Byzantines against the Persian

general Perozes with 40-50,000.
Belisarius wins his contest by
maintaining better overall command
control of his forces. The Persians
return in 531, invading northern
Mesopotamia. Belisarius follows,
giving battle-at Callinium in
Eastern Syria. Belisarius attacks the
retreating Persians prematurely and
receives a minor defeat.
The acid test of any historical game REPLAYING HISTORY BS1: Persian Perozes (36 SPs, 3 MPs)
design is that system's ability to The historical evidence available moves to Mesopotamia, where he fails to
accurately duplicate the historical regarding the relative size of eliminate both Frontier Troops, but passes
events on which it is based. However opposing armies are often largely at the disorganization check.
detailed or abstracted the game's Rl: Belisarius (7 MPs) detaches 2 FSPs,
variance for this time period. Battle
mechanics may be, given sufficient and then attacks and defeats Perozes at
reports are similarly exaggerated or
information about the period in Dara (23 [-4] vs. 35 [-7] SPs).
distorted to reflect the specific
question, the system should be able BS2: Perozes moves to Euphratensis,
political axe the author may have overruning 2 FSPs.
to faithfully replicate a recreation of been grinding at the time. Exact
those events as they originally R2: Belisarius detaches 2 FSPs, and then
estimates of opposing forces cannot, attacks, but is rebuffed by Perozes at
transpired. Within the context of the therefore, always be obtained. With Callinicum (17 [-8] vs. 27 [-7]), retreating
game's design parameters, if history this in mind the strengths sited below to Antioch, removing Defeated marker (4
can be reasonably duplicated, then and their game equivalents represent MPs).
the design can be deemed sound. the author's "best effort/good faith" BR3: Perozes uses his MPs to retreat to
attempt to be historically accurate Persian box (where Disorg marker will be
JUSTINIAN, found inside himself. Due to space limitations only removed in the income phase).
CATAPHRACT, is GMT Games' new major game actions are presented in R3: Raises 4 SPs (divided evenly between
strategic depiction of the Late Roman this article. Bear in mind that the Euphratensis and Belisarius).
emperor's attempt to reclaim the large time span covered by a turn BR4: Frank activation is neutralized by
western barbarian provinces. The necessitates that a "re-enactment" not 9G Byzantine bribe and an allegiance roll
relative wealth of information be overly concerned about strict of 6.
available on the campaigns of the chronologies. Some minor historical R4: Raises 4 SPs for Belisarius.
Roman generals Belisarius and his overlap between turns will happen in BR5: Moors (6 SPs, 5 MPs) are bribed into
successor Narses make it possible to order to fit within the game's Byzantine camp. Moors overrun Vandals
make a reasonable assessment of the mechanics. in both Numidia and Mauretania
game's historical validity with Sitifensis, remaining organized.
minimal effort-the game's Individual player activation rounds R5: Belisarius (alone) moved to Antioch.
maximum of ten game turns allows will be identified for each side as
for a quick "play" of history. Byzantine Roman (R#) or Barbarian Turn 2-532-535
(B#) actions. Barbarian activations Highlights of Income/Army Phases: The
This article addresses of question of are further differentiated as (S)elect Armies of Illyricum and Thrace go
or (R)andom. FSP are Frontier SPs. In unpaid. Moorish Army placed in Moor
JUSTINIAN'S design validity by
battle information, Byzantine SPs are box. Byzantium raises 7 SPs. New Army
offering a brief review of the major
listed first. Note: You will find the of Armenia led by Dagisthinus, placed in
military and political events of the
editor's notations on rule Armenia IV. Butzes leads Army of the
period in question. The author
misinterpretations in italics. As will East; Belisarius leads Praesental I.
translated those events into specific
Gelimer replaces Hilderic. Tzazon (5 SPs,
game actions to see how well history occur with any replay of a new game, a
1 fleet) is moved to Sardinia.
