The Smart Smoke

By George Pachon

All throughout humanity’s existence, our savage little race has had an obsession with

burning things. Since pre-historic man first discovered fire and its drastic effects on the world

around them, they began to harness and wield the flames; bending it to their various needs.

Cooking, warmth, power; fire is perhaps the most useful absurdity of nature. Soon after its

discovery, the process of smoking undoubtedly followed. Over years of civilization, the

fascination of ingesting burnt matter grew and expanded into various forms, including the

tobacco market we know today. Much like our own future generations will view our present day

smoking, any onlooking and further advanced civilization would surely see the actions of our

race as absurd and shocking. With more than seven thousand chemicals, cigarettes are deadly

business. Out of the two hundred and fifty of those chemicals proven to be harmful, sixty nine of

them are also known to cause cancer, according to Surgeon General Regina Benjamin (“How

Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease,” 2010). From any scientifically knowledgable point of view,

smoking tobacco products just doesn’t seem smart; the intentional poisoning of our bodies for

little gain in return amounts to disease and pain to one’s self and their loved ones. Smoking

cigarettes, regardless, has a massive range of appeal from teens to adults, all consisting of people

who are addicted to the chemical known as Nicotine. As a 21st century species, we have no

reason to pollute our bodies with outdated means that cause unnecessary damage, especially

when there is a smart, logical alternative: e-cigarettes, which, when used correctly, can cheaply

substitute and even replace traditional cigarettes, without all of the associated hazards to human


a smoker gets what’s known as a craving: an intense urge to smoke accompanied by possible headaches and irritability. a highly addictive substance hailing from a plant. like the popular White Cloud brand. The human brain grows dependent on Nicotine. makes up only a small portion of each cigarette. or adjustable. can directly effect cells of the body and cause them to overproduce. an average of 31. when inhaled. the inhalation of carcinogens can be completely avoided. an unfortunately controlling aspect of modern society’s necessities. which. harmless trace elements. and when the supply is unsatisfied. According to the Tax Burden on Tobacco in West Virginia of 2009: in the average lifetime of a U. The common delivery system of this nicotine is the burning and inhalation of carcinogenic fumes. smoking is unaffordable to many but also unfortunately unavoidable. propylene glycol. but it’s effects are so drastic that addiction can manifest from the very first inhalation. Hoffman. A fast evaporating cloud of vapor is produced and subsequently inhaled to deliver a pre-determined. With the tax rate on tobacco raising year by year. due to their . With no cancer causing materials. Through the use of E-cigarettes. and absolutely no carcinogenic materials (“What Is In Electronic Cigarettes. eliminating the risk of developing cancer. is countlessly spent on cigarettes per year. Chemistry and Toxicology. an estimated 573 packs per year per smoker (The Tax Burden on Tobacco. creating a monstrous business that is near impossible to eradicate. amount of nicotine to one’s lungs.” 2013). nicotine. Smoker. Money. the user and all second hand receivers are saved the possibility of inhaling poison and developing serious health problems. are composed of a mixture of water. 2009).S. & I.000 dollars a year would be spent on packs of cigarette alone. which is what is known as cancer. 1998). The average cigarette contains about 1 mg of nicotine according to tests done by Djordjevic with the use of a smoking machine (D. while simultaneously draining people of their hard earned savings. Nicotine. E-cigs.

The images are so widespread today that they even get across to children. and the potential for cancer is eliminated. E-cigs can be recycled and produce overall less trash than the claimed “most littered object in the world.” Unlike the oral or patch methods. Small spaces. At any corner gas station. “pushing” the idea that they’re okay and acceptable to use. The vapor quickly spreads out to fill the room and leaves no trace of residual smell. This “allure” will always be there with age restricted products. Secondhand smoke damage will never occur from E-cigs. the nicotine craving is satisfied earlier and faster. In the November 2011 issue of “Addiction. cigarettes and advertising merged and formed a mass market system. 2011). Also. and with each device carrying the equivalent of 500 hits. or airplanes.” it was stated that E-cigs have “been used to aid smoking cessation. 2012). Since the early 50’s. including substantial aid in quitting smoking. elevators. For current smokers. using an E-cig psychologically mimics the action of smoking as it raised and “smoked” in a similar fashion. bringing a pack a day smoker's total from over 2000 a year to around 400. any environment is suitable for its use. but with the wide spread use of safe E-cigarettes. at least the harmful effects will be removed. the annual costs are significantly reduced.” comprised of cigarette butts that take twelve to twenty five years to decompose (TobaccoEdu. an E-cig on average is 9. quitting can be made easier. noting that such device may become the ‘ultimate nicotine replacement device’ (Commentary on Etter & Bullen. It’s obvious the implications that will arise if humanity is allowed to continue piling up unnatural materials in the environment.99. With . and funds can be saved.addictions. A major benefit of using an E-cig is that since is does not pollute or actually produce any physical smoke. it can be used absolutely anywhere. On an environmental note. with a substantially larger amount of nicotine available in electronic cigarettes. E-cigs have many benefits.

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