Polymer Degradation and Stability 39 (1993) 403-404

Calendar of events

January 1993

19-20 Accelerated and Outdoor Durability Testing
Fort Lauderdale, USA
Contact: Warren D. Ketola, 3M Company, Building 553-A, 3M Center,
St Paul, MN 55144, USA

February 1993

15-19 Advanced Composites '93
Wollongong, Australia
Contact: Dr T. Chandra, Dept. of Materials Engineering, University of
Wollongong, Wollongong 2500, Australia

March 1993

23-26 Recycle '93
Davos, Switzerland
Contact: Maack Business Services, Moosacherstrasse 14, CH-8804
Au/near Zfirich, Switzerland

30- Polymer Spectroscopy
April 1 Grasmere, Cumbria, UK
Contact: Dr H. A. Fawcett, School of Chemistry, The Queen's Univers-
ity of Belfast, BT9 5GA, UK

April 1993

18-23 Durability of Coatings
Denver, Colorado
Contact: Jonathan W. Martin, NIST, Building 226, Room B438,
Gaithersburg, MD, USA

June 1993

14-19 Gordon Research Conference: Pyrolysis and Oxidative Degradation of
New Hampshire, USA
Contact: Roy Lehrle, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham,
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Albuquerque. . S. USA September 1993 5-10 3rd International Congress on Polymer Photochemistry Genova. Italy Contact: Professor N. Allen. Lancaster University. Man- chester M1 5GD. Chemistry Department. Organization 1811. USA Contact: Roger L. 10 International Conference on Advanced Polymer Materials Dresden. Ebdon. Ref APM '93. Chester Street. Germay Contact: Technische Universit~it Dresden. Illinois. Dezemat 5. Polymer Centre. Sandia National Laboratories. Clough. UK August 1993 22-27 1993 Fall National ACS Meeting: Lifetime. NM 87185. UK Contact: Dr J. Zentrales Tagungsbiiro. Germany. R. Degradation.404 Calendar of events July 1993 Recent Developments in Polymer Characterization ICI Runcorn Heath. 0-8027 Dresden. MommsenstraBe 13. Manchester Polytechnic. and Stability of Macromolecular Materials Chicago. Lancaster LA1 4YA. Faculty of Science and Engineering. UK.