could be tracked. The information few rules were overlooked by the
detailed below is presented in author-though generally with minor
chronological order, divided into
effect. Some errors have been corrected, Pro-Roman Vandal king Hilderic is
specific game turns. Each turn's but some haven't-these notes serve as a
historical commentary is further sub replaced by Gelimer who
useful reminder of those rules for new immediately abandons Hilderic's
divided into "Eastern" and
players. - SKT pro-Byzantine policies and begins
"Western" categories for easier
reference. persecuting local Christians. In Italy,
Turn 1-AD 528-531 Amalaruntha, the Queen of the
Presuming the game design is Ostrogoths, enters into a secret pact
East with Justinian to back her in a
functionally sound, all of the
The Persians invade Mesopotamia, succession dispute. Her entreaty is
historical events presented in this
pillaging the Byzantine northern backed up by three million gold
article should be representable in
cities. Their object is not conquest, solidi to add weight to her claim.
game terms with a minimum of
but instead plunder on a massive
"fudging." If not, then mechanically, Portions of the Vandal fleet moves to
scale. Justinian dispatches Belisarius
something is very definitely missing. Sardinia to aid in the suppression of
from Constantinople to intercept. As
A full assessment is presented at the the local revolt on the island. The
the Persians begin to withdraw
end of this article, but the design remainder of the fleet lies in port in
Belisarius forces battle near Dara in
passes with flying colors. Carthage.
north-western Mesopotamia.
Belisarius squares off with 25,000 Belisarius sails for Sicily with 92
dromons, 500 transports and a force

to make a move justified by history. R3: Belisarius takes Praesental 1 (17 SPs) and 2 fleets to Sicilia to remove the Goth control marker. This time 8. R1: Butzes moves to Theodorias to detach 3 SPs. with on Carthage. Praesental I and Army of the East (+2). removes Vandal control in Mauretania Caesariensis and occupies Numidia. then sails to contest until Gelimer looses heart and R5: Belisarius (10 SPs) moves to Byzacena Carthage. who retreats to Numidia. This results in to Disorganized. It would have been more accurate to create a new Army of Africa in Europa and send that (and a few Hunnish allies) toward Carthage.000 execution. He arrives ostensibly to tries to disengage. landing first in Sicily (which falls city. divided among Lazica. Belisarius takes possession of Carthage and seizes the Vandal treasury. BS3: Gelimar suffers defection of 2 SPs. reduce Defeated status mercenaries] plus Belisarius' personal Justinian's own name. Belisarius achieves complete surprise. Belisarius intercepts. BR2: Moors (4 SPs) bribed to Byzantine control. support the deposed Hilderic who eventually routed by the Byzantine lies in a Carthaginian dungeon. Gelimer himself is captured. and together they move household troops "Bucellari"). the battle of Tricameron. attacks and defeats Moors in Numidia. Tzazon puts down revolt [-1 SP]. 2 fleets) defeats Vandal fleets (1 to port on Sardinia) and invades Zeugitania. Gelimer narrowly survives Turn 3-536-539 the encounter." Byzantine raises Moorish incursions when Belisarius battles. N o t e : Here the author liberally (and incorrectly) interprets the movement limits on Praesental armies to allow sea movement. Vandal treasury seized.000 arrives. Gelimer orders Hilderic's Tzazon. Initially the battle is a close run Gelimer retreats to Byzacena. without a fight). BR1: Sardinian Revolt random event. Note: This and BS3 are actions unnecessary in light of the ruling that Byzantine allies MAY NOT remove control . Belisarius is now free to defection.000 (10. Belisarius verses Gelimer east of the winning battle (13 [-3] vs. When he learns of the Vandals are killed along with landing. The Vandals are to finish off Tzazon and Gelimer. R4: Belisarius (16 SPs. cavalry. Belisarius defeats Gelimer at Tricameron (16 [-3] vs. Solomon is left in command in Carthage. R2: Raises 4 SPs. markers. Lakhmid Arabs (4 SPs) engage FSPs in Phoenice Libanensis. BR5: Vandal Tzazon (2 SPs after of 18. 2 fleets) moves to Numidia to infantry [principally Hunnish move against the Vandals in join with Gelimer. 11 [-5] SPs). 8 [-4] SPs). detaching 1 FSP. BS4: Gelimer (11 SPs) returns to Carthage. Recalling Tzazon from Highlights of Income/Army Phases: The Vandal king Gelimer is off to the Sicily he engages Belisarius a second Praesental I and Army of Armenia join the west of Carthage putting down time in a running series of ranks of the "Not Paid. Belisarius is temporarily recalled to Constantinople with Gelimer and his treasury in tow to receive an imperial triumph in his honor.000 cavalry and 5.

