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Tikona Digital Networks www. Also. To make payment through vouchers. save paper and opt for Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband e-bills. tikona. debit/credit card (Visa/Master) or cash vouchers available in the denominations of ` 100. After subscription to e3 campaign.in To know your outstanding bill amount through your mobile. Cheque payments are subject to realization.tikona.in Important Tips Billing Payments through cheque/DD should be drawn in the name of ‘Tikona Digital Networks Pvt.in mentioning your cheque details. paper bills will be discontinued. xxx xxx xxx’. ` 500. BAN and Service ID. If the bill statement does not reflect your previous payment which was cleared. Tikona cash vouchers are available with various recharge outlet dealers. please send an e-mail to billing@tikona. If the service is temporarily suspended due to delay in payment beyond the due date. Ltd. Bill can be paid online through netbanking. ` 250. SMS BILLINFO<space><Username> to 5676708 Example: BILLINFO 1100220033 To pay your bill through your mobile with the help of cash vouchers. log in to https://selfcare. To subscribe. Cheques can be deposited at any of the ICICI ATM cheque drop boxes. write to Tikona Care at customercare@tikona. To view the nearest voucher outlet. service will be auto-resumed after the realization of payment. attach a scanned copy of your bank statement in the e-mail. and ` 1000.in -> Billing and Payments -> Make Payment -> Payments -> Voucher Top-up. your 9-digit Billing Account Number (BAN) as printed on Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband Service Bill. Support e3 campaign. Click here. SMS VRCH<space><Voucher Serial Number><space><Voucher PIN> to 5676708 Example: VRCH 1100110011 1234567890 98767676761234 01 .

If you are using Ethernet cable. Never share your username and password with anyone.in Important Tips Security Change your password at regular intervals. Signal Check (Indoor CPE) Ensure that the modem is never displaced from the location where it was originally installed for receiving optimal signal strength. please try after some time.Tikona Digital Networks www. network may be under upgrade/enhancement/ maintenance. Dialer along with its installation process can be downloaded from Self Care Portal. Check if the LED status is stable green (1st LED from right). This is to prevent misuse of your PC in case it’s left unattended. 02 . dialer must be installed on your PC. If you encounter slow speed or latency (delay). In that case. 3rd and 4th LEDs of your indoor modem are stable green. including our company representatives. visit Self Care portal -> Product Information -> Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband Dialer). (To download dialer. either upload/download). If you have kept your Internet session idle for more than ten minutes (no transfer of data. then ensure that the 1st. To access Home Solution. then all four LEDs should be stable green. Home Solution If you have availed of Home Solution service.tikona. then your session will be logged out automatically.

in Important Tips Reset Password and Subscriber Information via SMS Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service has introduced Short Code SMS functionality for its subscribers. you can reset your account password and change your mobile number and e-mail id registered with us. 03 .com To check the changed mobile number or e-mail id. visit Self Care portal (https://selfcare.Tikona Digital Networks www.tikona. This is a chargeable service. To reset account password Send SMS RSTPWD<space><Username> to 5676708 Example: RSTPWD 1100280131 You will receive a new password on your registered mobile number and e-mail id To change registered mobile number Send SMS RSTMOBILE<space><Username><space><New Mobile Number> to 5676708 Example: RSTMOBILE 1100280131 9920882200 To change registered e-mail id Send SMS RSTEMAIL<space><Username><space><New E-mail ID> to 5676708 Example: RSTEMAIL 1100280131 mehul.mehta@tkzmail.tikona.in -> Subscriber Profile -> Personal Information). With this functionality.

in Enter your username and password in the guest’s PC Now the guest user can use the Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service. (To view MAC addresses. Use the log out option to terminate the session Post guest user has terminated the session. refer to the following simple steps: Turn the wireless off on your guest’s laptop Connect the guest’s laptop on Ethernet interface Disable proxy settings of the laptop Go to Internet Protocol Settings and select the automatic options for obtaining IP Address & DNS Server Launch Internet browser Allow guest user to log in through https://login.tikona. visit Self Care portal -> My Tools -> My MAC addresses) Select the guest MAC address which needs to be removed and click on “Remove Selected” tab Guest’s MAC address gets auto deleted from subscriber’s account Change the password of your account for security purposes 04 .tikona.Tikona Digital Networks www.in Important Tips Guest User If you have guests coming at your home/office who want to use Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service. refer the following guidelines: Access the Self Care Portal to see the guest user’s laptop MAC address details.

