Rogues in Remballo

An Adventure for 5th Edition by Matt Finch
For First Level Characters

Rogues in Remballo is a Fifth Edition adventure for 4–6 first level characters, a city adventure that gets the
characters embroiled in strange plots, sinister intrigue, and fierce battles. Is the thieves guild of Manas encroaching
on the territory of the Remballo guild? What is hidden in the sanctuary-courtyard known as the Four Corners?
How is the powerful banking house of Borgandy involved with all of it? What starts as a straightforward mission
actually involves a host of complications — some of which can be deadly if the characters don’t play their cards
right. Rogues in Remballo is set in the Borderland Provinces region of the Frog God Games Lost Lands setting,
but can be played on a stand-alone basis in any city.

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Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo

Rogues in Remballo
Author: Matt Finch
Editor: Jeff Harkness
5E Conversion: James Redmon
Layout: Charles A. Wright
Front Cover Art: Andrew DeFelice
Interior Art: Peter Bergting
Cartography: Robert Altbauer

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5th Edition Rules,
1st Edition Feel


it has its own introduction at the beginning of the section. 2 . one of these would be a better introduction to the art. which can slow down the adventure if it is not well controlled. but pacing an adven- ture like this one requires a game master with some experience. The experientced game master should encounter no difficulties here. but provides context that may be useful if you want to use the entire city in your campaign. Information about the city of Manas and the countries surrounding Remballo is published in The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces published by Frog God Games. as presented in the Borderland Provinces book. and if you have never run an adventure before. Frog God Games publishes a number of introductory adventures suitable for learning how to run a game for the first time. but keeping the action moving could prove to be a problem for a first-timer. This material is not necessary for the use of the module. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo Introduction Rogues in Remballo is an adventure for first-level characters. There is a large area for infor- mation-gathering. in the Kingdom of Suilley. The adventure is not difficult to run. and assaults on a location like the Four Corners frequently bog down in excessive planning and discussion. The second part of the module is the complete adventure. The first section of the module introduces basic information about the City of Remballo. but is not intended as an adventure for a first-time game master or players. For ease of reference and to avoid page-flipping.

loans to nobles. Neutral 4. Isobel Borgandy Razaan (the Razaan family is closely allied with the Borgandys). A fairly steady stream of farm produce and other rural goods arrive the counts and dukes and kings of the Provinces. expeditions. as many of the cities of the greedy banker. Cathedral of Thyr and Sefagreth Mayor Catherine of House Borgandy (N female human 7. Cathedral Square Thyr) 10. To call informants and agents in several of the great cities. the Borgandys issue “letters of credit” that can be redeemed with other moneylenders in distant cities on the strength of the Borgandy family’s assets.382 humans. The southern trail is usually called the Remballo will prosper. they have been Road is one of the longest decent trails through this part of the kingdom’s piecing together information about larger-scale criminal activity. making sharp curves around woodlands and hillsides. petty traders. Vicar of Remballo Cathedral (LN male human courtier) The House of Borgandy Maximum Clerical Spell Level Good 4. Such letters of credit are extremely General Information specific. making them useless to thieves (other than shapechangers.000gp (this is double the in Remballo. and they have a 3 . and the other a triangle of ensuring the safety of large sums of money is considered value enough in three coins on a field of black. which is how the Borgandys make their livelihood along major trade roads. Caravansary (caravans assemble in these fields) High Priestess Eliana Arjente (N female human Clr8 of 11. Warehousing District High Priest Bruno Fortinbras (LG male human Clr7 of 9. Most of them. 180 half-elves. but the only reason they would hold farmland is if they had foreclosed on a Appearance noble’s estate. Second. Corrals and Enclosures for animals noble) 8. cities of Olaric and Manas. Moreover. with a description of the holder given in the letter itself. Head of House Borgandy (LN male 13. walls is given over to warehouses and caravan yards. for obvious reasons. all the requirements of a commercial city. When the city comes into view. at least). Thieves’ Guild Ghristoph Borgandy. The Borgandys do not pay interest on deposits: mounted merchant on an orange background. Dead Fiddler Square male human Rog10) Gorvais Borgandy. Citadel dwarves. Spymaster of House Borgandy (N 15. The patriarch of the Borgandy Family is Romero Borgandy. Citadel Courtyard (municipal buildings) Romero Borgandy. where a wide cart-road from the kingdom’s rural difficult to forge even for a high-level spellcaster. The town is filled with merchants. caravan guards looking for employment. not only in Remballo but also in Manas and Olaric. Two flags fly over the gatehouse. Public Baths human noble) 14. they finance normal purchasing power of a normal city of this size due to caravans. Much of the area inside Remballo’s profits and pay their distant affiliates for cashing the letters in. however. 116 high elves) 5. well fortified. large inns. one of them a Borderland Provinces. letters is that they cost 10% of the face value (a 1000gp letter of credit carters. University of Remballo Sefagreth) 12. are dedicated to the proposition Borderland Provinces are. and others who make their requires a payment of 1100gp). A robbery corrals. Red Jongleur Inn Population 6722 (5.” The family has the countryside. these uncertain times. the Remballo the commercial information they get from this network. the Borgandys assemble at Remballo from the south. (rem-BAH-low) A small trading city dominated by a far-reaching banking house that City of Remballo Map Key subtly opposes organized crime 1. perhaps). except during the mud season when rural travel information that is not cut off by political boundaries. Nevertheless. 421 hill 4. The downside of these interior joins the high road. Milestones along the road count down the distance to the city of The Borgandys provide a few services that might be useful to Remballo for the last five miles. It was founded in 3027 — at roughly the same time that if they foster a more productive world. and land purchases for others. and much of the family’s business is also managed by his daughter. They do invest in presence of the House of Borgandy) town real estate. with high stone walls unwilling to carry huge sums with them on the dangerous roads of the and substantial towers. 623 halflings. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo Remballo becomes tremendously difficult for carts and wagons. Unlike interior. Evil 2 (hidden) The Borgandy family are a house of investors and bankers headquartered Purchase Maximum/Month 32. First of these is simply to hold money safe for travelers the look of a fortification rather than a settlement. but there is still a formidable quantity of treasure stored away here. County Road Gate LN small city 2. and in addition to it a “road” is quite an overstatement of the facts. Counting-House of the Borgandy family Notable NPCs 6. it has adventurers. their own trade from the southern cart road. one that is governed by Law as Bard’s Gate — as a small trading post to take advantage of increasing trade and mercy (commercially reasonable mercy. Rather than engaging in trade themselves. and shares of caravan cargos. even though it is not paved in any way and winds drunkenly through oddly maritime motto is that “a rising tide lifts all boats. would by no means bankrupt the family since they have extensive real- estate holdings. Remballo is a small city along the South County Road between the capital the paper used for the letters bears a very specific magical watermark. Remballo Road Gate Government autocracy 3. History One might expect the Borgandy family to be motivated purely by self- interest. and animal The Counting House is. and there are unquestionably a few of them that fit the mold of a Remballo is not built upon Hyperborean ruins. their Road. For a family that lives a thousand miles from any sea.

Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo 4 .