(3 SPs) and Witigis (+5 SPs). Belisarius lets Witigis Justiniari s magnificent cathedral. a dilemma. then pull back to Numidia. local Armenian Leaving a small force behind to mask at the same time. in Ravenna. Witigis replaces Athalaric. Belisarius embarks best Byzantine forces are in Italy. death of his secret ally provides the Illyricum in Dalmatia (5 [-3] vs. the Belisarius conclude a quick peace. 1 fleet) invades Corsica. 13 [-2] excuse Justinian needs to order Hearing rumors of renewed tensions SPs). moves to attack the Army of capital by the sea.marker) and 1 fleet in Dalmatia. Witigis informs moves north against John instead. Belisarius eventually and subsequently murdered by her R3: Belisarius takes Praesental 1 (9 SPs. defeat FSPs leaving Belisarius once again in sole effectively quelling the revolt. Note: This violates the 6. "the the fruits of a final victory. is conscecrated after far north as Genoa and Milan in a Ravenna opens its gates to him. what will culminate in a year-long Belisarius he will surrender Ravenna siege of the city. At first the Franks appear anti-Gothic Belisarius is recalled to (sacking Pavia after tricking the local Constantinople (accompanied by the BS1: Ostrogoth reinforcements to Venice garrison into admitting them). by this news. The for Italy with 7. Through secret abandons his siege of Rome and marches back to Rome. Witigis eventually fleet) to Sicily. He knows he cannot risk avail. Disorganized and quarreling Illyricurn (remove Defeated marker). protection) begin raiding the unexpected Frankish army led by Despite the prospect of total victory Byzantine border. to Belisarius' Huns after a protracted (mandatory) and 4 SPs for Army of siege. thereby preventing Africa remain unpaid. Note: Naval and land movement Byzantine camp widens and Milan is Byzantine troops in Sicily and North left to fall. his army leader Mundas falls in battle. Belisarius quickly takes Only Army of Thrace goes unpaid. Belisarius from taking Rome without willing to make concessions. Justinian recalls Narses. The Flaminia." with a small force of gains a minor Goth victory in ordered to do so by Justinian himself. The division within the West R2: Solomon (10 SP. The sack of Milan is cannot be combined.000 cavalry by sea up the eastern Dalmatia giving his troops further Faced with the prospect of renewed Italian coast to threaten the Gothic encouragement as the Byzantine war against his people. seeing himself cheated of Belisarius sends John. Back in eastern Italy Belisarius Army of Africa led by Solomon. Note: This exceeds naval Belisarius' northern garrisons. entire population is enslaved and mutiny. Meanwhile. BR3: Armenian Revolt random event. the situation and secretly begins to Rhegium and Naples. Witigis marches north. the later falling Byzantine raises 3 SPs for Praesental I prepare for renewed war. the capital of against Minor Barbarian armies detaching Belisarius proceeds cautiously. Belisarius returns to the west. but a fight. Witigis sends a secret BR5: Witigis (11 SPs) to Rome. king Witigis capital of Ravenna. As a friend of John through the Roman fleet in Ostia / whom Wittigus and his people would he quickly advocates that Belisarius Rome region. With his African army reorganized R5: Raise 3 SPs for Praesental I.53 prohibition Meanwhile. in the east. In the wake of Belisarius' recall. taking Ostrogothic Italy. The Goths are understandably Ostrogoths are unable to prevent Totila and Teias replace Witigis. During hope of drawing off Witigis-Milan inside."Lombards are neutralized by to the relief of Milan but Narses once bribe. Belisarius denounces Witigis this time Arab forces under Al being the second richest city in Italy. several thousand men to penetrate as believe he will accept these terms. Witigis sign any treaty unless specifically sanguinary. which retreats in defeat to Moesia I. Persian king for assistance. beginning negotiators.000 men. decision to put Italian war on hold. Justinian finds himself in magister Strategis to negotiate-to no situation. the division of spoils with Witigis. more objects.000 regulars. imprisoned Barbarian leaders exist. New Having caught wind of Persian Army of Italy led by Narses. Hagia Sophia. He quickly goes on Constantinople. Justinian demands among themselves as to the best way Samnium. taken north by the Franks. missive to the Persian king. central Italy. This situation Solomon from moving thus to remove the especially horrific-and virtually the eventually leads to an African army control markers. placed in BR2: Random event "Justinian relieves John and proposes to next go Zeugitania. investing it while political rivals. the barbarian queen SPs in areas other than where the major out the remaining Gothic outposts in Amalaruntha is deposed. tries to secure favorable terms by less troops reduced by disease. Once years of construction efforts. Enraged landing first in Sicily and then in Moors (9 SPs) are barbarian this time. Belisarius detaches process). New movement is not allowed. placed in a Byzantine-controlled province. 1 moves Ravenna. Chaffing under heavy-handed loosing his wealthy eastern provinces Byzantine bureacracy. Justinian sends the king Theudebert I complicates the in the west. and declares Ravenna siezed in the Mundhik (operating under Persian The arrival in northern Italy of an name of Justinian. sails 1 fleet and 9 SPs to remaining Goths. encouraging him to strike while the and now content. 111: Belisarius detaches 5 FSPs in The pair quickly stamp out Totila is raised to the kingship of the Carthage. refuses to Leading his forces northward. During this time to him if Belisarius will declare Narses arrives from Constantinople Belisarius maintains his supply lines himself "Emperor of the West"-to with 9. Belisarius into Italy. paying local troops and detaching 2 SPs in Numidia. This splits the Byzantine command into survive virtual annihilation in the East rival camps. 500 Turn 4-540-543 Persian king Chosroes never officially barbarians and his own household Highlights of Income/Army Phases: responds to the plea but appreciates troops. Witigis Witigis reorganizes his army and direct means. send fleet on later they come to an agreement over patrol in Adriatic. Note: The Army should have been to deal with the invader. 2. command in Italy. Justinian makes the cheifs rise in revolt and beg the John's forces. West Belisarius. at Carthage. pledge their undying support (and rescue John from the Goths. Carthage. Builds. but captive Witigis). BS4: Witigis (15 SPs) detaches 2 SPs in the Byzantine fleet blockades the emerges as the new Gothic ruler. movement limits by one sea zone-diagonal . R4: Belisarius lands at and sacks Naples. placed in preparations.

especially if more head of a large army. Disorganized). currently to overrun Tuscia. is sacked. Antioch. John seizes the redistributes 1 SP to Praesental I. Ravenna is displaced to Adriatic sea zone. overrun Goths in Alpes Cottiae ( Byzantine negotiations (see sidebar)." A shrewd Armenia II. The of Alpes Cottiae and Liguria. the Bulgars turn toward Macedonia. defense of the city (the frontier Witigis tries his hand at diplomatic garrison temporarily withdrew in the subterfuge. combines with Army of Italy. drops Ostrogoth Treasury. Justinian appoints Belisarius in manages to turn the tables on the command of the city and the magister wily Goth at the last moment but he drives off the invaders with a hastily ends up being recalled anyway. political overtures. Defeated. eventually engulf the both sides where none historically entire Mediterranian basin. ending his move in to "open a second front. Chosroes occurred. Unfortunately JUSTINIAN game sacking the city of Cassandreia before mechanics do not allow for such returning home with their booty. detaches 6 SPs. With this in mind Witigis offers to No sooner does Belisarius return east surrender his capital to Belisarius if but the Bulgars invade. returning to remainder are displaced to a friendly Tuscia. despite a spirited defense by At this juncture it seems both its inhabitants. At this point Totila off Praesental I. At this stage of the campaign Belisarius and Witigis are prepared to Historically Chosroes sacked Antioch square off against each other over the but quickly withdrew out of fear of fate of Ravenna. removes Revolt markers in secretly parleying with the Persians Armenia IV and III. R3: Belisarius with Praesental 1 (6 SPs) The Byzantine commander is placed in detaches 2 SPs in Tuscia. penetrating the later will proclaim himself to the very walls of Constantinople "Emperor of the West. player. For this replay. back before the Persian juggernaut. author devised an optional mechanic BR1: Franks (13 SPs). command Army