Note: ` 1500 per modem will be payable if subscriber retains the modem or returns them in non-working/damaged condition. 05 . provided the service is available at the new location. due to some reason Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband connection needs to be disconnected follow this process: Call Tikona Care @ 1800 209 4276 and raise disconnection request or write to customercare@tikona. which needs to be quoted during all the communication for disconnection.tikona.in Important Tips Tariff and Relocation You can change your tariff plan once in a billing cycle. Disconnection of Service In case.Tikona Digital Networks www. Send disconnection request e-mail mentioning your service id. This is applicable for all plans.in from your registered mail id. as per the terms & conditions in the tariff card. payment of outstanding bill and return of CPE in working condition. You can use Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service when you shift residence. To view registered mail id. reference number to customercare@tikona. The tariff plan will be changed within one working day. contact Tikona Care on 1800 209 4276. visit -> Self Care portal -> Subscriber Profile -> Personal Information A mail will be sent from Tikona Care informing you about the further process to be followed like. Shifting charges applicable. To change the plan.in A reference number will be provided by Tikona Care executive.

you will not receive the bill and subsequently miss to pay it. passport.tikona. telephone. To avoid this issue. If you have moved to a new home and want to update address. visit https://selfcare. ration card. Your service installation address will remain same.in -> ‘Service Request’ section. Documents considered as the proof of your address: driving licence. voter’s ID card. If the address is not updated. contact Tikona Care @ 1800 209 4276. You would be required to submit a photocopy of your new address along with the proof of address. Form 16/assessment income tax order.Tikona Digital Networks www. utility bills (last two months’) like electricity. kindly ensure your billing address is updated with us. Tikona Care. Track Status Online of Complaint/Service Request The Self Care portal of Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service enables you to track the status of your service request or complaint placed with the Call Centre.tikona. Status of request/complaint can be of three types: Progressing: Indicates that it will soon be addressed by Tikona Care executive Closed: Indicates that it is successfully addressed and closed Cancelled: Indicates that it is cancelled due to invalid or incomplete information To know the status. Every request/complaint has a unique reference number to track its status. 06 . gas. water. lease agreement.in Important Tips Change of Billing Address Your billing address is an important piece of information as the physical copy of Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service bill is delivered on it.

You will see the above error message when you have used more devices (i. (To delete MAC addresses. notebook. maximum allowed MAC addresses reached] Each device such as your desktop. change to the appropriate plan.. To resolve this error. visit Self Care portal -> My Tools -> My MAC addresses) Authentication Failed: Reason [Log in failed. Wi-Fi mobile device. delete earlier registered MAC addresses to make way for the new device (MAC id) you maybe using. Ensure correct username and password is entered. (Visit Self Care portal -> Ask for Help -> Product Information -> FAQs) 07 . If you desire higher number of simultaneous logins. Authentication Failed: Reason [Log in failed. etc. that you use to access Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service has a unique MAC address.in Troubleshooting Tips Authentication Failed: Reason [] This message will appear when wrong username or password is entered.e.Tikona Digital Networks www. The above error message will appear if you have already reached the maximum number of simultaneous (concurrent) logins permissible against your plan. The information on simultaneous logins available in different plans can be obtained from the product section. The new user can login once any of the earlier users disconnect.tikona. maximum allowed session reached] The plan subscribed by you entitles you to a certain number of simultaneous logins. MAC id) than what is allowed against your subscribed plan.