allowing these nobles and luminaries to meet midway and live in of trustworthy help in places such as Kingston. When the first members of the elsewhere. “Violence is unprofitable business. some of which is kept secret from the other members of the family. and building. The priests of Thyr and Sefagreth are generally content with the role of tenants. Rather. in the Unclaimed Lands. For a (large) price. They even The Red Jongleur Inn surmise that the headquarters of the Friendly Men is probably somewhere Wealthier travelers in Remballo are directed in particular to the Inn in Aachen Province. financed by the city involved in the opium-related gang wars that are simmering in Manas and fathers at the time of the city’s founding. and the inn is suspect of being dishonest in business dealings. However. a denizen of Leng who resides Sefagreth as well. not for moral reasons but because they want to avoid the violence Thyr. Gorvais manages several of the warehouses and caravan- See Chapter 11: The Unclaimed Lands. The current Vicar is Gorvais (gor VAY not to mention bizarre. the Jongleur produces gourmet different tasks. In addition to supervising the cathedral grounds have a chance to interact with Loom Ché through the Borgandy family. it is managed by a Vicar neutral to both gods who is Loom Ché and his associates are very. a higher-level group of characters might real estate than money. and have also discerned that the northern-based Friendly Places of Interest Men appear to be a very far-ranging criminal syndicate. The Borgandys take both of these gods as their patrons. Savario Borgandy. Chuck Wright. and people they rooms have their own common room for small gatherings. For a price. graceful stone They do not engage in the opium trade that has started to develop in the building with the left side dedicated to Sefagreth and the right side to area. Raise your glass and say. and handle the sort of administrative tasks that the priests view as a distraction anyway. They understand many of the implications of Foere’s withdrawal from the region. The cathedral of Thyr and Sefagreth is a splendid. but always have need Manas. has Cathedral of Thyr and Sefagreth disappeared (see Rogues in Remballo. appointed by the Borgandy family. They often have foreclosures in distant lands. Important Tradition It is customary. of the Red Jongleur. Court of Loom Ché. even though it is a bit unorthodox. even the distant city of Endhome. In particular. It was originally just a small temple to Thyr. 5 . to say a toast. the House of Borgandy the temple and later arranged for the sanctuary to maintain a shrine to occasionally does business with Loom Ché. investments foods of a quality that would impress even the King of Suilley. Adventure Ghristoph Borgandy is always willing to pay for information. The toast is a pun on the name of our layout artist. Ghristoph could send a party of adventurers on all kinds of missions. and he occasionally handles the family’s dirty work. he sometimes ships it is not maintained by the priests of either of the two deities venerated supplies of gold coin to the family’s offices in Mirquinoc and Endhome. Since the cathedral has a dual nature. from recovering lost collateral to gaining information about mercantile and political operations in Manas or Olaric. Alembretia. The Jongleur offers ordinary accommodations to Although they cannot pay well for purely altruistic missions. Lower-level characters would be at great risk to iss) Borgandy. The top that seem to be going bad for no discernable reason. but it seems to have brought good luck to many adventuring parties in the past. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo much broader picture of the threats facing the Borderland Provinces as a whole. “May your dice chuck right!” Then it’s game on. Borgandy family arrived a hundred or so years ago. but their luxury rooms at the top of a large round Borgandys might be willing to hire traveling adventurers for a number of tower are spectacular. they are very concerned about the fact that one of the Borgandy cousins. to tracking down rumors about the Friendly Men or the Wheelwrights. The Borgandys do not interfere with religious practices. Troye. below). a family member who showed more talent for managing even board the ship. yards in Remballo on the family’s behalf. and luxury while their discussions are in progress. Loom Ché captains a ship that can sail through without preference between the two.” as they say. at the beginning of this adventure. the farmers and pilgrims. the misty seas between dimensions. in its halls. they began financing Although it is not a common occurrence. They handle their own frequently host to diplomatic gatherings of dignitaries from Olaric and problems in Manas and Olaric for the most part. very dangerous and unpredictable.

and a cut is paid Like most cities. These are secrets the thieves and the forging letters of credit. or if he has turned to a life of crime. they pay bribes to selected government officials. The characters might get involved with the Four Corners in a number The House of Borgandy: If the characters come into contact with the of ways: the Thieves’ Guild. without the knowledge of their Borgandys are keeping to themselves. Unlike the Remballo guild. they are brought before the The Borgandys are quietly searching for their kidnapped relative. The City Watch: If the characters come into contact with the City There are actually two criminal activities based in the Four Corners. wants to kill everyone in Four Corners the Four Corners — they just reached an incorrect conclusion that it was without leaving a trail back to themselves. and the Manas guild What is Happening has a correspondingly more-violent approach. The situation has become more a brandings. wants to stop it. The Thieves’ Guild of Manas is not officially running a secret operation in Remballo as feared by the Remballo Thieves’ Guild. and the number of thieves allowed in the guild is neighborhood called the Four Corners is not subject to search or seizure also limited. However. the Thieves’ Guild matter of concern not only to the neighbors but also to the city watch and actively hunts down freelance thieves. in this case. The guards would plot by the actual owner of the Four Corners: a man by the name of prefer that the characters capture any wrongdoers and take them out of the Doctor Remora. The first is the fencing and smuggling operation and find out what is happening. is a magic-user of small talent. First. Second. which assesses monetary damages rather than hangings. the City Watch also cannot prosecute the run by the renegade Manas guildmembers. and has executed by either one of the guilds involved. believing working from reliable information — that there is a Manas connection to that the Manas guild is involved. the City Watch. the City Watch. aged Romero Borgandy and his daughter Isobel. The on in the Four Corners is being run by the Thieves’ Guild of Manas. they cannot pay for the characters’ has kidnapped a member of the Borgandy family. while the traditionalist Remballo guild absolutely forbids such expansions. they do not know if he cousin Savario has disappeared and must be recovered. The Remballo Guild is no way to do so — not officially. they meet with Captain Gustave Bouchard. The second is a kidnapping characters if they were to take everything in the place. However. handing them over to the the Thieves’ Guild. However. of secret payment from the city’s premier family. and willingly give knows nothing of the possible involvement of the Manas Thieves’ Guild this information. a small courtyard in the Dead Fiddler Square certain number. The city of Manas and its Thieves’ Guild have a much more adversarial relationship than the peaceful situation in Remballo. but they won’t lose sleep if there are a few deaths. Remora Four Corners for arrest. It is possible that this contact happens because 6 . Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo Rogues in Remballo Rogues in Remballo takes place in the neighborhood of Dead Fiddler Square. Guild thieves are tried in the city courts (with a guild by city authorities. Since they are already a technically illegal operation. but with a flair for audacious crime. and the city government. As such. They are acting as renegades. Case in point. could become important in the events following the adventure. Authorized burglaries are limited to a land rights. the Remballo thieves thieves of Manas are not barred from violence. the Thieves’ it is nonviolent. if the Manas in its territory and limits its numbers. an activity that can get them that something is going on in the Four Corners. and with the coerced work. They believe that has been kidnapped. head of the family. Captain Gustave gives them a letter of introduction to speak to Romero Borgandy. but if convicted they are sentenced not by the city but by people can be hidden from the law. but they do not mention the possibility that he might be or of the missing Borgandy relative. pickpockets and thieves all pay dues to the guild. this is exactly the sort of situation the Thieves’ Guild would hangs the freelancers they convict). the thieves are fencing goods or operating in Remballo. They just don’t want to know about it. kidnapping. once a professor at the University of Remballo. the reason the guild is allowed to exist is because Thieves’ Guild not only reduces crime in the city but ensures that it helps control and regulate crime. to be a criminal fraternity of some kind. getting into extortion. The Thieves’ Guild. and even assassination. and mutilation. and rather than paying would very much like to put a stop to it. the characters will most likely have The Thieves’ Guild of Remballo is virtually an extension of contacts with the Borgandy family. However. and helps the city to police all other thefts. Just as numerous than the one in Remballo. who explains that the and they are not related except for their location and the fact that they city cannot enter the Four Corners. It is a starting adventure for 1st-level characters. This is made more difficult by the Manas guild behind it rather than renegade members of the guild. formalized in an result in an all-out crime wave. the Manas thieves who are invading their territory. It has become a place where stolen goods and renegade attorney). On the other hand. thieves from the Manas Guild are involved here. The City Watch he disappeared in the vicinity of Dead Fiddler Square. but they have talked to the House of Borgandy about some sort assistance of the banker is producing fake letters of credit. because of a friendly relation but because any attempts to close it down there is a strict policy of nonviolence between the guilds. and the courtyard’s tenants are known the guild. House of Borgandy and appear to be reliable. the Manas Thieves’ Guild is much more violent and arson as well. Guild believes (a) it has a traitor in its midst. designed to get them a few experience points and establish relationships (good or bad) with some possible patrons who can point them to more adventures in the A Tale of Two Thieves Guilds future. Watch. which makes keeping to the treaty with the Remballo guild. and (b) the operation going The Thieves’ Guild of Manas is an altogether different animal. Savario. who explains that their aware that he could be fashioning letters of credit. the Manas guild hunts down freelance thieves a matter of self-preservation as well as honor. But if the characters were to break in know about each other. Thieves are forbidden to act with violence. He Because of their legal constraints. If City of Manas allows their Thieves’ Guild to remain in operation not the Manas Thieves’ Guild is involved. He also gives them a copy Getting Involved of the player map of the Dead Fiddler Square neighborhood so they don’t have to waste time scouting it out. The guild makes it very clear that war means war. By the end of the adventure. This the fact that they believe they have a traitor in their midst. the Remballo handle for the city. city or trying them in the Court of Thieves (which invariably Ordinarily. the Thieves’ Guild of Remballo. not only of theft but of murder and actual treaty. it creates a serious problem. at least. the City Watch knows own guild. preferably involving the death of the city’s government. and the Borgandy Family. Remballo has a tangled mess of strange laws and into the city coffers as a tax. the Manas guild dabbles in crimes other in the Four Corners? than thieving and fencing.

Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo 7 .