of Italy. John is drawn to Samnium. BR5: Chosroes (35 SPs) detaches 5 SPs in Mesopotamia. Liguria to Flaminia. Byzantine politics was always a major Chosroes invades Mesopotamia. detaches 2 SPs in each present in the province are removed. and returns to design could accommodate this new Samnium. As an alternative. overruns Goths in Picenum. earnest moves (5 SPs) to Flaminia. consideration in the mind of a Roman breaking the "Eternal Peace" at the general in the field. province of the Barbarian player's choice BS3: "Totila/Teias" (9 SPs) besieges and (in this case Milan). politician who appreciates the . moves (7 SPs) to Flaminia. Half of all barbarian forces R2: Belisarius moves Praesental 1 (10 SPs) (including detached units). all of Italy (save Rome itself) in Witigis also knows that Justinian Belisarius' absence. negotiating for his face of the Persian horde). Further unrealistic and disrespectful of the advances are halted when in 541-542 designer's efforts (that have worked plague erupts. assembled rag-tag army. The one Goth fleet in takes Milan (Disorg). this option was Rl: Narses moves Army of Italy. 1 SP." The general itself. first in Egypt and well so far) to conduct a major quickly spreading through Palestine engagement with heavy losses to and Syria. moves to Constantinople. this returns home unmolested. detaches implemented to determine if the 3 SPs in Flaminia. taking Sura on than one senior commander was in the Euphrates and Aleppo in Syria. capital's surrender (and the safety of his people) at the same time he is R5: Dagisthinus with Army of Armenia (10 SPs). moves 24 SPs to Antioch. recapturing practically Byzantine weakness for intrigue. Knowing that he plague in the area. dimension with sufficient flexibility. bribed to Byzantine to cover potential Barbarian/ control. could quickly become fearful of Belisarius were he to think his East general had become a threat to him. BR4: "Totila/Teias" (7 SPs) moves from R4: Byzantine player must pass. No actual probably lacks the ability to win a Byzantine troops were engaged in the decisive victory over the Romans. the field with him at the same time finally closing in on Antioch on the (Belisarius' problems with Narses is a Mediteranian coast.the offensive. Still. overruns 2 FSPs in INTERLUDE 1 Osrhoene. continues moving with takes command of the Ostrogoths in Army of Italy.Local troops fall case in point). BS2: "Totila/Teias" (historically still Barbarian Negotiations: Result F gives Witigis) moves to detach 2 SPs in control of Ravenna to the Byzantine Picenum.

doctrinal strife. the Persian army should R2: Raises Praesental II to 10 SPs and the last of the rebellious Armenian remain on the map. Despite previous peace treaties being of manpower (and lost income). narrowly averting a city eliminating Bulgar army. Army of Africa (5 [-2] vs. the of Calabria. Once again Justinian plus Persian Attrition [4. the Moors are showing signs of becoming Plague random event is restless again. Upon completion of Turn 7-552-555 his preparations. Chroses go unpaid. 8 [-1] SPs). the into 563. Praesental I to 13 SPs and Army of Italy to Carthage itself falls after Solomon's 11 SPs. back to box. It requires Campania. but Praesental II to Rhodope to defeat R2: Politics random event these are stopped by the sudden removes Belisarius. the following day to defuse the FSPs cannot be reabsorbed situation. increases Army Constantinople) regarding questions of Italy to 7 SPs. Peter and SPs) overruns Lazica. plague in the region. he successor Aerobindus is killed under While a Plague was not specifically overruns much of the Italian a flag of truce. the city. (mandatory). Praesental I and moves on capital. Guardsmen to fetch the fellow. repeating his depredations there. disputed region. it Meanwhile. John is quickly sent to triggered as a random event during peninsula. The in Samnium and then sails (8 SPs. of religious doctrine reaches an Lucania. combining with Army of advances by the ongoing virulence of Return Moors to box.311.621 removed all of BS2: Ostrogoths raise Totila's army is forced to dig into his coffers to buy its SPs would the Persian army be sent back strength to 12 SPs. in effect. Note: Only if the Plague R1: Pass (due to random event). Aerobindus is replaced. Chosroes returns to the 13111: Religious Disputes random event. Chosroes marches eastern