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(read) 1..(read) 1.11 Rejection of Project……….1 Introduction ……….(read) 1..(read) 1...(read) 1..(read) 1..5 Points to remember………. INDEX 1.(read) 1.6 Format of the report………..2 What is to be done in the Project? …..(read) 1.14 Helpline details……….4 Structure of the Project Report……….3 Information about various NGO……….(read) 1..10 Submission……….7 Guidelines for creating the video……….(read) 1.12 Marks and Evaluation of project………....(read) .8 Guidelines for making video……….9 Uploading of video clip for evaluation by institute……….13 Last Date for project submission………..(read) 1..(read) 1.(read) 1.

1 Introduction Students are required to upload soft copy of the project report as well as video clip on the website through the link provided in their “Section for current student”. Select any social cause on which you would like to do study for e. As part of the curriculum. which can be expressed as an interest towards what’s happening in the community. organisations and governments have a positive impact on development. How Does an Individual Become Socially Responsible? The Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF). Being Socially Responsible means that people and organisations must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social. business and society with a positive contribution to bottom-line results. because a corporate comprises of individuals and hence determines the social responsibility culture it creates. Striving for social responsibility helps individuals. GUIDELINES FOR PROJECT ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) FOR SEMESTER III STUDENTS 1.g. This data can be collected through internet also. 2. etc. describes ISR in its position statement on Social Responsibility as. Bulgaria.2 What is to be done in the project? 1. cultural. ISR is at the roots of CSR. “The individual social responsibility includes the engagement of each person towards the community where he lives. Religious influences should be avoided for the project. ISR expands on this by promoting a proactive stance towards positively influencing and affecting the people and environments outside your immediate circle. Malnutrition. . economic and environmental issues. as well as in the active participation in the solving of some of the local problems and everyone of us could take part in that development in different ways. ISR may appear to be a new concept. but it is a concept as old as The Golden Rule — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Collect data about the current scenario on what is happening in the community about the cause. students are required to complete this project work for the successful completion of third semester. ……………………Top 1. There is no hard copy submission required. Accepting physically challenged people in main stream. Girl child education.

 Work requirement  Location  Ratings of the NGO by the Charity Commissioner and the National Planning Commission. impact of their working. you can directly access information about various NGO’s through internet. Elaborate the social. psychological. challenges being faced by them and any other relevant information. you are required to create a five – seven minute VIDEO of the work done and upload the same on the website. 6. This can be referred to from the open source available on the internet. Collect data about the area in which they are working .4 Structure of the Project Report: (a) Introduction about the social problem. how long they are operating .3 How to get information about various NGO? On the website. economical. go to the “Notices Section” of login area and you will see a link on NGO’s. (c) Detail write up about how the subject NGOs are is trying to contribute towards the social cause for which they are established. This link will give access to the NGO’s in Mumbai with details like. A sample project report and a number of video clips have been provided in “Notices section” for reference. ……………………Top 1.  Contact details of the NGO. Select any NGO working for this cause. health problem which affected individual or society. (b) Discuss about various NGO’s /government department working in this area. OR (c) The student can also select his own organization’s CSR activity in which he is employed or choose some other organization or could take up an entirely fresh NGO. As part of your project. OR (b) Alternately . 5. 4.3.  Names of the NGO’s  Cause they pursue. This can include information like : . You are then required to make a word document on the above activities. …………………Top 1.

Bottom 25mm (1”). charts. (d) Important to include Bibliography and List of tables (e) The report can also include Certificate/Letter from the NGO (if help from an NGO representative has been taken) and acknowledgements (OPTIONAL) (f) The report should be in about 40 pages minimum.6 FORMAT OF THE PROJECT REPORT (A) TITLE PAGE: The first page should contain the following details. CENTRE: (1) Full name of the candidate in capital letters. (d) The project work can contain tables. …………………Top 1. HPGD/JL15/0001) (3) Name of the social cause. properly centered.g. photos etc. (g) The document size should not be more than 5MB.  How they are creating awareness in the society?  How do they plan their activities?  How do they carry out their mission of working for a social cause?  What are the resources required and how do they try to meet this requirement?  What are the challenges being faced by them? Etc. …………………Top 1. Top 25mm (1”). (2) Admission No. . (b) The report should be submitted as a MS-Word document only and NOT in the form of MS.g. (e. (c) No aspects of the structure of the report should be omitted. Avoid grammatical errors. BOTTOM: Name of the Institute. TOP: The Title of the report in block capitals.5 Points to remember (a) Students should use simple and good English while writing the report. Right 25mm (1”). to make it more interesting. (C) FONT: Arial (11 pts) or Times New Roman (12 pts) (D) PAGE NUMBER: Shall be at the bottom of the page centrally located.PowerPoint slide printouts. Year of Submission (e. DECEMBER 2008) (B) MARGIN: Left 25mm (1”) .

