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' i Direct cllrrenl machine stator
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' 1 Suppl-1, rlodule DL I 0281
' I lVlea-urcnrenr module DL l0lg2

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L- 12 (16)

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lrr+EruZt: EXPEI{IN{ENT Nol...r (.g. I -k^-.Ilnprrl. l.I n: I.-l'.o D] D: D..u illl ltl .1 D4 tilFrll ijilllll t\rgl A{-{Ffl. off QOO oooo cooo t__ afi 1l .-.r . w .e.rl.-{i..+ i .[l UU . DL 10260 DE L.. :.. sro o--l!.'ia' l=-:- ? S . I .-it .l . l. . )i@ j'i o [...r. .2: INTERpOLES 6 -.-..19 .-- .

still a rev a?0A?.i u. position 0%. ver i..ith an opposite sense w. that !here i:. Note n d rvt e r h at' i n s d e a c r i v a t e d t h e s uitp tv f'.suremerts and. the tenii.all . repeat the previous procedure b1.n e urrent at abo.-.'j:.ohserr c the polaritieS (. Set the sLrpply module DL I 028 I foi.r by the sn-. at red terrnin:l.a resitluul ntagierism.a. cLrn'dnt ls inverled the probe indicatio.'cgd.-. Set tlic volLireter and the ammeter oft]re measLirement rnodLrle DL r 02g2 tbr dir-ect currcnt nie. replacir:g .et that has the ncfth pol: cololri.e.!:: ::: rc:: ihe n:':".*ith F5 anJ Ir2 ri irlr F6. r.:::.trol knob to I ru(r t.rxagnetic probe be_iu'een the poies in corrcspondence ot-the machine The dire ctii'rl .. A1ier having cieactivated the suppiy'.-.'::i tlue u.A328 . ElE LtjFlElVZlJ _i l-rt 4 noon r uzou Procetiure carry out the circuit sho\'n in the prcvious topographical cliagram b1' usine cnly thc stator of the direct current machine. Acli' atc tirc sllppi)r module alrtl adjusr thc viiue oi'tlre c::citati.'f. connect tilt..ith regarci to the previous one. serieratccl ilu:l is shovi.iield :.eukmtgnetic. variable direct vo ltage 0-g v/ 2 IA: JL' js F I If finall'v the sense ofthc erciuii()..\.-r.. r' selector "d" and cc. ill result u. without rotor.i-tlie aris. ..

Ervztf DL 10280 Proccdure Canry out the circLrit sho* n in the previous topographical diagrarn by using on[1' tire smtor olLhe di.ith rcgard to i5e pre'ior.. l" f r ..-r- current: the probe inoication u'ill resuit l. :lr:e of the excitation current at ab..---" ..urcmc. tt H s EI F fr r t{' lfi F lE m b *. ffi &i l & E l i ffi I# rev a20080328 ffi . tonnect ihe magnetic probe benr..'ith an opposite - sense w. io posirion "d" and control knob to 0Zo.c0d.". *. o.een ilte pi.thc machine axis.. rr ithout rotor.\. n b1.".module and adjust the . AfterhaYilig deactivatedihe supply. Activate lhe suppl.:ect current nrachine. the small magnet that has the north pole of reJ colour. Set the supply rnodule DL 1 028 I for a variable direct voltage 0:g V/ I2 A: selqctor . voltmetcrandthealrnc[erolthenrea:urerncntrnoduleDL l0282tbrdirectcuffentn]ea:.ts Setthe and obsclve the polaritics (+ a1 re d tenninalj.repeat ihe previor-s procedure by invertilgthe sense ofthe exciratio. The direction oltlre interpole llu:i is shor. j i i I I t I a .rle s iii corespcndence of..ut 5.