Paul University Philippines
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

STUDY LOAD FOR 2nd Semester AY 2016-2017 EAF No. 17236
ID No: 2013-01-03244 Name: CANAY, ANNE NICOLE VERUECO Year: 4 01/31/2017

College: School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Course: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

D79 NUR110 Elective Course 1 2.0 O. Rosacia 7:30-9 am M MM203 BSN 4 SETC
D78 NCM106C Care of Clients with Problems in… 6.0 K. Arellano 10 am-12 pm M, 3-5 pm M MM211 BSN 4 SETC
D50 NUR111 Competency Appraisal 1 5.0 K. Soriano 8 am-12 pm T, 1-5 pm T MM202 BSN 4
K. Soriano 8 am-12 pm W, 1-5 pm W MM205
D80 NCM106A Care of Clients with Problems in… 7.0 A. Macanaya 8 am-4 pm ThFS COMMUNITY BSN 4 SETC-RLE
D49 REL119 Pastoral Care 3.0 To Be Assigned 4-5:30 pm ThF MM202 BSN 4
Total Units: 23.0

Tuition Fees: Activity Fund 1,000.00
Tuition Fee: 13 x 620/unit 8,060.00 Online registration and information system fee 350.00
Tuition Fee (CF): 3 x 620/unit 1,860.00 9,920.00 Outreach 53.00
Student Welfare Fund 38.00
Miscellaneous Fees: Testing Material: 5 x 55/subject 275.00
Audio Visual 180.00 PSG Fund 100.00
Athletics Fee 290.00 CHED Academics & Cultural Fest Fee 100.00
Registration Fee 758.00 Energy Fee 750.00
Guidance Fee 173.00 Internet Fee 275.00
School Organ 225.00 Institutional Membership Fee 139.00
Cultural and Student Dev’t Fee 351.00 Sport’s Development Fee 100.00 35,435.00
Library Fee 703.00
Medical and Dental 170.00 2,850.00 Total Assessment: 48,205.00

Other Fees:
Related Learning Experience: 1 x 19,278.00
Skills Lab-RLE: 1 x 900/subject 900.00
Affiliation Fee-NUR 2,900.00
Nursing lab Equipment 2,000.00
Basic Life Support-First Aid and Red Cross 2,390.00
Enhancement Fee 4,787.00

Schedule of Payments:
Upon Enrollment 12,052.00
Prelims-before 12,051.00
Midterms-before 12,051.00
Finals-before J 12,051.00

School Policy for refund/dropping:
Before start of classes – only the registration will be deducted from the amount paid.
1st week of classes – 10% of the total assessment will be deducted from the amount paid.
2nd week of classes – 20% of the total assessment will be deducted from the amount paid.
After the 4th week – whether attended or not shall be charged in full.
NOTE: Assessment details may still change. Computation is subject to Processed by: Jasmine A. Gammad
verification/confirmation by BAO 01/31/2017 08:32AM