Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd.
Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project

Bid No. KL KSEB DRIP W9 /KAS-IV /CE-7/2016-17 Pallom, Dated: 03.02.2017
1. The Government of Kerala through Government of India has received a credit from the International
Development Association / loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction & Development towards
the cost of Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) and intends to apply a part of the
funds to cover eligible payments under the contracts for construction of works as detailed below. Bidding
is open to all bidders as defined in the IBRD Guidelines. Bidders are advised to note the minimum
qualification criteria specified in Clause 4 of the Instructions to Bidders to qualify for the award of
the contract.
2. The Chief Engineer (Civil) Dam Safety& DRIP, KSEB Ltd. Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, (for and on behalf of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd, Govt. of
Kerala) invites item rate bids, in electronic tendering system for the construction of work detailed in the

Table – 1 : Details of critical dates, Details of work, Bid Security, Bid submission fee
Package No
KL KSEB DRIP W9/ KAS-IV /CE-7/2016-17

Name of work DRIP-Improvement of basic facilities under Kuttiady
Augmentation Scheme(Part-IV)-Renovation of IB at
Approximate value of Work INR 51.2 Lakhs
Bid Security online remittance INR 50,000.00
Cost of Bid documents online INR 5,000.00
Period of completion 10 Months including rainy season & festival season

Tender documents named as Can be downloaded from Website
Document Publish Date and Time 10.02.2017 ; 14:00 hrs
Document download starting date 10.02.2017 ; 17:00 hrs
Bid clarification start date 11.02.2017; 10.30 hrs

Bid clarification closing date 01.03.2017 , 15:30 hrs

Pre Bid Meeting date, time & venue 22.02.2017; 11.00 hrs
Office of the Deputy Chief Engineer ( R&DS, DRIP)
Research& Dam Safety Organization, KSEB Ltd, Pallom P.O,

KL KSEB DRIP W9 / KAS-IV /CE-7/2016-17
Online bid submission closing date
13.03.2017, 15:00 hrs
and time
Last date and time of receipt of
relevant document as mentioned in 16.03.2017: 15:30 hrs
Date, Time and Venue of opening of 17.03.2017, 11.30 hrs
bid Office of the Deputy Chief Engineer (R&DS, DRIP),
Research& Dam Safety Organisation, KSEB Ltd, Pallom.P.O,

** KASR1- Bid documents except the item rate bill of quantities
KASR2- Item rate bill of quantities (BoQ)
3 The Set of bidding documents KASR1comprises of containing (i) Instruction to Bidders ITB (ii) Forms
of Bid and Qualification Information (iii) Conditions of Contract (iv) Contract Data (v) Specifications
(vi) Drawings (vii) Forms of Securities & Mitigation measures, and KASR2 containing Item rate bill of
quantities (BoQ) .
4 The bid document is available online and bids are to be submitted online through e-tendering portal The bidders would be required to register in the web site which is free of
cost. For submission of bids, the bidder is required to have Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from one
of the authorized Certifying Authorities (CA).
Aspiring bidders who have not obtained the user ID and password for participating in e-tendering may
obtain the same by registering in the web site:
Digital Signature is mandatory to participate in the e-tendering. Bidders already possessing the digital
signature issued from the authorized CAs can use the same in this tender.
5 Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding procedures specified in the World
Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by world bank
borrowers, (Revised January 2011), and is open to all bidders as defined in the Guidelines. Only
eligible bidders with following key qualifications shall participate in this bidding.
(a) achieved, in at least one financial year, a minimum annual financial turnover (in all classes of civil
Engineering construction works only) of INR 46.2 Lakhs during the last five financial years.
(b) satisfactorily completed as a prime contractor, (or as subcontractor duly certified by the employer/main
contractor) at least one similar work of value not less than INR 25.65 Lakhs * during the last three
financial years. Bidders who have completed construction works with electrification can combine the
amount for considering in this work.
(c) The contractor or his identified sub-contractor shall possess required valid electrical license.
(d) deleted
* Financial turnover and cost of completed works of previous years shall be given weightage of 5 % per
year based on rupee value to bring them to 2016-17 price level
6. The bidders shall furnish, as part of the bid, bid submission fee and bid security for the amount as
specified above. The Bid security may be remitted as cash by NEFT/State Bank of Travancore online
transfer or as Bank Guarantee *** from any Nationalised/scheduled bank located in India. The Bid
submission fee which is non-refundable shall be remitted to the account number provided by the e-
Procurement system. If the bidder remits Bid security also as cash, the Bidder should ensure that bid
submission fee and EMD are remitted as one single transaction and not separate. Separate or split
remittance for bid submission fee and Bid security shall be treated as invalid transaction. If the
bid security is remitted as Bank Guarantee, scanned copy of Bank Guarantee shall be uploaded to the e-
portal and original Bank Guarantee shall be submitted to the office of the Deputy Chief Engineer
(R&DS, DRIP), Research & Dam Safety Organization, KSEB Ltd., Pallom P.O, Kottayam after online
submission of bid to reach the office on or before 16.03.2017; 15.30 hrs Any bid not accompanied by
KL KSEB DRIP W9 / KAS-IV /CE-7/2016-17
an acceptable bid security and not secured as indicated in Clause 16.1 of Instruction to bidders (ITB)
hereof shall be rejected by the Employer as non-responsive. The Bid security of unsuccessful bidders
will be returned within 28 days of the end on bid validity period specified in sub-clause 15.1 through
online NEFT TRANSACTION, if the bid security was submitted through online NEFT transaction. The
Bid Security of successful bidder will be discharged when the bidder has furnished the required
Performance Security and signed the Agreement.
*** If bid security is as Bank Guarantee, EMD exemption option may be selected while uploading the
documents in the e-procurement portal.
The Bid Security may be forfeited:
i. If the bidder withdraws the bid after bid opening during the period of the bid validity
ii. In the case of a successful bidder, if the bidder fails within the specified time limit to sign the
agreement or furnish the required performance security.
7. No special preference will be accorded to any bidder, either for price or for other terms and conditions,
when competing with foreign bidders, state-owned enterprises, small-scale enterprises or enterprises
from any given state.
8. If the office happens to be closed on the date of opening of the bids as specified, the bids will be opened
on the next working day at the same time and venue.
9. The bids for the work shall remain valid for acceptance for a period not less than 120 days after the
dead line date for bid submission.
10. Other details can be had from the bidding documents. The Employer shall not be held liable for any
delays due to system failure beyond its control. Even though the system will attempt to notify the
bidders of any bid updates, the Employer shall not be liable for any information not received by the
bidder. It is the bidders’ responsibility to verify the website for the latest information/corrigendum
related to the bid.
Index Plan: Refer Section 6 of Bid document
Period of rainy season (Approx): 6 Months (June to November)

R. Anilkumar
Chief Engineer (Civil) Dam Safety& DRIP,
KSEB Ltd. Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Pin 695004
(for and on behalf of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd.,
Govt. of Kerala).
Tel: 0471-2448972,9446008492,9496018719

Signature Not Verified
Digitally signed by ANITHA P K
Date: 2017.02.09 10:56:48 IST
3 Location: Kerala
KL KSEB DRIP W9 / KAS-IV /CE-7/2016-17