2/26/2017 What is the function of a station transformer and auxiliary transformer in thermal power stations?

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What is the function of a station transformer and
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auxiliary transformer in thermal power stations? best answers on Quora.

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Apoorva Sohani, works at National Thermal Power Corporation How power is transformed?
Written Jun 15, 2015
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I work in NTPC so I feel obliged to answer this question. I will answer this question stations?
assuming that you have some basic knowledge about how a thermal power plant
What is the auxiliary power for a power station?
works. Power crises in India is of utmost importance for us to solve. In such situation
we cannot afford a plant shut down due to failure of any device. Hence arrangements What is a station transformer?
are made such that each and every device/facility has a back up. Station and auxiliary
Why do large power station transformers and
transformers are also a part of such arrangement. For your clear understanding I will transmission cables have cylindrical disc­like
provide a simple Single line diagram (SLD). structures?

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So as you can see from the diagram that every unit has a generator which is connected
to the grid through 23.5KV/400 KV generator transformer (GT). The generator also
supplies power to the unit transformers which are 23.5KV /11KV. These are used to
supply power to 11 KV drives.  Meanwhile the grid is connected to the same droves
through the station transformer which is 400KV /11KV transformer. The fig clearly
shows the interconnection between the unit and station transformer buses. This
arrangement is done so that if one of the unit transformer is under maintenance then
the other should take up all the load. If in case the generation had itself stopped due
to in adequate steam parameters, or some essential drive failure etc the other drives
may be kept under service by taking the power from the grid and keeping the plant
alive until the main problem is sorted out.  The main reason behind this is if due to
some interruption
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  Similarly is the working of a plant. Mills. Retired ED from NTPC Written Mar 27.  Cooling water pump etc.9k Views · View Upvotes Upvote 5 Downvote Comment Shaurya Sheth. 19.quora. 3. To give you an example.. time and manhours 1 Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Palak to start the full capacity generation again. The rating of this transformer (MVA rating) will be almost equal to the alternator or generator rating. And auxillary transformers are those which are used for the auxillary machines which are used inside the plant to run the plant. 2016 Generator Transformer: This is the main power transformer employed in the power plant.6kV (230/6. we can't afford losing it.6kV or 400kV/6. To sustain the generation. demineralised cooling water pump etc.    So here enters the unit auxiliary transformer which steps down from 11KV to 3.6kV) and supply the power to the electrical auxiliaries present in the plant (motors. it takes a lot of money. forced draft fan.3KV and supplies to most of the auxiliaries like condensate extraction pump. 5. Consider you put up a shop and keep a boy as the keeper there for full time. 2016 Station Transformer supply power to main plant ie all drive  motors to Steam Turbine and Steam Generator of a Power Plant while auxiliary Transformer supply power to other utilities like Circulating water . Stepping up the voltage reduces the transmission losses which occur during the power transmission to long distances.7k Views · View Upvotes Upvote 4 Downvote Comment 1 John Marsh. drives.  Induced draft fan. These are all vital and take most of the portion of auxiliary power consumption. Further the unit transformers branch into unit service transformers  (not shown in the diagram) which step down 11KV to 415V abs station transformer branches into station service transformers again stepping down to 415V. Some of the 11KV drives are Motor driven Boiler feed pump.7k Views Upvote Downvote Comment 1 Answer Collapsed (Why?) Upvote 71 Downvote Comments 2+ https://www. The same interconnection between these 415V buses as you can see in the 11KV buses are done and this will provide a firm supply to all the LT(low tension ) switchgears. So to sustain your income you pay a small portion as a salary to that boy. the generator gives a small portion to its auxiliaries which help it in running. Auxiliary cooling water pump. Electrical Engineer Written Jun 5. Such huge is the system.2/26/2017 What is the function of a station transformer and auxiliary transformer in thermal power stations? ­ Quora allowed to shut down and cool down then. 2015 Station transformers are that transformers in which input is from the generator and output goes to the bus bar.4k Views · View Upvotes Laxman Gupta.com/What­is­the­function­of­a­station­transformer­and­auxiliary­transformer­in­thermal­power­stations 2/3 . lighting and other plant loads).  Primary air fan.Air conditioning. coal handling plant etc 3. So it's input is from the bus bar to all the auxillary machines inside the plant. studied at Electronics and Communication Engineering Written Jan 22. You due to some reasons cannot run the shop by yourself and this is your only source of income. Unit Auxiliary Transformers: These transformers are connected to the Generator Transformer bus. It steps the voltage from 21kV to 230 or 400kV and delivers the power. These transformers steps down the voltage from 230kV or 400kV to 6.  Instrument air compressor.