Mago: Youngest of the Lion's Brood

Three new battle modules for SPQR — Celt-lberia,
Celt 207 B.C., Po River,
203 B.C. and Mago Lives, a What-If
If Variant for Zama.

The Littlest Barca to assist him in command of the critical
center of Iberian and Celtic infantry.
Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian hero of the First These normally unreliable barbarians
carried out a complex pre
Punic War, was recognized by Rome as one of the withdrawal under pressure under the
most formidable opponents she ever faced. He leadership of the two Barca brothers.

commanded the Punic army in western Sicily through the final Following the stupendous victory at
Cannae, Hannibal sent Mago to
phase of the First Punic War, and was never worsted in battle Carthage to drum up some badly
by any Roman commander. Only a naval defeat and war needed support. Mago made quite an
impression on the Carthaginian senate
weariness at home forced him to finally evacuate Sicily in 241 by dumping a bushel basket of gold
B.C.. After putting down a mercenary revolt in Africa, in the rings on the assembly room floor — all
cut from the fingers of dead Roman
Truceless War, Hamilcar
milcar shifted operations to Spain. He spent nobles and equestrians. Mago's appeals
had the desired effect. The home
the remainder of his life in the Iberian peninsula, carving out a government finally became enthusiastic
new province for Carthage, and a base for himself to renew the for the war. Mercenaries were hired
and two armies were raised for the
fight with the hated Romans. But for all Hamilcar Barca's campaign of 215 B.C.: one for Sicily and
accomplishments, it was the sons he sired that were to bring one to reinforce Hannibal in Italy, under
Mago's command. But chance inter- inter
Rome to her knees. Known as the Lion's Brood, Hannibal, vened to spoil this promising strategy.
Word came from Sardinia that the
Hasdrubal and Mago were three of the greatest commanders of natives were ripe for rebellion, if only a
history. Each in his turn would invade Italy and do battle on Carthaginian army would appear. And
from Spain came the news that Mago's
Rome's home ground with her vaunted legions.
legio brother Hasdrubal had been defeated in
a great battle at Dertosa (C3i Module,
But the feats of Hannibal and Hasdrubal operation his father's plan for the
Issue Nr.4). The Carthaginian senate
have tended to overshadow those of overland invasion of Italy in 218 B.C..
decided to send one army under
their little brother. Fans of SPQR can Hannibal chose his younger brother
Hasdrubal the Bald to Sardinia, and to
refight Hannibal's greatest battles at Hasdrubal to replace himself as the
divert Mago and his ararmy to Spain. As
Cannae and Zama. And with the Consul Punic commander in Spain, and took
things turned out, a reinforcing army
for Rome and Africanus SPQR Modules Mago along with him. Mago was still
was not to make it to Italy for eight
one can also recreate Hannibal's victory quite young at this point, probably in
more years. But Mago had his first
at the Trebbia and Hasdrubal's classic his late teens. But Mago soon proved
command, and took 12,000 infantry,
battles at Baecula and the Metaurus. himself worthy of his father and older
1,500 cavalry and 20 elephants to Spain.
