown. Over 40 percent who don’t have Wi-Fi in their home? That summarizes how the eight hours a certain airline took to respond to Brands must harness of e-commerce in India happens on mobile. But young Indians reject hypocrisy. to delight consumers – as long as they continue SOCIAL MEDIA social media. and then with some older consumers. Mobile is important. purchase. Seven go unrecognized. Rather. while in have defined our past. or village leader. As consumers shift from awareness to Pawan. and reach Research Executive Brands need to be proactive consumers creatively at each Millward Brown Get the message right step of the purchase journey. But go Remember the MTS brands that have made beyond traditional media. more than the annual growth Jasmeeta. “P” – “Personalization.Agarwal@ogilvy. Empowered with before. While this threat does not mean brands should Senior Planning Director The BrandZ™ India Top 50 grew 33 percent while Internet penetration may become wary of everything they Ogilvy & Mather. according to some reports. It also suggests message exposed its the challenge facing brands customer service failings to either harness the power to thousands of people.” communication that’s smart and to the point. digital brands can immediately build on trust. girls. the “7 Ps” of They enjoy the comedy networks that its viral videos and answers marketing now have an eighth specialize in social criticism and they respond to fan-submitted questions.Part 1 | Introduction . Banks are linking their financial apps with social media. 48 49 . telecom ad where a mistakes in the digital age particularly in rural India where consumers baby argues with God. There are many examples of “SelfieWithDaughter” campaign Protect trust Indians have an expression for it: chalta hai. Consider how financial transactions. A in Haryana inspiring a viral chalta hai digital age. since New consumer assertiveness When brands are too lax and don’t deliver they one digital faux pas challenges brands to deliver won’t face apathy. brands must harness children. but not with their competitors. or with digital. Keep moving Jasmeeta Agarwal In a hyper-connected India. key challenge for brands in India is growing fast enough in such a fast growing market. Chalta hai may YouTube gone awry. sophistication when it leverages programs. could be re-tweeted and shared a million they’ll risk being the times before the day target of public A film star or another celebrity may resonate be left behind by more adroit consideration. it certainly means that of the Global Top 100 for every year since the Indians are doing cannot having a consistent tone of voice BrandZ™ rankings began a decade ago. have rejected chalta hai.

EMPOWERMENT is constantly pressuring freedom of choice. We anyone able to create tagged them “platinum SOCIAL MEDIA It has been a rising trend for when category valuable content with an customers. 50 51 . brands As “platinum customers”. In a campaign called as having a problem finding a match. through their reach and influence. For Rising singles market DIGITAL differences advantageously. Social media Saurabh. exclusive target audience. for example. Brands marketers are leveraging. in the service cost. Bangladesh. The into sketches and posting them positive commitment to long. they’re making a Millward Brown demonstrated this potential. While brand message in ways that are For the launch of this phone. rupees a month. a development that The content must reinforce the phone bill with each ad watched. both at home and with its Good Knight brand abroad. Group Head Planning crowded Gaurav Mehta individuality. The marriage. South They offer an opportunity that Mihir Karkare brands are underleveraging. it is growing consistent with the brand’s values. important first steps to address Today on social media on social media. Indian exporters will be gearing identified customers with potential positive. term lavish singledom. The growing number of dating Gaurav. which world requires understanding could win free phones by taboo in India.000 people or more Godrej entered Pakistan customers. by enabling them to reduce their the idea that the family is their relationship. Because digital can brand launched its Micromax online. Marico’s rise of the social media influencer. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Our Insights Brand success in today’s digital AdCharades. Mumbai The Indian mobile brand then recognized the best children. financially independent is niche today.” a label usually Indian brands to expand abroad penetration for authentic voice can gather a significant audience. The positive presence even when there’s developing nations the extent to which a social media messages they shared with their plenty of growth left at home. Indian Africa and Vietnam is another Social Wavelength example of how valuable Indian Accustomed to thinking of the lifetime value of a customer. romance and even merchandise designed to enable Ogilvy & Mather. Media Analytics Executive manufacturer Micromax recently submission by turning the ideas Basically. with no cost reserved for extremely high spenders. but were GOING GLOBAL dispersed Indian introduction of its Parachute Hair capable of creating value market. this new. these influencers received phenomenal Mihir. and brands must pursue this opportunity by celebrating the Some brands are taking life choices these people make. This phenomenon has resulted in the these influencers spent only a few hundred like high value customers the diverse and relatively low and potential for geographically sales gains is high.Mehta@millwardbrown. The caution process become India’s leading challenge for these successful For one of our telecom clients we is that brands must ensure that it’s smart phone brand. Co-founder & VP Successful exporters leave Moreover. how digital media is different correctly guessing the ads. As the Indian middle class negative) message about the brand than the incremental increase Millward Brown Micromax has smartly entered rapidly expands and demand to his or her network. The family include security. Brands apps is evidence of the need for A94 preloaded with an app that need to acknowledge this companionship without having It’s important to remember that a incentivized users to watch ads development and outgrow to put an official seal on the creative idea alone is not enough. Oil in Egypt. a jewelry brand expanded offers new opportunity “CraziestPlacesToEatBingo” the Be creative with content be more personal and brand asked customers to submit pressure. where users Single at 25-plus is a these needs. up to serve all their potential to reach 10. young women to express their Shriya. must also cater to the needs of this audience of young singles relevant to the consumer and Micromax hosted a contest enormous potential at home brands often have an upper hand in brands build international need to compound that value by customer service. because they face influencer can take a (positive or audiences were worth far more Saurabh Karve Research Associate mostly local competition. a growing number of its line from only interactive the possibilities to engage consumers for creating engaging their ideas for the most unusual places for eating Bingo – on a empowered young people are choosing independence over “occasion” items to include less expensive Shriya Sengupta content are greater. the influence is powerful. from conventional media these singles to “settle down” personal care and and how to use those The snack brand Bingo provided another example of creative and society perceives them affordability. Some of Treat social media influencers because it yields a higher return on investment than saturating mosquito repellents even in urban India is and zero technical Africa and Russia and in the for products increases. Choosing to ignore this example. audience.


Market PART Intelligence .

3% 134 21. CIA World Fact Book 2014 estimate.9% Hyderabad 27yrs 30. / 1.2 (about equal to Canada) Foreign Direct Investment percent of total population 25-54 years 40.5% Population below and Jainism (•).4yrs Figures from the World Bank and for 2013 unless otherwise noted.7yrs 29.1 US$ 50. mi Political subdivisions 29 states and 7 territories2 Kolkata Bhopal Mumbai Population Economy GDP Per Capita Total population Population by age1 Languages US$ 1.1% The majority of Indians are Hindu (•) or Muslim (•).9yrs 40.8% languages.9 Trillion Rural population as 55-64 years 7. 1 being the (2014 estimate) most business friendly) (2011) Bangalore 7.2 million sq.1 million sq.0% their first language (2001 census). 2 Ease of Doing Business the poverty line Median Age1 (on a scale of 1 to 189.6 represented faiths 13.2yrs 37. Sikhism. Government of India 1 2 56 57 .499 1. Hindi is the official language.25 billion India’s constitution recognizes 22 GDP 65 years and over 5.7yrs 30.6% (2012) Religions 15-24 years 18.1% (2014-15) 2 US$ 24 US$ 295.6yrs 38.6 US$ 76.Part 2 | Market Intelligence .Background TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Background: Economy and Demographics Key Facts and Figures Amritsar Geography Agra New Delhi Land Area (world’s seventh largest nation. (about equal to Yemen) Over 40 percent of Indians say Hindi is US$ 1. GDP Rate of Growth 68% 0-14 years 28. Buddhism 80.5% Other significantly 6.4% Billion Billion Billion Billion include Christianity. km. about one-third the size of the US) Nagpur 3.

000 people dead. Atal Mission for kill almost 200 people across Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation.600 miles of modern with India and Pakistan in multilane highway to loop armed conflict. Smart Cities and AMRUT. raising the percentage threshold of the world’s most dynamic markets. India’s population reaches 1. transformation began when the India National Congress Party. with GDP growing at an annual 2015 In just 25 years. efficiency and expand access to information. A Sikh. from 2004 to 2014. only seven years earlier. US inaugurates the Golden as prime minster for 10 years. In 2014. happened incrementally. China President Xi Jinping visits India and announces assassinated while campaigning for and eventually served 10 years as prime transformation. Following optimism about President Bill Clinton Quadrilateral. 1974. the economy spiked to insurance business. and draws international reaches one billion. Finance Minister Manmohan India conducts underground As the new Millennium sanctions imposed on India moon probe. equitable and technologically India and the US sign a nuclear encouraging foreign companies to set up manufacturing as a condition of a bailout by the democracy. Change to greater foreign investment and default. It had taken India 60 years to 2007 Pratibha Patil is elected foreign ownership to 49 percent from 26 percent. the decade ends over 3. 1990s 2000s 2010s 58 59 . Chandrayaan-1. National Congress party won the 1991 governed India almost continuously India’s first woman president. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits China in an effort to election and Prime Minister Narasimha since 1947. driven-economy. deposing the Indian $2 trillion. according to the census. which had reach $1 trillion. with modern physical 1991 1998 2000 The US lifts economic India launches an unmanned and electronic infrastructure. primarily for people expected to move from rural locations. India agreed to reform its economy the competing interests of a robust inclusive. opening the country investment of $35 billion in India over five years. economist Manmohan Singh as finance 2008 The government launches two initiatives for developing minister. India’s population and Pakistan after nuclear AMRUT focuses on rehabilitating 500 existing cities. prime minister in a landslide victory. gang rape of a Delhi student in 2012. reelection. improve government 1999 engagement. By 1991. India moved from the Indians elected Bharatiya Janata Party rate of 7. a national from 2004 to 2014. Economic reform continues. visit by President George W. and despite some political parties oppose privatization. infrastructure initiative to build Kashmir. cooperation agreement during a facilities in India. an increase of 181 million people – or about the population of Nigeria – in just 10 years. although at a slower pace because some From its independence in 1947 through its first four decades as a sovereign state. its first since begins. Frustrated with the pace of change. Bush. The country was close to minister. advanced society. Digital India Week highlights the government’s ambitious With India more to both domestic and foreign connectivity initiatives for harnessing digital technology to open to international The Indian government investment. coastline in tidal waves of the tsunami in Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was Singh implemented economic reforms Modi presented a vision of the Indian Ocean. the country Thousands die along India’s southern Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Narendra Modi is elected was in political and economic turmoil. Singh later serves build a national electronic network. faster than any other Parliament relaxes restrictions on foreign investment in the brink of bankruptcy to become one of candidate Narendra Modi as prime major country. The project is completed in 2012. tests in 1998. resolving the dispute over makes an historic visit.21 billion. over the next several years. subject to launching programs to build a more 2006 The government announces its Make in India program. International Monetary Fund. Smart Cities Mumbai. Attacks by Islamist terrorists urban India. 2001 aims at building 100 new cities. build trust and closer economic ties between the two giant Rao appointed Oxford-educated neighbors with a fraught history.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . The minister in 2014. that promote a market. unable to pay its foreign debts. inside of India and connect its major cities. an ancient civilization in a Congress Party coalition government called the United Progressive Alliance. 2014 reform attempts. he’s the first non-Hindu to hold 2013 Four men are sentenced to death for the the post. India functioned as a centralized highly regulated economy.Background TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Background: Rising India 2002 2011 Indians build a modern state A train fire ignites religious violence that leaves more than 1. Singh introduces reforms nuclear tests. on the firm foundations of 2004 Manmohan Singh becomes prime minister 2012 India hosts the fourth annual summit of the BRIC nations. more open criticism and sanctions.5 percent.

Millions of individuals gathered population is expected to reach almost influences how products are made and Almost 70 years after independence. in a traditional role. And the from those of other nations. India may product potentially would be produced the superlatives to distill the essence That aspect of Brand India is apparent The apparent chaos of the street. understood differently according to empowered. motorcycles and community and. such as e-commerce EXPORTING AN IDEA in a meaningful and sustainable way. ultimately.Background TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Background: Brand India Brand India is evolving rapidly. You can see it. of banking and dynamic marketing and by expanding education. Most significantly should expand. hurrying to shop governed by successive dynasties. that exists in all countries and gets entry-level cars. the government made by brands that are indigenous long time. this diversity is likely to increase of FMCG brands – are the opposite care and government services more and the global influence of Brand India This is Brand India. The heavy presence of high value FMCG brands distinguishes India. the government launched difficult. isn’t exactly what you get. Every high tech office jobs? Or both? market. Brand India percent contribution of the telecom a program to encourage companies markets don’t always apply to India. especially women in colorful saris weaving through the traffic on motor scooters and. a 5. and the anticipated impact of (Make in India). Only in its second year. The Brand growth of the BrandZ™ India Top 50.000 year-old-civilization that has value. to participate in economic liberalization began in 1991. British influence. which continue to be the provider of reliable. The cues that work in other year-on-year brand value increase of Brand India is already as diverse and Brand India potentially could be linked complicated as India itself. In many markets. The women for every year since the rankings were a way of living in the modern world absorbed many cultures. Understanding it is more populous nation. and the qualities they cities with state-of-the-art infrastructure multinationals with deep roots in the incessant tweeting of horns as drivers signal each other. influential exports. Two- vision about opening the Indian market further and creating a more prosperous and equitable country – as quickly as UN. and brands of major These categories. With initiatives like Make in street vendors. the India Top 50. 60 61 . established as a worldwide event by the leadership in sustainability although it may be exaggerated in India. motorcycles. India. luxury cars. hear will surpass China as the world’s most DIVERSE AND COMPLICATED aspects of Brand India. As Brand India evolves it initially will be for their families or are they newly in India would be influenced by the today and tomorrow – requires getting colonial rule.5 billion in about a decade when it marketed worldwide. Smell the aromatic spices of the represent – the institutional steadiness and digital networks (Smart Cities). country. the BrandZ™ India Top 50 exceeds with the way products are made. Brand in part reflects the country’s past as category to overall India Top 50 brand to make and sell their products in India Sometimes what you think you see the growth rate of the Global Top 100 India could signify a particular mentality. changing as fast as India itself. with become better brands. health India. increasingly expect. Listen to the to advance this agenda by creating new state-owned. products. Home and on those attributes of Brand India could government in charge. on June 21. Products in India are already of multinationals present in India for a View an Indian street clogged with three-wheel auto rickshaws. India’s potentially can be a powerful idea that 32 percent brand value growth. hurrying to work at their beyond the surface appearance and A NEW VISION Indian way of thinking and doing. like India itself It potentially can be about global The strength of financial services is common in most country markets. This Brand India from New Delhi to New York’s Times 1. Current annual presence of various product categories. specifically Indian characteristics will all other major economies. has already introduced many programs to India and private. the Indian people. more mindfully and with greater regard The further problem of understanding of what makes India. the world. and And every brand that makes a product Understanding Brand India – both for over a century was shaped by British and mobile handsets. lower cost products such for the customer and also for the wider Brand India is that it’s not static. Brand India can be associated with a broader range of thirds of these FMCG brands are part possible. brands that are even men at the roadside prodding their water buffalos to keep up the pace. Newer aspects broadly (Digital India). it and smell it. 49 percent in brand value. occasionally. the higher purpose that consumers persist. It’s distinguishes its products and services categories that drove the year-on-year an atom. the measurements of that change usually India of today is about the relative Financial services brands increased Brands that engage in India and take tamed or unleashed depending on the reputation for Ayurvedic remedies result in superlatives.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . for example: Are they acting launched a decade ago. in May 2014. reflecting western. The 33 percent of Brand India are suggested by the 15 for brands. is that raw human potential as mobile handsets. has been categories that are not yet present in in saris. and other practices and products with GDP growth of 7.5 percent outpaces The Brand India of tomorrow personal care categories followed. its ideology. and nearly a quarter of a century since could become one of India’s most Square. And what in the combination of product can seem like the energy trapped inside good quality. voted for a government with a transformative the first International Day of Yoga. In emerging markets. imbued with competence and temperament. Ultimately.

since independence.brandz.” 62 63 . dream adds the government goal of national greatness. But at the believe that by pursuing their personal democracy. ignorance and disease and inequality Subsequently. the government The modern Indian state has evolved of Narendra Modis. is among the world’s 1980s. prosperous and same India as Mahatma Gandhi … “an food shortages that prompted mass inclusive at home and respected and India. and also to be a class and low class of people. following decades of struggle to gain Indian Dream. struggling through political upheavals is not completely determined by where and violent episodes. A more widely available. particularly Indian aspect of this dream Internationally. NEW POSSIBILITIES personifies the possibilities. an India The government of Prime Minister model for how to enjoy the material in which all communities shall live in Indira Gandhi nationalized banks in benefits of the modern world and build perfect harmony… Women will enjoy the 1970s and. Jawaharlal Nehru. advancing the notion of India as at www. and opportunity for all.3 billion is its collective nature. he attempted to restore national and Potential of the Chinese Dream people build their oldest civilizations and youngest pride. India’s first prime Ancient civilization transforms minister. realization of a personal Indian Dream.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . war with China and a subsequent with the wellbeing of their extended Now. impoverished Indians will not be raised EVOLUTION OF THE DREAM Liberalization made possible the up by government programs alone. influential abroad.Background TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Background: The Indian Dream Free and empowered India was reborn in the middle of the emergency that led to disillusionment perspective of ancient traditions and past century as an independent state. the same rights as men… This is the power with a two-year state of but informed and balanced by the India of my dreams. along can be part of the Indian Dream. who you begin the journey. international financial obligations. In his view. with the national agenda It means the ending of poverty and flowing from personal aspirations. the Indian economy was close to defaulting on its achieve its national dream of freedom Dream was about winning freedom. removing barriers for to help empower them. the Dream required leadership that personal and national Chinese could articulate not only what Dreams are slightly discordant. as it removes barriers and advanced a domestic agenda aimed Dream is about achieving a good life makes opportunity more equally and at creating greater equality and helping for oneself and one’s family. settlements appeared in the Indus experienced difficult economic Valley. with nationhood and freedom. including to be a modern state. individuals who individuals are responsible both for their The 1960s opened with a border own and their family’s wellbeing. the practical challenges that come himself began life as a tea seller. and dealing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. the sense that officially neutral during the Cold War. It’s less than 250 years since the American India’s decades as a young state self-improvement and opening the dream realized brings India closer to colonies won independence from Great Britain and established a democracy.” loosened its control of the economy. or not. But the national achieve them. spoke prophetically: “(The) The personal and national dreams future is not one of ease or resting… of India seem to exist more like the The service of India means the personal and national American into a modern state service of the millions who suffer. (Please see The Power and colonial rule. but also the values Both dreams extoll personal and they espoused and how they could family wellbeing. Every personal today than in almost any time during was born in the Indus Valley over 5. time he was assassinated. the personal Indian government. people meet their basic necessities. the government’s priorities everywhere. It’s pursued more effectively idea that defined the nation at its birth and continues to inspire and steer its growth. redefining the Indian exist in harmony. in which there shall be no high migration from villages to the cities.000 years ago. Dreams. Indians seek the hardship during the decade. possibility that how far you travel in life achieving the national dream. about the possibility of achieving an spirituality. lives and the nation With the establishment of a modern personal and national dreams Indian state. but by themselves with help from As a young socialist republic in the Like the personal dreams of people business and brands and from the 1950s. In the aligned. In America. India family and the wider community. the country remained In India today there are 1. an animating That dream has been a work in unfolded in parallel. and almost seven decades There’s also a national Indian Dream. weakening the possible. India caste system. It’s also the world’s largest a world technology leader. In contrast. And the government intends process. consolidated a country that’s confident and powerful. in 1991. Indians opposed. over five millennia since change in national leadership. That India. A national dream and the personal freedom from Great Britain. Rajiv Gandhi became prime minister dreams of a nation’s people can be the successor of multiple dynasties after his mother’s assassination. ultimately. to a time when more individuals feel Economic and social liberalization that realizing their personal dreams is There is not an Indian Dream in the sense that there is an American Dream.) Americans nations. India’s dreams they’re helping America Prior to independence.


of India ahead of the interests of the feel more empowered. and their choices about chose stability in the 2015 Global Global MONITOR and 61 percent in 2015. That by The Futures Company places India Company examines these questions and new ideas. 2013. in its Global MONITOR. compared with 51 The concern for the collective over the Changing attitudes will influence how social trends and insights across 24 percent a year earlier and 46 percent in individual is consistent with Indian values.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . Analysis mean for brand building? The Futures Indians feel empowered… rather than one that embraces change wider community over their own. This result National Congress party. World India Source: Global MONITOR 2014/The Futures Company 2013 55% Global MONITOR average from 24 surveyed countries. a perpetually personal health and healthy foods. Indian consumers are optimistic both about their country’s Less than two-thirds agreed with the Stability vs. will impact brands. deposing the Indian over the past three years suggest a strong feel the need for a breather after the percent in 2013 to 59 percent in 2014 desire for stability. 61 percent of Indians number rose to 57 percent in the 2014 among countries with consumers that Indians feel that their choices can make a difference. greater consideration of India’s interests reflects the expansion of a middle class political climate and increased over those of the wider world. Indians may wider world rose steadily from 55 elected Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Narendra Modi as prime minister. Change 2013 56 finances and their own. which had governed India almost continuously since the country’s communal over personal interests and also possible that the desire for stability also is consistent with the current independence in 1947. Individual 2014 73 Personal 2013 49% I suffer from stress 2014 57% 52% 2013 43 2015 61% 77% -7% % choosing community % saying personal finances are going well 2014 36 Global MONITOR average India vs. investment in building new cities and improving infrastructure. for example. statement just a year earlier. are both willing and able to spend. their money and on what brands. But how are Indian consumers When asked if they’d prefer to live in a In 2013. That much is clear from the May 2014 election result when voters Other important changes among Indians which endorsed change. 49 percent of Indians agreed changing and what do the changes society with a high degree of stability they should prioritize the interests of the Indian affluence is increasing. 2014 59% Source: Global MONITOR 2014/The Futures Company 2015 62% % choosing India Source: Global MONITOR 2014/The Futures Company 66 67 . “I feel I can make a difference +15% 2014 74 to the world around me through the Indian attitudes are changing about the kind of society they finances choices I make and the actions I take. In a notable Extremely/very important in your personal life today: Buying only ethically produced goods shift.Market Characteristics TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Market Characteristics: Consumers Changing attitudes will impact brands Indian consumers are changing. The Futures +11% While the desire for stability seems they’re more inclined to put the interests Company found that Indians today 2014 54 counter to the May 2014 election results. and where these consumers spend I actively take steps to improve my health regardless of whether I feel ill countries. The number of Indians who said that 2013 43 Especially important. that wants to preserve its new status. almost three quarters of Indians surveyed in 2014 agreed with the 2013 59 … Indian attitudes are changing… … Indians are optimistic about statement.” Extremely/very important in your personal life today: Buying locally grown or made products want to live in and their responsibilities for creating that society. higher regard for disruptions of the past several years. +7% 2013 46% Country 2014 63 2014 51% 37% I feel I can make a difference to the world around me through the choices I make and the actions I take 2015 61% 57% % choosing stability 2013 64 % saying country’s finances are going well +9% Community vs. updated resource for consumer and MONITOR survey. It’s and 62 percent in 2015.

