TEACHER: Ioana-Mirela Cojocaru
DATE: 3rd March 2009
FORM: 4th B
LEVEL: beginners
TYPE OF LESSON: teaching new items
VOCABULARY: - Weather items
- The seasons
- The months of the year
- Countries
GRAMMAR: to be
SKILLS: listening, speaking, reading, writing
- to talk about weather (What is the weather like? It’s …..)
- to revise the months of the year
- to revise country names (England, Romania, Australia, China, America)
- to identify the correct weather items
- to use to be properly according to sentence meaning
- to create a warm atmosphere in order to offer the background for smooth, easy conversations between
teacher and students
- to make students confident in themselves when speaking a foreign language
- T- Ss - PW
- Ss-T - GW
- IW
- conversation - demonstration
- dialogue - role play
- exercises - What kind of
- explanation weather? Wheel Game
A. MAIN: Communicative Approach
B. ELEMENTS OF: The Oral Method, The Direct Method
TEACHING AIDS: tape, blackboard, coloured chalk, posters, flipchart, handouts, weather wheels
1. Official: The Curriculum for Primary Education
2. Methodical: Harmer, Jeremy: ‘The Practical of English Language Teaching’, Longman, UK, 1991
3. Textbook: Ellis, Printha, Bowen, Mary: “Way Ahead 2”, Macmillan, UK, 2006
4. Activity Book : “Way Ahead 2”, Macmillan, UK, 2006
5. Antonaros, Suzanne, Couri, Lilika: ‘Young Learners’ Portfolio’, 2, 3, Express Publishing, UK, 2003
6. Practice Book : “Way Ahead 2”, Macmillan, UK, 2006
B) HUMAN: the students of the class
TIME: 45 minutes


will learn 6 . monkey. (Workbook page 66 ex.T. autumn.’ attendance 1 min 2 . Draw summer. T-Ss . T-Ss Ss-T Ex. Egypt. They come from Australia. checks Ss homework. hippo. kangaroo 5 ANNOUNCING . 2).to check CHECKING Ex. STAGE OF TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENTS’ ACTIVITY INTER SKILLS TEACHING AIDS PURPOSE/ CRT.T asks Ss to remember the . 1.T.to review animals and countries they Eg. zebra. .T explains the words spring. They come from England. LESSON/TIME ACTION TECHNIQU AIM ES 1 CHECKING . 3 . and correct the mistakes. Australia. crocodile. if Reading ook of given instructions 2 min England. helps Ss correct their Speaking mistakes. T. Ss-T Speaking Conversation Ss feel comfortable 2 min IW/GW in the class. penguin. They come from Egypt. 2 page 66 They come from China.Ss read their homework Conversation Workb accomplishment HOMEWORK – America. bear. Ss-T on animals PREVIOUS classes.to make WARM UP – sing a song. Writing They come from America.T. winter and Explanation ings uses pictures to make Ss .T tells Ss they will learn .Ss listen to the T. 1 page 66 .Ss sing a song. asks students if they can .Ss answer T-Ss Speaking Conversation . America. China. 4 . Egypt.Ss listen to the T. Australia.to check ATTENDANCE – ‘Who’s absent today?’ ‘X is absent today. Speaking Conversation Ss’ knowledge CHECKING have learnt the previous England. checks attendance .Ss answer accordingly. panda. . Flip -to make Ss OBJECTIVES – about weather items and T-Ss Speaking Conversation chart aware of the items they 1 min seasons. Romania and KNOWLEDGE – countries 2 min Eg.NR. China necessary. T-Ss . Camel.

T plays the tape. (T translates words if Ss-T necessary. T-Ss Speaking What’s the weather like? . . What’s the Listening Blackb 20 min (hot/cold/cloudy/rainy/wind weather like? oard y/wet/snowy/foggy/warm).T shows certain drawings Demonstration Book and tells the Ss that It’s sunny.Ss listen and notice the of items T’s movements. Books It’s sunny. Note It’s hot. .) INTRODUCING OF NEW . and then writes the .to check comprehension . dealing with weather (fingers together above head) GW (arms outspread) (flap arms and hands) Exercise (wag finger) (make triangular shape of a sail) . items on the blackboard.Ss listen to the tape and point to the correct image.T changes the drawings and .Ss pay attention to the T. It’s hot/cold/warm/cloudy/win dy etc. S1. Reading . TAPE 50: IW Conversation What’s the weather like? It’s cold.Ss repeat after the T: MATERIAL – explains further items Eg.T reads the poem . understand them. It’s wet. It’s windy.Ss write the sentences. . S2.to enrich Text Ss’ vocabulary .T uses drawings to introduce .

to check PERFORMANCE . Wheel Game 8 .stick some drawings and the wheels and act telling Speaking Demonstration 1&2 comprehension 10 min rotate the wheel to see how’s the weather. 7 .Ss stick the drawings on T-Ss Outs .T tells Ss to open their workbooks at page 74 to do ex. 4 SETTING) – 1 min .Ss write down what their T-Ss Speaking Conversation Handout (HOMEWORK on handout 4 homework is. . They have to fill in the -to provide FEED-BACK – blanks with the missing words . (hand movement like the waves) Tape (palms facing to show a fish) Writing (wag finger) .Ss do what they are told. GW Writing 9 TRANSFER .Ss fill in the blanks.T gives Ss two handouts and explains Ss they will make a Conversation Hand ACQUIRING weather wheel. Ss-T Reading Exercise Handout further 6 min (weather items) and letters 3 practice (the months of the year).T gives Ss handout 3 to the T-Ss Speaking Ss.T asks Ss to do the exercises . They have to . 1(to match the columns). Ss-T of learnt items different types of weather Role play Wheels IW Weather Pictures It’s sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy.