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Professor (Grandmaster) ADEFIOYE Sunday Adewumi
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The Universal Theory of Radiation Theory also known as the “Vacuum Law” states that
everything is radiation and that there is no vacuum anywhere over space and time, everywhere is
occupied by something in radiation or energy form either as gas, solid or liquid and within
different range (across all ranges) of the electromagnetic spectrum. Also according to this theory,
ALL electromagnetic spectrum co-exists simultaneously over space and time. And the fact that an
object or entity opaque to human vision practically within the visible (RGB) band of the
electromagnetic spectrum occupying specific space in time does not mean that no other entities
exists or is occupying the same particular space at that particular point in time since all
electromagnetic spectrum co-exists simultaneously over space and time and each spectrum have
entities, objects and "beings" that exists within it.

Keywords: universal theory of radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, energy, space, time, the
Vacuum Law, concept of no vacuum, radiation science, atom, matter, bands, geoinformation
sciences, earth observation, multi-spectra analysis, hyper-spectra remote sensing

Type of Theory (Genre)/Area of Applications: Universal Theory/Radiation Science

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