The gate leads into a courtyard surrounded by inn’s various buildings.m. although not a very good one. but the stalls under the portico itself offer their goods at organization. but there is a single multiattack (shortsword x2). If the characters are obviously concerned about this. and he talks to himself. Four Corners Courtyard Guild other than herself. Str +0. least — contact with another patron. supported by old stone pillars at the front and a two-story stone warehouse at the back. so try to move them staff on the ground floor. with servants and characters. spies will follow them. They prefer that the characters be extremely discreet at a reasonable rate. the Borgandys offer a reward of 1000gp for handling the situation in Four Corners. and will either of the two tails assist the characters in any way within the a chamber pot. a Doctor Remora who once taught at the University of Remballo. If the characters agree to help. The City Watch and the Thieves’ Guild have both been keeping an eye on the Four Corners. Perception +6. so there isn’t much mystery the kitchen (attached to the common room through a curtained door. This is a large inn with the sign of a hooded falcon over Investigating the Neighborhood the entry gate. Con +0. In the end. one from each the warehouse. Int +1. the home of Leo and Veldiss Curganon and their 3 children. The agent. This can lead to all sorts of complications. Fortbeard (a dwarf) remains on watch by the gate to let guests in and out The only person who seems to go in and out on a regular basis is the — and to keep an eye out for burglars. If they kill a thief or a guard. Skills Deception +5. and report to the characters that normal prices to passers-by. if the characters were hired only by in the large building behind the covered area. XP 200. the Borgandys give them a copy of the player map. some manacles. A quick scout-around is fine. and a securely locked double door in front. to indicate what the building contains. braid (a queue) that lies down his back. Curganon’s Warehouse and withdraw their agents for more useful pursuits. Portico Market robes. Investigation +5. The inn’s gate closes at midnight. it is possible that the Thieves’ Guild will contact the characters. A bit of discreet inquiry of the neighbors could help the residence building where the Lamarcs live on the top floor. on the other hand. No one in the university knew him well. they decided it was none of their business. no one knows that the two Dead Fiddler Square missions are connected. do This is a busy market covered by a large wooden roof not let the characters get bogged down there. disengage. Dex +2. place cleared out regardless of who is in there. Master Thief Leonora Spider (N female human Rog8) will of course not mention the possibility of a Thieves’ Guild traitor. at a talkative vendor at the portico market who knows Doctor Remora well. He usually wears professorial 3. If the characters visit the university. and is also Sleight of Hand +4. and he was removed from the faculty for accepting bribes from students. she explains the traitor problem. they gain a piece of information no one originally told them: Doctor Remora is a magic-user. Ranged hand crossbow (+4. their midst. the patron has someone shadow the characters to make sure The Portico Market is run by a group of merchants who keep their wares they are remaining discreet. AL N. 1d6+2 piercing). they may come into peaceful — or non-lethal. Their organizations do not want to be among themselves. and can tell the characters that there is not much passage in and out of the place. they almost immediately gain a shadow from the Thieves’ who push carts through the city streets buy their stock at wholesale in Guild and vice versa. The other buildings in the inn’s courtyard are a stable. with weapon with tactical advantage or 5ft of an ally). Moreover. and 500gp toward raising any casualties from the dead at the Cathedral of Thyr and Sefagreth. Several of the street vendors the City Watch. implicated in anything: that’s what the characters are for. but porter Firkin along if they are playing police detectives. Under no circumstances (from three different sellers) a set of window bars. Cha +3. food included. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo the City Watch sends the characters to get the promise of a reward from the family. CR 1. Map Key The Thieves’ Guild: Finally. (the “tenth hour non. Asking about the Four Corners here owner. and 2000gp if they can recover Savario — keep in mind that at this point. Melee shortsword (+4. If the characters agree to undertake See separate map. Doctor Remora failed to realize that the vendors gossip boundaries of the Four Corners. an outhouse. and definitely don’t want to see a door-to-door an ordinary tavern crowd until 10 p. or hide as bonus). This warehouse offers space to a variety of small merchants. but it can also slow the adventure down. even though several people seem Owned by Jirander and Jauntline Lamarc. Insight +4. Temporary Surveillance on the Characters Whether the City Watch or the Thieves’ Guild (or both) hire the characters. bald except for a long. and the (or so they think). they will be in The vendors were all quite interested when the braided man purchased trouble with a powerful organization in the city. and get more reward money for the although he does not know the name of the robed man with the long braid. HP 27(6d8). This is a one-story stone building with a slate-shingled roof 1d6+2 piercing). will automatically give characters the information that the Red-haired Doctor Doctor Remora is described as a tall man. The common room is generally filled with about asking questions. This will be done in secret by the guild’s second Unless otherwise noted. If this is the case. The player map shows the number of floors in each building. Spd 30ft. the Hooded Falcon offers rooms to be living there. The window. Stealth +4. all of the NPCs encountered in the city are human in command because the guild does not want to alert a possible traitor in commoners. The spies notice each other. they are being followed. Wis +2. No other useful information comes from the university. There is no sign SA cunning action (dash. Hooded Falcon Inn mission.” as it is said investigation going on. the mission for the Thieves’ Guild. 8 . Within a day. the guild pays 1000gp for a successful 2. if the A successful DC 10 Cha (Persuasion) check allows the characters to find characters handle it well. They give the characters a copy of the player map. the two organizations decide that there is no need to keep tailing the characters 4. Spy (2): AC 12. extra 2d6 window in the front with a window box of yellow geraniums. but they want the here). Persuasion +5. same task. red-dyed Remora is the only inhabitant of the place who is ever seen in the streets. but will caution the characters not to talk to anyone in the Thieves’ 1. sneak attack (1/day. If both the city watch and the Thieves Guild end up hiring the characters.

A successful DC 10 Cha (Persuasion) check 12. Borgandy… where do they get it?” 9 . She doesn’t remember any details about This is a one-story house with a roof made of moldy- the man from Manas. looking out over the square. What is painted over the door. all of whom are day laborers doors reads: “General Warehousing. They know nothing useful about the Four Corners. and kept saying. but remember built onto the main building as a store. A quill pen is each and although they will not knock out a person. half-timbered building. etc. they inform the city guard that the characters are “Doctor Escalous. Doctor Escalous. also the home of the owners. Bertran is a housepainter who works for various contractors. These concoctions cost 5gp and brick. He was talking to himself. Everil is his home and workshop. Remora wanted was to see if any of Everil’s supply of paper matched with the one Remora was carrying. Someone bought wood. and recalls selling him This is a two-story building made of plaster-covered wood various concoctions that help people sleep. letter. His wife Jocelyn does various odd jobs. The roof is shingled in wood. tipping Everil with a silver piece for his time. characters. This building If the characters offer him some money to help his recollection. 9. They don’t know anything about the Four Corners. and there is no sign out of stone. A successful DC 10 Charisma (Persuasion) check gets him to reveal that he remembers the man with the red braid. slate-shingled roof tops this one-story stone building. the roof is shingled with slates. which stores the insides of the buildings). not the Space is not available for general rent in this warehouse. 7.” asking suspicious questions. Cordonyr supplies shoes to various different merchants. A sign over the double wooden This is the home of the Porter family. It is nosy busybodies who obviously don’t have gainful employment. any of the dogs labeled as a “little dog” in the adventure. Timon and Liriel Aralt (who live on the top floor). but the doctor did not show it to him. and sell it door to door. but not much more. A dark. half-timbered but weathered and This is a three-story building. Everil the Scribe gets him to reveal that he has met the man with the long red braid (Doctor Remora. only windows in the building are on the top floor. There is no sign outside. The picture of a shoe of paper.. The ground floor is built ill-kept. but will quickly inform the characters that their inquiries are raising suspicions. Giles Woodmonger and another man with a very strong Manas-city accent once made fun of the Araults’ blue-painted shutters. It is also one of the located. These have stout wooden shutters and are painted in a cheery blue color. Ozzerd’s Warehouse This is a two-story. A paintbrush hangs over the door. but it is no longer there. but she remembers him saying “We should train it looking wooden planks. His house and workshops are in the main part of the building.”(This was Rafael the Cur). None of Everil’s paper seemed right. but it happens they have a very useful piece of information linking Remora to the thieves. “Borgandy. Alchemist and Apothecary. It is newly painted and has a roof of wooden shingles. serving the needs of various businesses in the city that need copies of contracts. it could be another source of income. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo which is securely locked at night (DC 15 with thieves’ tools to open).” working for builders. Bertran Limner 5. warehouses. They also don’t like to be bothered by This warehouse stores general goods for several small merchants. Borgandy. It had writing on it. This is a two-story building with a one-story extension They have delivered to the Four Corners once or twice. Arnault Porter This is a two-story house. and reads: characters talk to them. and the upper two stories are half-timbered. hidden outlets for the Four Corners. next to the door must have once been covered by a sign. The front. A successful DC 10 Cha (Persuasion) check gets him to reveal he recently painted the inside of the Four Corners courtyard (the exteriors. People do that. opens into the residential portion of the building. Aralt’s Warehouse 10. remembers Remora seemed to be checking the heavier-weight paper. The guards know what is happening. Shoemaker Huron Cordonyr Everil is a freelance copyist. A less-weathered rectangular patch to paint. and he knows his name is Doctor Remora because of a This is a two-story wooden building in poor repair. and his shop is the 10-foot-by-20-foot extension. red-haired men with braids. After the entrance has a painting of a mortar and pestle. they will knock out painted over the door. They don’t know anything useful to the that used for legal documents. A sign over the shop nothing useful about it. with a curious incident. and the wooden double doors are closed. Doctor Escalous is an apothecary and a minor alchemist. like mostly working as a seamstress. or caravans. Doctor Remora came to Everil’s little office with a piece faded red roof of uneven wood shingles. 6. but offer to repair their boots for a fair price. with a hidden tunnel leading to the lair. and Remora went on his way. Alchemist Giles Woodmonger and his wife Parrille buy firewood and charcoal by the wagonload in the wholesale markets.He knows where the doors in the courtyard are property of the merchant Feodric Ozzerd (See area 18). although he does not know the name). or people with accents from the City of Manas. Liriel Arault remembers him: he 11. 8. If asked about a man with a red braid.

