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Truck Arrive Handover Surat Jalan
and Inspection Sheet Unloading Unit
Check item type and qty
compare to Surat Jalan

Entry Direct

Yamaha Counter: Scan SKU
Create Manual
Berita Acara Assign Berita Acara

Closed Receipt Putaway Item to Printout Working Member of
the Location Order Create Putaway

Trusted Solution Partner START Yamaha Counter: Entry Direct Printout Create Allocation Picking Unit Sends Shipping Shipment Order Picking List Instruction from Storage to Stagging Out Yamaha Counter: Loading Unit Truck Shipping Create Surat Jalan Confirm Picking Scan SKU Check Unit to Truck END Closed Direct Move Unit to Create Move and Yamaha Counter: Create Difference Area Transfer Manual Berita Acara Shipment Order Member of .