It 143 billion 5 Telecom Regulatory Authority of facilities in India. e-commerce Union (ITU) infrastructure serving a population It complements and strengthens market size 2018 Urban 2 Internet and Mobile Association Rural of India (IAMAI) estimate for active with a wide disparity of income. inadequate infrastructure 4 World Bank companies to establish manufacturing may prove to be an advantage. The term Digital BharatNet.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . announced during Digital India Week (2013) 4 (April 2015) 5 (2014)6 in July 2015. even model. Modi can credibly argue for progress that alone in advancing its grand ambition. and the difficulties in accomplishing it.000 villages. It articulates network connecting 250. for tradition. high costs and subscriptions per subscriptions market size the power of digital India into a modern. improve primary enabler.4 (2013)1 (June 2015)2 3 The term Digital India Digital India is more than the sum of One of the key initiatives. however. government launched in September 25 million 3 IAMAI and The Boston Consulting million Group.5 nation using digital technology as the enormity of the government’s vision Rural electronic networks. The Digital India vision drew immediate support from the 135 153 million Urban 559 million billion doesn’t threaten Indian civilization but United Nations when it was formally health and other services.8 269 Urban million million million 188 580 million million 51. potentially leapfrog from infrastructure deficiency to state-of-the-art. The future is arriving quickly. the Make in India program that the 118 Internet users $75 education and opportunity. education. and its Wireless Wireless E-commerce initiatives aimed at harnessing Modi and his government to transform difficult logistics. 415 million government efficiency and As an individual known for his respect The Indian government will not be 71 89 973 empower Indian citizens with expanded access to information. 68 69 .6 61.1 45.Market Characteristics TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Market Characteristics: Digital India Connectivity Digital Connectivity in India initiatives aim to Internet users per 100 people Active Internet Users Projected Internet Users 2018 transform India Rural 81 Urban Rural million 300 280 15. ambitious connectivity the vision of Prime Minister Narendra The scope of this project. and Modi’s government has much to And Digital India is expected to inspire Sources: accomplish because India has been increased foreign and local investment Projected Social Media Users 1 International Telecommunications a nation struggling with inadequate by industries and entrepreneurs. however. indicate both the 100 people technology to build national $13. India@Digital Bharat report 2014 to encourage international Ironically. will create a fiber optic India has brand power. called describes a collection of its parts. deadline challenges. rather helps sustain it into the future. India frees India from contending with million 6 IAMAI and Indian Market Research legacy systems that retard digital Bureau (IMRB) advancement in some highly Some numbers are slightly affected developed western nations. leading a nation that takes great pride in its ancient heritage. however. India can (2014)6 (2014)6 by rounding.

more female and more likely to some estimates. now has been slower than planned and over energy systems and flawless plumbing. To bridge India’s urban-rural divide and Network Limited (BBNL). IAMAI concluded in a optical fiber. In addition. Most significantly. In a revised and accelerated they’re not inclined to gain these amenities government. Narendra Modi announced one of his most ambitions initiatives. a special agency. according to IAMAI the dynamics rapidly transforming China. the government set up budget. The program envisions retrofitting existing cities with the latest smart technology and building completely new ones. recent report. the Bharat Broadband schedule. according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). which indicates the market’s huge potential. the government of India villages with greater access to online achieve. Many factors are expected to drive launched the National Optical Fibre commerce. BharatNet expects to rollout by simply bulldozing over the past. the number of Indian Internet rivers. the development of smart cities.000 years. India’s E-commerce countryside into vast urban conurbations business is in its infancy. welcome less traffic congestion and well. to connect government services. Indians live in the tension entrepreneurial activity by brands and 250. project will be completed. democratic (IMRB).Part 2 | Market Intelligence . civilization for perhaps 7. the broadband network is December 2015. Many language. Modi noted that today’s rivers are in 2001. according to older. after lagging Soon after his election as prime minister.000 villages by provide the electronic infrastructure completed. totaling just with special economic zones sounds like $13.Smart Cities / Internet India plans to create Internet penetration 100 cities of the future takes off. That’s almost the same number of Internet users as the US but only Urban life has characterized the rise of about one-fifth of India’s population. including Network (NOFN) in 2011. education.5 billion in 2014. The government intends to meet the needs of the country’s burgeoning population and economy by creating a total of about 100 cities with well- other countries functioning infrastructure and services. In announcing his smart cities users. Indian Internet users totaled 269 million in June 2015. Users will be almost 600 million by 2030. and some will include special economic or 5 percent of GNP.000 villages with fiber optic cable by between modernity and tradition. and the Indian Market Research Bureau But India isn’t China. since the city of Sumer appeared in the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates In fact. implications for brands across categories The transformation of farmland and are enormous. which grew from just 7 million program. 70 71 . The zones. economy. as the economy shifts access the Internet with a mobile device away from its agrarian roots and cities offer and communicate in Hindi or a local new employment opportunities. is projected to reach 580 concrete highways and tomorrow’s will be million in 2018. But investment being made by the Indian called BharatNet. In India. They’d The question is when the enormous the availability of low cost smart phones. 2016. by 2020. health care and rapid Internet expansion. NOFN. When it’s optical fiber to 50. Execution designed buildings with state-of-the-art But the greatest enabler may be the To implement the project. of the smart cities will be located in the The report predicts that India’s Internet corridor connecting Mumbai and Delhi. the The planned cities will be scattered composition of the new Internet users throughout India to accommodate an will come predominantly from small urban population that’s expected to reach towns and rural India.Market Characteristics TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Market Characteristics: Digital India . economy could reach $200 billion. process and competing interests make India has lagged behind much of the required for a digitally empowered expected to provide even India’s smallest progress slower and more tedious to world in Internet penetration until now.

In 2013. IAMAI predicts. But that proportion is expected tickets and music caters Indian e-commerce totaled Researchers expect e-commerce to The Indian government’s Digital as an online began by offering grow 33 percent during 2015. having India project and the modernization 2010 to the fashion needs $13. commercially with their mobile The factors driving the torrid growth devices. Indian online firm Paytm. healthcare received funding. e-commerce.5 billion at the end of bookstore and 2007 collections from Snapdeal is an of men.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . Amazon and eBay transactions were made with a mobile Online marketplace The US brand continues Alibaba. women grown over 50 percent during 2014. by Flipkart. which followed the proportion of that group. in an a relatively small portion of India’s mobile transactions so far are for segments in India. real estate. device. online marketplace. online marketplace and children with a to the Internet and Mobile will continue over the next few years. rate of Indian e-commerce include expanding Internet access and rapid The potential is enormous. newer brands but high aspirations. Today. apparel brand. jewelry and categories. expand Internet and broadband to of products apparel specialist It has become a offering products range of footwear. as they today is a purveyor Myntra is an leading designers. of India Post are expected to drive December 2014. only 5 percent of e-commerce 2005 2013 2015 although Alibaba. according to IAMAI. or about 28 million people. especially 16 percent of India’s population mobile devices. This to rise rapidly and retail will surpass trend is expected to change quickly online travel during 2016 as the with more and more merchandise single greatest e-commerce revenue being ordered online. domestic online shopping sites – Flipkart and Snapdeal – especially Increased smartphone use is benefited from increased investment expanding Internet access. as only 2007 2012 adoption of technology. grocery and percent increases in transactions. e-commerce represents happen via mobile. people to connect socially and Research Bureau (IMRB).Market Characteristics TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Market Characteristics: E-commerce Internet access. accessories. most the fashion and lifestyle local small businesses India during 2015. the Chinese also are present in the market. sales. and the Indian Market will reach $75 billion by 2018. enabling across multiple recently acquired prominent fashion across multiple apparel. to improve the online arrangement with the roughly $600 billion in total retail entertainment. However. 14 percent election of the current government. Leading E-commerce Brands in India investment drive Indian Brands exponential growth 2007 2009 2012 Flipkart began Fashionandyou Jabong. These online business segments such as cities have experienced 30-to-50 classifieds. generator. according IAMAI predicts that this pace of growth e-commerce growth too. and only a small confidence. and the growth of e-commerce. Two according to some estimates. such as booking movie shopping experience. categories. E-commerce is increasingly attracting customers from Tier 2 and 3 cities. more than 13 percent giant eBay is to expand in India. The rise in business was online in 2014. Association of India (IAMAI) and Indian e-commerce consumption remote parts the country. of all e-commerce transactions sharpening its focus on establishing ties with will begin selling in Currently. 72 73 . Multinational Brands Apart from the traditional online where people have limited access to formats of retail and lifestyle. were also attracted greater investment in online buyers.


and Social media activity in rural India almost 30 percent of the shipped devices were smartphones. India is growing rapidly. 135. Market leaders children. followed by school device market in 2014. 34 percent and 27 competitors. Indian India’s estimated 100 million active consumers are expected to download Micromax India monthly users make it the second largest nine billion apps in 2015. increasing 35 percent to availability of a wide range of low. according to a report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB). 12 percent. Brazil. an increase in mobile data people in India. April 2015.5 percent from 6 percent. Total mobile phone shipments reached 257 million in 2014. India’s Micromax and with a mobile device. Total wireless Subscriptions per 100 people in Russia The tax. and Motorola Intex India and Microsoft (Nokia) from the US. according to a Microsoft (Nokia) US Indians reportedly use Twitter. media activity. especially into latest World Bank data. Lava India second most watched screen after TV. five times market for Facebook. the import tax to favor Indian brands. For many Indian consumers. according to the a lack of new products and a rise in almost half of the country’s urban social of telecom networks. Factors India’s top four cities – Mumbai.Part 2 | Market Intelligence . from 2013. respectively. Around 30 million more than in 2012. updating status and commenting and feature phones – has become their on a blog. the growth of than in other BRICs. And 61 percent of all include Samsung. it’s still lower softened for the first time ever. which more than doubled to percent of urban social media use came subscribers reached over 973 million in total 153. 89. while social media activity among the urban population continued to rise at Factors driving growth included the While mobile phone penetration in Indian quarter-to-quarter mobile sales a steady pace. China’s Xiaomi.Market Characteristics TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Market Characteristics: Digital India . doubled to 25 million users in just one year. 12. And 60 remote rural areas. College students and young men accounted for the majority of social Many new players. especially Chinese media use overall. the South Korean. according to recent research. the study found. The report also found that the three most common social media activities. Regulatory Authority of India. according to CyberMedia Research. effectively from college students and young men. in the 118 million users in 2014. Delhi. according to the Telecom increased the price of imported brands. entered the Indian mobile Leading Mobile Device Brands in India percent. are maintaining a mobile phone – both smartphones profile. the Karbonn India in order of popularity. 71 have a mobile influencing the sales decline included Bangalore and Hyderabad – generated consumption and aggressive expansion cellular subscription. For every 100 first three months of 2015.Mobile Phones / Social Media Indian and import Rural users double brands fight for share in only one year in growing market The number of social media users in India reached 143 million in April 2015. recent study. social media users accessed the Internet Brand Country of Origin based brand. Motorola US Samsung South Korea Xiaomi China 76 77 . online sales. Karbonn. price phone models. and China.

Despite the sharp growth 334. although they on all other media is expected to are often simultaneously on a mobile increase in 2015.5 billion rupees ($7.5 Bil. cinema and TV is expected to reach almost 46 TV spending came primarily at 0.7 billion).3 Bil.5 billion Newspapers Magazines US$ $8. 500. and is predicted to expand by 37 percent this year.000 Bil. according to GroupM. for and out-of-home should rise more TV 2014 and 2015. and 16. as investment Digital spending increased an and is predicted to increase 20 Outdoor US$ 7. and TV remains the screen falling 5 percent last year. Newspapers. GroupM predicts investment Bil. spending on digital more than tripled.0 percent. magazines.7 billion). spending pace.7 Total media spending is expected to rise by 12.) 2015 (est. rate. part 300. rupees ($8. following a comparable increase in 2014. with spending expected 1. Retail percent in 2015 on top of a 25.Market Characteristics TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Market Characteristics: Media Spending Digital leads in … Digital leads by far in growth rate … Digital spending increased an estimated 35 percent in 2014.9 Bil. although not at the robust pace of digital.1% % share of media Source: GroupM 78 79 . INR estimated 35 percent in 2014. The rise in digital.9 Bil. INR TV is expected to reach almost 46 percent market share in 2015. INR this year.000 10.000 Total media spending continues to rise … in 2014 to 435.) will continue to rise by about the Source: GroupM TV same rate and end 2015 with total Radio 490.5 Bil.7 Bil. Spending on cinema advertising continues to enjoy strong growth.9% Radio US$ 1 = 56.000 Digital +207% 5 year %Change but TV dominates 30. and is Digital predicted to expand by 37 percent percent rise estimated for 2014. viewing in Indian culture and the 5. increase reflects the place of film Outdoor & Retail Digital 351.000 490.5 Bil.2 Bil. Radio and retail are device viewing or texting.) 32. 50. … But TV dominates in market share Cinema 435. especially Magazines Investment in TV continues to grow. INR 2011 2012 2013 2014 (est.6 percent in 2015 to about billion). Spending viewed most by Indians. digital still accounts for relatively low market share. while total media spending increased 47 percent. INR US$ 6. INR Annual investment in digital continues to outpace all other media by far in India. Cinema below 10 percent in 2015.7 Bil.3% 9.4 in TV continues to grow. TV spending expected to improve 11 percent and is estimated to increase 15.Part 2 | Market Intelligence .9% 2011 2012 2013 2014 (est. In contrast. although cinema also is growing rapidly and healthy spending on TV advertising keeps it the market share leader. INR media spending of about 490. 386. Newspapers 45. The US$ 6.000 Total Media 5 year %Change +47% Total media spending in India increased an estimated 12.1 percent 8 percent respectively.) 2015 (est. the expense of print. modestly. projected to be just strength of India’s film industry.2 Bil.375 INR Source: GroupM 4.5% although not at the robust pace of to decline 4 percent in 2015 after digital.7 percent 400. respectively. of WPP.5% US$ 5. Over five years.5 billion rupees ($8.8% percent market share in 2015.

shopping has almost But whether a brand Mainstream finally has across diverse genres of music become an addiction for operates physical or virtual stores competition in India. empowerment not lack of resources that we. following among counterculture stands to gain a brands like Myntra. but it also Amazon and Flipkart.Jadhav@millwardbrown. now that price. Shopping is an unquenchable anytime and craving for many. songs for INR 20 ($0. from the major e-commerce must-have products. accepted them as part of the according to the 2011 census. Perhaps it was the vendor selling dumplings. are expanding and associated with. the key challenges Internet is empowering a like AIB and TVF those who live in major are getting the shopper to your counterculture. online shopping has advantages other than price. which price. braille. Weekender. as may double up as an Mainstream brands show little interest in creating specialized dependency. Sheryl. And of this community would no differently-abled people. Jabong. phone as a point of contact that relevant products and discover winning the hearts and minds You can now have a “missed-call” doubles up as an identity – a the best touch points. regrettably. And percent off. Aditi Jain Account Planning Manager and all around you will see new with an idea and determination But they need to understand An empathetic view and a little J. some also nudge shoppers along the path to purchase: people across the country. grappled with in the past that triggered our insurance broker. Ship of this less trod counterculture Nisha Ganneri items? Theseus and mobile phone. develop effort can go a long way in Aditi. minds and loyalty resourcefulness and enabled a mobile friendly person who’ll change. Inox Cinemas have wheel almost like the personification of and CSR. young people. Some satisfy the brand and then moving the it’s just two tweets of fame but just a different take YOUTH shopper along from research from shopping to purchase thirst for shopping by and browsing to purchasing. in turn has summoned with a missed call enabled the jugaadu person. most brands and communicated We Indians are famously A momo-wallah. Groups E-COMMERCE quite a few. chair ramps and Macbook’s an app – an app that simplifies Brands could profitably serve VoiceOver feature makes the You step into a small town your life! Any jugaadu individual differently-abled consumers. Online anywhere.Ganneri@ogilvy. especially for – or both.” Thanks to the Internet. A brand that connects Planning Director Physical stores across most Ogilvy & Mather categories have taken a hit - Create buzz: Big discounts on have gained a strong with youth by embracing the Nisha. a street do not see these people as in ways that fostered INCLUSIVITY jugaadu. Empathy and effort wins a culture. and talked about. auto rickshaw driver who can be the mobile phone. This lot. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Our Insights Twenty-five million consumers doubt reward brands that in India are differently-abled. online and leaving them Shradha Jadhav in the cart. 80 81 . including convenience. to be bold enough Millward Brown shopping a physical store but - Set frequent reminders via independent films like to walk down Shradha. Not only will it get noticed - Show savings: Item was this is not Bollywood. SMS: Have you forgotten any Lunchbox. The (read non-tinsel town). Viviana Mall in Mumbai Sheryl Roche sympathetically and loosen Senior Account Executive presented unprecedented is equipped with audio-tactile These resourceful people are their purse strings for charity Ogilvy & Mather resourcefulness to us is the labels. real opportunity.Jain@jwt. buoyed by the that the youth likes to be of course. 40 Music festivals like NH7 can become the “badge brand” often offer huge discounts. mainstream culture Yet. brands of what we have around. Members – and purchasing power – of auto wallah at your disposal. Walter Thompsom businesses that the mobile phone has embraced the mobile their needs and desires. Move over pop culture. - Be generous: Give additional Internet. Youth brands need India has a counterculture Account Director indulge in “showrooming. Or you may encounter a gaana-bharne walla. provides menus in view the differently-abled One such device that has downloaded from his computer. actually the Internet is enabling on comedy.Roche@ogilvy. Some brands products or making existing products more accessible are leading the hearts. flexibility coupon discounts with showcasing Indian talent of shopping and researching minimum purchasing online. but are selecting many items Here are four simple tactics to young talent to come into their own and connect with young also questioning the norm. You may say are ushering in not Key tactics move consumers cities and own a smart phone. Taco Bell us to make the best use fill your phone with the latest or inclusive. for which the caller isn’t transforming his or her idea into charged. path.31) each. At has created or visibly augmented. a viable consumer segment. computer universally accessible. an virtual address if you will.

already begun nudging at smartphones and laptops. multiscreen campaigns in next three Whether consumers shop online The usual focus in this or offline – or both – is totally at interaction is the product. driving percent today. substance abuse phenomena. responsibility of multiscreen campaigns. affects purchasing behavior. According of marketers. More However. social currency. capturing the of conversations you can carry consumer desire for relevant content more complex and intense. In this virtual-vicarious world. done that. it’s talk. of National Advertisers predicts that have delivered a better impact on half of all marketers will spend on brand KPIs. Digital . success and exploring Nishith Srivastava and American Swan.Iyer@contractindia. target consumers on a 24/7 basis. Goa on a long Social currency has become research). live-in their 96 minutes of TV viewing time. but digital devices and offline their purpose. the new measure of success retail is happening right To the young generation. you might run to be in front of and engage with their in this evolved world of omnichannel in Europe away from the tourist out of social currency. measured in likes. Walter Thompsom about fashion by creating look-books. Byzantine mosques gives you a off. which are reflected in relationships. retailing. the A Turkey vacation after reading hearts. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Our Insights With financial and social Empowerment Indian consumers are years. What signifies success for circuit and posted about hidden their Ogilvy & Mather kinds. E-commerce players like Myntra. boring. no-no. sedan or your check-ins at the international airport. compared Marketers must improve EMPOWERMENT Indians seem progress. “showrooming” (viewing on relevant content. and 96 aware of the need to This is seen in the the corners of social change minutes watching TV. respectively. are from product awareness. And with social platforms worthy “social capital” you display. and multi-screening not mindless entitlement empowerment… can brands help? Brands have per day. without balance. compared empowerment comes personal helps us gain control increasingly involved with only 20 MEDIA responsibility. Integration of weekend. Indians spend on average with 48 percent today. driving there. A frequencies than optimum. The same come when we as a country restrictions. suggest that while TV is an effective driving. of course.Srivastava@jwt. Millward Brown media choices. Nishith. on the way. But to to be recklessly mistake empowerment for to Millward Brown’s AdReaction 2014 report. to product consideration and you’ve accumulated. You have an (researching products the target audience with the brand. They could either But the context has to be this increasingly young and gems largely unknown to the be “webrooming” larger than just the product to connect virtual generation? Is it the size rest of the world. over our lives. No one really NEW STATUS Everyone Relevant content connects products in a store. empowerment report from the US-based Association money invested on other media could can enjoy it without abusing it. yes.Strategic Planning already engaging with their consumers discussion. shares and the number celebrity associations. rising lifestyle diseases. Warish Jain optimize investments for maximum indulgences and with advertising that shows Indians multiscreen 91 minutes of Senior Research Executive Aparna Jain impact this does not reflect in their Planning Director over-indulgences of various same-sex couples. fashion shows and Contract poised to become the next e-shops. You have backpacked running to reach it. gets you the real Ravi Raman Iyer J. will advocate using response to multitasking Depict responsible empowerment enjoying their entitlement can be the very new found thing that undoes us. Additionally. Strategic Planner blogger events. Perhaps it’s also for example. texting while watching a video. urban signals change and an unprecedented level of importantly. Been there. How around 162 minutes and 95 minutes multiscreen. delayed marriages and 39 percent of people media CrossMedia© studies of brands in India Aparna. but most to campaigns delivering much higher But real empowerment will and even self-imposed are not really investing in this area.Jain@ogilvy. 82 83 . but Consumers engage only with content “likes” the “pics” of the your new vacations in purpose to purchase purchasing online after that is personally relevant to them. This new Raman. research and is not the “monetary capital” coastal cuisines Director.Jain@millwardbrown. A of the bank account or the length interesting life and your social online before making meaningful and purposeful connection of the car? Ostentatious displays bank balance E-COMMERCE an offline purchase) or between brand and consumer depends of success and status are a social just went up. may well be pointless. Millward Brown’s Warish. Brands can In this crowded competitive landscape. and their passions. 88 percent multi-screening on media. It in multitasking. In using all possible media touch points purchase” journey to “path to purpose” in London. drunken and other contemporary social mesh. accessing While marketers are no holds barred. for example. leverage evolved e-commerce platforms lot more social currency than the the corner office may no longer e-commerce brands are aggressively and transform the traditional “path to mandatory “pic” in front of Big Ben be the most aspirational even path to purchase is going to become Orhan Pamuk. marketers waste precious among the youth and road rage time for brands to show that Marketers recognize the importance resources on it by allocating money to name just a few examples.


PART Thought Leadership .

customization and adaptation. certain customization exploit by magnifying the service Tech Mahindra have begun attracting is required to suit preferences of a aspect they’re offering to the global global clients. Malaysia. however. fancy finished and fine leather whereas will be highly valued and appreciated. We could leverage this unique with her beauty products claiming. On the other hand. mysticism and Ayurveda are some of the labels we have been proud to associate ourselves with. expanded its collection in the world? When we distill the all the “Indianness” to woo customers. TCS and in the world. direct marketing. data analytics. introducing to and consultancy service within to cater engineering while China offers low new markets traditional Indian designs to all audiences. Hidesign 88 89 . Planning Director with all the razzmatazz and glamour. of providing hospitality relegate those kinds of products to a has a dozen stores across the world and service with a personal touch is limited customer segment that has a that concentrate on just delivering a something that also is deeply ingrained transient fascination with our culture. cultural ideas to more commercial personal touch is slowly fading. This core competence can To compete effectively outside of line that competes with other foreign span a wide range of products and India.” Relying on it excel in customization and service Another brand that doesn’t even use The idea of going above and beyond may not always be sustainable and will the “exotic origin’” route. Fab India has even launched a brand requirements and usage needs of local BEYOND “INDIANNESS” called Fabels. while still maintaining the core Brands going global should boast of civilization in our jars. Their with “Indianness.ogilvy. costs.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Brand India Brands need to tap Over the years we Indians have prided ourselves on exhibiting India in a slightly storybook light. For more Indian brands to succeed The company comprises strong offerings in: advertising. the core strengths In recent years a handful of Indian SOME EARLY BRAND MOVERS fundamental question: What is it that clothing. home will not necessarily support strengths and communicating their growth in other countries. which is a western style Beyond exotica. Styling also changes need. founder and CEO of Indian brands already excel at Veruschka. public relations and healthcare. The quality of Indian service a strong case to make for themselves. other industries still have particular make a brand work at home may be Hidesign. it is not enough to labels. exploit our “Indianness. and at totally irrelevant abroad and emotional customer service. Although the designs in our culture.” Ogilvy & Mather products in other markets. their ability to adjust to the customs.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . maybe brands have been gaining traction Nalli Silks. an American would go for very natural In a world where the idea of the We need to go beyond offering just leather products. abroad we need to answer a social media. to many different cultures. it’s our customers in the Middle East something we can own no matter Veruschka Menon ones and we have to work hard would want aggrandized. To succeed in our diverse country. services. Brands just need to pillars that our brands stand on at ELEMENTS OF BRAND INDIA focus on developing these distinctive Ogilvy & Mather is a leading communication network in India. Mauritius.” what are we left of their “Indianness” You have jewelry brands like Amrapali California store even has a tailoring with? Germany brings the world great and Gitanjali Gems Ltd.Menon@ogilvy. Indian brands audiences. This is an Indian strength Apart from the software industry are almost the same everywhere that brands across all categories can where brands like Infosys. long experience and expertise. retail marketing. shiny bags to create relevance within all our what market we operate in.” “Indianness” of fabric and overall look. In its stores in Italy. with branches in Singapore better than companies anywhere else in global markets by flaunting their and California. We know how to make Even cosmetics entrepreneur Shahnaz hand washing is not common in products that cater to any kind of Hussain relies on the same formula other markets. www. An ancient culture of royalty. So what do Indian brands own? like the maang tikka hair ornaments and kamarband chains for the waist. rural marketing. beyond just saris to include a wide attributes that go into making products selection of scarves and stoles. superior product.” “We are trying to sell a whole season. by market and varies according to competence and stand for “bespoke. accessories and jewelry Indian companies do well. Fab India Indian brands are expert in adapting carries European sizes and avoids for global success on runways and red carpets. as and tastes. traditions fabrics that need hand washing. “South East nations market. What can says Dilip Kapur. These designs are now being sported the UAE and other markets. activation.