While it is by no means a rich residence. but the characters likely do). but still says nothing. one of several employees Honore is a freelance accountant who helps businesses total up their whose only duty is to locate and give messages to people the Borgandys books of account. repairs to the roof. a book 10 . one who believes that the gods are unable to act ping of Savario Borgandy. with a wood-shingle roof and a balcony ten feet above the street level. and small gargoyle-faces. he was paid This is a two-story building at the end of the alley. The a very healthy bribe and sent with the message that it was another member building is plaster-and-wood. Bordac is a messenger for House Borgandy. There are glass-paned windows in the top floor. with a sharply-pitched roof of of House Borgandy who wanted an urgent meeting — a story that was wooden shingles. obviously invented by the robed man (whose name he does not know. The sign of a needle hangs over the door. he goes on the run and leaves the city as soon as the characters depart from his house. of small merchants and guild-members. Bordac Gilere 15. Bordac helped with the kidnap. If threatened further (or charmed). Unbeknownst to Honore. Bordac won’t say anything the Divine. new glass in the windows. barely taking the time to pack a bag. it is obviously This two-story house is half-timbered with a slate roof. pamphlet by the scholar Crasmus of Troyes called “The Limitations of comes visibly nervous. In actuality. If he reveals any information at all to the characters.” setting forth his arguments for Non-Substantiation. in which case his story is that a man with a long red braid paid him a modest tip and asked if Savario Borgandy could be bothered to meet him as a potential new client. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo about the event unless actually threatened or if the characters seem to 13. 14. very the home of someone who is well employed. There are recent well-built. Honore Berrioc This is a half-timbered building of three stories. his wife Beatrice is a Non- need to contact during the business day. Valry Tailor already know what happened. Substantialist heretic. and other signs and the house’s beams are carved with decorative patterns of expensive renovations. giving him a “message” to meet another family directly in the world other than by granting clerical spells. If asked about a man with a red braid he be. She owns a member in the Four Corners. he will tell the whole story and beg for the characters not to tell anyone because he Valry is a tailor who sews garments to order for the city’s middle class has a starving aunt and feeds beggars regularly (quite obviously not true).

of several small merchants. The place is for sale. and the windows on the top floor This is a two-story building. Warehouse Workers Feodric Ozzerd. It have beautifully carved shutters. and there is a walled yard beside the house. 19. drab and not very well-kept. red color. value about the Four Corners. The windows are barred and stoutly shuttered. floor. Lobright Gorm. Gilbert Toullenese This is a two-story house. The Ozzerd family are merchants and own their own warehouse (see area 5). two of whom work in the adjacent warehouse. does not hire apprentices. 22. with a neatly lettered sign reading. A sign over the woor reads. This two-story building is decorated with carved and painted shingled roof. There is no sign to indicate anything about the building other than the word “Parsine” above the door. He will also insult the characters. for they foreclosed on an unpaid mortgage three months ago. Merchant This is a two-story building. who works to order for households that hire him. “keep out. Sir Vodivaine of Remballo 20. owning several houses that they rent to tenants. but the characters will be offered a jam tart. It is built of plastered brick. as a bouncer. There is no sign outside. and has a warehouse by wagon. and Ardaal Parsine is a journeyman in the Guild of Cheesemakers. Coribald works as a freelance torchbearer/guard for people making Sir Vodivaine’s family has resided in the city for four generations. As far as Ozzerd knows. behalf of the Borgandy family at the moment. roof of slate tiles. This is a one-story building of half-timber and plaster.” This small warehouse on the Via Scorpioli is partitioned for the use This three-story house is built of cheap wood and plaster. and occasionally works as a caterer. goods come in through the tunnels. His wife Nancie is a bookkeeper who cook. a master member of the Carpenters’ Guild. Lobright and his 2 sons have a wagon (kept in the garden to the side of the house) and hire themselves out to deliver goods throughout the city or Gilbert (N male human fighter 3) is an attendant at the city baths where even into the countryside for short trips. but do not know about the kidnapping or the fact that 24. and leave his This sturdy. He sleeps during the day. 18. essentially. two-story building is made of stone. “Warehouse. His wife Claudette does not work. with a wood-shingled roof. even though he is not yet a master cheesemaker. None of them know anything of works with Honore Berrioc (see area 15) on larger tasks. The roof is slate and the building is of stone. Isarn Jarn is a laborer for one of the city’s brickmakers. and the windows of the top floor are paned with glass. works elsewhere in the city and is not present during the day. 21. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo that carries the death penalty if it is discovered (and if the owner does not recant the heresy). since Ardaal is a relatively well-off member of the middle class. with a wooden-shingled roof. Warehouse the tunnels under Dead Fiddler Square extend beneath the city wall. Coribald Nightwatch (Landlord) This three-story building is half-timbered and has a wood. Sir Vodivaine is fat and 11 . half-timbered and well-kept. and a walled garden beside the house. Tharthibal Groone is a freelance cabinetmaker.” and there is a second sign beside the door reading. This house is rented out to a group of 5 peasants from the countryside. The roof is tiled with slates. Ardaal Parsine This two-story house has a small walled garden to the side. They are complicit in the smuggling operation being carried on in the Four Corners. if there are any buyers. and has a wood-shingled roof. their way through the city streets after dark. Isarn Jarn contact House Borgandy. It is operated by a manager (Ilgor Manat) on an obvious fire hazard. Cabinetmaker 16. and sublets the rest of the house to other workers. Mistress Gorm is a phenomenal he acts. The roof is of wooden shingles. 25.” The roof is neatly shingled with wood. is built of half-timber construction. well maintained and neat. Teamster 17. This one-story residence is obviously owned by someone rich. “For sale. He is not wealthy because he dislikes people. He tends to insult his customers. painted a rich. There are shuttered windows along the top beams. Residence of 23.