But what of Mago's battles? This article brothers. At the Battle of the Trebbia
will provide you with the story of the River, 218 B.C., (SPQR Module III,
Consul for Rome) Hannibal selected
youngest of the Lion's brood, as well as Mago as an Army Commander
a pair of battle scenarios and a variant Mago to command the picked force of
Mago's first task was to hold the Roman
for SPQR. 2,000 men charged with striking the rear
army commanded by the Scipio brothers
of the Roman army from ambush. Mago
at bay, while his brother Hasdrubal
executed his first recorded battlefield
Mago as Hannibal's Lieutenant rebuilt his army. The Barca brothers
action flawlessly. Mago continued to
When Hannibal was acclaimed Com- were joined in 214 B.C. by another army,
draw important assignments during the
mander in Chief by the Carthaginian this one commanded by Hasdrubal
crossing of the Arno marshes and the
Army in 221 B.C. he was only 25 years Gisgo. Hasdrubal Gisgo was a pol political
Battle of Lake Trasimene, 217 B.C.. At
old. Within only three years he pro- rival of the Barcas, and this posting was
Cannae, 216 B.C., Hannibal chose Mago
voked war with Rome and put into to lead to a great deal of friction in the

Hanno. The actual site of the battle is unknown. and the Celt-Iberians to the left.000 foot and 500 horse.000 Celt-Iberians. his army to provide troops for his brother. The barbarians shouts of Mago and the two Hasdrubals. They evidently felt secure on that the camp is too large for the small defeats. All agreed that Scipio was well on his The African camp was properly fortified However. But the Roman hastati hasta were brothers at the twin Battles of Castulo and immediately set to drilling and already throwing their pila and charg charg- and Ilorca (C3i Module. trail. remained the Commander in Chief in southern Spain had gone over to Scipio. Spain. Barca. he Effects Chart should be used. He discov.C. activity did not escape the notice of ensued.C. but failed to completely destroy undetected to a point just 10 miles short his army. with the following earlier Celtic invasions. With luck.000 African troops brought no Roman unit may move closer than 4 over by Hanno. Scipio defeated Hasdrubal guides. even defeat Rome would be in Italy. would leave Spain and cross the Alps into Italy.C. made good his withdrawal with decisive coup de main by seizing the forming. Masinissa was given 3. then the Proconsul Publius Cornelius Marcus Junius Silanus. their tents. Hasdrubal Gisgo gathered for a council ered that the Carthaginians were in two of war. order an immediate advance on the 2nd Edition Roman Camp Terrain perhaps belatedly. New Carthage. and that with sentries and outposts. Baecula. later to be named mission was to attack and disperse and fled. Mago The Roman approach march went B. There followed the Battle of with the last troops. mature Mago and Silanus will be he was to retreat to the Atlantic coast. to round out his new army. Issue Nr. of some 4. this was their finest hour. However. (SPQR Module IV. His they stood. The Great Battles of History Series: SPQR Module Punic command. Since his army had suffered Counters heavily. who somehow aid of a Numidian and an Iberian their warriors had a reputation for managed to get the Celt-Iberians Celt into prince. it is described as a wooded. in any order. in mounted troops. Hasdrubal Barca all the Iberian tribes of eastern and African forces could intervene. 208 B. The worse. Following this battle. to Spain with about 2. the Propraetor Gaius Claudius Nero to. and the remainder broke Scipio brothers.C. seeing that the day was Africanus) to Spain.. However. any gate. was captured. included in a future C3i insert. Roman Deployment Roman Approach March: Use the Approach March Rules from In the spring of 207 B.000 infantry and nearly all the capitol of Punic Spain. dispatching first commander learned what Mago was up into action. while Hanno struggled to get ers. undetected by the Celt-Iberians Celt until Gisgo fought the Scipio brothers to a the lands of the Celt-Iberians. 207 B. separate camps — the Africans and Map Balearics to the right of his approach Use the Beneventum map from SPQR. But the broken area and there was a road or trail Hannibal was in desperate need of Celt-Iberians were bivouacked in and a fortified African camp. except though Carthage had suffered many security. Mago was able some semblance of a line just in front of able to defeat and slay both Scipio to recruit a band of 9. of Mago's camp. So it hoped he could overwhelm these though the camp is Carthaginian in this was planned that Hasdrubal Barca barbarian auxiliaries before the regular scenario. Silanus was able to force march counteroffensive this year.000 men. Mago found that nearly hexes from any enemy unit during the .C. and terror alerted Mago. Mago returned SPQR Scenario (11.000 Iberian and Numidian cavalry with a roving Exiting the Camp commission to to conduct mobile Carthaginian units may exit freely from operations and raids throughout Spain. 2. the Barca brothers and Hasdrubal ventured deep into the Spanish interior. in 211 B. But Rome Scipio's agents. Scipio The raw Celt Celt-Iberians were clearly (later the victor at the Metaurus) and dispatched his deputy. Aided by pro-Roman Celt-Iberian There would be no Carthaginian Africanus). Mago was directed to break up All counter are provided in SPQR.000 Balearic (Approach March Order and Initial mercenaries and linked up with a force Approach March Procedure). his ing. These they were practically on top of the bloody stalemate. Silanus decided to African-Balearic African force of 6.1) Beneventum. For training this raw force. However.C. The three generals decided. The hardly be expected to face Scipio alone. coming up 209 B. As soon as the Roman the African troops out of their camp and responded effectively. However. the Propraetor outclassed by Silanus' veteran v legion. Rome had certainly suffered their home ground. Scipio scored a Mago's new army while it was still lost. disorder with no field works and little Beneventum map fits this nicely. The reinforcements in Italy. at least nominally. A vicious hand-to-hand hand melee all three Carthaginian army command. he took steps to forestall him. Mago then sailed for the Balearic Isles to recruit mercenaries. As Hasdrubal Gisgo could except for two leader counters. way to conquering all of Spain.. Hanno wasn't fast enough. Silanus then paused to Hasdrubal and Mago Barca and scout his foe's dispositions. Mago's Battle in Celt Celt-Iberia. were exceptional fierceness. Mago. tribes were the result of interbreeding encampment. Masinissa and Indibilis. From 214-212 So.5). that the best place to Celt-Iberian position. with a single Many barbarians were cut down where Scipio (son and nephew of the slain legion of 10.