Only 65 percent of Palmolive (India). and a of 48 percent. this is the first concerted effort to address it. of children exposed to deadly found that a mere 2.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Beyond Villages Government and In a vibrant market like India. we community centers. popular actress Priyanka AND INNOVATE dental check-ups in more than 1. The initiative Together they are advancing a wide Indian children receive complete developed after the International range of social improvement initiatives. the sub-divisions of villages.300 Chopra. where a whopping 73 percent of households are rural. This GOVERNMENT AND UN efforts are driving this initiative. successful brands have a steadfast focus on reaching the last mile to ensure that their messages resonate even in the most remote parts of the country. has provided 700 a lesson or two about rural outreach children. infants by 2020. Colgate embarked barriers throughout the length and level of apprehension among parents. Although adolescent anemia is a major public Multinational companies are exploring new ways to reach consumers in remote areas of the country to With the Indian economy growing at a healthy pace. While FMCG behemoths such as Hindustan Unilever have taken the lead on market segmentation. In the near future. The program effectively reached rural India include. providing vaccines against Other notable initiatives that have important roles includes a broad mix of ministries. women’s empowerment.5 percent of and even entertainment. Unilever reached eight have recognized the power of traveling deep into the rural nooks and corners of urban India to empower The program. Market Research Bureau’s (IMRB) ranging from health and nutrition to This leaves a substantial proportion Consumer Usage Attitude Study reaching remote areas education. vaccination during their first year. the Kan Khajura Tesan. With its award winning innovation. Brands. implemented through million consumers in eight months. on a universal dental coverage breadth of the country to empower A blend of traditional media exposure project.Vilasini@bm. highlighted Innovation is the cornerstone when cities and towns with over 35. the Indian and improving lives even those at the farthest edge. seven deadly diseases. the government is now reaching deeper into India. www. Our focus is on Genesis Burson-Marsteller creating real measurable impact on our client’s business through Krishna. targeting over 100 million adolescents.000 the issue of anemic adolescents in it comes to rural empowerment. affairs consultancy that delivers integrated communication services Health and Wellness to some of the best global and Indian companies. Innovative government and central India. in her capacity as the UN Goodwill Ambassador. tehsils and mandals. ideas driven and result oriented campaigns. public SUPPORT PROGRAMS relations and on-ground activations BRANDS PARTICIPATE ensuring consumers could get free Recently. Many of diseases that can be prevented. initiative included advertising. with Dental Association and Colgate strong on-the-ground mobilization launched Oral Health Month. intends to immunize 90 percent of Oral Health Month by Colgate- profit organizations and celebrities.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . An the untapped population and recruit schools and Anganwadis. immunization program in 201 priority Genesis Burson-Marsteller is a leading public relations and public Krishna Vilasini Bharadwaj India Practice Chair. As Unilever is looking at newer geographies and consumer brands both play clusters to reach rural audiences. provides weekly insight of using mobile technologies might see consumer brands learning dietary supplements to young school in media dark areas. in places like Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh.genesisbm. non. multinational conglomerates. mobile entertainment channel that integrates the medium of radio with mobile phones. The rural consumers with brand messages need is large enough to benefit from India’s Ministry of Health and Family being heard 425 million times in a the investment and creativity of both Welfare recently launched a routine span of 15 months. which stemmed from the simple new consumers. This movement to empower rural India districts. an on-demand and rural development will help lift the economy even 90 91 . participating dentists. The government launched a program in improve their lives in various ways. breaking conventional of information and awareness. the writing on the wall is clear: rural consumers FMCG programs raise the health problem in evidence based. and digital communication. to tiny taluks. This Indians visit a dentist at least once a these initiatives have achieved best deficiency can be attributed to lack year compared to a global average practice status. village idea. million minutes of entertainment to from the Government of India. In collaboration. the Indian government is not far behind. companies and governments alike standards for rural marketing 2012 and UNICEF added its support in every Indian state and union territory. the public and private sectors.

com 92 93 . to wipe the frown off the faces if you don’t want food. That genie provider. serving every market. it is also the Interactive. we are part of the WPP Group. most importantly – authentic. more than ever.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Brand Experience Today’s thriving The mood at the board meeting is somber. used to having its way . The unshackled customer who will no longer be subjected to any manufacturer-imposed restraints on how she is supposed to consume and the naive ideologists who. Founded in 1986. in the driver’s seat BRAND IS THE BRAND that’s the philosophy that tomorrow’s marketing departments must ask At Brand Union we have a singular power brands are acting upon today. The c-suite.” own a single taxi. price or lower cost business tickets So. as Peter Drucker hotel room and the most talked about experiences such as business class elegantly put it. interaction. responsive and resilient coherent thought-through experiences that are truly interactive. “Culture eats strategy public transportation company doesn’t food in economy at an additional for breakfast. customer. brands build great are forging new business models and questioning the creaking wisdom of “how it’s done. Think mobile companies mold an internal culture that breeds is well and truly out of the bottle and offering unlimited data with no innovation and platform thinking. With the IndusInd Video Branch program bank customers can use a mobile phone to defining moment for the brand to be the central organizing principle that propels the organization forward. These are all THE EXPERIENCE OF THE examples of platform thinking and in the c-suite and create vaunted growth and value for the brand. power isn’t There’s probably never been a more hoarded. A network of 500 people in 25 locations around the world. design.Chaudhry@brandunion. After wooing your partner plane so that the flight can leave on you must then live up to his or her time.” This wouldn’t have been the cause Think communities like Uber. The Idea Internet are to the rest of the organization and make a lasting imprint as a result Network (IIN) of Ideal Cellular appeals how much they manage to influence of continual.brandunion. as in CHANGE IS NOT THE ENEMY all strong relationships. The budget airline IndiGo gets customers to help clean up the Repeat after me – change is not the enemy. then embrace change of these service brands with strong to exceed them and finally make your momentum. themselves if they are creating a belief: The experience of the brand Here are a few more examples of how culture of platform thinking within is the brand. partner feel part of something bigger than a transaction. is suddenly being upended by two innocuous forces much closer home. the role of the marketing experiences by the twain not met through the all. brand management and employee it double-digit growth or expanding international presence. brands earn customer loyalty These experiences earn love and respect. Critically.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . responsive and. challenging time to be a marketer. Customers have rewarded each expectations. It’s the brands that build of finding freedom and empowerment While it is challenging. www. Companies that imbibe Regional Strategy Director driver’s seat. positive moments of to young people with its clever premise the eventual customer interact with them anyway they want. Behind this is a strong the Indian customer is warming up to the company. a brand is the largest provider of hospitality to solve their own queries digitally. an embodiment of the culture that putting the customer accommodations doesn’t own a single Think airlines allowing modular flight produces it. They see themselves as platform thinking inherently realize that South and South East Asia platforms that enable the customer to it’s anathema for marketing to work in Brand Union a silo from the rest of the organization. where In fact. with a mobile phone. We are a global brand agency with deep expertise in brand strategy. Think of the brand as engaged in a life-long relationship with the connect by video with their bank brand manager. Ambrish. how connected they conviction that successful brands platform thinking. Thriving brands get this and they’re but there’s also never been a more Ambrish Chaudhry putting the customer firmly in the rewarding one. other to create self-regulation. unencumbered by the baggage of complacency or past successes. given the customer’s quest for of too many sleepless nights had drivers and customers both rate each authenticity. we are now living in a world where throttle and the ability for subscribers Today. Or. with department should not only be to consuming tidal wave of wondrous minimum interference by the service strengthen external perception but to technological possibilities. it is earned and it is shared.


admittedly generous. On the other hand. we’re than friends and family. aren’t learning “digital” habits. has been named No. then. and want to SMS and IVR systems. can’t operate realm of digital – for an audience that with the potential in the rarefied air of the top of the isn’t online? pyramid. New platforms are exploding across the nation. listening to music. each brand does the power of automated. yes. It’s time for mass brands to supplement comes to reaching young. Insights for with hundreds of millions of potential ROOTED IN THE NOW building digital customers. They expect to use those feature phones we’ve learned is new(ish): • Just because India’s masses for banking. and Internet culture of mass brand. learned is actually quite clients is to help them unlock the full value of customers. which serves population of the USA. hotlines (Interactive Voice Response) content. Going users are surprisingly mature in their usage. where even • The key elements of digital about it than you are at radio can be a challenge. if not outright overwhelming: 100 Million active monthly The number of Facebook users – the second largest user base in the world. automated thinking – personalization. 96 97 . These are numbers straight out of the hungry fever dreams of Indians online is marketers and media planners. weather. leveraging practical and thus nearly priceless resource. more than content. Some of what way communication). a lot of what we’ve – individualization. In recent work We talk about India as a nation of a And. but rounding down – and the remainder have a zone in which it is trusted. But why wait? down the pyramid. watching aren’t online doesn’t mean they not to you (because they’re much videos. content trends) much more Ogilvy One Worldwide Agency. We’ve encountered that we’re ignoring is roughly the entire trust Apple when it comes to design. roughly 700 million mobile customers). checking the • Your brand belongs to consumers. personal level. content and brand channels to users backdrop of abundant humanity.1 Digital Agency in India. Our core promise to effectively than brands do. win more customers and make them more valuable. Mass brands. We do this by of Indians are online. insights. and. content delivery. But India is a nation of big numbers. voice-navigated enormous. despite not belonging to the smartphone ecosystems that the rest of • Television remains the favorite platform for mass brands – but digital has forced us to fundamentally us take for granted. They have to get down into the scrum. They are curious. it has also earned the ones that capture the spirit of digital consumers on a more title of 5th Smartest Digital Agency Worldwide by WARC100. and information have provided consumers with music – delivered against intent – don’t • Consumers create “ephemeral Ashwath Ganesan interspersed with brand messaging.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . with practical digital channels today’s digital channels. and platforms like Rocketalk. 30 Million Twitter users. while brands are less trustworthy we’ve done with a client.ogilvyone. digital for whom Facebook is a thing distantly The trick. innovative powerful. We phone systems. Indian feature phone the most prosperous fraction of the addressable consumer universe. is to combine these penetration numbers suddenly start to heard of. Certainly. So are mass brands stuck with television in India? Here’s another big number: 900 million mobile subscriptions (representing impact in India DIGITAL THINKING FOR NON. Out of every eight people on that customers like being treated as and apply it across practical channels like individuals. when it small if compared deliver them to India’s mass audience. OgilvyOne India next handful of years will be the technologies to reach their Context. When we do that. we do all these things – classically the channels.Ganesan@ogilvy. require digital channels. There will be a time when the majority • Brands need to innovate Ashwath.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Digital The numbers can seem magical. it’s only a megaphone (one- change our thinking. There are reports. turning big ideas and data into personal experiences to help our clients Successful mass brands in India’s up. that 200 Million Indians are using Instagram. is king. as ranked by Forrester Research. however. And most of those (about 85 to 90 percent depending on the source) are feature phones. How can we customize experiences? the megaphone of TV with the relevance and wealthy Indians – which many How can we answer curiosity? How and personalization of digital thinking brands want to do – digital channels are do we provide great content? How do – served across practical. visual appeal. texting.. the digital revolution in marketing is more than the sum of its distribution outlets. Inc. VP and Head of Planning OgilvyOne Worldwide is the world’s leading Customer Engagement art” (ie. not just • Attention has become a scarce. Against this Cadbury when it comes to joy. • India’s online population is That’s a number big enough for any massive – but only represents DIGITAL CHANNELS Brands need to supplement TV While we like to focus on the innovation. professional. and find new (or old) ways to look positively dainty. know more about the products they buy. one is from India. interacting with brands. they have to communicate THE FUTURE. It turns out information matched against intent – www. better at informing each other In the poorest areas of India. WhatsApp has massive penetration. we’ve explored billion people. In fact. it’s already started. informing them).

growing evidence points to the capabilities of digital media going beyond building brand awareness and advocacy and taking concrete steps towards driving sales.866 offices and 466.6 million) to attract festive the e-commerce Industry are small has another dormant asset that can shoppers through advertising. delivery and payment limited access to brands but high this year. However the real square kilometres (8. The 356 million youth aged 10- to-24 make India the youngest nation in the world. rural was not far behind averaging at INR 1400 ($22. According to the latest report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and the Indian India was about INR 2000 ($31. e-tailers are already exploring setting minute as well on the same day.1 Digital Agency in India. India Post crores ($10. seeing that khaki clad postman smiling Ajay Tawde average ticket size of purchase in urban at the door. a offices.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . towns. Massive online flash official mentioned that India Post rural areas phone. OgilvyOne India has been named No.25 billion. and Naaptol have for urban customers with access discounts as a quick and effective already partnered with India Post. unsurprising as people here have partnership kiosks are being planned in 70. The explosion of e-commerce in India.10) per ticket. money transfers and postal 10 hours with Snapdeal recording a account systems. www. there are two key offices located in rural areas and with a value of INR 81.8 million) sold in presence in areas that have low Internet services. Various online retailers are finding inspiring solutions to establish competencies like core banking INR 600 crores ($31. It 50 percent rise in transactions. which reached India Post almost seems like a tailor- vast rural India is spread out among $3. An to Internet banking payment is means of attracting new shoppers official statement by a government just a matter of a few taps on the to their sites. while other entrepreneurs have newest growth from Tier 2 and company that stands for financial managed to convince India Post to set Tier 3 cities in India. Indian youth are coming of age at a time when Internet and mobile technology are taking their biggest leaps yet. These kiosks will be manned models are being tried and tested. We do this by turning big ideas and data into personal experiences to help our clients win more customers and make them more valuable. This growth is inclusion of all sectors.903 employees. The “Big when compared with the potential revive due to e-commerce.2 $13.. set last year around Diwali when the these funds to e-commerce firms as top three players – Amazon. 1. Inc. Delivery options: A geographically story was online retail. Flipkart CREATIVE SOLUTIONS part of their COD solutions.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: E-commerce E-commerce is In the past decade. and Snapdeal – spent about INR 200 The current hindrances faced by Besides its wide network. For example.525 crores (USD hindrances for growth: each office being able to serve 21. This is its Billion Day” sale by Flipkart recorded cash handling services. While the With 154. it has also earned the title of 5th Smartest Digital Agency Worldwide by WARC100. The collected over INR 280 crores ($44. which include Leading brands and India Post partner a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of for clients is to help them unlock the full value of customers. business. However. a 60 percent made solution for e-tailers small cities.50). Payment mechanisms: E-commerce latched on to offering large scale Snapdeal. in India. Our core promise to Ajay. Planning OgilvyOne Worldwide is the world’s leading Customer Engagement OgilvyOne Worldwide Agency.2 square miles).5 Billion) in 2014. India’s population has crossed 1. growing rapidly.4 India would depend on the COD benchmark of the flash sales was million) from customers and remitted (Cash on Delivery) system. however a majority of rural sales have become the norm. Most e-tailing players in India have Several e-commerce players like 2. India Post has emerged as the unlikeliest hero to turn Rural India to overcoming barriers to Market Research Bureau (IMRB). Snapdeal recently up e-commerce kiosks inside post E-commerce is experiencing its partnered with FINO Paytech. Forward thinking on delivery and payment innovations GMV of INR 1 crore ($160 million) every penetration. a aspirations. According to several by village level entrepreneurs and will digitalized India is ready to trigger an e-tailers these cities have seen a 30-to- serve as order and delivery centers. and villages. townships reaching consumers in increase over 2013. Flipkart. With 90 percent of all post e-commerce industry in India reached rural markets exists. Group Head.7 billion in 98 99 .ogilvyone. the potential for growth of e-commerce in Digital India. Through this up booking counters on their premises.000 rural areas by the end of While. potential of these offline kiosks also won’t be long till we get back our (now A pilot project run by Snapdeal into the extends into low-income households in nostalgic) sense of excitement upon rural market revealed that while the slums in all the major metros. as ranked by Forrester Research.

but also contribute to decision-making. To mention just three: We asked. Women have a “secret pocket” which product or service you were and sacrifice. Many of these strategies Women believe they are the decision would you do with it?” Generally. Instead of buying vegetables Half the women in Indonesia want to from the nearby vendor. value household decision- adds (premium food products for the children. recommendations from financial goals and purchases. “In your household. the strategies demonstrations and product sampling generations. lentils revealed that over 55 percent of In sum. 100 101 .com marketing communications agency that offers a truly integrated of household budgets. When asked.jwt. Our survey fresh staples like rice. “Feminism is being interestingly. the lady of the house is given a monthly budget. Walter Thompson Sonar Survey on NEW ASPIRATIONS Brand initiatives need to connect “What Women Want. Walter Thompson is South Asia’s leading and most admired 20-to-45. brand/company report concludes. As household management strategies friends/ family/ colleagues. investment and saving strategies to personal they’re adapting these savvy Google). advancement. decision-maker for these products and among Asian women. Over 40 services: home appliances. Walter Thompson Rural. and bank like financial independence. network across South Asia. Asian women would invest the money brands to understand and take into the J.Khan@jwt. We asked. As women adapt their household now overt financial goals. yourself?” women answered: jewelry. There is another chapter. are discreet and important for makers across a range of products. over 70 percent. it’s important to consider the views of someone who is in many households fondly called the “finance minister. they’ll shift to buying from they’d be the primary decision maker the wholesale market. women audiences. occasional indulgences (such as beauty care) and gifts (the festive season must-haves).” which examined with this spirit and champion these the attitudes of middle class Indian. career extract value when prices rise. who would make the final decision about But the story does not stop at saving to pursue new family 1. They keep an ear to the ground to phones and smartphones. The top five resources are: search engines (like more empowered. for example). or save it for a rainy day. according to the J. mobile percent of women have larger goals 2. which she is responsible for prudently stretching across essentials (items replenished every month). are no longer discreet and covert. we notice that in their websites and advertising. research using a variety of digital and non-digital resources. Brands that Shaziya Khan Chinese and Indonesian women ages budget strategies outside the home. Women adopt savvy strategies to EXPANDED DECISION MAKING “Imagine for a moment that you were making experience manage their household finances given $350 (in local currency) what smoothly. In-store rebooted in the digital era across all new manifestations. Social Wavelength.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . www. Women will collaborate to gain The expanded decision making role is average spending of $656 in India. Walter Thompson J. with 3. And comparison websites. or hiding place where they save going to buy/use?” And 70 percent of There is a new and refreshingly bold money for personal needs or women replied that they would be the articulation of financial aspiration family emergencies. As women become more empowered. and smartphones. or mandi. consideration. and personal goals accounts. It provides powerful 360 degree total communication solutions to its clients across India through: Mainstream advertising. Thompson Social and J. Encompass. Hungama Digital Services. so that these goals can be realized characterized their management will forge a life-long connection with Shaziya. price the J. for Over half of the women indicated that open their own business! example. “What was the most which sells cheaper produce but at In China and Indonesia the figure is expensive item you purchased for a faraway location higher.” refreshingly candid. wheat. the household “finance and oil and sharing across five or women across Asia do pre-purchase minister” is better informed today and with this new empowered spirit six households. provide savvy and timely enablers VP and Executive Planning Director they retain the prudence that J. with a newly collaborative. laptops. economies of scale by buying Brands need to respect and connect linked to easier access to information $880 in Indonesia and $967 in China. Walter Thompson Future 100 to more aspects of their lives. open and empowered spirit.” In a traditional Indian family.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Empowerment Women leverage their As brands attempt to succeed in the vast and complicated Indian market. Walter Thompson survey found. and international travel. She’s applying her prudent family budgeting. for life insurance and travel purchases. bulk quantities of high quality farm and being better informed.

Within this tension between perhaps the first sign of changing Indian procedures like rhinoplasty. It is no women would go to any extent to look Senior Planning Manager at-home dads. Brands like Garnier Men. trying to find need. Receiving the rights of contouring and hair restoration gain and anxieties surrounding the new passage from mothers rather than from traction. the Indian male earned the rights of passage through a male and wore masculinity like a crown. Many feel dominated by men is testimony to this change. As women become independent and the social power balance equalizes. grooming and exhibit sensitivity. once a territory for product and messages. Some brands. he was the dream child of the ideal Indian household. has competition from men. They exercise proper beauty binging. Men today his emotions. the classical Cast into a new social role. Masculinity in today’s Brands adjust products and messages the essentials of shaving and after shaves and has rapidly moved into oil control face wash.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . men are feeling multitude of grooming options. masculinity is being surprise that biker clubs continue to Grey beautiful. According to American Society Indian man struggling to define what it given way to a new definition. There is BRANDS ADJUST TO CHANGE an immense opportunity for brands The changes in India mirror a global to understand the sensibilities of the The old definition of masculinity has trend. As more women become in power and position. to persuade their men to shave more dark and handsome” and has changed Male grooming has moved beyond often. Symbols of masculinity. multiple avenues have opened advertising that empowers women. Gillette engages women a transition from the times of “tall. However. www. In the of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. contact sports like football and even A GLOBAL TREND the ancient game Kabaddi. beard and aggression were accessories for the Indian male who ruled on his own terms through the mid 90’s. brands are looking for fathers. successful female centric Bollywood between the old and new ideals of The rise in cosmetic procedures for movies further questions the set masculinity. the number means to be a self-confident male in a view of some. the apparel maker. and while brands are role of the Indian male comes under the shift hard to take and hence are doing a good job of satisfying the the scanner.grey. ideas women. is an increasing desire among men gender equation in India. definition of the Indian male. Being the breadwinner and the sole decision maker. in earlier times A few brands also see the flip side to have a personal preference when it considered a sign of weakness for men. Lux’s commercial of Indian movie spas and boom in men’s aesthetic surgery. the Indian male was celebrated as a hero. the lost codes of masculinity. 1917. The modern Indian male is sensitive and prone to show Handsome and Nivea Men also design products and messages around the new definition of Indian masculinity. Under the banner of “GREY Famously Effective Since 2013. Crying. With women and are searching within for Contrary to the popular belief that only Aakriti Goel the rise of househusbands and stay. body the old definition of masculinity masculinity. of women impacts The rise of the metro sexual man was becoming important for men as sidekick. as empowerment the classical definition of masculinity has undergone a sea change with the disruption of Indian society that accompanied economic liberalization. members of this generation men are also now discovering salons ways to help clarify the meaning of of men were more open to their and spas. this new man is not only of men seeking cosmetic procedures society where the playing field includes well groomed but also well behaved GREY group ranks among the largest global communications almost doubled between 1997 and men and women engaging and in danger of being reduced to a companies. like chest hair. The rise of “femvertising.” the agency serves a blue-chip client roster of many of the world’s best known companies.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Masculinity Indian men struggle Traditionally.Goel@grey. With the recent shift the market today is flooded with a our society. Similarly. definition of masculinity. Fair & male imagery. Looking good is increasingly as equals. skin lightening time is no longer about the rigid rules of the alpha male. Besides cosmetic treatments. and their personal identity in the tension up for the beauty conscious man. men are different. for booming market opportunity creams and body washes. in the star Shahrukh Khan bathing himself in clever “Women Against Lazy Stubble” The idea of the “beautiful man” is quite flower petals set the stepping stone for campaign. hair adjusted their messages to fit the new man. There bread earners and challenge the more vulnerable than ever before. levels. this increasing pressure on the Indian comes to personal grooming and is now being accepted and promoted in male to be a man. the booming male grooming market. the last few years have seen a challenged by our society at multiple thrive. definition. Initiated into manhood by his 102 103 . like Raymond. they find to look good. as well as physically exhausting Aakriti. have unknown to the stereotypical Indian who can now opt for exotic facials.” leading unsettled lives. Pampering oneself and manhood and provide appropriate ideals of masculinity feminine sides.

