GRADE: the Xth A (students aged 15 – 17)
LEVEL: Intermediate
TEXTBOOK: Click on 4
TITLE OF THE LESSON: Remember days gone by
TYPE OF THE LESSON: Reading and speaking
SUBJECT: Vocabulary
TIME: 50 minutes

- To anticipate the content of the text, discussing the title of the text;
- To explain the words in bold;
- To give synonyms to the highlighted words and phrases;
- To study relevant words;
- To discover the meaning of certain expressions and to use them in contextual situations;

TECHNIQUES USED: Receptive skills: reading
Productive skills: speaking
TEACHING AIDS: textbooks, notebooks, blackboard
ORGANISATION: class work, individual work, pair work



Activity 1 - greetings; - greetings;
5’ - requests to know who is absent - inform the teacher about their missing classmates;
- uses some jokes to create a pleasant atmosphere
and to loosen up the Ss. - write the title in their notebooks and translate it
- writes on the blackboard the title of the lesson and
asks the Ss to translate it – Remember days gone by
- begins by asking Ss to look at the pictures and to - think of what the topic might be and explain to he
Activity 2 5’ guess the topic of the new unit T their options
- asks the Ss to read the texts in pairs and to do - read the texts and mark the statements, then write
Activity 3 10’ exercises 4 and 5 page 39. down synonyms for highlighted words and explain
the words in bold
-the T asks the students to solve some exercises:
For exercise 6 the Ss have to use the prompts to
describe the people in the pictures
Activity 4 For exercise 7 the Ss have to match the adjectives - Ss complete the task individually
25’ to the definition and to choose the one that best
describe them.
For exercise 9 Ss are asked to match the adjectives
to the pictures.
For exerciser 10 Ss are asked to make a dialogue in - Ss complete the task in pairs
which to talk about recent experiences they had and
say how they made them feel.
Activity 5 5’ - the T decides that the students’ homework for the - the students pay attention to the teacher’s
next time should be exercise 11 page 41, and explanations;
explains them what they have to do - they read the tasks and write down in their
notebooks the extra information that the teacher