Once the there are no Carthaginian units inside command.000 men brought over by Nero. But Retreat Edges composed of material of varying quality Mago was not yet ready to concede. 4.000 remnants of his father's Mago sensed an opportunity to reverse the West edge. however player a different legion. let Silanus have the seemed clear that Roman victory in the elite I Legion. 2. Roman rule in the fall of 206 B. If you want to Scipio's victory at this battle decisively line #6 (velites. give Silanus a ended the thirteen year Spanish cam-cam extra) may be used throughout the standard or recruit level legion. Play continues until: We don't know which troops Silanus Mago. Iberian v.Mago: Youngest of the Lion's Brood Approach March. play continues according to automatically win. Use chart from Beneventum. only the size of his Approach March or Alert. African PH. army detachment mutinied at Sucro and ArmyWithdrawal andVictory ments. Roman Initial Approach March is the camp. One Army withdraws. attempted a 1..000 sailors and Indibilis led an Iberian rebellion against rowers pressed into service as infantry.000 reinforce. cavalry and cohorts give Carthage a boost.C. Different Legion — the easiest way to B. with a small fleet. Numidian LC and African Mago and Hasdrubal Gisgo were able to Elephants Play Balance Variants build a large and powerful army by 206 1. at which point the Romans completed. Celt — the scenario calls for the normal sequence Celtic MI and LN to represent the CeltCelt- 2. Balearic MI and totaling 76 have been eliminated. North African LI 3. Iberians. The Romans have at least five combat . replace all Celtic units with Carthage: Iberian counters. the verdict in Spain when a Roman his own picked force of 11. the Romans out. North African Carthage: Army withdraws when units Mago Becomes BecomesaTheatreCommander aTheatreCommander LI and African Elephants totaling 67 have been eliminated. 2. In fact.. it now game. Celtic (Celt-Iberian) MI Rome: Army withdraws when units better mobility will be a definite asset. Carthage uses — about 8. Africanus). To help paign. Rome uses the East edge. Balearic SK. army. To give the Carthage player an LineCommand Eligibility Withdrawal levels are: advantage. Scipio's army was Second Punic War was inevitable. and engaged Scipio in battle at Rome: balance Celt-Iberia is to give the Roman Ilipa (SPQR Module IV. To practically ever everyone. 13. and another 5.C. There is no Extended units inside the Carthaginian camp and commanded. Their higher TQ and 1.