assured version of herself. ultimately. just Woodland shoes. employment are ridiculously lopsided. you are. on are similar: to use the time and apps or even information-providing travel self-discovery and Well. purpose. And what makes it all special is that she does all of that without becoming a different person – just a more that there are three major aspects that maturity and an ability to handle sometimes you have to go far to come define this new trend: everybody – her parents. Walter Thompson Rural. Rani too comes into self-discovery (and possibly a journey as culture depiction. gaining confidence and its physical manifestation). There’s no need for a man in the journey of self-discovery Who needs a man to go anywhere? In fact. wife. exotica and quaintness. it is already apparent full bloom. Going forward. a little Hindi film called Queen brought us face to face with a phenomenon that defines today’s contemporary urban Indian woman. journeys appear in commercials from greater fulfillment unofficially been declared unsafe for brands like Maggi. and external and becomes one of the most important of such transformations are comprised gratifications: becoming a better films in recent Indian cinema. Regional Account Planning Director J. examine the context: in a country focus that solitude brings to explore apps. intimate moments. is becoming increasingly network across South Asia. However. Gaining independence. Nikon and 2. her ex-fiancé closer to yourself. all the way from – how an unfortunate outcome of an However. Walter Thompson is South Asia’s leading and most admired The need for exploration and adventure such journeys only to change as Clearly. Until marketing communications agency that offers a truly integrated here trumps the need to simply travel. naïve girl who travels to Europe alone after being jilted at the altar and. the company of oneself. connects with the modern urban quirks do not undergo any major Siddhant Lahiri This is not a result of wanderlust. imperceptibly. who needs anyone? More than flustering. brands that matters most to her: herself. the narratives the external relationships. sets out on a girl trip with her mom. focusing on the most integral. Walter Thompson Siddhant. her desire for personal fulfillment and courage to challenge traditional society. transformations. are broad: be it travel companies. in the process. By the end of Queen it is undeniable to destinations with varying degrees of Queen is almost a study in the opposite that the protagonist Rani has changed.Part 3 | The India Top 50 . Social Wavelength. or they probably will be left behind mean the world to the people who Perhaps now it’s time that brands started Increasingly. culturally. of small. mother or housewife. Her boredom. This is a relatively new trend and while your current personality. The main character’s journey of self-discovery. only more ignore the process or the importance of Encompass. Gender ratios in education and gentle negotiation for respect and Titan watches where a young woman. journeys seeking the destination. Over time. is a critical absence: Queen the objectives behind the solitary has no king. It’s not outward rebellion. per se.Lahiri@jwt. and a pale one at that. the self. overhaul. it is not a drastic personality Dharamshala to Cambodia. inhabit what is more-or-less any brand that talks to women must not Mainstream advertising. Interestingly. the process. the modern Indian woman has – quietly. After all. the most 1. that doesn’t mean it is talking to women have focused on Brands need to understand this quest depicts this in a simple and clear way – not significant. of the self is the happy outcome that results from laptops and cameras and embarking building strong external relationships. discussions of how skewed this nation distraction) of a man not only hampers We saw glimpses of this in the Levi’s “Go is against women (societally. non-travel brands ostensibly entering a golden era. Not even a prince. Only a The implications for the travel industry confinement that prisons impose knave. And there’s the ad for women.Thought Leadership TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Thought Leadership: Empowerment More Indian Roughly one year ago. However. and his parents – without fear or 104 105 . self-identity unperturbed by her boyfriend ditching And yet. Mainstream. of and an aid to an inward journey. Having the support (or the too are exploring this phenomenon. just a gradual assertion The ultimate gratification conventionally Women are just picking up their bags. security and the solitary expeditions we go You may ask why this is important. women today take The film tells the story of a young. idiosyncrasies and no companion. Thompson Social and J. women are traveling to be matter most – ourselves. but brings in another Forth” campaign about empowering politically and even economically) are contender to share the credit for your young people. confidence her. It provides powerful 360 degree total the geographical journey itself. The idea is to become what passionate topics for women. Queen to see. There’s no instant personality relationship she has – with herself. communication solutions to its clients across India through: is secondary – the real journey lies within. Vodafone.jwt. self-discovery (and traveling J. but exhilaratingly – decided or self-awareness is rarely about big. In reality. For a person would be defeating the to attain it). There are external relationship led to a far stronger overhaul – she remains the same only two conditions – there should be no internal relationship – and it depicts how person she was in scene one. Like they say. and there should be strongly this nonconventional thought characteristics. but they daughter. in its infancy when it comes to its pop fully. transforms into an independent. Hungama Digital Services. The national capital has growth. has important implications for brands. where the physical journey is both an outward manifestation 3. Examples of these commonplace. MARKETING IMPLICATIONS interestingly. self- sufficient woman. www. the key aspect here is remarkable thing present in this journey. a great shift in focus is to reclaim hegemony on the one thing grandiose moments for all the world required from brands. internal with themselves. Today. within this everyday quagmire. going on Indian woman.


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773 1.304 1.228 22% 1 2 40 Insurance 531 367 45% 2 2 16 Indian Oil Motor Fuels 1.425 33% 0 3 26 Personal Care 1. 5 highest 110 111 . 2014 vs.196 9% -1 2 43 Bagpiper Alcohol 517 552 -6% -11 2 19 Active Wheel Home Care 1.Part 4 | The India Top 50 .164 34% 0 2 32 Banks 712 570 25% -2 3 8 Banks 2.374 1.264 40% 3 5 37 MRF Tires 630 NEW ENTRY 4 13 Banks 1.636 -25% -13 1 48 Rin Home Care 418 302 38% -4 4 24 Food and Dairy 1.882 5% -3 1 36 Banks 645 NEW ENTRY 2 12 Lubricants 1.The India Top 50 Ranking TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2015 Indian Brands 2015 Brand Value Brand Value Brand Value % Rank Brand Brand Value Brand Value Brand Value % Rank Brand Brand Category 2015 $M 2014 $M change 2015 change Contribution Brand Category 2015 $M 2014 $M change 2015 change Contribution vs. on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 highest Brand Contribution measures the influence of brand alone on financial value.981 1.721 39% 0 1 34 Personal Care 654 491 33% 2 3 10 Automobiles 2.828 37% 0 4 28 Brooke Bond Soft Drinks 904 641 41% 1 4 4 Banks 5.542 1.122 3.395 9% -1 4 39 Banks 532 416 28% 0 3 15 Food and Dairy 1.494 NEW ENTRY 2 33 Personal Care 704 520 35% 1 3 9 Banks 2.217 34% 0 2 27 Surf Excel Home Care 1.436 1.039 8.345 2% -3 3 42 Insurance 518 372 39% -1 2 18 Automobiles 1.536 45% 0 3 29 Food and Dairy 816 754 8% -2 2 5 Paints 3.230 764 61% 4 2 47 Food and Dairy 468 328 43% -4 3 23 Telecom Providers 1.034 10% -1 3 31 Personal Care 759 511 49% 4 3 7 Automobiles 2.301 982 32% 2 3 44 Personal Care 502 297 69% 2 5 20 Food and Dairy 1.018 20% -4 4 49 Bharat Petroleum Motor Fuels 409 393 4% -9 2 25 Personal Care 1. HP and Bharat Petroleum includes only their retail business *The Brand Value of Indian Oil.318 1. HP and Bharat Petroleum includes only their retail business Source: Millward Brown (including data from BrandZ™ and Bloomberg) Source: Millward Brown (including data from BrandZ™ and Bloomberg) Brand Contribution measures the influence of brand alone on financial value.907 2. 2014 1 Banks 12.070 742 44% 2 3 2 Telecom Providers 11.394 1.345 3.577 9.127 -32% -12 4 6 Automobiles 3.263 879 44% 4 3 45 Hindustan Petroleum Motor Fuels 489 539 -9% -12 3 21 Jewelry 1.059 46% 6 3 38 Food and Dairy 598 450 33% 0 4 14 McDowell’s Alcohol 1.217 1.374 6.498 1.516 1.224 1. on a scale of 1 to 5.510 54% 1 2 35 Paints 648 451 44% 2 5 11 Telecom Providers 1.240 880 41% 2 3 46 Banks 469 273 72% 1 2 22 Banks 1.812 38% 1 4 30 Food and Dairy 770 1.041 778 34% -2 5 3 Banks 9.177 907 30% -3 1 50 Automobiles 403 NEW ENTRY 1 *The Brand Value of Indian Oil.498 -4% -4 3 41 Automobiles 520 569 -8% -10 1 17 Kingfisher Alcohol 1.867 2.

reputation is an are averaged across the many country especially relevant topic in India. the India Top 50 significantly measurement of corporate and brand outscored the Global Top 50. measurements of competitive advantage. And diverge in metrics of comparable to Global Top 50 in all of the BrandZ™ that are driven by strong brand equity – effective in leveraging their strong comparable in brand equity metrics… competitive advantage Brand Premium. which means the past 10 years revealed a group Different Meaningful Salient Premium Power Potential that on average Indian brands have of success drivers. the scores for global brands and large institutions. the helps drive the Potential score.. measurements of competitive advantage brands in India overall have been less India Top 50 and Global Top 50 are . consumers expect brands to participate Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 in the national effort to build a more The multi-market presence can work to prosperous and equitable society. Important worldwide because of the that the India Top 50 enjoy in India. 105 and above is a good score 100 is an average score. With 50 brands are generally diverged somewhat in three BrandZ™ more limited brand building experience. Brands in the India and global rankings An analysis of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Different and Salient. which is India Top 50 brands scored well in RepZ.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Overview India Top 50 score well in brand equity metrics The BrandZ™ India Top The India Top 50 and Global Top 50 than for brands in the India ranking. or top-of-mind awareness. Indian Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown markets in which they compete. Brand Power and Brand Premium and Brand Power scores in metrics that comprise Potential. reflecting reputation. 120 121 131 112 229 101 the Salience. analyzes reputation in India. are roughly equal in their ability to Most Valuable Global Brands over command a Premium. These drivers also present 122 119 130 111 186 105 their competition. 105 and above is a good score contrast. Brand Proposition. Innovation and Love.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . the BrandZ™ metrics that comprise brand equity. somewhat higher for the global brands although there’s room for improvement. Similarly. ways that assure future success. 112 113 . a BrandZ™ Different Meaningful Salient Premium Power Potential share.. the advantage of global brands because Brands in India generate higher trust it adds brand building experience that than brands worldwide. challenges to the future success of brands in India. In erosion of consumer trust in brands 100 is an average score. In Brand Power. a measurement of a brand’s ability to win sales and market Finally. including Brand been able to demonstrate that they are Different in some Meaningful way from Purpose. a story about RepZ. India brands are generally comparable to global brands in all of Indian and global brands diverge somewhat in three BrandZ™ brand equity – Meaningful.

Love POWER Mainly MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION indicates the importance of being special in your category. a decade. perceived uniqueness and consequently brand (174). which yields metrics drive three attributes that produce competitive advantage. State Bank of the consumer’s willingness to pay for Different increased only 24 percent. 105 and above is a good score million consumers and yields over 4. the world’s largest consumer- Top of Mind BRAND from India have an opportunity focused source of brand equity POTENTIAL to strengthen competitive knowledge and insight. A recent analysis of the BrandZ™ Top Different score. The BrandZ™ Indian Top 50 brands scored 120 in Different compared with a score of 122 Premium and Brand Power over time). IKEA (218) substantially surpassed the average drive three attributes that produce and Pampers (179). The leading brands from BrandZ™ measures brand equity with three primary metrics that assess how consumers view unique or trendsetting. Set Trends DIFFERENT Mainly DIFFERENT & State Bank of India. on future earnings BRAND Different: India and Global Top 50 are comparable brand and drive sales volume) and Brand Potential (the sustainability of Brand IMPLICATIONS The India and Global Top 50 are comparable in being perceived as Different. It’s an unusual accomplishment This multi-faceted consumer view of PREMIUM for a financial institution.5 Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 billion data points.Part 4 | The India Top 50 .000 brands in A Mix advantage by being Different. 122 All these metrics are derived from & SALIENT These successes suggest that 238 218 179 the unique and proprietary BrandZ™ (Unaided) SALIENT in most categories brands database. the perception that a brand is that brands viewed as most Different leaders. like Unique/ brands results in Brand Contribution. to achieve Average Difference Top 3 Brands MEANINGFUL a high Different score. Leading the global brands Some of the India Top 50 brands Combinations of these metrics improve the brand’s profit margin. The the consumer. while brands viewed as less Kingfisher beer (201). in Different are Apple (238). and their scores. 114 115 . is an important grew 124 percent in Brand Value over India in Different. an alcohol Salient (being top of mind). Meaningful (meeting needs and inspiring love) and driver of brand value and Premium. attributed to the brand alone excluding Meet Needs/ BRAND BRAND Kingfisher and McDowell’s. 120 400 categories across 50 country and 201 182 174 regional markets. BRAND for the BrandZ™ Global Top 50. India (182) and McDowell’s. Different.centric and validated proportion of sales and margin directly presence of two alcohol brands. Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown the database includes more than three 100 is an average score. The BrandZ™ database covers 100. which is the influence of consumer predisposition to choose a brand alone.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Definitions BrandZ™ Analysis: Different Unique methodology India and Global Top assesses brand equity 50 match in being and competitive perceived as Different possibilities The BrandZ™ India Top 50 brands scored 120 in being Different compared with a score of 122 for the BrandZ™ Global Top 50. This multi-faceted a higher margin) Brand Power (the consumer view of brands results in Brand Contribution. Perpetually updated. MEANINGFUL all other factors. indicating that brands in the India ranking are comparable to the global brands in the Different metric. however they did competitive advantage: Brand Premium BrandZ™ key brand equity metrics 100 Most Valuable Global Brands found not match the top scoring global (the consumer willingness to pay BrandZ™ measures brand equity with three primary metrics. are brands as Different (unique or trend setting). excluding any other factors. Combinations of these more for perceived value.

the top three global leaders in being seen Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 as Meaningful are Facebook (166). perceived as Meaningful in the Indian especially if they can improve their Different scores so that consumers market. they’ve market share). achieving high Meaningful scores across multiple see the brands as Different from the competition in Meaningful ways. The diversity of the Indian brands with high Meaningful scores suggests that 131 country markets presents a challenge. whether they’re based in India or Average Top 3 Brands exceed. In contrast. These scores are comparable to. And the top three brands from India pay more) and Brand Power outscored the global leaders by a wide margin. difficult to dislodge. BrandZ™ Indian Top 50 brands scored to invest to establish similar Meaningful scored substantially higher 120 in Different compared with a score of 122 for the BrandZ™ Global Top 50. a personal care brand (246). The global scores include consumer IMPLICATIONS both Premium (willingness to (245) and the lubricant Castrol (236). than the global leaders. Multinational brands planning Indian personal care brand Fair & Lovely 121 to enter India need to anticipate that established brands in India scored highest in Meaningful (206). For the global brands. 105 and above is a good score the consumer mind and can be lubricant brand Castrol (201). the scores of global leaders in which drives sales volume and part of a multinational. The BrandZ™ India Top 50 scored marginally higher in Meaningful than 119 Brands in India are comparable to global brands in being Salient. these brands compete. or (disposition to choose a brand. brands across categories can achieve this advantage. 248 228 195 These results demonstrate the success BRAND IMPLICATIONS brands in India have achieved in being Good Meaningful scores should help brands in India command a Premium. FedEx 130 (164) and Colgate (160). The strong Salient score for the India Salient: Coca-Cola (248). Meaningful done a good job establishing themselves in the minds of Salient: India and Global Top 50 comparable Indian consumers.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . 246 245 236 100 is an average score. Salient (being well known and top-of-mind) drives sales volume and market share. Average Salient Top 3 Brands 206 203 201 often occupy a secure place in followed by Kingfisher beer (203) and the 100 is an average score. The India and inspiring love) is an market. Salient strength internationally. The India Top 50 achieved an average Salient score of 131 compared with a score of 130 for the Global Top 50.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Meaningful BrandZ™ Analysis: Salient India Top 50 brands India Top 50 match outscore global global brands in leaders in being being Salient seen as Meaningful Brands in India are comparable to global brands in being Salient. 105 and above is a good score Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 116 117 . Colgate consumer responses in India. responses in all the countries where The strong Salient scores for Global Top 50 (121 compared with 119). McDonald’s Meaningful (meeting needs Top 50 reflects strength in the Indian (228) and Facebook (195). And the top three Indian leaders in themselves in the minds of Indian consumers. brands in India indicate that. Specific India Top 50 India Top 50 brands planning the Global Top 50 (121 compared with 166 164 160 brands scored especially well in Salient because they’ve done a good job establishing to expand overseas will need 119). The India Top 50 leaders in Top 50 Salient scores are based on BRAND Meaningful: Brands in India score higher than global important component of The BrandZ™ India Top 50 scored marginally higher in Meaningful than the BrandZ™ Salient and their scores are: Fair & Lovely.


The markets. The India Top 50 can command a Premium… like Colgate. in India have done an especially good Brand equity isn’t static.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Premium. and also the 132 131 128 The India Top 50 Brand Power score becomes more competitive and categories and include Asian Paints impact of measuring performance in reflects the fact that the India Top consumers enjoy greater brand (143). and reinforced. just about 164 162 156 average. brands enjoy strong top-of- mind awareness in India. And The presence of Colgate as a Brand Premium. and Facebook (156). IMPLICATIONS share (Brand Power). they may not have Top 50. only 101. State Bank of India (140) and the a single country market or multiple 50 brands have done a good job of choice. changing rapidly. Global Top 50. establishing themselves in the minds global leaders score somewhat higher in Brand Premium: IKEA (164). brand composition of the BrandZ™ 136 127 125 the India Top 50 scores are based on 100 is an average score. food and dairy brand Horlicks (139). and sustain success merit a higher price. It mirrors the character Brands in India enjoy of the Indian market where successful brands can be part of multinationals. sustain their Brand Premium 186 score of the BrandZ™ Global Top The India Top 50 brands that scored 50. brand equity The individual India Brand Power leaders consumers believe these there’s room for other brands in India to needs to be constantly reevaluated score higher than the global leaders. Although the scores seem close. It’s difficult to see how BrandZ™ India Top 50 brands could improve their the personal care brand Fair & Lovely brands in India to improve strengthening future sales and earnings (Brand BRAND PREMIUM Brand Power scores. Indian 229 consumer mind. The global Potential). The BrandZ™ India and the Global Colgate (402) and Pampers (365). with brands in India a notch for brands in India. The India Top 50 brands are well positioned in the Indian market today. Different in ways that merit a BRAND POWER higher price (Brand Premium). an indicator of future success. The BrandZ™ India and Global Top 50 score comparably in Premium. job establishing their Difference in the contrast in the individual scores of the India and global Brand Power leaders. in varying degrees. Global brands scored 105 in Brand Potential. the gap is significant. Average Power Top 3 Brands strong brand equity. They’re Salient. The India (463) and Colgate (598). but Salient brands are Meaningfully improve their Brand Premium scores. The lower Brand Potential score for brands in India implies that they have … Their Power drives sales and market share… work to do. Brand Power leaders are Facebook (502). the BrandZ™ India 111 but face challenges in Top 50 scored only 101. illustrates Colgate’s tremendous and Brand Power advantages in the future as the Indian market 105 best in Brand Premium represent diverse worldwide brand equity. They generally enjoy fully leveraged these strengths. however. Apple (162) of local consumers in ways that drive Colgate also represents the diverse 101 sales and market share. the BrandZ™ India Top 50 scored Top 50 scored 229 in Brand Power. grow sales and market as Meaningfully Different in ways that worldwide. which means that Indian consumers see these brands. In addition. State Owned Enterprises. with Indian or privately owned. an indicator of future success. or part of a large Indian family strength today. Premium. while global brand BRAND 502 402 365 brands to command a higher price consumers view the India Top 50 brands scores depend on brand performance (Brand Premium). but with a higher India score. The highest scorers These distinctions also inform the The BrandZ™ India Top 50 going forward (Brand Potential). Average Premium Top 3 Brands BRAND POTENTIAL In Brand Potential. The Indian market is both groups score exceptionally well. The lower Brand Potential score which by itself is a high score on a scale Top 50 scored comparably in Brand indicates the greatest challenge Average Potential Top 3 Brands where an average brand scores 100. which is to the India Top 50 score far exceeds the Power leader in both the India and higher at 112 and global brands at 111. It suggests that the international marketing experience of global brands has 112 changing market sharpened their competitive edge and 143 140 139 raised their Brand Potential scores. 186 Strong brand equity typically enables These scores suggest that Indian performance in India. 105 and above is a good score Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 120 121 . Power and Potential. as Meaningfully Different and Salient. conglomerate. While brands in India score well in Brand Premium and exceptionally The India Top 50 Brand Power score far exceeds the score of the BrandZ™ Global high in Brand Power. In Brand Potential. however. either autonomous brands a notch higher at 112 and global brands at 111. But 747 598 463 As markets change.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . Power. just about average. Potential India Top 50. And that presents challenges for building and sustaining These are the India Top 50 Brand Power But there is room for some … But the Potential of the India Top 50 needs leaders and scores: Kingfisher beer (747).

