TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano

Emotional Piano
Produced by Mike Peaslee

Welcome to the Tonehammer Emotional Piano.

There are a lot of sampled pianos in this world and normally, our goal is to explore the
new and take the road less traveled. There are just some instruments that we feel have
never been captured in the way that our ears want to hear them. We need warmth,
tonal depth and movement,. We need resonance, more attention to the softer layers
rather than the loudest and finally, a wide and yet intimate sound. We aren’t interested in
clinical purity or technical precision. We want it alive and breathing.

Looking around, what we found was either too bright, too thin, or too narrow, or
captured from too far away... or simply not captured deeply enough. There are many find
piano libraries out there, but never one that we felt was meant for us. We needed a
piano that spoke to our emotions. And so, on we looked...

Until finally, we found this one. And so we brought it into our inner sanctum and went
to work. All in all, we think it turned out pretty good.


This piano doesn't do romantic comedies. deeply resonant. It’s intended to be a scoring piano. unless you're also carrying a musket and you've just been ordered to fix bayonets. The sound of a piano is defined by a thousand things. This piano doesn't retire to the New England countryside triumphantly after an extended run at the Met. not fancy dinner parties.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano About The Emotional Piano: We've spent years searching for just the right one to capture. then this is not your piano. dark. Not because it is important. 2 .. it may just be your piano too. resonant piano. This piano wears a helmet flak jacket.. we tested literally hundreds of them before finding this one special piano. With all preconceived notions and expectations aside. this is the sound that Troels and I hear. model. from the lacquer on the wood to the hardness of the felt in the hammers. If you ever find yourself storming a beach in slow motion or charging into a burning building to save a baby. but when we think of a piano and really hear it in our heads and hearts. then this is the piano that will play when your final credits roll. This piano isn't for everyone or every occasion. This is our piano. not a tuxedo with tails. It is a piano for epic soundtracks. warm. this piano will either speak to you or it won't. It does love stories and. We had no concern for brand. design or pedigree. it does heartbreaks. Our goal was purely sound: a soft. Hopefully. lush. This piano is a door gunner. With ears pressed to wood and eyes hovering scant inches above strings. warm and soulful sound. It's buried 6 feet under in the middle of a Chicago downpour after being gunned down by the mob. more often still. We're not even going to mention the model and brand of the piano we chose for this library. rich. not a dancer. If you find yourself wearing a powdered wig and leggings. This is a big. but because it is truly irrelevant.

features and format compatibility for each library. TONEHAMMER TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano Emotional Piano OVERVIEW 33 Kontakt patches 1800 Samples 4.COM 3 . Make sure to preserve the included folder structure. TONEHAMMER. This library requires registration through the Native Instruments Service Center. You should now be able to open and play the . Please read the instrument specifications for all products before purchasing all Tonehammer products to see the full list of software requirements.nki files. For Installation and registration instructions.nki files are compatible with full retail versions of Kontakt 4 and the Kontakt 4 Player only. The vast majority of Tonehammer products are not supported by the free Kontakt Player and require the full retail version of Kontakt. please consult the Getting Started guide included with this product or by clicking here. 2.80 or later) or other compatible program to un-compress the “Tonehammer_emotional_piano..6 GB download Custom Convolution Reverb Impulses Powerful custom performance control interface Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Player or Kontakt 4 full retail version required. This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 4 and later. available from Native Instruments. This is usually done by selecting the “extract to'. Click Here to download UnRarX for OSX. Click Here to download Kontakt Player 4.81 GB Installed. Please note that only certain Tonehammer libraries are supported by this free Kontakt Player.rar” file into its own folder in your sample library directory. Be aware that all of this library’s .” option in Winrar or UnrarX. INSTALLATION We Use Winrar (version 3.. Click Here to download Winrar for PC. This library can also be used in the free Kontakt Player.

4 . Large sample sets like those found in this library may load slowly and may cause system instability on older machines. We recommend that you have at least 2GB of system ram. a dual core cpu and at least a 7200 rpm SATA hard disk before purchasing this Tonehammer library.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano System Requirements Please be aware that many instrument and multi-instrument programs in this library are extremely ram/ cpu and hard disk-streaming resource intensive.

making sure to keep the internal directory structure of the Emotional Piano library unchanged. For further details and trouble shooting. 5 .rar archive file. please refer to the official Kontakt manual. If during the extraction process. you'll receive the download link for the library and a follow-up email with the subject line "Emotional Piano Purchase". any files were moved and can no longer be automatically found by Kontakt. Once the library has finished downloading. Then. Please note that you'll need to be connected to the internet to complete activation. Just point it to the Emotional Piano folder when it asks which library you'd like to re-save. Extract the library to the location where you normally keep your sample instruments. In this email. just point it to the same Emotional Piano folder and it should quickly find and fix any issues. This is where you'll enter your serial number. You can load the library with the Add Library button in the Library view of the browser pane or by loading the instruments through the standard File browser or the Load/Save system at the top of the instrument view. The first time you load the library into Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 4 Player.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano Installation Instructions After ordering. then you can use the "Batch Resave" command in the Load/Save menu at the top of Kontakt to automatically fix any missing file links. you'll be prompted to activate the Emotional Piano in the NI Service Center application. use Winrar or UnrarX to extract the contents of the . you'll find your 25 digit serial number. when it asks where any missing samples are.