Triarii 1. Africa — 6. All Roman and AS cavalry tribes. the with. likewise. Otherwise.. the Roman flank faltered.000 foot and legions. his the garrison was alert and repulsed his the third army was held in reserve in beleaguered army finally broke and ran. 2. Their addition most of his Celts were dis dis- So Mago once again sailed to the two armies included four double persed and deserted him. Mago and the rebellion.C. as everyone Mago placed his reliable African and knights.000 foot. lead the third Barcid invasion of Italy. in turn. Mago cavalry. With the remnants of his army from slingers. Quintilius Varus sailed right across the Mediterranean and Cornelius Cethegus will be in- in and made an unopposed landing at cluded in a future C3i insert. there was only one Praetor Quintilius Varus led a charge of AS RC unit. These and the difficulty Rome had in keeping tioned in Northern Italy. Rather unidentified plain along the Po River. no ing behemoths. African PH & Ligurian & Balearic MI until late the following year. A brutal infantry fight ensued praetor's army and two recruit legions Rome responded strongly to this third and Mago's veterans gradually began to (XIV & XV) in the proconsul's army. except But in the spring of 205 B. The Roman cavalry play. sea. Celti Celticc MI that Mago received reinforcements from Cornelius Cethegus moved up his 5. attack. It was not the hard pressed Roman infantry. with 40. and preferred to wait heavy Celtic and African cavalry to Carthage: on the defensive. or some 65. His Celtic troops Map levies from Africa. Mago responded with 1. to reflect normal attrition praetorian army of two legions sta.C. and his cavalry and elephants were Use the Cannae Map. this was the moment Mago had the velites of the XV legion are assigned two urban legions were moved north been waiting for. All counters come from SPQR.000 infantry and 2. Although this with his elephants.000 in Rome's favor . Mago faced the Proconsul It had been a very bloody fight. withdrawal. The battle was joined in an 2. While there. In addition under a proconsul was immediately the open flank of the Carthaginian army. Mago decided to Ligurian infantry in his main battle line. 204 B. returning to the fight. Romans had as many as 200 in the first echelon. Mago immediately The battle began with the standard duel set about rallying Ligurian and Celtic of skirmishers and light infantry. and the Celts quickly crumbled. The Aufidas Mago's invasion of Italy was to be by also held back. placed the two one featureless plain is pretty much like brothers had gone. the cavalry in reserve. as 60. Rome uses the Northeast edge.000 infantry and 3. 800 horse and seven These fresh troops began to turn the tide Rome: elephants. Mago three leaders. Balearic SK* declined to advance out of Liguria until Mago then shifted his elephants against 2. 1. Mago. Velites* troops: 18. But when .500 Roman losses were also heavy. 4.500 horse from the Ligurian and Celtic The hastati of the reserve legions put the 5. Mago counter charged as the camp guard and therefore not in from Rome into Etruria. Mago now had over 35.000 killed on the field and in Praetor Publius Quintilius Varus. All cavalry and elephants reserve legions to stabilize the fight. A second army 3. As 3. gave Rome six legions. while the But. three tribunes and 22 equestrians. including conceived an audacious plan .C.000 cavalry in and some of the Roman cavalry began * May form a line occupying every other the three Roman armies in the theater. backed by a line of Iberian and Spain. while Mago fell with a serious wound. In front he posted a screen of Balearic Mago'sBattleatthe Mago's BattleatthePoRiver. expected him to do. but Roman Deployment forces to his standard.203B. Although he still faced as many elephants to flight with volleys of pila.000 cavalry. Principes and cohorts* Spain.000 infantry and 5. or than fall back to Africa. as the veteran legions of the praetorian army another.500 horsemen now hurtled towards her cavalry up to strength. Scipio also squashed the mutiny Etruria. while sending his for Mago's ability. but confront Mago in Cisalpine Gaul.000. the cavalry of all four legions. At this point the Each legion is short one cohort and one When Mago landed. But these barbarian 2. gain the advantage. rear.800 cavalry his Celtic reserve. ghts.000 broke before the impact of the lumber- troops to oppose Mago's 14.000 infantry. the Proconsul 4. It was risky. Carthage Two Roman armies were on hand to drawal began smoothly. soon Mago's African-Ligurian line Note: The Roman Army includes two clashed with the Praetor's front line standard legions (III & V) in the legions.. rather than overland as his older Quintilius. invasion by one of Hamilcar's sons. Cornelius and River is now the Po River. with the proconsul's quinqeremes at sea and Carthage could two recently recruited legions and all Counters only provide him an escort of 30 ships. PoRiver. Mago. Mago concentrated were formed into a reserve line in the 12. Mago saw that hex Mago boldly advanced into the valley of the battle was lost and began an orderly the Po River in the spring of 203 B. Genoa in Liguria. and an estimated 15. Mago then unleashed move was made into Liguria. Over mercenaries. The his Numidian light cavalry to pursue the Line Command Eligibility Romans by now had a healthy respect enemy horsemen. The Great Battles of History Series: Series: SPQR Module surprise assault on New Carthage. Hastati and cohorts* and seven elephants from Africa and auxiliaries were no match for two fresh 3.300 Romans were slain.203B.C. Iberian and North African LI* his forces were augmented. Balearic mercenaries and new African light infantry. With Mago in personal Retreat Edges command of the rear guard. attack the flank of the Roman infantry. But the Balearic Isles to winter and recruit legions.C. Marcus Cornelius Cethegus and the lost 5. the triarii of the XIV and XV legions and sent to reinforce the praetor.