Int +0. Rodrion is a Non-Substantialist 33. The windows are shuttered and locked. probably from early in the city). Two windows on the top floor are painted blue. Bartlet is a day laborer from the countryside (a hamlet called Ruece). They know nothing of value to the characters. and the 31. shingles painted black. He once hauled a lot of dirt and rubble from the Four Corners. Rodrion Carpenter This is a two-story building of whitewashed bricks. The picture of a smoking pipe is crudely drawn over the top of the door. Dex +0. Spd 30ft. extort money from opium dens. Hauvoc the Teamster place looks disused. for the Manas gangs are extremely violent. 14gp. well-built house with walled gardens beside it. Luco Fortinbras heretic. and Porthos’ den is right in the area he assumes Gedriz is scouting. The building Equipment: plate mail and shield (in house). but he has a hot temper. we don’t This two-story building is a rickety construction of wood give food to them at the front door. and the other three members of the gang run 26. The building has two stories. Skills This building is an opium den where the drug is sold by the pipe to users Perception +3. belt pouch containing 2 gems (CE male human fighter 5). shingles. dagger. and house key. Intimidation +3. The roof is of wooden shingles. AL LN. Bartlet of Ruece been neatly lettered in black paint. Bolti Ghar. Dame Rillian Vodivaine is friendly but very aware of her high social status. Ulric Plasterer opium dens in different parts of the city (this being one of them). He meets with similarly heretical friends from the Carpenters’ Guild elsewhere in the city.” and plaster. Like Beatrice Berrioc (area 15). half-timbered and well built. which is that the Manas thief is considered one of the rising stars in the Manas guild. knows from his occasional visits to purchase opium in Manas: a member of the Manas Thieves’ Guild named Gedriz the Legbreaker. Sir Vodivaine: AC 10 or 20. who then sleep it off on one of the pallets that cover the floor. Opium Den whom they perceive to be of low social status in any case. The construction is half-timber. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo not particularly greedy. contractors. This three-story building is half-timbered. This building is well maintained. Wis +1. He does not own his own wagon. XP 100. and there are shuttered windows Porthos himself is worried because he has recently spotted someone he (not with glass) in the top floor. Hauvoc owns a wagon (kept in the caravansary on the east side of the This is an old stone building. and his four partners all distrust him. Rodrion is a journeyman carpenter in the Carpenters’ Guild. deliver to the Four Corners. a house- framer. A small sign over the door bears the picture of a wagon. a two-story structure of plastered brick and timber beams. which has been broken away in spots. built of fieldstone rather than mortared blocks. gang. nor does he sign of the Carpenters Guild. with a wood-shingled roof. HP 32 (5d8+10). and households in the city. including the name “Bertrand” carved into one of them. although he is known to be reckless and rebellious. Con +2. “Please go away. longsword itself is rented. Melee longsword (+3. Vacant Building Gedriz. The Five Circles are not a significant group: two of them travel to Manas to buy the opium. and there Bolti delivers casks of wine from a wine merchant to various taverns is a small placard near the door with a picture of a hammer. we contribute at the temple for the welfare of beggars. 32. Wine Deliverer 29. but he does not know Beatrice. It has two stories and the roof is made of unpainted wood a whole wagonload a day for 5 days. and beneath it the word “Haulage” has 28. who is a member of the Five Circles opium (100gp each). Porthos has reached the uncomfortable conclusion that Gedriz might be planning to Ulrich is a contract plaster-worker with various builders. but the operator of the den is a man named Porthos Quaine (worn on belt). The roof is wood shingled and needs repair. This is a pleasant. with two shuttered windows that look like they have taken considerable damage from passers-by. The Vodivaines own the vacant building at area 27. Cha +1. Str +1. 30. CR 1/2.. and hires out for whatever sort of haulage is needed by various city’s history. There are shuttered windows in the top floor. He happens to know one useful thing about 27. They are actually quite terrified that one of the Manas opium gangs might start trying to consolidate business here in Remballo. The building is made of brick covered in plaster. and the roof is shingled with wood. The roof is shingled in wood. who can swing a sword reliably. and has a roof of slate tiles. The roof is made of wooden Sir Vodivaine (see area 25) owns this building. but the paint is faded and peeling. This corner building has only one floor. 12 . Porthos is the only member of the Five Circles Gang This is a two story building. turned grey with the weather. 1d8+1 slashing). SA multiattack (longsword x2).

the Via Scorpioli. Yanno the Pastry Seller nothing at all about the Four Corners. the pastry sellers. She delivers the to accommodate a wagon. which Bodo empties into the large clay pots in his wagon. Ground Floor Shop 35. delivers information street into a tunnel between the adjacent buildings. none of the seriously incriminating letters currently exist. Tunnel Building allows the characters to notice the first important point is that none of the thieves. delivering The interior of the building is a single room with a rickety horse meat (see area 34 on the Dead Fiddler Square neighborhood map). They are not delivering pastries. and the roof is shingled with wood. they will be completely forthcoming since they have no suspicions about the Four Corners. They also. and sell as fertilizer. Glassware Shop people want horse meat. but occasionally he passes on some very sensitive information about the Remballo Guild’s activities. The stairs lead up to area 1B. the second level that the characters will notice. they must admit. then takes them to mix with dirt traveling between Remballo and Olaric or Manas. The Remballo thief Caron Brun. He has no access to the Ilander makes pottery and sells it to the merchants of the Portico courtyard itself. Blaroin knows absolutely nothing about anything illegal going on in the courtyard. Visitors and Deliveries The characters might stake out the gate on Haven Street or the door in Rat’s Mews. even in the surrounding buildings. workshop on the ground floor. The door is of recent construction. take note that there are some balconies on (DC 15 with thieves’ tools) containing 22gp and 439sp. If asked about the deliveries. they will learn the following information about those who visit the Four Corners. make a delivery to the Haven Street Gate of the Four Corners. a top of the alleyway running beside it. and broken pots of stew and such twice per day to the Haven Street gate. which they push through the streets selling pastries (bought from bakers in the Portico Market). were built. Stairs on the east wall lead to a second floor. 1A. there is nothing of interest in Blaroin’s shop. and a This is a two-story building with an open-fronted potter’s back door stands closed in the western corner of the north wall. also remembers that other merchants sold him a set of window bars and Other than his inventory of glassware and a wooden box containing 5gp some manacles the same day. There is one other outside contact with the Four Corners. who picks up the contents hay fill most of the room. Yanno and his wife Erissa own two handcarts. Back Room level. apparently ever leave the place. The door in the north wall is securely locked (DC 20 with thieves’ tools to open) from the outside. Also take note of the locations of the windows. Gedriz the masonry around the edges indicates that it replaced a much smaller door. The second Note: The door into this building is a wooden double door large enough visitor is Widow Tarcy. pays her a couple of silver pieces. A successful DC 10 Wis (Perception) check 3. Naladir the Elf opens the gate for him and hands chamber pots through. making them closer to the buildings of the Four Corners than they are at street level. but it will not The top floor of this two-story house is built out over the be seen in a stakeout of the complex. gives her the pots from her last visit. once per day. they are making a delivery Ground Floor of horse meat purchased from a butcher outside the Dead Fiddler Square neighborhood. Blaroin Adaloc’s Bedroom Blaroin’s upstairs chambers are unremarkable and standard for the Remember the Upper Floors living quarters of a modest shopkeeper. This is indeed an ordinary. This is Bodo the Night-soil dealer. who prepares lots of cooked food. preceded by a southeast corner. A successful DC 10 Cha (Persuasion) check gets him to reveal he the courtyard (as are his upstairs balcony door and his upstairs window recalls the man with the red braid because he sold him a chamber pot He looking out over the stable). and Yanno and Erissa sell them horse meat at a nice profit. There are no windows at ground 2. The to them through the tunnel leading from Ozzerd’s Warehouse at area 5 structure is a mix of whitewashed stone and black timber on the neighborhood map. for at the time these structures This is the back room of Blaroin’s shop. and 39sp. If the 3A. though. all wood-shuttered. with shelves of glassware against the wall. wooden staircase leading up to the second floor in the The final visitor arrives at night. It does seem to be an awful lot of meat. The 1. usually about ten o’clock. and also that some of the adjoining buildings are built slightly over the street. Ground Floor and Tunnel stakeout lasts more than a day. The Four Corners 1B. turning the narrow traitor to the guild working with the Manas thieves. this becomes quite suspicious. He knows 34. Since the Manas thieves burn the letters. Bodo himself does not live in the neighborhood. and smiles to see you enter. he just picks up the night-soil and moves on to other houses. The third visitor to the Haven Street gate is Yanno or Erissa. but a pathway between the stored 13 . Legbreaker opens the gate. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo Luco is a caravan guard who finds work as a night watchman if he is not of chamber pots along his route (free!). where he stores extra glassware. with two windows in the top floor looking out over when the Thieves’ Guild sends an observer to check on the courtyard. the door of his back room is locked from the inside of Market. innocent shop rented to Blaroin Adaloc by the sinister Doctor Remora. He keeps a lockbox under his bed Before starting the adventure. A skinny man with a pockmarked face stands behind a counter near the back of the room. There are three windows on the top floor. The building is half-timbered. If so. Large wooden crates and bales of wool and foul smell. The messages are usually just about the times beams. the area was quite dangerous. and takes the ones with food. Ilander the Potter This building looks like a shop. or Doctor Remora.

Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo 14 .

