Date: 16th December 2008
Grade/Level: 9th grade D – Intermediate
Textbook: English my love
No. of students: 29
Time: 50 minutes
Unit 4: FOOD
Lesson title: Wayne’s half the man (1)
Topic: eating habits, losing weight and vocabulary related to food
Skills involved: reading and speaking
By the end of the lessons the students will have been able:
1. to talk about food, restaurants and eating habits;
2. to read the text for general idea;
3. to read the text for specific information;
4. to translate/explain the unknown words from the text;
5. to use the newly acquired words in contexts of their own.

Materials: Textbook; worksheets
Stages of the lesson activities:

Activity 1: Warm up
Aim: -to introduce the students into the atmosphere of the lesson;
-to attract students’ attention on the topic;
Interaction: T-Sts; GW
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: Teacher gives students worksheets with halves of four sentences they have to
“First of all dice / the carrots into small pieces.”
“When they are boiled mash / the potatoes with a mixer.”
“You must not forget to bake / the bread in a heated oven.”
“At the end you should grate/ some cheese over the pasta.”
Teacher asks questions: what do all sentences have in common? Can you guess what we are
going to talk about today?

Activity 2:
Aim: - to introduce the subject of the lesson, to give students practice in speaking
Interaction: PW; Sts- T
Time: 10 minutes
Procedure: the students look at the pictures in their textbooks and in pairs solve the tasks
in ex. I/p. 51: match the captions with the pictures, talk about the differences between those
places, express opinion about kinds of food, eating habits etc.
The teacher monitors the activity, helps students if necessary and ensures feedback.
Activity 3: Pre-reading activity
Aim: -to prepare students for reading; to raise their expectations by using predictive skills
Interaction: Lockstep
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: Teacher asks questions: Do you know what we’ll be reading about? Can you
predict the main idea of this “success story”?
Students read the sentences from ex.II.1/52 -textbook and predict if they are true or false

Activity 4: Reading activity 1
Aim: to give students practice in reading for general understanding; to check prediction
Interaction: Students
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: Students skim the text in order to find the main idea and check their

Activity 5: Reading activity 2
Aim: to check comprehension; to give students practice in reading;
Interaction: Student-Teacher
Time: 10 minutes
Procedure: Students read the text out loud paying attention to details.

Activity 6: Vocabulary study
Aim: to introduce new vocabulary and use it in new contexts
Interaction: PW, Student-Teacher
Time: 10 minutes
Procedure: Students are asked to identify the unknown words from the text and try to
explain them from the context. The teacher helps where necessary and writes the words on
the blackboard.
In pairs, students are asked to use the newly acquired words in context of their own.

Evaluation: Ex III. 1/p. 53 - textbook
Time: 5 minutes