Po River and Mago Lives. This pro- pro duces the following changes: 1.C. two standard.C. Following this repulse. Mago. Trasimene and different if Mago had survived to fight Cannae. Mago's record included his fair you can play out Mago's entire career.C. unless noted otherwise. built a powerful study of command in the Second Punic balance Po River is to adjust the levels army and very nearly defeated two War.Mago: Youngest of the Lion's Brood uses the Southwest.wound. As an optional rule.. you can increase the Carthaginian Rout Ratio up to 40% to reflect the morale boost of having two sons of Hamilcar Barca present. and one veteran brother Hasdrubal 215-208 B. Note: All SPQR 2nd Edition Rules apply to Celt--Iberia. . outcome at Zama might have been victories at Trebbia. com into his own. than his elder brothers. The Romans chose share of defeats as well as victories. as he Mago Lives: A Variant for of the Lion's brood. Trasimene and Cannae. This increases the Carthaginian withdrawal level to 170. the B. 3. with his invasion of Mago's Last Days Consul for Rome and Africanus Mod- Liguria and Italy. he became a theater commander in his own right. but won decisive victories at Castulo and Ilorca. In the final sum we see se that as a Rome: Army withdraws when units Zama. 208-206 Hannibal at Zama. He began as Hannibal's lieutenant. Mago may issue Line Commands freely.4) — Zama wounds while sailing for Africa. while one of the Po River. without being in Hannibal's command range and/or making a strategy die roll. 2. With SPQR. In any case. soon summoned. As a theater commander. he Carthage: Army withdraws when units at Hannibal's side once again. That's right add. If Hannibal is killed. One can only wonder if the lieutenant he played a key role in the totaling 180 have been eliminated. as he had was defeated in Celt-Iberia Celt and at Ilipa. not the young Mago counter from SPQR. youngest mander on either side. And. not replace — you don't have to remove any of the four leaders already listed. Mago becomes the Overall Commander. Mago withdrew B. Use the mature Mago counter provided as a C3i insert. to bring his army back to Africa to face probably the youngest army com- Scipio. Mago's veterans formed manders and veteran rather than recruit Army Withdrawal and Victory the first line of Hannibal's army at legions. at Trebbia. Four recruit legions will Roman armies at the hard fought battle from 218-216 B. Add Mago to the Carthaginian leaders present.C. As an army commander. Unfortunately. Mago may set up any. Mago was But it must be remembered that he was made a difference at Zama. Hannibal incorporated Mago's army faced more competent Roman com. instead of just one. if army commander in Spain under his Mago hadn't died from his. perished of his fought his major battles later in the war SPQR Scenario (11... Mago is Hannibal's second seco in command. then under Hasdrubal Gisgo. Finally. he recruit. he generally Special Rule: This variant assumes that Mago survives his wound and recovers fully to join Hannibal at Hadrumetum before the Battle of Zama. And who knows. of the Legions. 205-203 ules and the C3i Module for Castulo. along with Hannibal. You can even see if he would have not to pursue. Then he became an give Mago a better chance. and may have won his greatest victory with wit adjusts play in Rome's favor. back into Liguria.. totaling 155 have been eliminated. Play Balance Variant Mago's career forms an interesting case Mago organized and carried off a major Different Legions — the easiest way to overseas invasion.any where.