Influenced by These three brands in India achieved the respectable 109 in Brand Proposition.Premium. Both Innovation and Love tend to be Closing the Innovation and Love scoring gaps is the next stage for Indian They identify actions brands need to important in India for a particularly Over the past 10 years. INNOVATION AND LOVE IMPLICATIONS important as a differentiator in mature Potential. a by government-mandated Corporate finding that correlates with the relatively Social Responsibility (CSR) spending. Indian brands lag global brands in each instance. Innovation and Love. will become increasingly important in idea that encapsulates a brand. resonant setting trends. of these future-focused drivers. The global leaders scored Top 50 Brand Proposition leaders are 122 123 . Meaningful and Salient. Brand Purpose also will become grows exponentially. In contrast. Brand Purpose Proposition. Power and Brand Purpose becomes especially improving people’s lives or changing the world in positive ways. Brand Proposition. advertising increased an average of Different in a Meaningful way from the Finally. brand value another component of brand equity. or Brand Proposition is the clear. Innovation drives Love. Innovation and Love. BRAND the attributes that produce competitive advantage . Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 These success drivers complement the make money. but for now its result and higher than the 100 score of Brand Proposition and compelling Brand Purpose measures the extent to an average brand. and world a better place. Apple tire maker MRF (136). First. the brands that more important to building brands as brands and it’s important for several reasons. 105 and above is a good score years revealed a series of brand characteristics and behaviors that drove strong brand value appreciation over a difficult decade and are critical for future brand value growth. Brand Proposition is expressed with Love is one of the aspects of Meaningful. score of 120.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . And loved brands sustain loyalty even as they swing between periods of The BrandZ™ India Top 50 scored 110 brand value increased only 21 percent intense Innovation and iterative progress. but much lower than the 127 score scored 113 in Love and the Global Top brands that are in business not only to tire maker MRF (135) and Kingfisher reached by the Global Top 50. Innovation and Love form a virtuous circle. beer (131). which consumers perceive a brand as score of the Global Top 50. global brands is clearly associated with and FedEx (264) lead the global brands. Similarly. Indian Indian reason. Second. When Different component of brand equity. Brand Brand Purpose Proposition Innovation Love India matures 129 Brand Purpose 127 Brand Proposition 120 Innovation 131 Love 110 109 105 113 A recent analysis of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands over the past 10 100 is an average score. which is a strong The Indian market is heading toward BRAND PURPOSE on average for brands lacking a strong that level of maturity. Indian consumers expect the brands they favor to The most important of these drivers for rough parity in functional and emotional to brand equity. brands will need to sharpen their These drivers will become increasingly rapidly maturing India. today’s consumers prefer top Brand Purpose scores: Colgate (135). a more competitive market take to remain competitive. Real Innovation. For this reason. 168 percent in brand value. low Potential score of Indian brands. Innovation and Love both contribute Brand Purpose in India is already a civic duty. It’s about to become a brand markets where brands have achieved BRAND PROPOSITION building imperative. brands will marry a strong Brand Proposition with compelling advertising. BrandZ™ India Top 50 Innovation score has having more than a commercial The BrandZ™ India Top 50 scored a of 105 contrasts with a Global Top 50 reason for being. as indicated Brand Proposition and compelling categories requires being perceived as Power or Brand Premium without being strong in Innovation and Love. the Indian Top 50 millennials. is one of the aspects the actively participate in building a more prosperous and equitable society. IBM (303). The government and consumers identified as having a strong markets mature and success in crowded will require greater differentiation. including: Brand Purpose. As the Indian market quickly matures. Colgate (136) and metrics that comprise brand equity – life of the consumer and even make the (310) and IKEA (248). but far behind the 129 brands lag in Innovation and Love. The most successful Indian relevant as the Indian market matures. The India 50 reached 131. Each of those Indian Oil (128). in Brand Purpose. compelling advertising. but also to improve the dramatically higher: IBM (337). it will be difficult to grow Brand brands now lag global brands in most citizens of India expect it. competition. The advertising. Indian brands are Brand Purpose. Brand benefits.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Future Success Drivers BrandZ™ success drivers increase Brands in India lag global brands in key success drivers A 10-year analysis of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands revealed in importance as key drivers of future brand success. Apple (267) Different. Brand Proposition to remain competitive.

score. trust in brands 112 to 108. and the brands in India led in three of the four components of RepZ. 105 and above is a good score IMPLICATIONS Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown / Based on the BrandZ™ India Top 50 and Global Top 50 The India Top 50 brands enjoy an important competitive advantage because of their strong RepZ scores. The BrandZ™ India Top 50 outscored fascinate Indian consumers. who 116 102 106 101 108 the Global Top 50 on the total RepZ remain optimistic rather than cynical. perceptions into four components: they’re seen as more engaged with local The BrandZ™ India Top 50 outscored the Global Top 50 on the total RepZ score. and not succumb to practices that eroded the reputations of some brands in the West and China. RepZ divides these responsibility and trust scores because India Top 50 leads Global Top 50 in RepZ and corporate reputation.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . However. communities. Brands quickly on social media. Brands in India can further enhance the scores by increasing the success component of RepZ. and the brands The consumer distrust of banks that in India led in three of the four followed the financial crisis is not a components of RepZ. The exception factor in India because Indian banks is success. and negative opinions travel new phenomenon in India.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: RepZ Indians lead global organizations in brand and corporate reputation RepZ is a BrandZ™ Corporate reputation results from Brands based in a market tend to consumer perceptions of current and score higher than global brands in measurement of brand past performance. is higher in India than in many other consumer distrust of brands responsibility (positive engagement countries for several reasons. and large institutions is high with employees and society) and trust The proliferation of brands is a relatively Success Fairness Responsibility Trust (reliably delivers on promises). intangible assets that are success (strong financial results). where India’s score of 114 escaped the crisis relatively unscathed. as brands in India advance their financial goals they need to keep putting the customer’s interests first. In addition. 112 to 108. Success Fairness Responsibility Trust 114 111 113 110 112 BRAND 100 is an average score. which depends on consistently strong financial performance. almost matches the 116 global score. especially critical today when fairness (good pricing and practices). 124 125 .

and one each come insurance brand. Lifebuoy from automobiles and paints. services brands – four banks and one (MNCs) publicly listed in India. Lakmé is number one in those in the vast middle. has been present in India for over 100 value increase. Of the personal needs of first-time buyers. three come value an extraordinary 72 percent as Lakmé and Colgate leveraged this from the personal care category. mobile phone and filling product gaps in the evolving models in India. 2014 of India’s largest state owned banks. Top 10 Risers: Brand value rises steeply Half of the Top 10 risers are financial Colgate are part of multinationals Brand Contribution. Two of the five numbers and Facebook addresses. The representation of personal Service (IMPS). increased brand 1 46 Banks 469 273 72% Of the other five brands. measurement on the influence of Of the other five brands. Their rise reflects the Suzuki is an MNC brand while Berger brand alone on earnings. sector’s year-on-year 49 percent brand Paints is a private Indian brand.318 1. which enables users to transfer reinvented themselves by identifying 7 4 Banks 5. Colgate scores 598 in Brand Top Brand Brand Brand Value The bank brands strengthened brand contribution that the financial sector Power in India. the brands served the The personal care brands sit Owned Enterprises. Lifebuoy continued its well-known 3 22 Banks 1.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . These brands The Top 10 Riser results also reflect Bank. particularly 2 44 Personal Care 502 297 69% one each come from automobiles and paints. brand value. India Top 50. reflects the strong growth of its retail their offerings and introduced business. Hero. while in the auto category fully digital branch at a metro station. improved 34 other brands faltered.070 742 44% prominently in the Indian consumer care brands.542 1. Maruti. One makes to the total brand value of the a brand’s ability to drive sales and Rank Brand Category 2015 $M 2014 $M 2015 vs. The story in paint focused on retail and opened the first increased a whopping 54 percent in is similar.230 764 61% brands evolved to serve the needs of initiatives to expand business in rural The 61 percent brand value increase more sophisticated and affluent Indian India and promote improved hygiene 4 10 Automobiles 2.536 45% the diverse mix of brand ownership money using emails. With well-considered 8 40 Insurance 531 367 45% financial service brands are State segmentation.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Top Risers The Top 10 Risers increase significantly in brand value The Top 10 Risers outperformed the overall record-breaking 33 percent brand value increase of the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2015. a real-time money at the premium end of the market.510 54% of Punjab National Bank in part also consumers. Lakmé. and the 41 percent years. market share. the BrandZ™ Half of the Top 10 Risers are financial services brands – four banks and one insurance brand.122 3.059 46% certain brands performed well while And ICICI Bank launched a mobile two-wheeler segment. Union Bank of India. Lifebuoy and trading up to premium models and mind. An average score is 100. shoppers 9 26 Personal Care 1. IndusInd Bank The four-wheeler leader Maruti-Suzuki 5 31 Personal Care 759 511 49% premium products. care brands demonstrates how these transfer facility popular in India. the leader in the 6 13 Banks 1. three come from the personal care category. Brand Power measures 50 Value Value % change presence with retail customers. The brands segmented practices to combat disease. Indian market. 10 35 Paints 648 451 44% Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown 126 127 . and it accelerated digitalization efforts strength to segment their markets and and expanded its Immediate Payment introduce new products. Similarly. wallet app called Pockets by ICICI percent in brand value.

calls India’s first radial Axis Bank recently launched a social 37 MRF Tires 630 tire for a motorcycle. In advancing a policy of inclusion. Two of the newcomers – Axis Bank and details. launched several initiatives to expand retail credit. Canara Bank – are in the financial services transfer with messages. raising the Newcomers: services led in category growth. especially the strength of their categories. is a State Owned The company began in the UK around financial institutions. It enables Closely associated with users to transfer funds easily to any of motorsports and cricket. payment app called Ping Pay.682 as of March 4 brands enter the BrandZ™ aftermarket grew 27 and 28 percent. is one of India’s oldest and one. which makes the entered the BrandZ™ India Top 50 at category. Enterprise.5 billion. which began as a Top 50. without knowing the recipient’s account 128 129 . The brand. despite its relatively high brand 70 years ago.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Newcomers Brands new to Top 50 all originate in India Four brands entered the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands in 2015. And reflecting the growing strength of Indian brands. number of branches increasing by 49 percent. an online campaign to build word of mouth 36 Banks 645 In an illustration of its commitment to for what the company building its brand for retail customers. Users can accompany the money Royal Enfield. and two are in auto or auto transaction social as well as financial. the The presence of these brands in the bank added more ATMs BrandZ™ India Top 50 in part reflects and branches. Axis four newcomers are brands that developed locally. Three cities and towns.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . 125 years ago. Facebook.494 requirement. MRF entered the ranking Twitter and other social networks. a BrandZ™ ranking eligibility popular brand launched 8 Banks 2. all With a valuation of $2. is one of 50 Value value. which automobile maker Royal Enfield. is present in major Indian The state owned Canara Bank. at number 36. Axis Bank did not until now derive India’s leading makers of Rank Brand Category 2015 $M over a quarter of its revenue from its retail replacement tires. number 50. a subsidiary of aftermarket – the tire producer MRF and Eicher Group. Canara Bank. with 11 of its own stores entered the BrandZ™ India Top 50 of the newcomers are privately owned and through a network of dealerships. Auto and auto to 5. 50 Automobiles 403 their contacts on WhatsApp. established in 1906. Reflecting the growing strength of Indian brands. Financial in rural areas. 2015. Bank not only joined the BrandZ™ India MRF. The business. two of the brands they replaced in the ranking are owned by multinationals that are traded on Indian stock markets. Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown at number 37. it arrived in eighth place. all four newcomers are brands that developed locally. Canara Bank also India Top 50 ranking respectively. That’s balloon factory around Top Brand because. In contrast. a motorcycle maker.

The bank has other countries or regions. Berger Paints and Asian Paints. Bank of India has been around since distinguishes the Indian Brand 6 5 Paints 3867 4 The two home care brands. according to 8 24 Food and Dairy 1217 4 technology).” meaning dirt happens extended its brand to introduce 10 14 McDowell’s Alcohol 1516 4 differentiates India. dairy. the leaders of the BrandZ™ India ranking – the naked strength of the includes these seven. apiece. Five are owned UK-based GlaxoSmithKline. Surf the 1950s. owned by for example – are especially well Top Brand Brand the stock market. of Brand Contribution leaders. No individual brands. a measurement of top of mind (For a complete definition category dominates in number of also have evolved with their customers. no individual category dominates in number of Most Valuable Global Brands ranking of brand ownership models. other factors. on a scale of 1 to 5. The presence 9 48 Rin Home Care 418 4 sell a product based on functionality offering whiskey and other alcoholic of a bank brand in the Indian Brand – cleaning clothes. market-by-market. certain brands are private Indian brands. for Brand Contribution illustrates the and consumers view it as different example: China (food and dairy and brand building capabilities of a from the competition. home care. Rin premium products. mostly FMCG. In other words. home care. Indian consumers and Indonesia (food and dairy. 4 12 Lubricants 1773 5 please see Methodology in and food and dairy include two brands from stores selling paint to men. 5 highest.) women seeking decoration solutions. 3 27 Surf Excel Home Care 1041 5 with 5 being the highest score. The two paint (236) in the BrandZ™ metric Salient. as financial when kids are engaged in life. banks and alcohol. are detergents owned established in 1806. the Indian Brand Contribution cooking oil owned by an Indian FMCG Brands represent many categories Coca-Cola. multinational that. In its current incarnation. of clean clothes for positive self-image. awareness. BrandZ™ research. Indian consumers also see brands. Brand Contribution is product categories: paints. to the brand as Meaningful and meeting the Resources section of the modern showrooms for men and their needs. Latam (beer and retail). has been 50 Value Contribution represented. Surf uses the line. 130 131 . for both brands. Among the BrandZ™ global leaders in Brand Contribution: the proportion of sales and In addition. has nurtured a clear brand In the BrandZ™ India Top 50. a margin directly attributed Brand Contribution are Pampers and markets. It scores extremely high calculated as an index of 1 to 5. real successfully uses emotional appeal to view McDowell’s as Different. 5 38 Food and Dairy 598 4 report. and food and dairy include two brands apiece. compared with other The food and dairy brand Saffola. The Indian performance generally is the primary Source: BrandZ™ / Millward Brown conglomerate United Spirits Limited Brand Contribution measures the influence of brand alone on financial value. although paints. what’s Owned Enterprise. Their high been able to capitalize on that heritage 7 3 Banks 9374 4 most represented categories. has enabled the country’s largest makers of industrial 2 35 Paints 648 5 brand. A brand estate and tobacco). and their by Hindustan Unilever. home care. lubricants. although paints. either owned by individuals or an vascular disease. but the original bank was Contribution ranking from those of Excel and Rin. care. services category. Category representation and other external factors varies. In the BrandZ™ Top 100 to brand alone excluding all ranking reflects a more diverse mix producer. however. Horlicks. owns McDowells.BrandZ™ Analysis TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 BrandZ™ Analysis: Brand Contribution Leaders in brand strength cross multiple categories Brand Contribution is a Brands with high Brand Contribution driver of brand value in the financial emphasizes the symbolic importance BrandZ™ metric that indicates are more resilient and enduring. drinks. personal brand to successfully command a lubricants. by multinationals and one is a State able to extend the popularity of its Rank Brand Category 2015 $M Index are stripped away. McDowell’s has successfully Contribution Top 10 particularly “Dirt is Good.Part 4 | The India Top 50 . Four proposition about promoting healthy brands. famous chocolate malt drink across its The Top 10 Brand Contribution other food offering. the economy Indian conglomerate. food and premium for the brand. 1 44 Personal Care 502 5 left is Brand Contribution The brand strength of Lakmé. personal care brand owned by The Indian brand Castrol is among the Hindustan Unilever. living and the prevention of cardio- when the financial impact of categories – personal care and luxury. the State This combination of categories Both paint brands are privately owned.


customer service. in some of the most backward regions of the country. empowers brands cornerstones of successful Indian brands. and how important is it Customer service strategy and sending it. and implementation. but for engaging in conversations that are beyond transactions. In the ever evolving digital. whereas there has been a sharp dip in time spent on print the society at an individual level. by 2017. contextual advertising and to be more scientific and result oriented in their marketing efforts. social not just KEEPING BRANDS as any other advertising medium. First. and display for increased reach and content based relevant advertising. In fact. quickly to queries and complaints. say what you want to say. Axis Bank debuted spending more on digital and in what ways? livelihoods to the underprivileged. but are also “THE THRIVING We have been using digital very tactically. It was based on the insight that instances of money exchange between friends do not involve just What is your brand’s particular the exchange of money but also an emotional connection that sums commitment to Corporate Social up the story around the money exchange. The How has your media investment strategy Foundation aims to provide one million sustainable changed over the past few years? Are you One of India’s largest privately owned banks. there are set of “three Cs” that form the Axis Bank Limited running custom audience campaigns. real innovations. Axis Bank has set up a Trust – the Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) to channel its philanthropic initiatives. measuring performance real-time and optimizing campaigns real-time. We have been using search for intent-based targeting. and most important. meaning search. Time spent by our target group on TV and Internet has been growing over the years. In fact. with friends exchanging to the brand’s relationship with consumers? implementation are critical Axis Bank as an organization strongly believes comments and photos when they pay money to each other. The commercials articulated this insight as Jab bhi Pay karo. for example? focused and well thought out customer service strategy are much stronger today. social and mobile world. responding One is our recently launched multi-social payment app Ping Pay. ON THEIR TOES” 134 135 . we have been able to explore and exploit all COMPETITION IS the platforms of digital media. we have paramount importance for brands to adopt a more been continuously evolving our media strategy to increase more holistic approach towards CSR to build brand value. what qualities do they share in common? Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing brand to target. the mobile user can text back and forth with contacts while asking for money or Responsibility (CSR). there are brands that have made a On the other side. reach. This depends on listening across platforms to gauge consumer sentiment. it has become of in the same period of time. These are: customized offerings. kuch na kuch say karo. Moreover. the time spent on Internet has drastically With emerging awareness levels of giving back to increased. and creating delight. With Ping Pay. that CSR and sustainability are vital pillars of continual success for its present and future. The second key is targeted Brand communication tools contextual advertising – making your proposition and What is the most innovative way you’ve offering come alive at touch points where your consumer communicated to customers recently? A new is likely to need them. social and display. makes a great Indian brand. the thriving competition is keeping brands on considerable effort understanding demand drivers among their toes and pushing them harder and harder to stand out and Indian consumers and they’ve committed investments for seek the consumers’ share of mind and wallet. In my view. is a commercial or social media campaign.Part 4 TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Q&A with Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of brands in India over the next five years and why? Sagnik Ghosh The horizon certainly looks bright for the future of brands in India. it’s a lot easier for a When you think about what you believe are great Indian brands. and stay connected to its desired audience. The foundation was recognized at the Forbes India Philanthropic Awards 2014. or more importantly. exposure on digital and TV and reduce exposure on print. at number eight. Third. the plethora of tools available for measuring results. This ability to keep up with the consumer desires. in the BrandZ™ India Top 50 this year. from creating awareness about the products to creating a separate channel of lead generation doing something more positively for the world. The consumers of today are looking out for brands that not only produce a better product. Among the factors this can be attributed to are the number of touch points and opportunities for a brand to tell its story. and fulfillment. to anticipate desires. In line with this observation. or “Whenever you pay.” The thought is brought to life in the films. What was interesting is how a core insight brought to life a novel but so is the competition communication idea that wasn’t touched upon in the payment solutions advertising space before.

hardworking. A sudden growth of a category combined with scale. using digital. The brands that connect with consistency will remain. Being ready to meet already aware customers and answering their intelligent questions! “LOOK FORWARD TO AN ACTION PACKED DECADE OF BRAND BUILDING” 136 137 . migrant. In this environment. which is working hard to reduce the month-and-a-half waiting period! and additional sub-categories When you think about what you believe are great Indian brands. digitally-aware and fun-loving consumer. while the rest will Vice President of Marketing consolidate. becomes the biggest differentiator Are there certain brand characteristics that are more critical for success in India than they might be in other parts of the world? Trust and value – something that still hasn’t changed. videos and influencers.Part 4 TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Q&A with Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of brands in India over the next five years and why? Sumeet Narang India is witnessing the emergence of several new categories and sub-categories. where the customer likes seeking information about the product and forming his own opinion. motorcycles and commercial three-wheel What is the key to reaching young people vehicles also known as auto-rickshaws. We built the brand with strong and genuine conversations around it. new regulations leadership status within four months. This will lead to a proliferation of multiple operators with very little product differentiation or time lag. for example? Our recent launch of Pulsar RS200 in the Super Sports segment has been a resounding success. In a high interest segment like super sports bikes. Bajaj Auto is a leading manufacturer and marketer of motor scooters. Many of them are a result of an evolution in technology. We result in some new categories have not even touched mass media yet. And neither did we. have done a marvelous job of effortlessly (or so they have made it appear) changing over the last decade-and-a-half in line with the new consuming class. old and new. regulatory change or a larger ecosystem. middle class. one can Bajaj Auto Limited look forward to an action packed decade of brand building and brand innovations – with several old rules being broken! What is the most innovative way you’ve communicated to customers recently? A new commercial or social media campaign. Therefore. It ranks number six compared with reaching their parents? in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands. what qualities do they share in common? All great Indian brands. Brand building will be the biggest differentiator and success driver for these players. you don’t hard sell. gaining Technology. brand building They have transitioned their stance to connect demographically as well as attitudinally with today’s young. We wish we had warned our plant. competition and little differentiation is one of the best environments for brands to prosper.


They’ll view themselves as brand very well received. “Say no to country becomes more prosperous and urban? Mosquitos” (Dabur Odomos) and “Dental Hygiene” (Dabur Red) are testimony to our commitment. It rose 30 percent in brand value in campaigns and awareness initiatives that aim to deliver our commitment to the health and well- the 2015 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands. We Indians are very hard value seekers only meet the consumer’s ever-changing needs. we strive to have a positive impact on the TO BE SOCIALLY India. I would like to start with deeply with the audience Dabur. Responsibility (CSR) and how important is it to the brand’s relationship with consumers? Brand success in India needs an inclusive Are there certain brand characteristics that are more We believe that businesses can and should have message and strong value proposition critical for success in India than they might be in other parts of the world? a positive impact on the communities they serve. THEIR OUTLOOK” 140 141 . Even at the cost of sounding boastful. Tata. Successful campaigns are tailored to speak their language across media that they readily access and share. Through to be part of the consideration set of consumers in emerging SUNDESH. is SUNDESH. but Dabur is a leading personal care brand distinguished by its compared with other markets. Our recent campaigns have reflected this. Brand marketers can ignore e-commerce at their own peril. User owned content will be valued more than just company- speak. INCLUSIVE IN communication media with engaging content will become critical. Hero… The list is endless. Being present across relevant communities that surround our operational facilities. the protagonist’s story of coming out stronger after losing all her hair to cancer delivers this message aptly. In the future. What are two or three ways that brand. the same can also be seen in many commitment to Corporate Social multinational brands that have become successful in India. It has also become the single most awarded campaign at the Goafest 2015. and an equally strong pillar in our Brands will have to stay at the cutting edge of the market evolution community initiatives. for example? Has increased empowerment KK Chutani Brand campaigns have to be about touching an emotional chord with the audience thereby owning their mind-space. As a company that promises to develop and sell nature-based products. Our campaigns on building priorities in India will change as the “Immune India” (Dabur Chyawanprash). for instance. being of every household. The first To make a mark in India brands need to deliver strong pillar of this movement is through brands that not value propositions. strong and widespread impact. We have a two-pronged approach when it comes to community and social initiatives. compared with reaching their parents? Today’s youth are more socially aware and an emotional chord to connect When you think about what you believe are great want to participate in bringing about a Indian brands. Continuously innovating to deliver consumer delight will be essential for brand survival. winning the Grand Prix along with seven other What is the key to reaching young people Brand campaigns must touch trophies and the Blue Elephant at Kyoorius Ad and Digital Awards. “BRANDS NEED The second. custodians in equal measure as the brand owners. In fact. and in what ways? Yes.Part 4 TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Q&A with What is the most innovative way you’ve communicated to customers recently? A new commercial or social media campaign. Titan Raymonds. Apart from this. Indian ethos and a quintessential “Indianness” in their communication What is your brand’s particular and attributes. The “Brave & Beautiful” campaign. Airtel. With our Vatika brand’s new “Brave & Beautiful” campaign. All share strong values of trust. received over three million views within just a month of its online launch and has become one of the most talked about campaigns in recent times. then say Amul. Campaigns with social messaging have such Dabur India Limited India forced on long and dangerous walks to find outdoor privacy. need to be socially inclusive in their outlook. The changed consumer attitudes toward brands. we’ll see Indian consumers demand participation in the These new campaigns debuted in the digital space and have been brand’s evolution. For growth to be responsible. They need focus on health and wellbeing and an extensive range of to enable consumers to feel good about themselves. what qualities do they share in common? change in the society. it should go beyond numbers. brands also do good for the society at large. consumers today prefer brands that stand up for the social values that they associate themselves Head of Marketing Sanifresh “700 Se 7 Kadam” (700 Steps to a Mere 7) campaign builds home toilets to protect the safety and dignity of the women in rural with. we consciously launch ayurvedic remedies.

brands anywhere and any time. HDFC Bank continues HDFC Bank is deeply committed to CSR with a focus on reaching out to marginalized communities and rural India. customers expect brands to be accessible and provide convenience at the time of their choosing. credit counselling and financial literacy training. Further. easy and secure manner. we provide Consumer presence on web comprehensive digital banking solutions that give 24/7 access to our full range of products and services in a convenient. as well as non-financial services such as occupational training. and how important is it to the brand’s relationship with consumers? One of India’s original private banks. thereby delivering the “#PowerOfBanking” to our customers. Brands that resonate with customers and meet their needs will see higher revenue and profits and organizations will see increased value in investing to build strong brands. They have choice due to the proliferation of quality brands and they have a voice due to easy access to social media. Banking is based on trust with a focus on long-term relationships. with the advent of social media. Our Sustainable Livelihood Initiative empowers women in rural India by giving them direct access to to expand rapidly and for the second consecutive year ranks livelihood finance. and mobile channels drives Has increased empowerment changed consumer attitudes toward brands and in what ways? more investment to digital The relationship between customers and brands has changed with customers having the upper hand. Our customer base is also present on web and mobile channels. Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing HDFC Bank How has your media investment strategy changed over the past few years? Are you spending more on digital and in what ways? Our philosophy towards media has not changed over the past few years and we continue to look at the ROI from our media investments and optimize spending based on the same. Our CSR philosophy reflects this sentiment where we look at sustainable solutions with long lasting impact. Through this initiative we have already reached out to over 3. Social media has also empowered customers to give their feedback. in the country. Brands therefore need to be responsive in their engagement with customers. We are spending more on digital as the medium lends itself to sharper ROI tracking with more targeted options. Brands that don’t respect consumers will not be respected by consumers. customers are spoiled for choice.Part 4 TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Q&A with Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of brands in India over the next five years? Kartik Jain One is clearly optimistic about the future of brands in India. differentiated and well-positioned brands will make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision. What is your brand’s particular commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). vocational training. community initiatives and environmental sustainability. “BRANDS THAT DON’T RESPECT CONSUMERS WILL NOT BE RESPECTED BY CONSUMERS” 142 143 .5 million households number one in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands. As the number of products continues to proliferate. We also focus on education. keeping in mind the changing landscape. Customers expect brands to listen to them and be cognizant of this shift in power. In such a scenario. share Customers expect easy access to grievances and praise brands in real time. In order to provide service to them through the channels of their choice.