we will pass the corresponding credit against your billing account to restore the service. or the cheque payment made by you has either bounced or not reached the clearing stage. it is likely that your cheque has got cleared without service restoration. If you have not paid your bill or your cheque has bounced.tikona. If you are paying by cheque/DD. please pay to restore your service. Please call Tikona Care on 1800 209 4276 and provide details of the cheque payment made. It is preferable to make online payment in such cases if you need instant restoration of your service. but did not specify anything in Reply-Message] The above error message appears if your recent bill has not been paid. Always remember to mention BAN when paying by cheque or DD. then please allow for at least 7 (seven) working days for clearance. Authentication Failed: Reason [No interface available Ethernet card/USB modem/USB adapter] or Unidentified error code – 1062 (WZCS) Above error will appear in Windows-based Operating System. If the cheque payment has been realized at our end. If payment is made without mentioning Billing Account Number (BAN). Service shall be restored immediately upon realization of your cheque/DD. To resolve this error.in Troubleshooting Tips Quick resolution for frequently encountered problems Authentication Failed: Reason [External AAA returned a failure. make sure Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service is active.Tikona Digital Networks www. [Start > Run > Services.msc > Wireless Zero Configuration > Service Status (Started)] 08 .

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network tab -> Connections -> Settings -> Select ‘No proxy’ if not selected. Turn off the desktop/laptop Wi-Fi and remove proxy settings. Connect your desktop/laptop directly to Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband CPE with Ethernet cable provided at the time of installation.Tikona Digital Networks www. Click Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings -> Uncheck ‘Proxy Server’ if it is already checked. If problem persists. perform the following troubleshooting. For Mozilla Firefox. Enter your username and password and check if Internet access is available. call Tikona Care at 1800 209 4276. If you have already subscribed but the facility is not working.in Troubleshooting Tips Quick resolution for frequently encountered problems Home Solution (Wi-Fi) not working This is an optional facility available at an additional charge.in).tikona. launch Internet browser. Post changing your proxy settings. follow the simple steps: For Internet Explorer. 09 . You can subscribe for this facility by calling Tikona Care at 1800 209 4276. To remove proxy settings. For Google Chrome. If the access is available.tikona. You will be redirected to the login page (https://login. then it could be the problem of your desktop/laptop Wi-Fi interface/settings or with the CPE configuration. Click ‘Customize & Control Google Chrome’ tab -> Options -> Select ‘Under the Hood’ tab -> Change proxy settings -> Connections -> LAN settings -> Uncheck ‘Proxy Server’ if it is already checked. Check your Wi-Fi configuration and re-attempt to connect using Home Solution (Wi-Fi).

Some operating systems do not release this IP which is assigned in earlier sessions due to which connection does not get built when you log in in the first attempt through Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband dialer. disconnect and reconnect till the connection is built.tikona.in Troubleshooting Tips Quick resolution for frequently encountered problems Connection set-up issue through dialer Whenever you log in to the Internet your operating system releases an IP address which is necessary to setup a connection.Tikona Digital Networks www. To resolve this issue. 10 .

tikona. You can log in to Self Care portal directly at https://selfcare.tikona. Bills can also be paid through cheque or demand draft. (To view adjustment details. visit Self Care portal -> Billing & Payments -> Make Payment) Payment History View last payments made by you. or cash vouchers.in or by logging into ‘My Account’ from www.in Online Bill Payment Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service bill can be paid online through credit/debit card.Tikona Digital Networks www. netbanking.in Online Self Care Portal Helps you to manage Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband account on your own. visit Self Care portal -> Billing and Payments -> Adjustments) 11 .tikona. visit Self Care portal -> Billing and Payments -> Invoice Summary) Adjustments View details relating to any adjustments posted in your account. (To pay online bill. (To view payment history.

