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**Yunita Agnes Sianipar


This research concerned on The Effect of Teaching Media on Students’
Achievement in Speaking. This study used the experimental design. The
population of the study was the students of SMP Negeri 1 Air Putih. There were
twenty students from five classes as the sample of the research. This study was
conducted with two groups namely experimental and control group. The
experimental group was taught by applying English comics while control group
was taught with written texts. The instrument of collecting the data was used tape
recorder. The data was analyzed by using t-test formula. The calculation shows
that t-observed (2.378) is higher than t-table (2.086) at the level of significance
0.05. Therefore, the null hypothesis is rejected and alternative hypothesis is
accepted. It means that teaching speaking by applying English comics as the
media has more significant effects than without using English comics.

Keywords: English Comics, Story Retelling, Students’ Achievement in Speaking,
Experimental Research

Background of Study

English is an important means of communication, which is used by many

countries in this world. It plays an important role as an International language.

This is why the Indonesian government chooses English as the first foreign


Especially in speaking. students need more practice so that teachers are suggested to create and use interesting technique. She taught the students with story retelling technique which doesn’t make any improvements of English knowledge to the students who hear to her teaching. 28 % from the total numbers of students have already achieved the competence. They had knowledge of how to speak. One of such the techniques is Story Retelling. it can be seen from the 2 . The writer found that there were only 12 students who scored 65 point from the total number of students (35 students). To build their confidence. 1992:3). The reality she found that many students masters the theory better than practice. It means only 34. the writer collected the students’ English scores for second semester of class VIII. Generally. but in practice they found difficulties. story retelling is liked by the students because they like stories. It is also an appropriate technique for the students at their age. English is introduced as a compulsory subject to be taught from the seventh year of Junior High School up to the twelfth year of students and as a local content subject in Elementary school. most of students could not speak English well. There was an English teacher met by the writer in that school who was teaching in the class. They were lack self confidence. She used written texts as the media to teach story retelling. During her Teaching Training Practice (PPL) in Junior High School. The teaching learning is also very boring to the students.language to be taught in schools (Ramelan. Based on the writer’s interview in SMP Negeri 1 Air Putih. the writer observed that student’s problems were not only from the classroom environment but also from the students themselves.

and conveying essential information (http:ccvi. which directly related to the learning process such as verbal abilities. The teacher just come to the class. 3 . They were not interest when they were looking the text. It prepares students for real-life tasks such as selecting. The students need to be aware that the purpose of the story retelling is to obtain assessment data for self and teacher evaluation.1. Story retelling as a component of authentic assessment can be introduced when the students demonstrate proficiency in identifying key story elements. This makes any poorness on those students’ achievement the teacher teaches. the teacher must consider the characteristics of the students. This caused the students confused and didn’t get the idea to retell the story. According to Gerlach and Elly (1980:245).org/ccvi/22- pubs/newsletters/winter1997-weavingauthenticassessment/story-retelling-v2- No. visual and audio perception skills. to select the appropriate media. In order to make story retelling more interesting. Story retelling has also proven to be an appropriate comprehension measure for the students with varying learning abilities. They were also bored because there is no something special when they read that story.html).students who were becoming sleepy in the class and sometimes go sleeping on their table. Story retelling can play an important role in performance-based assessment of speaking. organizing. The teacher didn’t give any description of how to retell the story. greated them and asked them to retell the story of written texts were given by the teacher and there were no guides to the students what and how to retell that story.wrcervw. good media are needed.

Comic is one of many media to teach story retelling. By using English comics. the organization of groups. the problem of this study is formulated as follows: Does the application of teaching media English Comics significantly affect to the students’ achievement in speaking? Conceptual Framework Speaking is one of four basic language skills that used by people to communicate one another. The writer hoped that with the use of English comics. The purpose of teaching speaking is to enable the students to speak and interpret the messages that occur in communication process. Using English comics as a means for teaching story retelling can be very pleasing and interesting for the students. They will feel something new and different from what they usually get in their class. they can be active as participant and they have more chance to express their minds. feelings and attitudes. the time available and the space in which the media will be used (Gerlach and Elly:225). 4 .Other factors which also ought to be considered in media selection come from our instructional system model. students can be more interested and more active in learning. speaking is very difficult to be mastered because it has to be practiced every time. Research Question In line with the background presented above. Comics are an art form using a series of static images in fixed sequence. Unlike another subject. emotions. that is.