(c) Capture the cause or the activity in action and its importance. 3 Concluding remarks. No. (b) You can refer to the free online information available on the internet about the cause and the NGOs. at relevant places to make it interesting. music etc. 1 min (e) You have to submit 1 video and not many clips. (f) Upload the same on the PPT. If feasible you can also interview of 4 – 5 min one/two senior member from NGO as well as testimonial from few people who benefited.8 Guidelines for making video To know more about how to make a film you can refer to Notices . …………………Top 1. Context Approximate time 1 Introduction about social cause and its importance. it is not compulsory. voice. who is working for this cause. You can use the video clips available from the open source like Youtube etc. You can use that and add small portion to your videos.Guidelines to make a Film …………………Top 2. (d) Ideal flow in the video clip: Sr. Click on "Upload" Button 3. However. 1 min 2 Video about the NGO/ corporate/ organisation. Please do not use video clips from the website of NGO as it may be violation of copy rights.9 Uploading of video clip for evaluation by institute: 1. Enter your Gmail Login Details .7 Guidelines for Creating the Video: (a) The video has to be of minimum 5-7 minutes. Go to http://www. You can add animation. …………………Top 1.

incorrect data. insufficient subject matter. …………………Top 1. Submission is online only.11 REJECTION OF PROJECT In case of a student's project being not approved. design.e. Verify your URL is correct by logging out of YouTube and pasting it in your browser to see if your video is working. Paste your URL in Project ISR Video Link. 4. poor quality of video etc. improper presentation of the project matter. Copy your URL. Once you have verified. …………………Top 1. 5. Once upload". EVALUATION OF PROJECT The submitted project report will be sent for evaluation. he/she is not eligible to get course completion certificate.g. …………………Top 1. mismatch between the problem studied at hand and the methodology i.10 SUBMISSION The students is required to upload soft copy of the project report as well as video clip on the website through the link provided in their “Section for current student”. The student then has to rewrite the project and make a new video clip in the next semester after paying re. . it will display the progress of upload 6.exam fees. typographical errors. The project can be disapproved on the basis of it not being a original study i. 9. "Upload complete! Your video will be live at: http://youtu. The minimum for passing will be 50% for the project work. 8. Please ensure that "Privacy Settings" option is set to "Unlisted" 7. insufficient discussion & analysis. When upload is completed.12 MARKS FOR and Evaluation of project The project work will carry 100 marks. The project report will be evaluated on the following criteria.e. if it is copied . it will show you a message like this e. Click on "Select File to Upload" which will allow you to browse and select your video.

the fifth (b) Upload of video on the link provided in the website. 2.e. Criteria Marks 1 Quality of project report 50 2 Video clip quality 50 …………………Top 1.13 Last Date for Project Submission Last Date for project submission is fifth month from the date of commencement of the semester. Late Submission of Project 1. …………………Top ***************** 1. Sr. PROJECT DATES BEGINS ON LAST DATE (a) Uploading of project report in word document in the First day of 3rd Last day of website.e. a. (c) Their marks as well as certificates will be issued in next semester i. No. fifth month of final semester. you may contact helpline number 022-4051-4025 (between 10:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday) You can also email your queries to helpdesk@horizzon.14 Helpline Numbers: In case of any difficulty. month. Students can upload project report with late fees till one more month after last date of submission i. Students who could not submit their project report even after the above period: (a) They will be required to pay re-exam fee. …………………Top . the entire process will be late by six months. (b) Their project will be evaluated only in the next semester.