enemies and internal instead to reconquer southern Italy. and stops in Lucania. are promptly defeated. R4: Belisarius takes FSPs at Carthage. detaches 1 SP in Apulia into Mesopotamia and Syria. John moves north Carthage (10 [-1] vs. Chosroes move in Rhodope. Local troop mutinies are fighting force. Lucania and Thereafter isolated garrisons will be widespread depopulation of 541-542 Campania. but the author chose of Italy (5 SPs) to BSI: Totila raises his to consider the Plague as preventing such. Berytus and Euphratensis. Byzacena. All troops in Africa Africa (remove the Defeated marker). Apulia. wide riot. R4: John combines Praesental I with the end. Picenum. who Justinian offers him 5. army to 15 SPs. provisions as not applying to this removed to box. West Byzantines with a chance for a where local Armenians raise 7 SPs who While the Byzantines face external decisive engagement. remains a historical fact of such discounting minor raids that continue magnitude that. re-attaches 1 Belisarius' personal appearance on to Haemimontus. resulting in reductions making a bid for Carthage. he agrees instead to a West Army of Africa and defeats Moors in renewal of the five-year peace when Reacting to Totila.INTERLUDE 2 the offensive. Bulgars Paul. New Army of Spain created in Carthage and led by Sitias. Therefore. at this juncture. Byzantine raises Praesental I BS4: Totila and Teias (15 SPs) overrun 3 threatens to move via Persia back to 11 SPs adds 1 FSP to each of Damascus. overrun before combat into Picenum. He moves. raiding Lazica and Turn 6-548-551 R3: John detaches 3 SPs from Praesental I capturing the fort of Petra. cannot be ignored. otherwise. Note: Once detached. Belisarius follows. invading Constantinople. FSPs in Samnium. The period ends with to the box. invasion that reaches the very gates Samnium (Praesental I retreats before BR3: Moors move on Carthage and defeat of Constantinople itself. a new eastern menace Rome b t Totila retreats appears in the form of a Bulgar detach 3 SPs. combat into Campania). removes East control and detaches RI: Raises 1 fleet (added 1 SP. 1 FSP Justiniari s on-going problem with each in Moesia II and the Italian Pope (residing in exile in to remove control and ends move in Lucania. northern Armenia. in North Africa. into armies like this [6. FSP. Byzantine raises uprisings. . with an eye toward East implemented. goes unpaid. Note: The Army of Spain R3: John takes Army could have been created. occupying the provinces North Africa to recapture Carthage. moves to Apulia to 1 in Dalmacia). As religious disputes John combines with threaten to paralyze the Byzantine BS5: Totila and Teias (12 SPs) to Flaminia.000 pounds of to Rome to prepare for an assault on retreat to Numidia. the R5: Dagisthinus (10 SPs) removes Revolt about reorganizing the Ostrogoth situation in Italy is complicated by markers from Armenia I and II. Justinian orders Imperial are neutralized by bribe. to 10 SPs and Prasental II to 7 SPs to Numidia. 8 [-3] SPs). BR4: Chosroes (31 BR2: Troop mutiny impasse-with the Pope taking random event removes refuge in the Church of St. gold from his personal coffers. mopped up and Africa is at peace. this time against the Bulgars (8 SPs) overruns 1 FSP in Moesia n ort he rn pr ovin ce of Lazica Highlights of Income/Army Phases: II and 1 FSP in Haemimontus. Totila quickly takes compounded by Magister Solomon's Highlights of Income/Army Phases: unexpected death and new Moorish Return Moors to box. 1 fleet) Persians are deterred from continued Highlights of Income/Army Phases: to Byzacena. Marching south. Alexandria. in Italy Totila sets As Totila remains out of reach. In Replace Solomon with Aerobindus. 6 [-4] SPs). ending interpreting the peace treaty Franks removed to box. re-building it into a major worsening developments in Africa. Totila refuses to oblige the BRS: Chosroes (31 SPs) invades Lazica. John's appearance of an angry mob Bulgars (10 [-0] vs. Under Moorish pressure. Byzantine raises Praesental I chieftans laying down BR3: Moors (4 SPs) their arms. the activation rolls for this replay. Only Army of Africa Army of Italy to 5 SPs. Turn 5-544-547 offensive. remain in Milan. off the Persian. R5: Belisarius returns Praesental II to which retreats with fleet by sea to Chosroes' Persians return. who retreat Army of Italy moves to surrounding the church. army.

However. ascendant. The remnants of the Gothic 17 [-9] SPs). of Armenia. Antonina arrives to find the SPs. this is Justinian orders Germanius to of Italy. the west. who are in a city province.21.West renewed threat of Slavic invasion and confederates defeat these invaders Belisarius returns briefly to Rome in he dies before he can complete his before they can establish themselves hopes of bringing Totila to a final. playability factor. Narses and his >>>Justinian continued on pg. Carthage. few troops can continue for several years more but. aware that when isolated or detached be spared from watching Lazic for all intents and purposes. Byzantine raises nature. plus SPs for Army of Illyricum successor is installed in his place. Justinian eventually appoints Narses BR3: Franks (13 SPs) overrun 2 FSPs in BR1: Kotrigur Huns (8 SPs) overrun 1 to lead a final attempt to reconquer Tuscia. detaches 1 FSP. quarrels Highlights of Income/Army Phases: counterparts)." His disallowing the detachment.13 prohibits Byzantine allies from removing back to Constantinople to plead with Barbarian control. Vandal fleet on way (which retreats to His force includes several thousand At this juncture the resumption of the Septem). Illyricum. EVALUATION battle. detaches 2 FSPs. Narses army. decisive battle. gives both players excellent strategic have been detached to reach naval transport capacity. landing Lactarus against Totila's successor. largely on hold as Justinian finally the best Antonina can do is secure his R2: Raise 1 fleet in each of Dalmatia and succumbs and a less-than-equal Samnium. The first deals with the Justinian sends a Byzantine army to abundance of sieges that took place Army of Illyricum to 20 SPs and Army of support the pro-Byzantine faction. Army of Spain (1). The die rolls are Narses wins a final battle at Mons random enough to ensure a high re Aemilia. Historically combat and a single land combat upon Justinian dipped into his coffers once supported by a strong Byzantine fleet landing. Antonina.000 Goths being Barbarian allies. Thrace. Belisarius is remove Vandal control. Note: 4. (Sieges of isolated Gothic (26 [-0] vs. Justinian grants the East. In July 552. end move in Samnium. Narses sails (3 fleets. Players should be expedition. which underthese naval movement rules (thus forces the Gothic navy to battle at establishing the "Eternal Peace. (2). Immediately Balkan peninsula into Northern Italy. selected resulted in near perfect Turn 8-556-559 match-ups with their historical In the Iberian peninsula. re operating in the Adriatic. unnecessary (given the turn time prepare for another Italian (Fighting over scattered outposts will scale involved). Lombards (20 SPs) are bribed to defeats the Franks at Casilinum (19 [-2] Narses the support he so often Byzantine control and added to Narses' vs. 5. However. and defeating Totila at Taginae (30 [-4] vs. The land the Goth navy allows Narses to MPs). The complete route of successor would do likewise. move to Hispania and Pressure from various nomadic open combat. a few issues lead one of the claimants to appeal to Franks. plus 2 FSPs to Edessa. Totila finally gives Aemilia. however. preparations. Narses accepts his SPs) to Dalmatia. Teias retreats remnant of solitaire play as well. In terms of specific over dynastic claims to Visigoth rule Return Lombards to box. but not the game mechanics. which costs Sena Gallica. Sitias' force should only be moved more to buy off the Persians.34 prohibits detachment of many reasons. defeating Gothic fleet. Spain and The East all go unpaid. 44 . who retreat to Samnium. 12 [-8] SPs). Note: The naval transport system plague effectively ends all further Narses' campaign plans are does not allow for anything more than naval military operations.000 men begin moving up the R4: Sitias moves Army of Spain (11 SPs. Principally. as he marches westwards. but the Byzantines could slain (including Totila). Armies surfaced but these are minor in Constantinople for assistance. 2 instantly ends the game. in the Gothic power vacuum in Italy. Germanius' slow Goths as a military power are preparations are interrupted by a extinct). East Gothic armies moving northward out Upon reflection. 