the students are given many exercises in the form of oral expression. By doing this. the teacher will ask them to come forward one by one to retell it. He/she will record the students’ voice. After that. It puts stress on how students can use their English knowledge in their daily conversation. Most of the students have learned English for several years but they still get difficulties in speaking. but also the ability to communicate the ideas and produce the right meaning. When they have finished retelling it to their partners. the writer wants to apply story retelling as the technique by using English comic as the media of teaching speaking. grammar. they retell the same story in different ways. In line with the situation. they are expected to be able to express the idea not only in any kind of pronunciation or words. and then the students’ score based on their pronunciation. Contrast with the application of written text in which the teacher just ask the students to read and retell the story about whatever is on their mind when they read that story. After that. In order to be good at speaking. the teaher gives brief explanation by telling the title. fluency and content in story retelling. and ask them to read two or three times. The writer concluded that teaching story retelling using comics can follow the following steps: before the teacher gives a certain comics to students. The teacher does not gives more explanation and instruction to the 5 . the writer chooses one technique by using media to increase students’ speaking ability. In this study. the teacher give explanation about what and how to retell the story and explain some important elements in story retelling. Then the teacher distributes the comics to each student to read.

The researcher used random sampling to get the sample. They were divided into two groups: experimental group and control group. the total number of students was 200. Methodology This study consists of dependent and independent variable which is students’ achievement in speaking as the dependent variable and teaching media as the independent variable. and each class consisted of 40 students. Technique of Analyzing the Data 6 . The experimental group was treated with applying story retelling by using English comics and the control group was taught with applying story retelling by using written texts. There were 5 parallel classes. In fact. So. the basic talent of speaking (especially to retell the story) of the students is not improving at all even a little bit.1 Research Design Group Pre-test Treatment Post-test Experimental √ English Comics √ Control √ Written texts √ The population in this study was the second year students of SMP Negeri 1 Air Putih. The total number of the sample was 20 students.students. This study is an experimental research with a two different groups. namely experimental group and control group. The design of this research can be illustrated below: (see table 3.1) Table3.

It is calculated by using scores of FSI in both experimental and control group. The analysis of data 7 . This analysis is appropriate whenever the researchers want to compare the means of two groups. The t-test assesses whether the means of two groups are satistically different from each other. The analysis is intended to get the significant differences between taught by using English comics and taught by using written texts in teaching story retelling. The t-test was formulated as follows: √( )( ) ( ) In which: Mx : The mean of Experimental group My : The mean of Control group dx : Standard deviation of Experimental group dy : Standard deviation of Control group Nx : The total sample of Experimental group Ny : The total sample of Control group Result and Discussion The data to be analyzed was obtained by conducting the oral test to the students in order to know their ability in speaking (story retelling).

The score in the experimental group was higher than in the control group. This is seen from the calculation of t-test at the level of significance 0. while in the control group is 25. Based on the data analysis. the tobserved (2. the experimental and control group are computed by applying t-test formula to prove hypothesis in this study. the students’ learning achievement in experimental group was higher than the control group. English comics as the media give a significant effect to the students’ learning achievement. since English comics were given to the experimental group.05. Conclusion and Suggestion Conclusion This study deals with the application of English comics on students’ achievement in speaking. The highest score from the result of the post-test in the experimental group is 82.086).through pre-test and post-test in both groups. It is proved from the result of the post-test for experimental group which is higher than the control group and the result of tobserved is higher than ttable. Therefore the hypothesis formulated as “the students’ 8 . It is found that the application of English comics significantly affect the speaking achievement of the students.378) is higher than the ttable (2. The lowest score from the result of the pre-test in the experimental group is 34. It can be said that the use of English comics affect students’ learning achievement in speaking. while in the control group is 76. The scores in the experimental group shows the students’ learning achievement increase in higher level.

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10 .