or gets to seem perfect in Social media transparency search of answers. Why not have a job has no definition undercurrents. And there lies in-store. their particular needs. many not available that their clients maintain an to a product on screen. Also tourism is the outpouring of support to makers Fastrack and Raga each Ogilvy & Mather. can increase customer active social media presence to a much deeper connection. Levi’s and Diesel notions are simple. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Our Insights In many western countries lives. Their floor space becomes These digital tools. Gurgaon Binata Banerjee grandmother and grandfather brand communications can legalize same-sex relationships. Saumya. How do presence with richer and more “roasted” on stage by unknown public the charade Brick and mortar stores they battle the relentless enjoyable in-store experiences. They comedians. its brick and omnichannel retailing. there’s also much to with experiences that combine the powerful position to defend against clients finds its way online and gain if they get it right. instead they embrace consider the possibilities.Baijal@ogilvy. senior search website where they can YOUTH Endorsement is no longer about we do. they While brands need to be very stores. or the struggle insisting on conformity and opportunity? Not really. Taboos are their own judgments citizens are a group of seek suitable work? mere words. And the acceptance of the real is the new imperfections and truth. have managed celebrity is the focus of a private but attempt RETAIL mortar counterparts are in to seamlessly connect their online million Twitter jokes. choices or mistakes. Although India is still working. It’s about enjoying an experience. can win in the e-tail era discounts. Similarly. believe is right. Boys Embrace what’s real brand marketers to Seniors in young market consider. real and virtual worlds. Whether it apparel or the fashion accessory Saumya Baijal passed their needy and functionally beneficial Planning Director speedy years. In the social media age. 144 145 . free in its thought and liberated in its Contract being about what we buy. and others. The Indian luxury for them. communicate emotionally. convention. is still unexplored. the advantage of the brick and mortar satisfaction and store Account Manager Millward Brown have both time and money. Today’s youthful seniors are geriatric products and services mentally prepared to reside are obvious. When celebrities gain in both share of mind early adopters of an when every day a different behave poorly in CELEBRITIES and wallet. hit and fight. brands like to steal headlines as well as steadily Macy’s and Nordstrom. What are brands in senior communities where waiting for? they can lead independent As the e-tailing phenomena manages Globally. Many people of this age desire whether it is their own emotions. becomes viral. the e-tail blitzkrieg. and packaged tours that attend to for equality across genders. But look beyond their regular celebrate the first transgender Brands that are succeeding aren’t Binate.Daji@contractindia. these people have – and can afford – luxury. Seniors seek properly school principal. make fairly young. cultivate the correct image. We look at them well informed consumers. The trick is to create is tolerant. It’s no longer about simply “endless aisle” kiosks for ordering a While celebrity managers ensure merely displaying a celebrity next acquiring products but also about range of The to appeal to the young offer silver opportunity Now in their 60s and 70s. Why not lavish these the population is aging fast facilities with world-class and represents a substantial features from the real estate older consumer base for brands? Seniors want to keep The word “normal” The young recognize brands. Account Planning Manager Carl Daji location-aware apps that provide is what makes us increasingly naturally fair complexion will not J. In-store make celebrities seem perfect. Young India can cry.Chauhan@jwt. opportunities for world-class popular. The young and fight for what they CONSUMERS considerable size for The silver luxury domain accept and celebrate the real. put increasingly have little control careful not to make the wrong their platform to engage consumers the brick and mortar store in a more over what information about their associations. The brands they love are real. limitless range and quick delivery time that retailers Tools for improving the in-store as human beings who are as an endorsement for e-tailers offer? The answer lies Anchit Chauhan shopping experience include imperfect as we are brands leveraging this silver targets. Women can hurl. Carl. it is clear that the doesn’t impress alters impact of celebrities onslaught of year-round provide a good model for Indian way we look at celebrities has changed. Walter Thompsom Strategic Planner Shopping in India has evolved from sales staff with customer preferences intolerant of crafted images that be credible. to what and personalized shopping. Anchit. and this fairness cream by a celebrity with in the approach they choose.

you are investing in your experiences and your with very special people in our misunderstandings. Pragya Patra The resulting big data will yield abled people advertising Senior Planner accompanying the rising buzz richer consumer understanding. relationships. equity. it builds heart out to when we’re upset. is the consumer and phone synced smartwatch to a new generation of products But brands can help turn this reality around. how we interact Atul Sharma up. someone we want pour our Build trust – the bedrock of all awareness. among there almost always is a brand and bring the magic back into potential investors notice you. People start perceiving such adds to this the phantom moves wearables stations were out of brands as socially responsible.Hoskote@millwardbrown. company’s core values helps lives. investors and with the wider people connect with when their lives! Third party experts make you community. this generates goodwill. credibility in the industry. communities. It really isn’t that surprising that its customers. online data to brands. • Innovation makes news. and brand open up new opportunities. Sadly. When one yarn potentially cinema halls and railway equity. A well executed PR • Angels are watching you. them and also build their own behavior. ease of use or built between first time: what they’re all up to. campaign has a long life. Helping differently-abled another approach. H&R Johnson.Sharma@bm. their personal space. someone using crutches? Being Millward Brown technology takes the privacy data to deliver real value and to help the differently-abled access more inclusive of people with special Saloni. with that trusty Nokia ENGAGEMENT Success drives the stock It follows that Journalists will always love to handset at their side. beaches. Helping the differently-abled “Hello” invitation to privacy left empowered or vulnerable? Privacy that seamlessly integrate the clothes we wear and the people is not only a great way to help society. Millward Brown how you started. some brands the brand proposition an attractive brand Craft the brand story well quickly. Just as there is always to your faults and apologize. coherently that stands out in a chocolates and Maggi noodles. brokers selling aggregated monitoring fitness band is a reality for the millions of people in India who are Senior Research Executive Growing demand for wearable brands need to leverage this initiative called the Red Ramp Project say. When Siddhanth Hoskote Telling a good story about Account Manager When you invest in good public our relationships with some relationships are threatened. do without Facebook. Employing information even more and personalized and will also relations. Genesis Burson-Marsteller three things to keep in mind So. In one example. Woo customers When you talk to the press. launched an Would it speak to you as much as Pragya. mistakes can bring it the point of re-start. brand access to consumer make interactions more relevant reach the sand and sea. where needs can help these individuals.Patra@ogilvy. Step Up and innovative in any field. forward. places like Kiri Beach in debate even further as better brand experiences. Here are discuss something positive and today they can’t as people is a Engage with consumers Head. crowded marketplace. As a person in a wheelchair. Indian bath tiles brand. engagement. Featuring the differently- abled in advertising is INCLUSIVITY “Goodbye” invasion of privacy. The news of Google raise new issues about boundries and Levi’s collaborating to create and trust. cost-effectiveness – push it a brand and • Timing is everything. Imagine a scenario differently-abled people is another An incessant onslaught of clothes woven where public places way in which brands can empower advertising follows your search with conductive like temples. 146 147 . clarify Siddhanth. whether it’s your brand’s Twitter and Whatsapp good model for the relationships as if forming friendships Atul. but also to build brand how would you feel looking at perfectly- brands can help themselves (or lack of it) has been among the key concerns technology we use. Rum through college moments. And Start-ups have one shot visible in industry less than 30 years old and a just as we all look forward to at getting everything and local news vast majority have virtually celebrating our successes with START-UPS right: they need to explain sources. making you grown up on Cadbury’s our loved ones. about brands are like our relationships talk to your customers. consumers invite brands into Allowing brands this deep into a ramp made with the brand’s tiles build a more compassionate society. They’ve guzzled Old Monk invariably have a part to play in those special and tell it persuasively and persuasively to an influential audience. making the consumers’ private space will enables people in wheel chairs to and elevate brands. own up relationships. TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Our Insights Close to half of all Indians are there is no one to talk to. Saloni Sabnis To truly empower when presenting a brand for the to let the world know design. an your favorite brand? Ogilvy & Mather. Gurgaon around big data. which BIG DATA of independent data beyond the heart rate bounds for you.


Brand Building Best Practices in India PART .

Equality is also highlighted the prevalence of racial Arnab Chaudhuri Chandana Raizada “Mother Exchange” connects them about equal privileges. which can whether to play an active role in these THEIR LIVES EASIER in empowering be easily quantified and measured. J. These emerging discrimination even in a 152 153 . For example. Walter Thompson favorite foods. The scale will decide the success or failure of today’s India. Arnab. borders CONVERSATION The trick is to identify relevant entry are diminishing and new ideas are Bharat Matrimony. KBC. Consumers will remember and reward unique challenges in raising their couple in a live-in relationship To understand the complexity and children alone. Thompson Social and J. the their story. INNOVATE TO MAKE Unlike development. SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE. social. an online points. These brands include and intensity of empowerment brands. conversations. the reason and rationale. But can we build a dynamism of empowerment in today’s framework that brands can refer to In order to become part of the Chandana. The laundry detergent Ariel own entry points and roles in helping to became an advocate for women empower people whose needs. For example. empowerment stories or remain Product and service innovations by empowerment is a variable that bystanders? No. a popular TV game show. political and economic lens. but also 2. may vary with circumstances. with its “Share the Load”campaign. or in the future brands will people in India pricing. and they are scripting their The degree and intensity of involvement ON THEIR JOURNEY may vary. Walter Thompson is South Asia’s leading and most admired marketing communications agency men think doing the laundry is a find new frontiers. but they definitely feel a loss 3. aspirations. showed campaign empowers single men and empowerment has increased manifold.Raizada@jwt. Deprivation is not just of rights. a person living in a ordering app Tiny Owl providing all- The entry point for a brand could northeastern Indian state may not night delivery. Encompass. living away from home. Cadbury’s Diwali welcomed. Fortune Oil’s but also of opportunities. Walter Thompson Rural. the snack food Kurkure promises minority in terms of beliefs and values. the need as well as scope of matchmaking service. but the same person twentysomethings living away from The “Be You” campaign of the when placed in a state like Delhi home pursuing their dream. to send people home for the festive Discrimination is not just social. As we move ahead. how a husband supporting his women living away from home to be a wife’s decision to pursue her career part of the festivities. it is imperative that the need of when taking this opportunity? Here are discourse it is not necessary for brands the brands that help empower them empowerment is seen and analyzed with a relevant cultural. www. but empowerment has always been at the an important role threshold of change. communication solutions to its clients across India through: Mainstream advertising. At the core of empowerment is power. It provides powerful 360 degree total woman’s task. problems and values are which shared a poll showing that unique in nature due to their to unique more than three-quarters of Indian life stories. be anything – from a customized feel powerless in his or her own savings scheme to an app for young 5.Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Brand Building: Empowerment Brands can play National development is not possible without the empowerment of people. Brands will have to find their own empowerment stories. PARTNER WITH THEM of power. These are the future many brands accommodate the needs to be analyzed in a more consumers and thought leaders who changing needs of consumers in comprehensive manner. even a new dimension to their stories. In a time when five possible ways: 1. To help students or workers societal. value systems are merging. So either brands are a part of Domino’s Pizza with affordable depend upon the context. environment. McDonald’s restaurants specific conditions that it is exhibited have no story at all.Chaudhuri@jwt.jwt. If development is the fruit of modernization then empowerment is the root. offer. with extended hours and the food in. Do brands have a choice about 4. Strategic Planning Director Senior Account Planner with local mothers who prepare their groups may not be weak economically urban society. wants.Part 5 | The India Top 50 . Hungama Digital Services. we may J. BEGIN A POSITIVE to a position themselves exclusively as for these audiences of people seeking some aspect of empowerment. In a fly home free Some populations feel they are in the can lead to a better or socially. The context for empowerment. Walter Thompson J. HOLD UP A MIRROR season. Social Wavelength. or e-commerce brand Jabong suddenly becomes a minority and feels something for single parents facing showcased the point-of-view of a the need to be empowered. and that offers a truly integrated network across South Asia.


Advertising. COOL IS THE RESOLUTION BETWEEN INDIVIDUALITY COOL DOES MORE.” brands need to speak their language IT’S COOL TO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS What’s uniquely cool for Indian youth…? IT’S COOL TO BE DESI The youth want to break In our exploration of the world of the Indian youth. it’s easy to see how important things continues.landor.Shah@contractindia. and during our journey we discovered some quintessential ingredients that help infuse the “Cool Quotient” into brands. India has its own brand of cool. this “Cool Quotient” that makes brands desirable to Indian youth. To reach these influential young people. seeking pleasure. sometimes their envy. relationships and pre-marital sex aren’t whether it’s eating out. Cool is the perfect unruffled refusal to play by stunt. the national of their own destiny. history as the current trend of taking the lead and “fixing” Very little is taken for gospel truth by that believed in abstinence and Almas.” traditional Indian So what is cool in general…? All things cool. However. and consulting methods that are now standard in it successfully emulate and embrace the Indian cultural www. to the movies. and crusading for them. youth are participating wholeheartedly in the IT’S COOL TO TAKE THE LEAD India story. Youth are raising their voices against the youth. The latter are driven through brand consulting and design firms. Founded by Walter the three specialist verticals .Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Brand Building: Youth Cool attitudes of That India is a young country is an oft-repeated cliché.in Gazala. and weird. or going taboo. So how can a brand be cool to today’s youth? How can iContract. codes of cool? (Please see next page). same-sex hedonistic. in a constructive manner. injustice and using the social machinery and find that ideas like divorce.Part 5 | The India Top 50 . can’t be replicated from global success stories. can be distilled down COOL IS SILENT REBELLION Quietly rebellious highlights in hair or hidden tattoos are symbols of non-conformity that COOL CREATES ITS OWN IDEOLOGIES With no real unifying causes or great wars to unite life and values to some common strains and characteristics. COOL IS PARADOXICALLY AND BELONGING COMPETITIVE COOL IS RESPECT Stand out too much and you’re brought this truth alive through initiatives Cool is a ferociously competitive Cool earns the respect of its peers. Landor Associates is one of the world’s leading strategic Consulting. blend in too well and you’re that glorified the “Do” way of life. And this young India is not only driving the nation’s Identifying make a statement without screaming out loud them is what we call cool spotting. when studied closely. Here are a few: us.Core Consulting. public spaces.Vahanvati@landor. Whether it’s homegrown brands like Micromax or Fastrack. Perhaps that’s why inconspicuous. They question the old 156 157 . Landor pioneered many of the research.Ahmed@contractindia. Strategic Planning Senior Brand Strategist work laptops like previous The bystander days of Indian masses are likely to become IT’S COOL TO BREAK TABOOS Unlike previous generations Contract Contract Landor generations would Lego bricks. or patronizing pubs or It’s cool to be Indian. Design Sutra & Landor in 1941. TECH-SAVVY IS COOL Almas Ahmed Mehul Shah Gazala Vahanvati When even toddlers can AND CHANGE THE STATUS QUO HEDONISM IS COOL Strategy Planner Head. They coolness: mission to take personal responsibility for the cleanliness of follow their passions. design. someone else’s rules. cool resorts to creating its own ideologies. like LGBT rights. called its tenth season “The road to respect.and task-oriented reality show “Roadies” balance between the two the branding industry. they’re just a different way of living. We call them the “Cool Mantras. but also its way of thinking. Design and Digital. www. free and be the authors we discovered some uniquely Indian characteristics of or phenomena like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. young India is technology is for the youth. we recognized that the globally relevant youth are reshaping phenomenon of “coolness” also finds huge traction with Indian youth. Contract is an integrated and independent communications company that specializes in four practices viz. like Lenovo and Lead India. TALKS LESS Many Mehul. spirit disguised in a nonchalant. how many are actually able to speak their language? In our quest to decode the ideal language to connect with youth in India. While most brands define youth as their ideal target group.

makes say. waves on social media. it’s probably not cool. inspired by the If brands can dare to say what others are too shy to eccentricities of India. Instead of For the quickly bored young person who gets the just talking about women’s safety. connect. a word of caution: Mantras for a brand to be cool are not rules. HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR BE BOLD Chumbak.Part 5 | The India Top 50 . CREATE TRIBES ALLOW ME TO USE YOUR BRAND TO AROUND BRAND IDEOLOGY CREATE MY OWN BRAND OF COOL Match your values with theirs.Brand Building Best Practices Brand Building: Youth Cool mantras to remember when talking to Indian youth ACT. point in 140 characters or less. help women feel safe. DON’T PREACH EVOLUTION MUST BE Your actions will earn respect—far CONSTANT AND CONSISTENT beyond your words. Finally. Rather they are beliefs by which brands can guide their actions to deliver a brand relevant to the young. it will catch everyday products more the attention of youth. IDEA Cellular’s MyGang plan has managed young women by connecting with to create a fertile platform for young people to them on the value of equality. 158 . or take a stand on a topic that is taboo. you need to be quick Channel V created an app to and ever changing to stay interesting. Myntra’s advertisement showing interesting with its perspective a lesbian couple preparing to meet the parents is making on Indian culture. If you’re trying too hard. share and bond with their friends. The Brands that offer themselves up as a platform Hero Honda Pleasure motorcycle for self-expression can go a long way in being gained a strong following among cool.

puja term “acquaintance. 3. it seemed. The video marketing communications agency that offers a truly integrated about it. 160 161 . but will continue to march Blackberry always positioned itself as a business phone but down their own road to their own future destination. dramatized in a 2008 HSBC campaign. with the globalized world on their own terms. Offline. social media platforms help us festival of Karva Chauth. We like to ask questions and air opinions about everything VP.Part 5 | The India Top 50 . Walter Thompson is South Asia’s leading and most admired reservations. EVERY TYPE OF FRIEND IS IMPORTANT J. our reach is restricted but online everyone helped increase her popularity.jwt. IT’S NEVER EITHER-OR. WE DON’T LET GO OF THE OLD JUST we now have Facebook friends.” So we have our school and college prayer ceremonies and other rituals. Airtel and India’s TVF comedy network show fathers phoning their grown The washing machine legend is often invoked in marketing children to ask technical questions at inconvenient times. as the YouTube series “Tech Conversations with distinctive behaviors happen both offline and online. they were slow to pick up because of the irregular electricity.Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Brand Building: Social Media It’s an old story. celebrities to get into online videos. we go our own about to propose marriage. familiar. so they try straight-talking and irreverent humor. discussions as a warning to those who would seek to lead For example. Vodafone showcased this in its popular manner online. which motivated more network across South Asia. seeking company in a book or a device. In fact. ALWAYS BOTH complement those displayed online. Empowered Indians feel comfortable engaging “Blackberry Boys” ad in 2010. live streaming of weddings. Much like our sacred cows. our building friends. www. Examples include: Shaadi. Walter Thompson Rural.” As Rama Bijapurkar says in the preface to her book We like to figure things out. Vedic is a preference to be together as often as possible. This was before WhatsApp and Facebook’s mobile app but even this niche tends to behave in a recognizably Indian were available. My Dad” demonstrates. she mistakenly named a dead person. While most of janam kundalis. when a man is Indian consumers. Hungama Digital Services. In collaboration. limited water and cheap domestic labor. Thompson Social and J. someplace else or someone else. This lesson is especially relevant in India where people have distinctive to look less alone. Walter Thompson without much heed to political correctness or any other with the “All India Bakchod. and even BECAUSE WE HAVE SOMETHING NEW online gaming friends. Divya.” an edgy YouTube program. LinkedIn friends. social The campaign illustrated the potential for misunderstanding when the subtleties of local market communication are ignored. reach out and make even more friends. Noveau riche farmers. our early childhood buddies. Last year. When washing machines were first introduced Deceptively in India. those get there. And today. When quizzed on a talk show about the name of the EXPRESSING OUR OPINIONS Divya Khanna president of India. The online world is like an endless dinner party to scope out more friends. a The conversations it sparks can be continued online. still has value for group viewing situations. we insult very few with the matchmaking portals. Offline attitudes. Internet population is still a drop in the Indian demographic. during an intimate dinner.” Indian its earlier sales surge in India was actually driven by college students who saw the value in its free BBM messaging So why would social media be any different? Granted that the service as a way to stay in constant touch with their friends. “…India and Indians aren’t going to become like and guide us rather than some nameless tech support. his mobile rings. Many celebrities have realized this the hard way. we’re the ones who help them media in India ways of socializing. technology can be a catalyst for reviving and refreshing traditions we reluctantly left 1. is distinctively way. The real lesson here is communication solutions to its clients across India through: especially on Twitter. Everyone is a friend. and apps that help with everything from putting together our work friends even our family friends. Mainstream advertising. It can seem intrusive but we’re unabashed for a video in which she made fun of herself. with the rise of social media. Here are some basic Just because we’re modernizing doesn’t mean we have Brands need to understand how insights about Indian socializing: let go of traditions. Strategic Planning Director But the young actress proved smart enough to cooperate J. Any questioning into the whys and wherefores always results in our infamous half-nod-half-shake with a “we are like 4. a popular Indian actress demonstrated that an 2. Thus 6. The machines were being used to make the yoghurt drink lassi. And it’s our friends who help with this name.Khanna@jwt. There reality shows. thanks to popular Encompass. were eager adopters. We seek safety in numbers online too. Social Wavelength. along with websites friends. TV. A lot of the early and bigger successes in the Airtel’s “friendship” campaign in 2011 touched a chord Indians communicate online technology space have catered to quintessentially Indian not just with youth but also with consumers in every age needs. behavior and relationships are not merely replicated but also 5. Rather than avoid our parents on Facebook. to moon viewing on the these may join us online. Doing things alone is not a general practice in and other online segment. It provides powerful 360 degree total is fair game. EVERYTHING IS BETTER TOGETHER They can complement each other. that TV and YouTube don’t need to compete for eyeballs. Sure. rarefied few might catch a meal or a movie alone but they where there is less censorship and much demand for more are aware of the judgment directed their way. WE RARELY HOLD BACK ON embarrassing moment on TV can be laughed off online. not to wash clothes. A market visit revealed little cause to celebrate. Except in the state of Punjab. WE DON’T LIKE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS that only.

energize. frequently keep the merchandise well choose one brand over others at the point of purchase. brand preference and affinity is put to test by a host of internal and external factors: the sheer Anecdotal evidence would support the premise that we as variety of available products. often built or it possible for new launches or niche categories or brands that strengthened by traditional marketing activities. brand and the shopper. These programs make it feasible to educate brand to brand as her needs and priorities change. the lack of which could well render both opportunities and challenges for in-store execution. and entirely dependent Smollan is an international retail solutions company. train. the essential elements are created by a partnership of the marketing team and the retail partner who is key to shopper engagement collaborate to create the 360-degree brand experience on the shop floor. It requires the ability to recruit. communities. the consumer has a brand preference. give brand owners and retailers the flexibility of putting information and technology. in-store advertising. and selling by product advisors. It is a concerted strategy for integration of understanding of the general trade of the benefits of shopper brand strategy and communication along the path to purchase. and advisors who will make that vital final connection between the selling. in India. making www. the vast complexities of the retail environment present in-store execution. where lack of space. there of execution that translates the brand promise and value are over one billion consumers who will need to shop for their proposition into a tangible theme for the shopper to embrace daily needs and indulgences. brand owners different individuals. retail sector important part in the choice of products. in order to deliver immaculate population in taste and preferences. execution. We deliver evolved and discerning shopper. Focused on brands from the consideration set. for example. when she is in lack the wherewithal for large marketing investments to generate the moment and actual process of consuming. Studies have shown that while brand loyalty plays an to ask.Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Brand Building: Shopper Marketing The concept of shopper marketing evolved out of the realization that influencing the shopper at the Shopper marketing point of purchase is likely to lead to greater sales for brand owners and retailers. The the entire effort merely a check box the communication focused and meaningful to the target that will ensure delivery of the required level of service. such as assisted leading solutions in field sales and retail execution. particularly in food and service. and the complex In the store environment. perfecting retail and shopper experiences. as well as the supervisory field force the value proposition right there where the shopper is. many of which and an execution orientation upheld by an end-to-end Smollan India have realized that in-store marketing is the key that could move technology-enabled value chain that supports strong systems Krishnakoli@smollan. inertia of habit and comfort. and hence merits an extended marketing approach. organizational capability personal care. into the purchase basket of the increasingly monitoring. and acknowledge. and the activation team that has to ensure perfect Engagement success requires execution at the point of purchase. out of sight or reach of the shopper. segment. is in the vast heterogeneity of the The in-store execution entity. Also. at a significantly lower cost of customer contact and acquisition. have made such programs feasible and Immaculate in-store execution culminating in. deals and promotions on the shop floor. energized and well-trained field forces. sampling activities for food and 162 163 . such as when parents shop for baby-food. flawless in-store desirable on a sustained basis. where the retailer. given the huge diversity and environments. and because there has always been someone at hand of time. we are unashamedly an aural rather than a visual society. flawless in-store execution Shopper engagement: The Indian context The cornerstone of all shopper engagement activity is flawless In India. The emergence of Shopper marketing is all about making the brand find its way into modern trade and self-service outlets.” Perhaps communication. engagement programs. and assisted traditional general trade outlets. play a key role in helping shoppers perhaps of planning. In India. needs to possess a deep. and using these insights to favorably influence heterogeneity of tastes and preferences across individuals and will benefit Indian purchase decisions by enhancing in-store experience. Shopper marketing is essentially about understanding how grocery would be the most effective way to engage shoppers the target shopper behaves in various channels and retail and generate trials and sales. however. measuring. over that of traditional brand-building activities. The challenge. where traditional media and processes geared towards clearly defining. the because we have navigated through life largely unaided by maps need state of the shopper. the target shopper. The opening up of the economy has exposed in creating large. entity from the consumer. as well as the increasing the shopping cart.Part 5 | The India Top 50 . Empirical data suggests that differential growth and market-share gain of brands in promoted-sales stores could be The interesting premise here is that the shopper is a different two-to-five times greater than in non-promoted stores. she moves from awareness and trials. brand owner and shopper intercept. have also made Second. effectively on a one-to-one basis. Krishnakoli Sengupta Kumar Head of Marketing the shopper to a crowd of competing brands. the clutter of competing brand Indians are more inclined to “hear” rather than to “see. Hence. motivate growth for retailers and brand owners across five continents through continuously and retain vast numbers of promoters and sales In-store shopper engagement programs. in-store elements. The shopper and consumer might be The relative affordability of such promoted selling programs. paucity or signage. over 90 percent of retail takes place through such as visual merchandising. we are the pivot point has placed them. and rewarding key performance parameters. It is the prowess benefit for brand owners and retail is potentially limitless.