30 SPs) to opportunities. the strength points are engaged in minor tensions. recall without disfavor. The rules allow Teias. the game defeat with over 8. In this. Narses marches to and never fight against the empire Flaminia to defeat Teias at Mons Lactarus In terms of historical re-enactment. army pledge to leave northern Italy army to Flaminia. consider employing some form of With the scattered remnants of the variable rule to cover siege activity. RI: Narses moves Army of Illyricum (20 command but only on the condition BR4: Politics random event replaces SPs) to Tuscia. refused Belisarius. fleets) to Hispania. moves that he is properly equipped for the Butzes with Librius at head of Army of through Samnium to Campania. results and the strategic decisions threat). Teias and Totila both J U S T I N I A N did surprisingly well outposts will continue for several removed. there were open combats. 8 [-8]). Totila steadfastly refuses to engage him in BR1: Visigoths (17 SPs) are bribed to East Byzantine control. Note: This mopping up operation (sometimes eerily so as combat years. defeating intercepting check victory conditions listed in 10. detach 2 The renewal of plague places events shifting against her husband at court. In the end. BR2: Second Plague random event and 35. again. Near the picks up 7 SPs of allies on march to village of Taginae. but the Goths are no longer a must be done in a separate activation. With the political winds FSP in Sicilia and detach 3 SPs. Only the Franks remain a threat to the peace. SPs in Lucania. The net result is a Gothic R5: Narses detaches 5 Lombard SPs in J U S T I N I A N is an enjoyable game for Dalmatia. FSP in each of Scythia and Moesia II. game ends with the death of secure his seaborne line of supplies BS5: Totila (8 SPs and Teias) moves and Justinian. where he invasion. stop in Campania. Note: Errata to peoples begin in earnest again during forced to send his wife. returns to Lombards. this period and the Persians continue the Empress Theodora for additional Rl: Army of Illyricum increased to 13 their on again/off again wars in the support. Lazica region until bought off by empress dead and the anti-Belisarius BS2: Totila and Teias (13 SPs) overrun 1 more Byzantine gold. My first that once on the scene the Byzantines reaction to this situation was to West won't go home. R3: Narses moves Army of Illyricum (15 becoming Disorganized. Sicily is quickly regained. Africa to 5 SPs and places 1 FSP in Dacia during the period-as many sieges as The Visigoths find out far too late Mediterranea.

field were also withdrawn for Perhaps you can find an easier way "consultation" when they least The final consideration of game to regain the west or stave off expected it. In indirectly through bribe money for . in the game to a point by the random incorporation of negotiations Either way. for the replacement of questionable leaders.Justinian continued from pg. whenever evidence (imagined or some mutually agreeable percentage) Having done so. As such he nice. While this is dealt with officers. optional rule was devised to account Justinian was as near to for this situation and the historical paranoid as one can get Considering the number of Barbarian results obtained were easily applied. I encourage players otherwise) suggested a magister was whenever an army loses twice as to explore strategic options other plotting his demise. This activity is reflected mechanics involved the very specific Byzantine incursions once and for all. Players might want to adopt a of recreating the historical events the often recalled his best generals rule of rolling for leader casualties (at game was designed to emulate. than the one's pursued herein. but nothing in the game Witigis and Belisarius. an sieges. Generals in the many SPs as the victor. 32 practical terms. a provision for These minor issues notwithstanding. leader casualties encountered regarding his generals gaining too historically. enforces that. not their mere recall. much fame and power while away determining leader losses would be JUSTINIAN has proved itself capable from his direct control. In the end. these temporary barbarian allegiances. as transpired between represents one or more succession. there is no recalls can be represented by not specific provision for direct combat. this essentially activating the same magister in negotiations. you'll have a good time event "Politics" but this event calls between Byzantine and Barbarian trying.