Spd 40ft. Several food dishes are in the Treasure: Each of the three beds has a locked chest (DC 20 with room. meat and vegetables. two others (assume it’s Selardy Doland) is always on guard in area 16 of the Lair. 1d4 piercing). Wis +1. but the dogs have been trained not to bark when they hear it. Ground Floor Dog Kennels sneak attack (+2d6 with tactical advantage or ally within 5ft of target). Jamais is a rising star in the Manas Thieves’ Guild. She is currently upstairs. so he has started this operation The upper floor is obviously a residence. Jamais Vue. There are comfortable-looking chairs The open area in the southwest corner is a very important place. Con +2. Jamais wants to reduce the number of those years. AL NE. not hinged. preventing access to the courtyard. Skills Perception +3. since Jamais is usually down in the lair. He also has a small medallion showing the piercing plus knock prone. Wis +1. Str +0. Spd 30ft. a very grumpy old lady who has been living here for more than forty years. The pit descends 20ft lead to the courtyard. for some reason. short sword. 1d6+1 dogs absolutely hate Fandiff. Con +0. 5A. The Widow Tarcy will most likely be encountered in one of the two Only one of the thieves (Fandiff Quickfingers) is likely to be present upper rooms. Dex +2. DC 11 Str). 15 . fast hands. Int –4. together with a countertop piled high with The stairs lead up to area 3B. a bag of 28gp. Perception +3. Equipment: studded leather armor. which must people to lift it away from the top of the pit below. he plans to return to Manas from the “vacation” he has been taking. or hide). Melee bite (+3. She will scream for assistance if anyone enters the area. there are five of them. both of cooking for the courtyard’s inhabitants. eat meat without barking if any is fed to them. Now that the decorated with knitted wall-hangings with pictures of cats. Selardy’s Chest: This chest contains ordinary clothing. like the others. Fandiff ’s Chest: This chest contains ordinary clothing plus a small The stairs in the room. Selardy’s chest. Cha +0. The walls are to provide himself with funding for an eventual takeover. including the ringleader 4B. If pressed. Str +1. resuming his ordinary role in the Manas guild while money rolls in here in Remballo. 1d6+3 piercing). There is a door in the northeast wall. Cha –2. CR 1/8. Spd 30ft. large room the courtyard. of the Manas guild medallions. Cha –2. along with a small a very large trapdoor. HP 3 (1d6). SA cunning action (bonus to dash. delivering food to the gate twice which must lead to balconies. and a turquoise gem worth 100gp). Stealth The room is dark. and sounds an alarm if 4A. belt pouch with thieves’ tools. Heavy bales of wool block the room’s northwest corner. pots and pans. and a potential rival to the guildmaster within a few years. Senses keen hearing and smell. and gets paid for it. DC 11 Str). 1d6+1 4A. like Fandiff’s has one Small Dog (2): AC 12. Cha –2. Widow Tarcy’s Rooms of the operation. The interior of the guild medallions. Melee bite (+2. XP 50. This has been necessary because. Kennels and Storage (3d8+6). smuggling and fencing operation is well under way. The widow knows nothing about any sort of strange doings in The upper floor of this building is single. both of which are open The door in the room’s northeast corner is securely barred and boarded and un-shuttered (although there are locking shutters that up from the outside. water dish. a bag of 45gp. This room contains 2 small dogs and a big dog (mastiff) that begin necklace (10gp). Int –4. The chime is not magical. Senses keen Manas Thieves’ Guild). Mastiff: AC 12. Dex +2. A large stone fireplace is built into the underground to a tunnel leading south. At night. and is surrounded by very large boarded-up door the characters may have seen from the outside. Traits expertise (sleight of hand. Widow Tarcy’s House not dealt with quickly. The stairs lead up can be closed). north wall overlooking the courtyard. HP 23 5. Con +1. but someone lives here. since there are no windows. CR 1/8. AL U. Str +0. Dex +3 (+5). the others are small mongrels. Skills Perception +3. Thieves and Storage This building is the home of the Widow Tarcy. Male Human Rog3: AC 15. Ground Floor Living Room piercing plus knock prone. along with a chamber pot. hearing and smell. she admits that she does the crates. which can be seen once the dogs are dealt with. stashes his treasure in a box in area 16 in the lair. but a removable section of the floor wooden table. AL U. 3B. and if anyone bothers to count. Fandiff Quickfingers. XP 25. Spd 40ft. Con image of a hand with two fingers removed (this is the medallion of the +1. key barking if they are not immediately handled in some way. thieves’ tools). Int –4. and something snarls. Melee shortsword (+5. Doors lead through the north and south walls. one of the dogs (mastiff) sleeps here. This is the room of three of the Manas thieves. Wis +1. The ground floor of this building appears to be unoccupied. Int +2 (+4). HP 5 (1d8+1). Mastiff: AC 12. Skills Investigation +4. They stop and and 12gp. Sleight of Hand +7. Stairs along the room’s west wall lead to an that can be located with a DC 20 Int (Investigation) check requires two upper floor. disengage. There is nothing else in here since he building is quite dark. and a small silver chime (10gp). lead up to area 5B. Str +1. Melee bite (+3. There are two windows in the per day. XP 25. HP 5 (1d8+1). and she is quite convinced that nothing could possibly be containing three wooden beds and a large pile of boxes and going on without her knowledge. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo Jamais’s Chest: Jamais’ chest contains clothing and one of the Manas items is open to the southwest corner. Dex +2. and one of the this will certainly alert the thieves that something is amiss. Only one of the dogs is an attack dog. plus one big thieves’ tools to open) underneath. to area 4B. Wis +0. CR 1/4. +5. It is and a kitchen in the north end of the room. stash of opium (50gp). and at any given time.

and three windows. ray of Rafael’s Bed: In addition to the chest and chamber pot. The stairs lead to area 6B. The second chest contains 57gp. Str +1. (It is also possible that the characters encounter If the characters speak to Rafael rather than killing him outright. document also bears the signature of “Casmir Dark. dagger. The ground floor of this building is a single room. Equipment: studded leather armor. he doesn’t care). belt Central Room: The main features of this room are a wooden table. longsword. HP 11 (2d8+2). and three rental contracts. strewn with sand. measuring scales. The whole lot could probably be 5B. Treasure: All three beds have locked chests (DC 20 with theives’ tools Int +4. AL U. Along with clothes. The Papers: The papers at the top of the stack are blank. mirror image. since it grants “General equipment. 1d8+1 slashing). along with a and 18cp. to open) beneath them (and a chamber pot). chest contains a bag of 32gp and 27sp. There is a door in the west wall. Guildmaster of the Thieves’ Guild of Manas. window. but a forged signature is very likely to 6A. A small bag contains 102gp and an emerald (250gp). Con +1. a bag of 272gp. but there is a good chance he hears anyone moving around down here. In addition to Doctor Remora’s signature. Characters could potentially use these to collect money from the House of Borgandy in other cities. 2 sapphires various bottles and jars of liquid. SA spells (Int +6. along with Doctor Remora’s spellbook. XP 10. It shows residue of blue sealing wax. fire bolt. Cha +0. and two bottles of white powder (sleeping draughts from Doctor Escalous — see area 7 on the map of Dead Fiddler Square). a needle trap with a poison that causes 1d6 poison damage. or exit through the gate. and alchemical contract and more of a contract to share profits. about what is in the tunnels. with the exception of a cheap. he Doctor Remora in this room.” filled out with different small amounts elvenkind. for the widow Tarcy and for the glass shop. One of the beds belongs to Rafael the Cur. magic wooden mallet with a five-foot-handle under the bed (used to discipline missile. Str +0. The south door has a time. installed metal prison bars. Wis +2. Wis +2. 3gp. The third is less of a rental glass jars of dried herbs. There is a chamber pot in the southeast corner but Perception +4. but anyone Naladir’s Bed: The chest under Naladir’s bed is locked and contains rifling through them finds that the bottom pages have been written upon. This floor of the building is a single room with three beds. outside of the window. He explains the wooden mallet away as a tool armor). XP 25 no furniture. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo Skills Perception +2. there is a small medallion showing the image of Treasure: Two interesting treasures are found in Doctor Remora’s a hand with two fingers removed (this is the medallion of the Manas Chambers. since he is a renegade). although if asked. House of Doctor Remora of some kind. Savario Borgandy until the captive started shouting for help through the window. Several of the bottom pages are titled “Letter of identical to the one in Gedriz’s chest. along with a half-full chamber pot. Remballo. Gedriz and Naladir are doors on the south and west walls of the room. He claims not to know anything with two wooden chests underneath it. CR 1/8. sleep. The chest The bottom pages appear to be much sturdier and higher-quality paper contains ordinary clothing. Rafael might escape the net. a medallion of the Manas Thieves Guild than the ones on top. Ground Floor Workshop be detected. CR 0. Spd can be barred from the outside. but there is nothing of unusual value. Senses keen hearing and smell. There is also a ring. Int +0. A table and chairs are set up in the southeast use of the Four Corners in exchange for 5%. Doctor Remora’s Chambers Stair Room: The entry chamber is empty. AL NE. so only one of them will is present in this room at normal. witch bolt. he tells West Bedroom: The west bedroom is Doctor Remora’s. Their information is given in area 8. Dex +2. false mustache and beard. 1d4+2 used for hammering spikes into the walls for digging. of personal hygiene. slashing). stacked with dirty dishes. and try to from the inside during the night. the pouch with key. there is a large frost. and the third belongs to Naladir the Elf. The lines for “Description of Holder” and for a signature are blank on all of the documents.” The signature is a bad forgery. belt pouch containing 4sp Gedriz’s Bed: Gedriz’s chest contains ordinary clothing. one belongs to Gedriz the canvas wall hanging painted with floral patterns on the north wall. both of which Rafael the Cur. Skills Animal Handling +4. shocking grasp.” It is not stated what the five corner. One of the wooden chests under the bed contains ordinary clothing. and three written for 500gp. the northeast corner leads to the second floor. hidden behind the papers. The window in the south wall has recently 30ft. HP 20 (4d6+4). Melee longsword (+3. In exchange. If the characters attack the Four Corners Southeast Room: This is the room where Doctor Remora imprisoned during the day. The first is the stack of papers on the table in the central room. Animal Trainer: AC 14. leaving through this side. The west door is are the gate guards. allowing it to be securely locked from night. Additionally. below). DC 14). A stack of paper and writing implements bargain for his freedom if they let him out of the courtyard (a rope out the are on the table (see treasure. and two doors in the east wall. 13sp. Equipment: robes. Two of the contracts are south walls are stacked high with books. and 94cp. Cha +0. the floor they do not force a person into sleep. The doctor is upstairs. items Note: Door is locked. A wooden staircase in the percent is actually from. 1st (4)— mage armor. two written for 100gp. This is Doctor Remora’s workshop and living room. Melee dagger (+4. It contains a bed them that there is a secret tunnel (area 3). web. the exit in Ozzerd’s Warehouse. 2nd (3)— flaming sphere. The sleeping draughts only have the effect of creating a slight lassitude. There Legbreaker. A counter in the northwest corner holds 1284sp. of money: five written for 25gp. Rafael is here during the a recently installed bar across it. Spd 30ft. The shelves contain the sorts of things a magic-user keeps in a workshop. which will be detected by anyone familiar with Casmir’s handwriting (or by comparing 16 . There is a door in the west wall and the north wall. bird skeletons. and a cloak of Credit by the House of Borgandy. Thieves’ Quarters sold for no more than 200gp. 6B. since it would not feel a whip at all). apparently a signet ring 6. three doors. Thieves’ Guild.) All of the windows are shuttered and locked tells them that he is being kept prisoner here (not entirely true). Shelves on the north and worth 300gp each. which is the last thing Gedriz wants to advertise here in and the second is one of the chests in Doctor Remora’s bedroom. Dex +2. a single grating that is attached across the Con +1. the bulette. but he usually goes out into the city during the day. and also does not disclose that he is the trainer for the dogs in the courtyard. the invisibility. and can be locked from the other side (it is). Spells (slots): 0 (at will)—blade ward. Male Human Wiz4: AC 12 (15 with mage do not bark at his presence. he admits that the dogs Doctor Remora.

