Olivarez College

Dr. A. Santos Ave. San Dionisio Parañaque City
Prelim Examination in RIZAL
First Sem. 2016-2017

Name: __________________________________ Date: ___________Score: ______
Faculty: Ms. Priscilla T. Manuel Permit No. ________

DIRECTIONS: Choose the letter of the correct answer and write it on the
blank provided before the number:

_____1. This country developed the invincible navy and had well armed and trained
soldiers which were source of pride for the British people.
A. Russia C. Germany
B. Italy D. England

_____2. His reign was generally peaceful where Spain being free from social
upheavals and military coup
A. Manuel Pavia C. Alfonso Xll
B. Gen. Martinez Campos D. Queen Elizabeth

_____3. The last Malay king clan of Tondo where Rizal’s mother came from
A. Diego Silang C. Lapu-Lapu
B. Lakandula D. Miguel Lopez

_____4. He was Rizal’s first school fight in Binan.
A. Juan C. Pedro
B. Benito D. Loloy

_____5. She’s a little lady who started the great war in America.
A. Harriet Beecher Stowe C. Hariet Becher Staw
B. Harriet Beech Stowe D. Hariett Becker Stowe

_____6. Rizal and Jose Guevarra had the same interest in the art of painting which
made them know as
A. Fashionista C. Magnifico
B. Excellent painters D. Fashionable painters

_____7. At a young age, Rizal was already exposed to the brutalities of Spanish
authorities particularly the __ who were supposed to protect the people from harm.
A. Policemen C. Guardia Civil
B. Traffic enforcer D. Parish Priest
_____8. The title of the poem where Rizal and his nephew Antonio got a controversy.
A. Mi Ultimo Adios C. To the Young Women of Malolos
B. My First Inspiration D. A La Juventud Filipina
_____9. In this poem, Rizal expressed his appreciation and love for Calamba.
A. Mi Ultimo Adios C. Sa Aking Mga Kababata
B. In Memory of my Town D. The Story of the Little Moth
_____10. It is implemented whose primary aim was to ensure public safety from
A. Pluma de Caritas C. Radio de Caritas
B. Cartas de redio D. Cartas en Papel

ll. IDENTIFICATION: Identify the following sentences and write the correct
answer on the blank provided before the number:
_________________1. It is a decree which secularized higher education in our country.
_________________2. A reform considered in Rizal’s time as the modern system of
state, regulated education established in the Philippines.
_________________3. It is an act enacted by the Philippine Commission as an
observance of the death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal.
________________4. One of the countries that gained its independence from Great
Britain six years after the birth of Rizal.
_________________5. Another important factor in the development of Filipino national
consciousness and the weakening of Spanish influence in major aspects such as
industry, income and religion.
_________________6. It is known as “Land of the Free.”
_________________7. Great ancestor of Rizal’s father.
_________________8. A symbolic piece written in Tagalog as a song of love, ordeals
and miseries of his native land.
_________________9. How old was Rizal when Emperor Mutsuhito declared the
restoration of absolute authority of the Emperor in all Japan.
_________________10. A school where Rizal described the teacher’s lesson was

111. Modified True or False:
Directions: Write the word TRUE if the sentences are correct, if FALSE,
write the word/s that will make them TRUE:
__________4. Rizal Law or RA 1526 was made mandatory to all colleges and
universities throughout the country.
__________10. It was Trinidad whom he entrusted the alcohol lamp where the untitled
poem: “ MI Ultimo Adios” was hidden.
__________5. Rizal was 10 years old when revolution started because Queen Isabel l
was accused opf incapacity and scandalous private life and high handed
officiousness in government,
__________2.Rizal made Calamba a model community.
__________7. As a young boy, Rizal had an unpleasant and sad memories of
__________3. Gen. William Howard Taft suggested to the Phil. Commission that the
Filipinos be given national hero.
__________8. The town of Calamba was almost owned by the Dominican friars and
majority of the native folks.
__________1. An important key towards progress and advancement is called
__________6. The house where Rizal was born is a combination of Filipino – Spanish
colonial style.
__________9. His first sorrow was experienced at age four when his sister Lucia died.

Directions: Match column A with column B . Write the letter of the
correct answer on the blank provided before the number:
Directions Terms

_____1. Impossible to defeat or overcome D. detrimental
_____2. Causing damage or injury B. sneered
_____3. Unmarried woman who is past the usual age H. tantamount
_____4. It looks as though a tornado had struck C.
_____5. To leave the position of being a king or queen E. invincible
_____6. Dislike, smile or laugh at someone A. chaos
_____ 7. Large number of harmful or annoying things F. spinster
_____8. A substance that causes a chemical reaction I. inflammatory
disease to happen more quickly
_____9. Equivalent in value, significance or effect J. alleviation
_____10. To reduce the pain or trouble G. plague
K. catalyst
L. radicalism