Lee Kong Chian Engineering
Faculty : Unit Code : UEME 3213
and Science
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
Course : Chemical / Mechanical Unit Title : Heat and Mass Transfer
Academi Lecturer Ir. Dr. Bee Soo Tueen / Ir.
: 2017/2018 : Chong Kok Chung
c Year

Session : 201701
Submission 27/03/2017
due date (Monday), 12pm
This assignment contains two (2) tasks and you are required to answer all the questions.
This assignment will contribute to 10% of the course work marks. The assignment must be
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 The report shall not exceed 10 pages.
 Marks will be deducted for any late submission (10% per day inclusive of Saturday and
 In the cases of plagiarism/collusion, 0% will be automatically awarded for the assignment.

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Task 1:

1 UEME 3213 Heat and Mass Transfer

explanation and calculations) that his statement is incorrect. [Total : 50 marks] Heat Exchanger Operating Condition 2 UEME 3213 Heat and Mass Transfer . The client required you to present the thermal insulation material for their commercial consideration on the counterflow shell and tube heat exchanger with one shell pass and one tube pass in the palm oil heat recovery application.You are a design engineer under a heat exchanger design team for a multination heat exchanger company. With the heat exchanger operating condition as shows below. (20 marks) [Total : 50 marks] Task 2: A counterflow. you found that his statement is incorrect. your technician told you that he performed necessary maintenance on the heat exchanger and it is running at the optimum condition. (5 marks) b) Justify the selection of the proposed thermal insulation material in (a) is the most suitable materials for this application. Your presentation must cover the following: a) Describe the choice of thermal insulation material. During the routine heat exchanger inspection with your newly appointed technician on site. concentric heat exchanger with a heat transfer surface area of 10 m 2 and intended overall convection coefficient is 100 W/m2 K is used in a textile factory for heat recovery of the textile dye water in the dyeing process. The information of the heat exchanger is shown as follow. as an engineer. (5 marks) d) Justify the advantages and disadvantages of thermal insulation material. (20 marks) c) Explain the operating requirements for the chosen thermal insulation material. Thus. show the technician (with necessary diagram.