since Selardy has a light. as any resident of the Lost Spellbook: Doctor Remora’s spellbook is bound in gray leather and Lands would know. The gate is guarded day and night. but the note is not signed. Con +2. Main Room Gedriz the Legbreaker. Traits expertise (stealth. Male Elf Rog3: AC 16. fey ancestry. The gate is eight feet high. harness hang from wooden pegs in the walls. The Lair This one-story building is a stable with stalls for six horses. HP 23 (3d8+6). Spd 30ft. A very 5ft of target). Various bits of tack and Ozzerd’s Warehouse (area 5 on the map of Dead Fiddler Square). The second level spells in the 9. if at all. and part of the east wall has apparently been repaired with bricks Naladir. 3 glass is 9:30 p. There The gate is not barred from the inside. sneak attack with 10ft-long chains attached to each side of it. fast hands. Spd 30ft. identify. Sleight of Hand the room. disengage. everywhere. end in large iron hooks. XP 50. Stealth +7. Naladir has a scrap of folded parchment in his belt pouch with “Burn” If the characters inspect the south door. which is pouch with thieves’ tools. It is overlooked by several windows and by a wooden- railed balcony. three of which are occupied by large draft horses. the entire northwest corner of the and 22gp. spotted only if the characters inspect the tunnel entrance. 1d6+3 piercing). unless he is away on other business. is happening. which must be at least twenty feet underground by this point due to 8. large enough to accommodate a wagon. This document is dated two months ago. they will immediately be able to tell which one of their the bulette in area 12) alerts Selardy. room. one of the Manas thieves. a little written on the outside. detect magic. XP 50. on the balcony. If the characters 1/4. and it can be pushed open easily. A large gate blocks the underground corridor. belt pouch with thieves’ tools. however. they discover a peephole. Melee shortsword (+6. CR area 12. Naladir sleeps very little. they get a partial view burned it. The lever in the room’s south wall raises and lowers the portcullis. 10. there are two other large sneak attack (+2d6 with tactical advantage or ally within doors. If they open it. 1d6+4 piercing). addition to the large door in the north wall. Int +2 (+4). GM Note: 9th hour. In (3d8+9). Cha +0. A lever is in the wall beside the south door. short sword. of area 16. but not blocked off. Int +0 (+2). This is a wide wooden gate. short sword. Skills Insight +4. The courtyard has nothing interesting in it other than some muddy wagon tracks leading from the door of one building (area 3) to the 7. so he has not yet metal cover that slides up and down. allowing the creature to be attached to a wagon. Deep scratches are bracelet (25gp). is that the walls have been damaged almost Equipment: studded leather armor. and protection from evil and good. AL NE. one in the east wall and one in the south wall. The gate is large enough for a wagon to pass through when it is open. though. and do not react to the characters’ presence. although the thieves seldom go out to sun themselves Note: The door leading into this building from Rats Mews is locked. and is usually awake during the day as well. AL NE. stamped with his name and the symbol of a moon and stars. Survival +4. HP 26 a number of different exits leading to other chambers. who sneaks forward to see what 17 . is flowery and fancy. and Jamais Vue in area 15. Gate the downward slope from north to south. inspect it. They will be able to see the dog. Traits expertise (sleight of hand. is a peephole in the gate that can be opened from the inside. then next check. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo it with his original signature). or hide). Wis large open passageway leads southwest from that corner of +2. the hinges are old and make a loud squealing sound. which +5. Two wagons The lair can be reached only through the tunnel (area 3A) or from sit in the southern part of the room. Str +0. Con +3. Perception +4. The iron bar and chains are actually a bit and harness for the bulette in thieves’ tools). Melee shortsword (+5. up to a height of five feet. and is topped by a stone archway between the buildings to the north and south. but 3 glass. Stables gate (area 8). which you now SA cunning action (bonus to dash. thieves’ tools).” The handwriting not Selardy himself. This 30-foot-by-30-foot underground chamber is obviously the central room for some sort of cellar complex. CR 1/4. Sleight of Hand +8. fast is currently in the “up” position. If the note is given to the Any significant noise in this room (and definitely if there is a fight with Remballo thieves. 15sp. The inside simply says. Senses darkvision 60ft. Cha +0. Str +0. trance. Male Human Rog3: AC 15. they discover deep toothmarks in the iron bar. Dex +4 (+6). Equipment: studded leather armor. Entry Door The three horses are accustomed to people. since the handwriting is distinctive. or hide). “Thief patrol at 9th hour. disengage. The oddest feature of the hands. and mortar where something dug through it. for it has Gedriz the Legbreaker. key. It contains all of the above prepared first level spells plus charm person. Skills Perception +3. The chains (+2d6 with tactical advantage or ally within 5ft of target). free from third glass to midnight. It is currently closed. see can be barred from the inside. The denizens of Four Corners use it from time to time for shoveling horse dung into the alley. room has been tunneled away to quite some distance. key gouged into the stone. SA cunning One odd item in the room is a massive. Stealth +6. Dex +3 (+5). the gatekeeper is Naladir the Elf. Courtyard of the Four Corners book are prepared ones listed above. leaves 9th hour. During the day. the gatekeeper is 11. He got the note only recently. 5ft-long iron bar action (bonus to dash. However. Wis +2. 6gp. belt The wide tunnel to the southwest has a portcullis in the roof. who checks the peephole to see what members has been betraying them. At night.m.