in Online Self Care Portal Helps you to manage Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband account on your own. visit Self Care portal -> Service Request -> View Requests) Self Care portal also provides anti-virus key details. (To view service request details. Change account password at any point of time.in Password Management Helps to change the password. (To view usage details. You can log in to Self Care portal directly at https://selfcare.in or by logging into ‘My Account’ from www. visit Self Care portal -> My Tools -> Session History) Service Request Gives an account of trouble tickets with their current status registered at Tikona Care. etc. (To change password. 12 . total MBs consumed. visit Self Care portal -> Subscriber Profile -> Change Password) Usage Details Check usage with session by session details such as start time. duration.tikona. list of MAC addresses and option to reset them. the latest product information and plan subscription details.tikona.tikona.Tikona Digital Networks www. end time.

tikona.Tikona Digital Networks www. ( To pay online bill. 13 .in Billing and Payments Pay Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service bill in 4 easy ways: Cheque Refer page 01 for cheque payment guidelines. visit Self Care portal -> Billing & Payments -> Make Payment) Cash Vouchers Refer page 01 for cash vouchers payment guidelines. Demand Draft Refer page 01 for Demand Draft payment guidelines. Online Payment Through credit/debit card or netbanking.

your charging stops. without spoiling the interiors. you can choose to make an ad hoc payment ahead of your regular bill payment date. The original plan speed is restored automatically upon the receipt of bill payment.tikona. if any. 14 . ipads. to enjoy full-speed service.Tikona Digital Networks www. although at a reduced speed as specified in your plan. continues to work. It is a refundable deposit to be paid upfront at the time of subscription. as soon as your bill reaches the maximum bill value. It gets adjusted against the outstanding amount. at the time of exit. mobiles and even desktops. Value-added Services Home Solution Allows you to access the service wirelessly within your home from multiple devices such as laptops. Alternatively. Your service however.in Product Information Circuit Breaker This feature is available if you have subscribed to any of the Circuit Breaker plans. In case of Circuit Breaker plans. A Circuit Breaker fee is applicable in some of the Circuit Breaker plans.

3) Parental Control: Provides parents with automated tools to help protect their children and set restrictions while accessing the Internet. right from the fully-automatic option of Click & Connect to the Full Manual Mode that requires username and password to be entered each time you log in.tikona. adware and other malicious objects while you browse the Internet.in -> Product & Services -> For Homes -> Tariff Plans -> Terms & Conditions) Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband Dialer Functions It provides you several options for logging in. It allows parents to block certain sites with content inappropriate for children or other users at home or at office. It also puts the spam mails in the spam folder as per the rules defined for spam filter. besides technical information which is available in the Tools section. The technical information is meant to be provided to the Tikona online tech support executive to help him resolve your problem online. (For detailed tariff of these services. visit www.tikona. Key features include: 1) Browsing Protection: Provides online protection against viruses. spyware. It provides useful links to Self Care portal and speed test. ) 2 E-mail Filtering: E-mails along with the attachments are scanned for viruses and virus-affected mails are quarantined. 15 .Tikona Digital Networks www.in Product Information Premium Anti-Virus Besides the Basic Anti-Virus available with Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service. subscribers can also opt for a Premium Anti-Virus.

Tikona Digital Networks www.tikona.in GLOSSARY Download Speed vs. then you will get a transfer rate of 64 KBps. This implies that if you are on an unlimited plan with 512 kbps download speed. 16 . 1 Byte = 8 bits. Here. Hence “Download Speed” is always 8 times that of “Transfer Rate” or in other words. “Transfer Rate” is always 1/8th that of Download Speed. Transfer Rate Speed mentioned in any broadband plan is in “kilo bits per second (kbps)” and transfer rate on the Internet is measured in “kilo bytes per second (KBps)”.

tikona.Tikona Digital Networks www.in Tikona Digital Networks Website www.in To check speed of service https://speedtest.in Contact Us Tikona Care Toll-free number 1800 209 4276 E-mail customercare@tikona.tikona.tikona.in For billing queries billing@tikona.in For online Self Care portal https://selfcare.in SMS TIKONA to 575758 For your Business/Office/Campus Toll-free number 1800 209 1386 SMS DTO to 5676708 Secured Wireless Broadband 17 .tikona.in New Subscription & Product Info Live Demo number 020-6681 9700 E-mail sales@tikona.