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Progress Report #1
CO-OP Training in YASREF
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Omar Ahmad Abdullah Al Aseeri
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Date: 29/8/2014
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Reviewer name: Engr. MOHAMMAD AGMAL
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A culture of safety is supported inside the company and promoted in our communities through a variety of initiatives that tackle our society’s most critical safety challenges.0 Intoduction in safety : Saudi Aramco has a long-standing commitment in promoting the safety of our employees. such intensive safety procedures are standard across Saudi Aramco’s numerous facilities.09 per 200. and six other refineries reached between 1 million and 5 million accident-free work hours.500 safety workshops for 32. In fact. As we continued our efforts to make our operations as safe as possible. This improvement was largely the result of rigorous in-the-field training and adherence to policies. and detailed evacuation plans have been put in place and well-rehearsed.000 work hours. 1 .1. roughly every 50 workers at the Manifa Project had a “safety man” during construction. our lost-time injury (LTI) rate in 2013 dropped by 18.2 percent from 2012 – and 25 percent from 2011 – to 0. Management at YASREF conducted 16 emergency drills and approximately 1. their families and our broader community. For example. The second phase of Petro Rabigh has achieved 6 million accident-free work hours.000 individuals.

To prevent stop of the work and keep workers safe from injury. powering economic progress.1 YASREF Vision Our commitment to remain the world leader in the production of petroleum-based energy is complemented by our commitment to help solve a host of pressing issues.1. We believe we can make a difference wherever we do business by investing in innovation and entrepreneurship.0 Intriduction about the company : 2. 2006. and working in partnership for energy sustainability.2 BACKGROUND In May. This effort has recently been completed and the project is now moving into the execution phase. creating educational opportunities. 2.1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The personal protective equipment is a very important aspect in a work site. 2. We as an inspectors need to wear: • Hard hats • Safety glasses • Safety shoes • Gloves 2.3 LOCATION 2 . Saudi Arabia. 2006 Saudi Aramco and ConocoPhillips executed a Memorandum of Understanding to participate in a joint effort with respect to the development of a 400 MBD capacity refining facility to be built in Yanbu. Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) was selected as the FEED phase contractor and work was initiated in their Houston offices in July. increasing environmental awareness.

Overall Plot Plan. Refinery crude oil feedstock comes from the Yanbu Crude Oil Terminal (YCOT) located near the YER. FIGURE 1 YERP Location The refinery site and surrounding synergy and infrastructure facilities are shown in Figure 2. West Coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as shown in Figure 1.The Yanbu Export Refinery (YER) is located in Yanbu Industrial City on the Red Sea.0 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 3 . 3. YERP Overall Site Plan. liquid products are exported at the Yanbu Natural Gas Liquids (YNGL) facility adjacent to YER and solid byproducts are exported at the King Fahad Industrial Port (KFIP). YERP Location. The main YER site plot plan is shown in Figure 3.

The Yanbu Export Refinery Project (YERP) is a grassroots 400. 4 . Arabian Heavy crude oil from the Yanbu Crude Oil Terminal (YCOT) adjacent to the proposed refinery is processed via a hydrocracker based scheme as shown in Figure 4. Heavy components from the crude distillation are further separated in a Vacuum unit. The overhead components are cracked via a Chevron Hydrocracker with light cracked components combined for further processing with middle distillate streams and the heavy cracked components combined with vacuum distillation heavy components for final processing in a ConocoPhillips Delayed Coking Unit. high quality diesel. potable and process water. Refinery electrical power. and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) as well as byproduct sulfur and petroleum coke for export.000 barrel per stream day (BPSD) integrated petroleum refinery in the Yanbu Industrial City located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea. Coke is transported to the KFIP for export. and seawater cooling water will be supplied from existing infrastructure facilities. intermediate and product storage facilities. “Refinery Process Block Flow Diagram”. and refinery generated process and sanitary wastewaters and hazardous and non-hazardous wastes will be transferred to existing off-site facilities for treatment and/or disposal. Gaseous components from the crude distillation are further processed in a combination of open art and UOP technologies to produce propane and butane for use as refinery fuel gas and/or LPG products. Sulfur is removed from the light components and exported as a byproduct through the King Fahad Industrial Port (KFIP). The refinery will include process units for the separation and conversion of the feed crude into finished products. utility and offsite systems to support the refinery operation. and associated feed. The refinery will process 100 percent Arabian Heavy Crude and will produce gasoline. Middle distillate components from the crude distillation are further processed in several UOP based technologies to produce gasoline and diesel as the primary refinery products.

FIGURE 2 Overall Plot Plan showing Contract Packages The Contract Packages developed for the Yanbu Export Refinery Project are shown 5 .

TABLE 1 Contract Packages 6 .in Table 1. Contract Packages.

For example. installation of struts . Also.4.0 Area and its Process: SP-1 Tank Farm Packages includes installation of 33 storage tanks with different diameters up to 110mt.000 Barrel/Day of Arabian Heavy Oil. inspect the work of contractors before their start the working .000 barrels each and spheroids.2 million barrels. 5. capacity up to 1. 7 . ensure the safety of the equipments and the safety of their work and test it . 13 spheres 60. The tank farm package is one of Yanbu export refinery packages which treat and process 400. Also after they complete their tasks. we inspect welding . During the work.0 Job Description: We as inspectors. we run some tests for the equipments and materials such as NDT and hydro test. we also inspect what they do. we inspect the finished work. installation of pipes .

. From week 1 to week 5: # Doing assignment from the manager about the project : what is the types of project . 8 . what is the life cycle of the project . #make inspection to some pipes at SP-1 area : *inspect the welding . GTAW GMAW and FCAW ). list people whose related with your work and what is your activity .. The Result : all Approved .0 Assignments & Activities : Note * The company is still in the construction stage. #take lesson in welding inspection with the Chief engineer for Me about : How to inspect the welding and what is the type of the welding (SMAW. it must be in same level ..6. *inspect level of the pipe . * inspect the direction of the of pipe according to the Site Map. joints and flanges of the pipe .