Customers are one-way communication models like Refreshing content can sustain complaining and engaging directly with contests. The success of two-to-three minute purposes. with limited control over interaction whole new science and brands need self-published consumer content. proves that consumers are As social media budgets increase. levels Indian categories and brands have Instagram and Pinterest. www. media to employ specialized scientists in management is a whole new domain. Monitoring tools can identify CONSUMER 164 165 . To begin with. Each marketing to reach For example. South Asia Firefly Millward Brown is one of the largest global qualitative Many brands have begun to realize this order to optimize their social media Vartika. selfies. Marketing strategy needs a 360-degree brands need to find where their perspective with elements that include consumers are and how to target 4. There are easily replicated. to recruiting. understanding of the 40 local markets we serve and the clearly still the dominant platform. branded content and brand 5. conducting placements in short movies going TO MAXIMIZE INVESTMENT research. this field. of their social media activities in Firefly Millward Brown. brands also need to introduce adding in-house social media experts. friends. Here are other action points for are immediately transparent. Twitter sites like Tweep Search and Twitter While there are many advantages of social media. managing reputation. Google Trends can also find relevance by geography. consumer experience reached in their digital media journey. them. Brands benefit from Firefly’s cultural to the channel. videos. Segmenting videos. CUSTOMIZE THE CONTENT investment.Hali@fireflymb. Very much like traditional marketing. from simply creating brand ads. content online. flexible and device drive brand success. likes. REFRESH THE CONTENT TO rising number of film ad. While Facebook is allocating more of their marketing and channel agnostic. CREATE A VARIETY OF service and crisis management capitalize on these conversations and CREATIVE CONTENT engage with their audiences for several abilities. communication strategy and a social social mentions in multiple languages. shopping and everything digital in multiple languages. Social media strategy Facebook Insights can identify what regions the brand’s fans are in. content for integrated campaigns social media users Branded content is mainstream. for a game that’s changed in many ways. But engagement requires a creating and curating device agnostic and targeting happens in real research practices. MEASURE EFFECTIVENESS awareness. customer service. there’s also a downside. and across channels.Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Brand Building: Social Media Brands need to Indians are the second largest population on Facebook and Twitter and the second largest mobile app downloaders in the world. not just another channel brand success in social media. GOOD OR BAD Social media is a massive conversation. Twitter. promotions. This requires the brands on social media. Consumer complaints and harsh judgments happen. brands perhaps need Grader can look for relevant mentions. PROLONG ENGAGEMENT a department or desk. Brands need to devise social media potential and are investing marketing and consumer behavior to identify true brand in social media and dialing up their social FOR EACH CHANNEL systems that track in real time and opportunities that inspire strategic recommendations to Content needs to be customized media savviness. Engagement learning curve fast. media strategy. We use our in-depth understanding of 2. Bad news travels as fast as good not simply another channel Social media strategy isn’t about replicating traditional strategy online. It means experience with likes and fans is not equal to having custodians need to move up this the brand. They can Brands need to refine their customer 1. investment to digital advertising and regional and global context we provide. and very much in real news. media strategy. and in fact expect different understanding of the effectiveness Head driving direct consumer connections. generating leads. and formats. Brand product alone. medium requires different content no longer means experience with the Having a Facebook page and acquiring and different strategies. They are consciously are adaptable.fireflymb. They need to adopt new marketing rules But it is difficult to say what maturity themselves on YouTube. status updates. or medium in the media mix. Brands need adjust traditional to acknowledge this new reality and modify their classic marketing functions. different level of interaction. response to negative posts is critical. Indians are now social media users playing with visuals. Customer service is no longer interaction. RESPOND RAPIDLY TO a brand strategy. Mistakes to look at social media as one massive time. The 30-second needs to move from simple brand TV spot has become the short digital communication to brand-consumer 3. points offline and online.Part 5 | The India Top 50 . open to different consumption brands will need sophisticated Vartika Hali building community engagement. Content Building brand-consumer creation and curation is becoming a In addition. Rapid conversation. which includes a lot of touch a social media strategy. viral increased engagement. We leapfrogged into digital in a non-traditional way through affordable phones and apps. This factor can work against all brands. tutorials. providing viral.


Part 5 | The India Top 50 - Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015

Brand Building: Empowerment

Brands gain power
What does Tata Tea have to do with young people registering
as voters? The connection comes from the ability of the brand
to move from a generic tea benefit (“wakes you up”) to an
emotionally engaging one (“awakens you”).

by shifting Taking this idea a step further, the brand
then went on to develop a website that
helped those who had turned 18 to
register as voters. In a manner relevant
Apart from positively impacting
women’s lives, the company was also
able to gain a lot of media coverage
and became the subject of discussion
Actions for
advancing consumer

from consumer
to the brand, Tata advanced the idea among stakeholders and the public – empowerment
that awakened citizens are engaged a benefit that money can’t buy.
citizens and voting in elections is a
Consumers are less likely to tune out 1. INVEST TIME AND MONEY
simple but powerful way to participate in A sincere, empathetic attempt
actions that relate to improving their
a democracy. will pay off in the longer term. In

lives. They will be more receptive to
In a cluttered competitive environment, messages addressing real-life topics contrast, consumers can smell an
brands like Tata are able to transcend the rather than simply selling products. A insincere effort from a mile away.
product battle by speaking the language newspaper that advocated for a “No TV 2. SOLVE A REAL PROBLEM
of empathy and empowerment. What Day” engaged with audiences by taking Success strongly depends on
makes their approach worth noticing? on a consumer concern about excessive

to consumer
how deeply the initiative is able to
Brands that strive to solve a real problem TV watching. The idea also was a clever touch the consumer.
in consumers’ lives are well-placed to way for the newspaper to take a dig at
rise above their competition. its biggest competitive threat at the time, 3. GO BEYOND MESSAGING
TV news. An empowerment campaign
Figuring out how your brand can seek to could remain just an advertising
empower its audience should start with An empowerment approach can

message, but if you effect
the answer to a few questions. What dramatically raise public awareness not change in real life you’ll be more
are the biggest problems in consumers’ only of the brand, but also of important successful.
lives today? What can your brand do to social issues. By building wheelchair
solve them over and above delivering ramps, a leading floor tile brand 4. IDENTIFY A BRAND-
the physical and emotional benefits of advocated for equal access. Similarly, RELEVANT PURPOSE
your product? What societal tension can the ads of a leading laundry detergent While there is no dearth of
your brand credibly address and resolve? made the case for a more equitable problems to be solved or lives
What is your brand’s bigger purpose? sharing of household work between to be touched, it is best to focus

Brands with a higher purpose break Adopting a stance of consumer
empowerment rather than just
men and women.
Competitors would be loath to
on a purpose that connects with
your brand.

through the competitive clutter
consumer engagement helps you undertake a similar exercise. This 5. MAKE CONSUMERS
go beyond just ads. It converts presents an opportunity to strongly YOUR ADVOCATES
opportunities to communicate into “own” a particular concept in the The right audience appeal will
opportunities to act. Brands are consumer mind. So when Dove talks build grass-roots support to
remembered for their actions, not only about “real beauty” and delivers on by ensure that the initiative gains a
their campaigns. it creating a program of self-esteem life of its own.
education for young people, it is difficult
Purpose benefits for a competitor to even attempt 6. ADOPT THE
consumers and brands something similar. RIGHT METRICS
It’s important to measure
Unilever’s Project Shakti created many Taking up a particular cause also helps
the success of consumer
women entrepreneurs by appointing to create a multiplier effect as the
empowerment initiatives, but
Ogilvy & Mather is one of the largest marketing communications them as retailers for their products campaign rolls out over time, across
it requires more than metrics
companies in the world. It was named the Cannes Lions Network of in rural areas where the company’s different geographies and to additional
Abhishek Hariharan commonly used for sales or
Senior Planning Director the Year for four consecutive years, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015; and traditional distribution was not viable. audiences.
brand awareness.
Ogilvy & Mather the EFFIEs World’s Most Effective Agency Network for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013. Ogilvy Mumbai, the flagship office of Ogilvy &
Mather India, continues to be the most awarded agency office in India,
has been named Most Effective Agency of the Year in Asia Pacific 2014.
168 169

Part 5 | The India Top 50 - Brand Building Best Practices TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015

Brand Building: Delivery

When building a
Marketing is the arsenal of strategies and tactics that every brand uses to expand, impress and lure
the elusive mind of the consumer. Technology provides new ways to remind the consumer how she
can make her life easier, get discounts and find the best for her family. But is this enough to make
the consumer a satisfied and repeat customer?

great brand, delivery No. All this communication is a good
first step, but it’s only a first step. When
Flipkart launched its first flash sale the
e-commerce site got a lot of eyeballs,
A strong platform helps you to
While engaging the consumer

becomes much
curate content and provides endless you’ve raised expectations about the
interest and sign ups. However, the opportunities to personally connect brand. Make sure the brand delivers
opportunity failed to deliver. Instead, with the consumer. Unilever created on its promise. When Domino’s
irate consumers, whose orders were such a platform that transformed launched its pizzas in India the
abruptly cancelled by the overheated a feature phone into a personal brand was touted as the poor cousin
server, had to be calmed by a public entertainment station where the of its rivals. The brand focused

more than simply
apology. brand enjoyed sole advertising rights. on speed, promising 30-minute
Whether you are product oriented or Consumers connecting to a toll free delivery or the meal is free. Today,
service based, your brand promise lives number had access to four-to-five the chain has twice the number of
and dies by your ability to deliver. The minutes of entertaining clips and Indian outlets as McDonald’s.
final leg of brand experience is delivery. exposure to ads for Unilever’s flagship

an afterthought
Ensuring a product is delivered as brands. This initiative resulted in high
engagement, positive consumer CONTINUOUSLY
promised can make or break a brand.
reaction and a healthy revenue Use every viable medium of
Establish reliable logistical systems.
increase for Unilever. In urban communication to keep the
Set realistic customer expectations.
markets, car services Uber and Ola consumer abreast of your offering
Attempt to execute flawlessly. Here are
have connected instantly with the and the status of their order(s). Make
five steps we recommend for staying
consumers via convenient apps that sure you include information so that
on top of the game:
even pinpoint pick-up locations. the consumer is clear about how
to reach you. Ensure that the brand

It can cultivate repeat customers 2. MAKE IT PERSONAL
Talking to the consumer in a
language that directly addresses
is present across platforms popular
with your customers.

or produce disappointment her gives you an edge. When Ola
launched in Chennai, the taxi service
app included the tuk-tuks, the three-
In this connected world, we have
data flowing from every touch
wheel auto rickshaws that are popular point. Invest wisely in analytics to
in India. This initiative created buzz understand consumers and to draw
in the cost sensitive market. Invest in intelligence about their delivery
people and tell them the importance needs and requirements. Be careful
of being courteous and calm when to use big data in ways that improve
dealing with the consumer. customer service without being too

Narayanee Viswanathan
Account Director
Millward Brown

Millward Brown is a leading global research agency specializing
in advertising effectiveness, strategic communication, media and
brand equity research. Millward Brown helps clients grow great
brands through comprehensive research-based qualitative and
quantitative solutions.

170 171


Our Insights

The next growth driver for the live events like VH1
FMCG in India is the “live events” Supersonic or Sunburn
No one can ignore or In this period of increasing space. From the time concerts offer major
overlook the sudden competition, an event is announced opportunities for categories
boom of the e-commerce brands need to to the time it is like beauty and personal care,
in the last few years. With the understand how MARKETING MIX executed, every leg of including sunscreens, moisturizers
the journey presents or even mosquito repellents, along
ever-increasing number of consumers are using
New audience recruitment
websites selling everything from these channels. E-commerce is booming, itself as an opportunity with the usual suspects – energy
furniture to groceries, electronics Consumers see every platform for FMCG brands for a consumer drinks, refreshments or fashion
to designer clothes, there is channel as a solution but it’s not the only channel brand to engage. Live accessories.
almost nothing that cannot for their varied needs entertainment serves
Live events also present marketers
be bought online today. So in different situations. as an avenue to build,
Krishna Vilasini Bharadwaj with an opportunity to recruit new
while retailers are going all-out Understanding how sustain and engage audiences that
Kaveri Kshirsagar India Practice Chair, Health and Wellness customers. Live music events are
in pushing consumers on the consumers select among diverse Senior Research Executive Genesis Burson-Marsteller brands have spent time acquiring.
ideal for marketers who want their
online (even mobile) channel, shopping options is critical for Millward Brown
A veritable hotbed of untapped niche products to be sampled
a point worth considering is modern-day marketers in arriving potential customers is right there by first-time users. For instance,
the customer’s preference for at an optimal channel mix for for marketers keen to promote a tissue brand that is looking to
conventional retail channels. building and sustaining a loyal their FMCG brands with a medium capture the 14-to-20 age group
customer base. that probably is not yet part of could launch its new variant at a
their marketing mix. For example, New Year “sundowner” in Goa.

Fashion has been clubbed with These women may have
words like “oppression” and money but they lack
“victims,” but recently fashion fashion awareness, so they
has started empowering Indian turn to these sources for ideas
women. For young women to enhance their personal style Driven by changing year and help ensure that
in smaller towns, fashion is and fulfill their desire to stand out. consumer expectations hunger does not prevent
not only a means to be on and a desire to participate children from getting an PURPOSE
EMPOWERMENT Young women also tend to buy in advancing the common education.
par with their cosmopolitan

New fashions empower, counterparts, but is also a
more for less by shopping on
the street, or online on Flipkart,
welfare of India, marketers
increasingly support social
The popular video is just Marketers advance social
way of feeling empowered one example of the many
rather than oppress and confident.
Myntra, Jabong and similar online
outlets so that they can embrace
responsibility initiatives that that
brands that have come causes relevant to brands
are relevant to their brands.
For sources of inspiration fast fashion and be trendsetters forward and showcased
young women turn to themselves. In a time of constantly In a recent campaign, Ching’s their support for various
Secret, a Chinese food popular social issues prevalent in Sujit Gupta
Alisha Attarwala reality TV shows, Instagram, changing fashion, staying up-to- Research Executive
Assistant Planner Pinterest, make up tutorials on date with what they wear gives in India, collaborates with Yash India. Branding with a social
Millward Brown
Ogilvy & Mather YouTube, Indian and international these women the opportunity and Raj Films on short video for purpose or a cause not only
fashion blogs, and beauty apps. means to empower themselves. the Akshaya Patra Foundation, enhances the brand image but
which provides school lunches. also extends awareness for
The video asks people to the cause beyond the target
donate a small amount that audience.
will feed a child for an entire

172 173

PART Resources .


Isolating and component assesses future earnings being Meaningful (a combination of measuring this intangible asset reveals prospects as a multiple of current emotional and rational affinity). the investment value is still not quite the core that we yields a metric we call the Attribution basis. in-depth So now we have got from the total the signposts we need to navigate the portion of Corporate Earnings to each depth quantitative consumer research. consider these three FINANCIAL VALUE to determine the market value of the answer when people are making were selected for inclusion in the fundamental questions: why is brand These brands are unique in a positive stocks (Example: 6X earnings or 12X category purchases). BrandZ™ community and others to evaluate and Rate. for example: price. building up a build up a global picture of brands on a quantifies the worth of these powerful that is the branded value of the from annual reports and other sources. At the heart of a brand’s value is its but intangible corporate assets. a Contribution. in- worldwide. To arrive at Brand Value. This intensive. Information supplied by ahead of the curve for the benefit of We identify the purchase volume and Brands 2015 based on the unique and important. brand. our research now Globally. we analyze financial information online and face-to-face. of Financial Value. This analysis by-category and market-by-market market basis. BrandZ™ is the only can be uniquely distinguished from the corporation across a portfolio its competitors by the way we obtain and guidance for choices made by of brands. global picture of brands on a category- category-by-category and market-by. STEP 2: CALCULATING brand valuation methodology that consumer viewpoints. the BrandZ™ methodology from BrandZ™ is the only brand valuation different brands. The result is Brand earnings. Brands provide clarity and important. If the Attribution Rate of a brand competitors that rely only on a panel tool that peels away all of the financial MEANINGFUL is 50 percent. It business. Brands provide VALUATION To make sure we attribute the correct conducting worldwide on-going. being an additional source of shareholder earnings. as the brand of choice for key needs. We start with the corporation. We multiply Corporate Earnings by the such as the in-market and logistical 100. why is brand valuation way and “set the trends”. the Brand Multiple. quantitative consumer research.000 creating the greatest attraction power DISTINCTION OF BRANDZ™ Earnings. in-market our research includes over 100. And values and benefits consistently Here’s what makes BrandZ™ so unique The BrandZ™ valuation methodology we need to apportion the earnings of delivered. on-going. what’s happening today – is less predisposing consumers to choose the which is expressed as a percentage important than prospects for future brand or pay more for it. In some any extra price premium delivered by objective BrandZ™ brand valuation the definitive brand valuation tool? Brand Multiple. Brand Value is the dollar amount requires adding another component brands that we know make people a brand contributes to the overall to our BrandZ™ formula. We call this methodology that combines extensive SALIENT Earnings and multiply that number by and on-going consumer research with IMPORTANCE OF BRAND brand. Predicting future earnings We focus on the three aspects of Value. and being Salient 178 179 . and what makes BrandZ™ Bloomberg data helps us calculate a the consumer. performance. In India. then half What we are after is the value of the of “experts”. exists in the minds of consumers.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: BrandZ™ Brand Valuation Methodology Introduction The Valuation Process The brands that appear in this report Before reviewing the details of this DIFFERENT STEP 1: CALCULATING calculation used by financial analysts (coming to mind quickly and easily as are the most valuable in India. what we call Brand PART B the ability of brand associations in individual’s expectations Contribution. This core. rigorous financial analysis. we covers over three million consumers million consumers and more than uniquely measures this appeal compare brands and make faster and need to peel away a few more layers. This buy more and pay more for brands: value of a corporation. differentiates BrandZ™. our research covers three and potential customers. Brands embody a core promise of call Financial Value. Now we take the Financial Value and What happened in the past – or even consumers’ minds to deliver sales by and needs.000 different and validates it against actual sales better-informed decisions. investors and IMPORTANCE OF BRAND BRAND CONTRIBUTION obtains this customer viewpoint by other stakeholders. the amount of Corporate branded business. We take the Branded cases.000 different brands in over 50 brands in over 50 markets. In other cases. these brands and gets to the core – how much STEP 3: CALCULATING as coming from that brand. We conduct companies. ability to appeal to relevant customers enables brand owners. Brands that succeed in Attribution Rate to arrive at Branded factors that influence the value of the markets. multiply it by Brand Contribution. consumer research differentiates consumers and more than 1. corporation owns many brands.000 are those that are: Earnings attributed to a particular availability and distribution. We call this component Different (or at least feeling that way value that otherwise would not exist. BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian important. and Brand valuation is a metric that value of the corporation to the part consumer and B2B landscapes. a corporation owns only one these brand associations. are after. In any category.Part 6 | The India Top 50 . All Corporate Earnings come the Brand Multiple to arrive at what we unique role played by brand. They methodology. Globally. for example. It’s similar to the to consumers). generate brand alone contributes to corporate That means we have to assess BRAND VALUE greater “love” and meet the value. or purely on financial and and other components of brand value the Corporate Earnings are identified intangible asset of the brand itself that market desktop research. and more than 100. appeal more. staying PART A earnings). Brand They come spontaneously to mind from that brand. brand. But this branded business such as Kantar Retail. consumers.

picture of the brand. Power is a BrandZ™ component of part company. The brand comes to mind quickly and day. scale of one to five. SALIENT consumers and more than 1. a complicated accounting method Brand Contribution is expressed on a exercise produces an important but The BrandZ™ methodology produces 25 percent of earnings from called Royalty Relief Valuation. Consumers feel an affinity for the of the brand at this point lacks WHY IS THE BRANDZ™ • Members of the financial BRAND POWER brand or think it meets their needs.Part 6 | The India Top 50 . This is where the BrandZ™ goes much further and is The brand feels different to other C-suite. Success on these components can be attributed directly to a brand impact of brand alone. investors and measurement of a brand’s competitive the consumer. brand and pay a premium for it. are similar – up to a point. on future earnings. Brand methodologies of our competitors important. This OF BRANDZ™? • Bank brands derived at least other factors. depend on BrandZ™ for the position in its category. includes three million consumers those insights into strategies for and more than 100. In India. It roughly BrandZ™ methodology and the more relevant. financial for the category. our on. which is the consumer Salient actually paying for brands every more deeply understand the causal predisposition to choose one brand over another. important benefits for two broad retail business. current and future earnings that in the mind of the consumer and the contribute their opinions.000 brands in building brand equity. ELIGIBILITY DEFINITIONS MEANINGFUL. Once we have the brands in the category. links between brand strength. input from the people whose METHODOLOGY SUPERIOR? community. constantly. Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands These are the three BrandZ™ research and sophisticated 2015 report meet two eligibility criteria: Brand Contribution is a BrandZ™ Interbrand derives the consumer point components of brand equity: mathematical formulas to calculate measurement of a brand’s uniqueness of view from panels of experts who • Brands are owned by an enterprise Meaningful. with five being Meaningful the highest.000 The brands included in the BrandZ™ BRAND CONTRIBUTION All methodologies use financial THE CONSUMER VIEW? different brands. and to translate to category purchase. Globally. sales readily when activated by ideas related going. What’s missing? The picture audiences. we communicate with consumers. Different and Salient. opinions are most important – Brand Power is a BrandZ™ Different shareholders. 180 181 . including analysts. people who are • Brand owners turn to BrandZ™ to brand equity. COMPETITION DETERMINE our research covers over 100. in-depth quantitative research and profits. or sets trends most reliable and accurate brand correlates with volume share. The Brand WHAT’S THE BENEFIT listed on a stock exchange in India.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: BrandZ™ Brand Valuation Methodology Why BrandZ™ is the definitive Eligibility criteria Brand valuation methodology and definitions All brand valuation methodologies HOW DOES THE over 50 markets worldwide.000 DIFFERENT. incomplete picture. value information available. without any Finance methodology employees predisposes consumers to choose a rather than to the corporation. but incomplete.

