Passed on June 2009, the Iloilo City Government has outlined the

priority investment areas in Iloilo City. These are as follows:
1. Manufacturing and processing enterprises
2. Export -oriented industries
3. Tourism -oriented industries
4. Utility companies engaged in power generation and
distributions,water,transportation , and transportation support
facilities and those similar nature
5. Information and Communication Technology Enterprises
6. Agro-Fishery
7. Social Services and Facilities
a. Health Care Services c. Low-Cost Housing
b. Educational Institutions d. Sports and Recreation
8. Commercial and Industrial Building
9. Solid Waste Disposal System

For this paper, we focus on the Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) Enterprise of Iloilo City, comparing it with that of
Roxas City. We compare the two as both cities are currently considered
as Panay Island's center of education, trade, economic activity and
logistics. ICT has helped create the most rapidly growing industry
sectors, driven efficiency in government and business operations, and
developed the essential building blocks to a knowledge-based
economy. ICT also aids in faster access to relevant information, serves
as an efficient means for communication, provides for an enhanced
ability to make informed decisions, and acts as an avenue for
otherwise unheard people.

Provided in the table below is a summary of the Information and
Communication Services offered by both cities.

Information & Iloilo City Roxas City
Telecommunication PLDT, Smart, Globe, PLDT, Bayantel, Globe,
Companies BayanTel, and Sun Smart, Sun

Internet Servers Vibe, Globe Broadband Vibe, Globe Broadband
and Smart Bro and Smart Bro

Radio Servers main HQ of Bombo Radio Mindanao
Radyo Philippines, Network Inc.- DYVR,
which owns Bombo Consolidated
Radio AM stations and Broadcasting System
Star FM stations across Inc., People’s

000. providing networking for the residents of the cities themselves as well as those residing in the neighboring towns. Services. Iloilo City is home to numerous malls each housing 2-4 book stores each. the country Inc. Cable Television TV5 Iloilo. which means that TelCos situated in Iloilo rake in more income than their counterparts in Roxas. GMA News. Iloilo City has 500. AksyonTV (Altocable). Radio Servers and Television Servers found in both cities are more or less the same with the servers found in Iloilo catering to a nationwide audience as opposed to the local consumption focused by the servers found in Roxas. Taking this at face value. not taking into account the median social economic classes of those residents. with multiple independent book stores found across down town. As of the current state and focusing on ICT. Iloilo City also proves itself more urbanized with the widespread presence of book stores in the area as compared to the 3 physical stores found in Roxas.000 residents as of 2015 compared to Roxas City’s 160. Broadcasting Services. Book Stores across the city in Book Sale. ABS-CBN Iloilo Numerous book store Total of 3 bookstores: branches distributed National Bookstore. Iloilo City is the headquarters of nation-wide radio and television servers and these servers cater to the whole of the country while the servers located in Roxas cater only to its residents and the neighboring towns. it is more lucrative to invest in TelCos situated in Iloilo City on the basis that it caters to almost 5x the consumer number than that in Roxas City. As the Deer different malls Christian Bookstore It can be noticed that Telecommunication companies (TelCos) and their corresponding internet services have penetrated the market of both cities with these TelCos having headquarters and signal towers in both cities. Inc. you could say that both of these cities are at par when it comes to these TelCos offering but from an investment point of view. Iloilo is positioned as a good investment opportunity because of (1) the focus of the government on forwarding the investment scene: the government of Iloilo is actively pursuing the branding and position of Iloilo as not only a place for investment opportunities but as an actual investment . Filvision. The population of the place is only one factor. Wesfardell Cable ABS-CBN.

it can be said that should Iloilo continue at the pace it is going. like Roxas City. in turn. (2) the increase in population means more consumers to be catered to by these ICT servers. These opportunities however. However. increases the demand for a good ICT system.opportunity in itself. it will take a relatively long time for surrounding cities to catch up. also serve as threats should they be capitalized on by other cities. (3) rapid spread of urbanization allows commercial businesses to set up location in the city which. .