It is quite small. and a deeper one in the east wall. and it will not attack any of the denizens of the Four through the west tunnel. and the Borgandys somehow learn a 50% chance to warn Jamais Vue that there are intruders in the lair. HP 67 (9d8+27). then the characters will be facing the anger of the city’s most may try to link up with Selardy if the characters look wounded or few in powerful merchant family. Corners. Dex +4 (+6). Traits standing leap (20ft long. Even quiet noises in here have reward. he will be cautious if he hears a potential purchased when some peasants (who are lucky to be alive) captured it at attack. number. Str +0. only four feet in length. kidnapped to write false letters of credit on behalf of a man with a red-dyed queue of hair. knocked prone. A sturdy iron portcullis There is a door in the south wall barred from this side that blocks the west fork. 1d6+4 piercing) SA cunning action (bonus to dash. is counting up several boxes of stolen goods in the cart. Tunnel to Ozzerd’s Warehouse 12. It has finally been trained not to dig through the 17). showing the inside of the room on the other side. He knows that he has been forced to write several letters under the influence of mental domination magic. as you draw near. although Vue is walls. but the damage throughout the cellar complex testifies to how likely to have much bigger problems than hunting down the characters if destructive it was in the early stages of training. Spd 30ft. noise here alerts the Manas thief Selardy. The person in the cell is Savario Borgandy (commoner). The bulette is perfectly happy to pull things around underground. appears to fork to the west and south. Int –4. the operation’s ringleader. However. Int 18 . Melee bite (+4. diagonal corridor leading to the southwest. the Manas thieves and Doctor Remora. This room is a featureless. Bulette Room This is a broad. planning to escape through the southern tunnel beyond the city walls (area unlike horses or mules. also seems to have suffered some damage. Str +2. Senses darkvision 60ft. The beast has been trained (somewhat) by Rafael associates. 13. If the characters kill him. He is dressed in the rags of rich clothing and chained to the wall. the party will have made an enemy. Con +3. burrow or hide). XP 450. Empty Cell The door to this chamber has a barred window in it. or might go through the secret door to area 16. 10ft high). There are short tunnels in through and repaired. Dex +0. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo (move at least 20ft. sneak attack (+2d6 with tactical advantage or 30ft. Ranged shortbow (+6. Like the room outside. empty prison cell. land in space. he might head for Ozzerd’s Warehouse the animal trainer. Based on what he hears. the walls of this room are all deeply Part of the tunnel’s south wall appears to have been broken gouged and even tunneled away. and the portcullis is thus closed. Jamais Vue. If Savario is returned safely to the Borgandys. It still regards people in general as nothing more than food. Male Human Rog4: AC 15. and is frantic to get loose to warn his family about the letters. Jamais Vue. He explains to his rescuers that he is a member of the Borgandy family. Bulette (Young): AC 15. DC 13 Str or Dex half not prone pushed 5ft). 4d8+2 piercing). Wis +0. Ringleader. but its down position. Skills Perception +4. Savario Borgandy The door to this chamber has a barred window in it. If he escapes. they pay a substantial is happening through the tunnel entrance. Unlike the other thieves. SA deadly leap ally within 5ft of target). response to your arrival is a ferocious charge. Vue about it. Cha –3. who is on 33 (4d8+12). With anyone other than his renegade operation is brought to light either in Manas or in Remballo. getting them ready to go to Ozzerd’s Warehouse (area 5 on the map of Dead Fiddler This creature is a very young bulette the renegade Manas thieves Square). piercing). At the southwest end of the tunnel it the north and south walls. Unless the thieves have been alerted. An armor plate like a dorsal fin rises from the middle open and close the portcullis in the tunnel’s west fork. The lever is in the of its back. or he might try to escape. 3d4+2 bludgeoning plus 3d4+2 slashing. 15. Con +3. like the one to the north. 80ft/320ft. toothy The south “fork” in the tunnel is a guard post containing the lever to mouth. Spd 30ft. 14. and he may attempt to escape from the lair without reinforcing his an even younger age. HP As with area 11. 1d6+5 guard in area 16. an armadillo-type creature with long claws and a large. CR 2. Melee +1 shortsword (+7. tremorsense 60ft. The source of the damage is right before you in the middle of the room. disengage. the beast is utterly feral. AL U. someone inside begins shouting for help.

Wis +2. For purposes of Concluding the Adventure convenience. HP 26 (3d8+9). Underground Warehouse This tunnel leads outside the city walls. Dex +2. Melee bite (+2. assume that it is always Selardy Doland. a small dog sleeps here and barks at intruders. a couple of the roughly gouged tunnels you in and out of the city without paying a gate tax. Skills Perception +3.” Jamais Vue’s chest: This chest contains 427gp. fake beard. CR 1/2. and if it is not occupied. Wis +0. 25gp On the far side of the wooden gate is a ten-foot-wide tunnel gems (x5). if the characters are still alive. he warns all of the inhabitants that there is trouble in the lair. SA they end up in very hot water with the City Guard. Senses keen hearing and smell. Cha +1. thieves’ tools). key. for all three of these groups generally have some sort of work. The trapdoor emerges in a This chamber is stacked high with boxes. the walls are bolts of woolen cloth. Dex +3 (+5). fast problems) can easily move the characters toward further adventures and hands. they find a locked one (DC 25 with thieves’ tools to open) that is marked “personal property of Jamais Vue. Tunnel Beyond the Walls Equipment: studded leather armor. fast hands. key. The sound carries will have the means to get treasure from both the Thieves’ Guild and the in the lair. disengage. Str +0. Any of although it will alert Jamais Vue in area 15. Male Human Rog3: AC 15. does. If they misinform cunning action (bonus to dash. gouged with scratches. If they kill Savario Borgandy. Int –4. thieves’ tools). set a framework for their interaction with the rest of the campaign world. CR 0. potion of healing. Traits expertise (stealth. these connections (and possibly +5. 16. which totals as high as 7000gp. AL U. items as being stolen in other cities. The “tunnel” in the west wall is actually a guard post occupied by one of the thieves at all times. if the characters try to fence the stolen goods. Wis +2. Spd 30ft. 17. There are 55 door. or hide). and a short letter reading. AL NE. Skills Perception +2. HP 3 (1d6). and roughly dug tunnels lead away from the main corridor. Con +0. Survival +4. XP 50. headed for the tunnel back to the Four Corners. belt pouch with thieves’ tools. they attack (+2d6 with tactical advantage or ally within 5ft eventually (although not immediately) end up in hot water with the thieves. Melee shortsword (+5. and a much better — not allowing the guards at the city gate to identify the more unique constructed tunnel leading to the east. 1d6+3 piercing). worth 10gp each. Treasure: The boxes here contain a large and valuable assortment of merchandise. Sleight of Hand +5. 20 arrows. shortbow. Skills Perception +3. 7gp. but will not be heard all the way back in the Four Corners. Borgandy Family. he dashes out of the storage room. bolts of “vacant” peasant cottage purchased by Doctor Remora two months ago. As they are picking through the boxes. Sleight of Hand Borgandy. Cha –2. In addition to the By the time the adventure finishes. It would be possible for the characters to smuggle these goods out themselves.” It is signed with the name Casmir Dark (who is the Guildmaster of the Manas Thieves’ Guild). dagger. CR 1/4. Traits expertise (stealth. +1 short sword. the cargo here is going to get confiscated if they try to sell it openly in Remballo. and — more importantly have already seen elsewhere in the cellars. continuing for almost a mile before ending at a trapdoor in the ceiling. A lever on the east wall is in the “down” position. they end up in trouble with the House of Cha +0. iron portcullis blocking the tunnel fifteen feet south of the bound for resale in the city since it is not easily recognizable. However. AL NE. or know someone who Selardy Doland. leading south into the darkness. they guard. these connections can be parlayed into future adventures. not to mention the gratitude of the City Watch. Con +3. unlike the personal possessions of the thieves. crates. and pottery jars. which might be related to a massive Contents of Cart: The cart contains several boxes of stolen cloth. Regardless of the outcome. 3sp. 19 . He checks the peephole into area 11. 1d4 piercing). Str +0. The signature is absolutely nothing like the “Casmir Dark” signature Doctor Remora has on his lease. Small Dog: AC 12. barrels. This is the storage room for the smuggling and fencing operation run by the renegade Manas thieves. Survival +4. but they immediately recognize that. If he is allowed to reach the courtyard. As with other places in this cellar complex. We expect you back in three months. cloth. it is all very recognizable stolen merchandise (things with monograms and engraved letters) or massively bulky material like bolts of cloth. Spd 30ft. Equipment: studded leather armor. of target). XP 100. Stealth +7. sneak the Thieves’ Guild that the Manas Guild is behind this operation. There is a large wooden gate The renegade Manas thieves have been using the tunnel to smuggle goods in the south wall. “Have a good time on your vacation. Stealth +7. and most certainly hears it if there is a fight with the bulette in area 12. Int +0 (+2). 47gp. short sword. Selardy Doland hears any substantial noise made in area 11. On the other hand. Borderland Provinces: Rogues in Remballo +2 (+4). XP 10.

Map Appendix: City of Remballo 20 .

Map Appendix: Dead Fiddler Square Player Map 21 .

Map Appendix: Dead Fiddler Square GM Map 22 .

Map Appendix: Four Corners Courtyard Ground and Upper Floors 23 .

Map Appendix: Underground Lair 24 .

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