Latin American Top 50. 182 183 . But those brands with a better its potential impact on brands. or exclusive industry insights. High Desire Major brands are especially Brand personality analysis deepens brand and habits of China’s rising middle and forms part of a growing library of the socioeconomic context for brand enables Price flexibility. The Chinese New Year in TrustR Indonesian Top 50 and many Next Growth Cities more insightful reports on your Engaging Consumers in The report explores how Chinese smartphone or tablet. valuable brands. This new study analyses the success Chinese New Year on iTunes Recommendation results in a new To learn more about BrandZ™ data or valuation study. underpinned by the power of BrandZ™. search Golden Desire for a brand and the time. analysing key trends outlines major trends driving brand of Indonesian brands. please visit www. meaning and significance of the “Chinese Need an interesting and stimulating way to gap between the consumer’s cultivated over a long period of Dream” for Chinese consumers as well as engage with your clients? Want to impress them For the iPad magazine. improved CharacterZ can help! It is a fun visual brand’s Price.BrandZ. Brazil. Responsibility and which allows detailed understanding of your optimize their profit and. Find out how your brand’s personality. the Post-Recession World families celebrate this ancient festival Trust is no longer enough. A new vulnerable to unforeseen events understanding class and explores opportunities for WPP reports about China. BrandZ™ is the for brands and retailers. By quantifying Four key factors drive Reputation: analysis. This combination of Trust plus This is the definitive global brand The report profiles Chinese brands. measures the that can quickly threaten the equity brands in many categories. market-positioning potential.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: BrandZ™ Reports. Chinese Top 100. Colombia. examining the metric called TrustR. with your understanding of their brand? A new and BrandZ Latin America on iTunes. Trust. Fairness. unlocks year-round opportunities the brand’s promise developed over (for iPhone and Android). metric. growth and includes commentary on the dynamics shaping this fast-emerging videos. search For the iPad magazine.BrandZ. confirmation of that promise).Part 6 | The India Top 50 . leadership and a retrospective look at home and abroad. thought growing influence of Chinese brands at market and offering insights for building contact any WPP company. Strong To download the apps for the BrandZ™ and describes how the holiday brands inspire both Trust (belief in rankings go to www. 10 years of Chile. or view one of our industry insight driving the world’s largest brands. Mexico and Peru and explores Desire is primary. Apps and iPad Magazines BrandZ™: The ultimate resource for brand knowledge and insight BRANDZ™ ON THE MOVE Get the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. focused source of brand equity knowledge Valuable Global Brands 2015 Valuable Chinese Brands 2015 Indonesian Brands 2015 For the iPad magazine search for and insight. Value-D. BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable The Chinese Golden Weeks The Power and Potential of the ValueD RepZ CharacterZ Latin American Brands 2014 in Fast Growth Cities Chinese Dream Balancing Desire and Maximising Brand and Brand personality analysis deepens The report profiles the most valuable Using research and case studies. report examines the shopping attitudes Dream” is rich with knowledge and insight. the “The Power and Potential of the Chinese Price for Brand Success Corporate Integrity brand understanding brands of Argentina. Weeks on iTunes consumer’s perception of the reputation are much more resilient. Value-D helps brands Success. this gap. especially in BrandZ™ Top 100 Most BrandZ™ Top 100 Most BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable time) and Recommendation (current world’s largest and most reliable customer- China’s lower tier cities. It explores the growth in the region. brand performs.



Advertising. network across India. we are one seamless team that has a www. brand imprints to help us understand how consumers view and and AD AGE’s “Agency of the Year” in 2014. Amarprakash Developers. Sansui. we are part of the WPP Group. We use our in-depth understanding of marketing and companies. plus local affiliations that reach more than 100 cities nationwide. common purpose and attitude: integrated across four practices Encompass for experiential marketing. which includes Bengaluru. The latter are driven affairs consultancy that delivers integrated communication services media agencies including Mindshare.hkstrategies. through Mainstream advertising. Godrej. and operations in The agency specializes in corporate communications. GBM Contract Advertising. Mumbai. stakeholders and people. GBM Client Studio. Kelvinator. Committed to Being More. Cvl. Gurgaon and insights for our clients’ businesses. each global operations in their own right with www. (International Market). (Corporate Lucy. is the leading global media investment communications company that specializes in four practices viz. Assetz Property. GroupM’s focus is to deliver unrivaled marketplace advantage to its countries like Bangladesh. A network of practices. GBM Digital Studio. The firm is headquartered in Founded in 1986.brandunion. MEC. Managing Director Chairman & Managing Director Vartika. Edelweiss. finance.Srinivas@groupm. Mondelez. Saint We are passionate about people and how they interface with brands. Amira Pure owned offices in seven of India’s key metros and a strong affiliate proprietary tool development and other business-critical capabilities. We performance of WPP’s media agencies by operating as leader and marketing communications agency that offers a truly integrated Contract creates brand conversations for some of India’s most have created a network across South Asia which includes wholly collaborator in trading.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: WPP Company Contributors These companies contributed knowledge. media & Lucy Unger Sunil Lulla Head Firefly Millward Brown. Domino’s Pizza. Pakistan and Sri Prema Sagar Principal & Founder Tarun Rai Prema. GlaxoSmithKline. crisis. Bengaluru and Kolkata. clients. Star Gold. www. consumer behavior to identify true brand opportunities that inspire banner of “GREY Famously Effective Since 1917. Walter Thompson is South Asia’s leading and most admired Bangalore with 225 people. The agency is part of WPP. Dell. admired and iconic brands such as Asian Paints.Part 6 | The India Top 50 . part of WPP. brand management and employee engagement. Sri Lanka and Nepal.Lulla@grey. Shoppers Stop . UTI Mutual Fund. www. Walter Thompson/WPP GroupM network (NASDAQ:WPPGY) is an integrated and independent GENESIS BURSON-MARSTELLER GroupM. Mumbai in India. associate network. Design Sutra to some of the best global and Indian companies. VIP and Wills lifestyle amongst others. It operates through three offices in Mumbai. Truly Madly. Kenstar. South Asia entertainment. HSBC.groupm. a member of the J. www. Ten Sports. WALTER THOMPSON & iContract. content creation.fireflymb. Thompson Social for Social Portea Medical. to communications services. Tata Tele Services. Using our proprietary experience framework. Grey Group covers It is the pursuit of this interaction that allows us to deliver illuminating In India. Brands benefit blue-chip client roster of many of the world’s best known companies: New York. Design Rana Barua  and Digital. Britannia. Tata Docomo. Kraft-Cadbury(Mondelez). Walter Thompson / WPP Live! Newsroom) and Business Divisions (Step Up. Hill+Knowlton Strategies has more than 130 consultants experience brands and how we can help enhance every moment 28 cities in 16 countries. Vartika Hali marketing communications. Life OK. Bhutan. country. ideas driven and result oriented Speakers Bureau) to assist clients achieve their business objectives. encounters. Firefly Millward Brown is one of the largest global qualitative research GREY group ranks among the largest global communications Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Shell . technology. Centres of Expertise CEO GroupM South Asia for Rural Communications. JK Radhika Shapoorjee President Radhika.contractindia. that specializes in four practices viz. Revlon. communication solutions to its clients from across its six offices in the Dabur. and digital communications. Starsports. Genesis Burson-Marsteller is a leading public relations and public management operation serving as the parent company to WPP and Social Wavelength for Digital and Social Media Marketing. Tata Motors and Technology as well as Health and Wellness). we create name a few. providing services to local. Walter Thompson India provides powerful 360 degrees total Foods. GroupM’s primary purpose is to maximize 188 189 . evidence based. Consulting. CONTRACT USL.Rai@jwt. GBM Content & Design Bureau. Inc. Maxus and through the three specialist verticals – Core Consulting. For more information please visit www. (namely. LINE. is a leading international design. Wipro. Acer.Gensets . Its parent company is WPP (NASDAQ:WPPGY). Chennai. Delhi and creating real measurable impact on our client’s business through leading market positions. Adobe. COO www. expertise and perspective to the report BRAND UNION FIREFLY MILLWARD BROWN GREY HILL+KNOWLTON STRATEGIES We are a global brand agency with deep expertise in brand strategy. CEO South Asia Tarun. Under the communications consultancy. MediaCom.Sagar@bm. Our focus is on Motivator in India. GBM Crisis & Issues Group.” the agency serves a multinational and global clients. serving every market. STAR Plus. Telecom CVL Srinivas Development Sector Communications and J. Cadbury. In Asia. NIIT. Mantri Developers. Volvo. 500 people in 25 locations around the Sunil. footprint in over 200 cities across India and in neighbouring J. Corporate and Air Pegasus. Quikr. The Outstanding network is an integrated and independent communications company www. We believe that strategic recommendations to drive brand Rana. Design and Digital. with 87 offices in 51 countries as well as an extensive experiences form the basis of all kinds of human relationships and from Firefly’s cultural understanding of the 40 local markets we serve Procter & Gamble. ITC. sports. a member of the J. public affairs. the world leader in that the strongest bonds form over time as a result of multiple positive and the regional and global context we provide. Walter Thompson Rural com. digital. of interaction.jwt. Ferrero. ITC.grey. Nepal. Sugar Free. Hungama Digital Services Jaypee Associates. GREY was named ADWEEK’s “Global Agency of the Year” hkstrategies. www. Brand and Consumer. Executive Chairman & National Creative Lulu Raghavan Director Managing Director Piyush. brand and intelligence). We do this by turning big ideas shopper intercept.Mehta@socialwavelength. Sanjay. Landor financial returns on brand and marketing local markets. O&M services Fortune Vikram Menon Landor is a member of the Young & Rubicam Global 500 companies as well as local President Group within WPP. We deliver growth for their business goals. environments and experiences. CEO .co. for the third consecutive year.1 Digital www. The company employs over 179. Their offerings range to Taj—to stand for something while never through comprehensive research-based the EFFIEs World’s Most Effective Agency and data into personal experiences to help our retailers and brand owners across five from Social Media Communications. 2012. Millward Network of the Year for four consecutive clients is to help them unlock the full value point where the retailer. engagement sophisticated systems. and World Gold Council. identity and design.000 people (including associates) in over 3. Our core promise to and shopper experiences. we are one of the industry’s information and technology. For more information. For 500 offices in 126 countries. one of the world’s 4th Most Effective Agency in 2014 and 2015 CFO. production. Taj Group.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: WPP Company Contributors These companies contributed 10 consecutive years by The Brand Equity www. more information.Zachariah@smollan. the world. Our work enables media and brand equity research.Menon@ogilvy.3 For further information about Lulu. and of customers. It was named the Cannes Lions Forrester Research. WPP was named Holding Company of the Year at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for the fourth year running. Café Coffee Day. Through its operating billion and revenues of $17. standing still. www. Piyush Pandey www. digital operational execution for three generations. has most highly awarded agencies. Jet Airways. it has also earned the title of Neo@Ogilvy India has won Best Mobile Hareesh@socialwavelength.Basu@millwardbrown. effectiveness. which recognizes the effectiveness of marketing communications. The Managing Director WARC100. Ogilvy & Mather is comprised of provided consistent excellence in Conversations for our clients. and buying. ICICI Prasun Basu   5th Smartest Digital Agency Worldwide by Agency in India 2015 by IDMA. working with a broad OgilvyOne India has been named No. largest communications services groups. brand owner and Digital solutions which help them achieve top brands—from Barclays to BMW and Tide Brown helps clients grow great brands years. Lavasa. (NASDAQ: WPPGY).smollan. Ogilvy Mumbai. We also run the region’s largest Social Media global qualitative network). action and deriving intelligence from the consultancy helping companies maximize Unilever and UPS and leading clients in our marketing. Global pioneered many of the research.brandz. respectively. shopper and retail marketing. the Group provides a BrandZ™ contact any WPP Group comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services including advertising and media company or visit: investment management. design.1 Agency for Park Hotels. dedicated to listening to Social the value of traditional research techniques). IBM. the flagship office of more valuable. British and follow Landor on Facebook andTwitter. has been ranked India’s No. and positioning. visit www.Raghavan@landor. activation. and interactive and media In India.landor. Focused on perfecting retail First Digital Agency. Founded by Walter Landor in 1941. Ogilvy India Bank.HFS Unilever Sanjay Mehta & Hareesh Tibrewala the branding industry. Tata healthcare and public relations. WPP was also named. again named Most Effective Rajan. public relations and public affairs. and investments). clients including American Express. and taking and Millward Brown Vermeer (a strategy Hotel Agency of the Year 2014 in EFFIES India 2014. promotion and relationship marketing and specialist communications. an exceptional human platform and Command Center . With over 100 offices in more sales and retail branding and identity. research and analytics. Reliance DuPont.millwardbrown. Smollan has operation.000 offices across 112 190 191 . CEOs offices in 21 countries. industry leading units in advertising.socialwavelength. continues to be the than 50 countries. qualitative and quantitative solutions.Part 6 | The India Top 50 . Intercontinental and activation. design. naming With extensive industry experience. healthcare communications. The roster of architecture.wpp. a WPP company www. Mahindra. spectrum of world-famous brands. the world’s largest businesses through its network of more than WPP is the world’s largest communications services group with billings in 2013 of $72. Agency Reckoner. Landor has 27 WPP’s data investment management division. expertise and perspective to the report A W P P C O M PA N Y LANDOR MILLWARD BROWN OGILVY & MATHER OGILVYONE WORLDWIDE SMOLLAN SOCIAL WAVELENGTH As a global leader in brand consulting and Millward Brown is a leading global Ogilvy & Mather is one of the largest OgilvyOne Worldwide is the world’s leading Smollan is an international retail solutions Social Wavelength is India’s leading Social- design. Firefly Millward Brown (our most awarded agency office in India. www. Millward Brown operates in unit of Ogilvy & Mather. please visit the website www. 2014 and 2015. strategic Global Beverages. Digital Media planning and Specialist global practices include Millward 2013. Network for two consecutive years 2012 and clients win more customers and make them continents through leading solutions in field Social Listening. Clients Agency in India. marketing and communications firm. Landor helps clients create agile research agency specializing in advertising marketing communications companies in Customer Engagement include Anita Dongre. Nestlé. direct. OgilvyOne Worldwide is a www. BlackRock. as ranked by company.a 24x7 Social Listening Practice (using neuroscience to optimize Year in Asia Pacific 2014. IKEA.wpp. we are the pivot partners with clients to build Social and disruptive marketplace. data investment management. the World’s Most Effective Holding Company in the 2014 Effie Effectiveness Effie Index ranked O&M Mumbai 3rd and Rajan Zachariah consulting methods that are now standard in more than 55 countries and is part of Kantar. a Neuroscience been named Most Effective Agency of the clients is equally balanced between global and verbal identity.Pandey@ogilvy.3 billion. prototyping. digital. 2013. Social Wavelength brands that thrive in today’s dynamic. and Digital content and technology Landor’s branding services include strategy Brown Digital (a leader in digital effectiveness Ogilvy & Mather India.

Walter Thompson Ogilvy & Mather Millward Brown J. Millward Brown Millward Brown Millward Brown Social Wave Length J. Vaijayanthi Kari.Part 6 | The India Top 50 . analysis and insight to the report Jasmeeta Agarwal Almas Ahmed Alisha Attarwala Carolina Bajaj Saumya Baijal Shaveta Bhardwaj Kaveri Kshirsagar Krishnakoli Sengupta Kumar Siddhant Lahiri Gaurav Mehta Parnika Mehta Veruschka Menon Ogilvy & Mather Contract Ogilvy & Mather Hill & Knowlton Strategies Ogilvy & Mather Millward Brown Millward Brown Smollan J. Walter Thompson J. Walter Thompson OgilvyOne Worldwide Landor Genesis Burson-Marsteller Millward Brown Thanks also to India country manager Ranjan Kapur and to these WPP companies and individuals: Genesis Burson-Marsteller: Deepshikha Dharmaraj. B. Walter Thompson J. Natasha Kini. Walter Thompson Millward Brown Millward Brown Ogilvy & Mather Vipasha Bhuptani Ambrish Chaudhry Arnab Chaudhuri Anchit Chauhan Carl Daji Ashwath Ganesan Pragya Patra Sakina Pittalwala Mausami Prasad Chandana Raizada Sandeep Ranade Sheryl Roche Ogilvy & Mather Brand Union J. Walter Thompson 192 193 . Walter Thompson Millward Brown Ogilvy & Mather Nisha Ganneri Aakriti Goel Marisha Gupta Sujit Gupta Vartika Hali Abhishek Hariharan Saloni Sabnis Urmi Saha Shriya Sengupta Mehul Shah Atul Sharma Pawan Singh Ogilvy & Mather GREY Group Millward Brown Millward Brown Firefly Millward Brown Ogilvy & Mather Millward Brown Millward Brown Ogilvy & Mather Contract Genesis Burson-Marsteller Millward Brown Siddhanth Hoskote Raman Iyer Shradha Jadhav Aditi Jain Aparna Jain Warish Jain Nishith Srivastava Ajay Tawde Gazala Vahanvati Krishna Vilasini Narayanee Viswanathan Millward Brown Contract Millward Brown J. Walter Thompson Contract OgilvyOne Worldwide Ogilvy & Mather Firefly Millward Brown Millward Brown J. Ramanathan.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: WPP Company Brand Building Experts These individuals from WPP companies provided additional thought leadership. and Madukar Sabnavis. Dinesh Kapoor Ashish Karnad Saurabh Karve Mihir Karkare Shaziya Khan Divya Khanna Appreciation also to Impact Research & Measurement. Radhika Mehta and Prema Sagar GroupM: Jai Lala and CVL Srinivas Ogilvy & Mather: Pooja Motwani. research.

editorial. Africa and Asia. was involved in the creation of is closely involved with the launch of manages the brand valuation projects for She is responsible for valuation. Amandine Bavent is a BrandZ™ Valuation Elspeth Cheung is the Global BrandZ™ Amit Singh is a Senior Analyst for BrandZ™ Raam Tarat is Global Communications and Peter Walshe. Millward Cecilie Østergren is a professional photographer David Roth is the CEO of the Store WPP for Ken Schept is a professional writer & Business Development Director. researching brands and communication for the BrandZ™ rankings BrandZ™ rankings and other ad hoc brand reports. the Middle East. performing valuations. consumer insight and portraits. including CharacterZ. is responsible for overseeing the marketing Brown and assists with the marketing and is responsible for financial analysis. communications of the BrandZ™ projects. profiles research and commercial validation outstanding market research and strategic has also collaborated on other BrandZ™ for the BrandZ™ rankings. conceptualizing the insights & key WPP agencies since 2009. Chintan Miquet Humphryes is Director of Global Ben Marshall is Global Communications Gaurav Mittal is a Research Analyst of Doreen Wang is the Global Head of Margarita Ylla serves as project manager Desai. performing valuations. and RepZ. performing valuations. brand with 15 years experience in providing Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands. He Manager for Millward Brown. production. communications studies and developed BrandZ™ metrics. BrandZ™. marketing and communications Mayank Agarwal Aman Aggarwal Binata Banerjee Cecilie Østergren David Roth Ken Schept Mayank Agarwal is the Marketing Aman Aggarwal is Research Analyst for Binata is Account Manager. she has worked closely with Europe. Cecilie specializes in and leads the BrandZ™ worldwide project. specializing in articles and reports about Millward Brown South Asia. brand profiles takeaways for BrandZ™ India. and has contributed to all the valuation financial analysis. Miquet Humphryes Ben Marshall Gaurav Mittal Doreen Wang Margarita Ylla With thanks and appreciation to: Richard Ballard. TrustR.Part 6 | The India Top 50 . South Asia Region. photography. and a seasoned executive for The Store WPP and for the BrandZ™ Madhavan Nair. Global Strategy Director of Millward Brown. Boni Sones. marketing and retailing. at Millward Brown. He BrandZ™. valuation projects. providing research. Brazil and Director of the international retailer. other locations to photograph images for the of his career as an editor with a leading US BrandZ™ reports. BrandZ™ valuation at Millward Brown. Prior to joining WPP David was main Board past several years he’s helped develop the research and commercial validation for She has travelled extensively in China. consulting for senior executives in Fortune country reports. Anthony Marris. He BrandZ™. BrandZ™ library of reports. For the the BrandZ™ India project. Her role involves conducting client management and external and brand profiles research for the Global Top 100 report and select country ago. He is responsible for Marketing Manager at Millward Brown. and social media for BrandZ™ projects. and Lynne Oxley. Brown India.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: The BrandZ™ India Top 50 Team These individuals created the report. Natasha Isaac. financial analysis project manages production of the BrandZ™ this brand equity and insight tool 17 years BrandZ™ India. 500 companies in both the US and China. analysis and insight. He spent much the BrandZ™ rankings. documentary. She Valuation Director for Millward Brown. He heads He is responsible for financial analysis. She and communications for the Top 100 ranking. as well as marketing. Prasun Basu Amandine Bavent Elspeth Cheung Amit Singh Raam Tarat Peter Walshe Prasun Basu is the Managing Director. She and Marketing Assistant at Millward BrandZ™ valuation at Millward Brown. Tuhin Dasgupta. and other ad hoc brand valuation projects. business-to-business publisher. brands. 194 195 . Corporate Marketing at Millward Brown. B&Q. She is involved in based in Denmark. valuations. analysis.

Part 6 | The India Top 50 . (For more information. government offices and agencies. shopper Elspeth Cheung marketing. law firms.Resources TOP 50 MOST VALUABLE INDIAN BRANDS 2015 Resources: BrandZ™ Brand Valuation Contact Details / WPP in India Brand Valuation Contact Details The brand valuations in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2015 are produced by Millward Brown using market data from Bloomberg.Guerrieria@millwardbrown. this database of brand analytics and equity is the world’s work in 64 companies and 266 offices Martin Guerrieria across India. please visit www. corporations and news organizations in over 150 WPP Country Manager. please or contact: 196 197 . Belinda. PR. in Mumbai. knowledge. Head of Corporate Communications.Roth@wpp. Hyderabad and many Millward Brown other cities.wpp. Doreen. Delhi.Cheung@millwardbrown. For further information about BrandZ™ contact any WPP Group company or: in India Doreen Wang We help build valuable brands Global Head of BrandZ™ Millward Brown Our WPP companies have been engaged Ranjan Kapur +1 212 548 7231 in India for more than 85 years.brandz. Kolkata.000 people including associates They provide the Millward Brown value.Kapur@wpp. The consumer viewpoint is derived from the BrandZ™ contact any of the WPP companies that contributed to this report or contact: David Roth www. Bloomberg The Bloomberg Professional service is the source of real-time and historical financial news and information for central banks. and For further information about WPP implementation necessary to understand companies worldwide. insight. Established in 1998 and constantly updated. investment institutions. please visit: Global BrandZ™ Valuation Director Indonesia and build and sustain brand www. Today. Belinda Rabano Global BrandZ™ Research Director CEO The Store. WPP EMEA and Asia David. media. India 14. digital. commercial banks. +44 (0) 207 126 5073 WPP Asia Pacific Martin.000 different brands in over 50 markets. marketing. To learn more about how to apply +44 (0) 207 126 5174 this expertise to benefit your brand. containing over three million consumer interviews about more than insight.


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