artificially boosting the naturally weak high frequencies to make it sound brighter and crisper is also bound to artificially amplify natural microphone self-noise and ambient noise. We provide such extreme variability to allow more creative potential. Therefore. A value of 0 or 100 produces obviously exaggerated effects. Please be aware that the value ranges for many of our controls allow you to go way beyond realistic behavior for this or any real-world piano. it determines how quickly the damper takes effect after releasing a note or the sustain pedal. rather than by following any arbitrary set of rules. Extreme values on any one control that sound horrible by themselves can sound amazing when combined with complimentary values on another control. Therefore. Simply put. which is exactly why we chose this one piano above the literally hundreds of other pianos of all makes and models that we tried. Basically. We are not artificially reducing high frequencies to make this piano sound as soft as it does. they're best used by ear and feel. ranging from natural and quick to very smooth. Attack Knob This knob shapes how quickly the note bites. or any other specific scale. Increasing the amplitude of the higher frequencies will absolutely produce audible hiss and a more shrill overall tonality. They are simply mathematical multipliers that control underlying processes. Decay This knob shapes the actual note release characteristics. Some of them are on linear scales while others follow distinct mathematical curves. Therefore. cents. 6 . this piano is not meant to work perfectly in all possible musical applications. More moderate values allow you to simulate softer hammer felt. It's quite easy to introduce distortion or clipping if you increase EQ or Convolution Effect values without properly re- attenuating your signal output to compensate for the increase. while extremely high values allow for a long. this is just a very dark and soft piano. Please also note that numeric values ranges and intervals for each control do note necessarily correspond to milliseconds. slow fade-in. effect and performance shaping controls on the front instrument panel. Front Panel Controls: TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano We've added a variety of specialized tone. providing everything from subtle tonal reshaping to dramatic otherworldly effects. decibels. which can be useful for certain playing styles and special applications.

the high notes have their own release trigger samples and behave exactly as all other notes in the piano. regardless of the sustain pedal position. Turning the value to 100 creates an exaggerated tonal and dynamic spread from the softest to loudest notes. all artifical EQ filtering and processing is bypassed. Since midi sustain pedals can only transmit "on" and "off" messages. Release TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano This knob controls the decay duration of the release samples. whether after releasing a single note. there's no way to automatically tell how much intensity and force you're playing the pedal with. without any filtering. EQ Processing On/Off This button enables or disables all active EQ filtering. select "Active" once again. tonal flavors and performance characteristics. To restore tone control. it's a handy control for special effects and certain playing styles. including and and all tonal attenuation normally produced by our dynamic control system. Normally. the top octave behaves as if it had dampers like the rest of the piano. the less the tonal and dynamic difference between the lowest and highest velocities. Pedal Volume This knob controls the velocity and volume of the sustain pedal up and down sound effects. When high damping is active. 7 . Turning the knob to 0 sets the piano to behave exactly as our microphones hear the piano naturally. These are the sounds of the overtones and residual vibrations fading away after a string has been dampened by the felt. This knob allows you to adjust the sound to appropriately match the tone and feel of your performance. or multiple notes at once when releasing the sustain pedal. When it is disabled by choosing the "Bypassed" option. in an actual piano. all notes above E5 will always ring out unhindered. The lower the knob setting. High Damping On/Off This button enables or disables note damping in the top octave from E5 upward. When this button is switched on. The pedal sound effects were recorded in several velocity layers and with multiple round-robin variations to provide greater natural realism. to allow for a wide range of personal playing styles. attenuation or other alterations in the signal path. Dynamics This knob shapes the overall dynamic response of the piano. Turning the knob all the way down to 0 will disable all pedal sound effects. However.

Reverb Dry Mix This knob controls the amount of "dry" or "clean" signal returning from the convolution reverb effect. In most of the presets. You can disable and bypass the convolution effect entirely and unload any loaded impulse file at any time. Convolution Reverb Impulse Menu This drop-down menu allows instant access to a variety of custom convolution impulses that we've captured in some of our favorite locations or created using various special techniques. the impulse may take a brief moment to load and may produce a slight pop or snap if audio is currently playing. 8 . Reverb Wet Mix This knob controls the amount of "wet" signal returning from the convolution reverb effect. the "Dry mix" and "Wet Mix" knobs become active. This knob is only active when a reverb impulse has been loaded in the Impulse Select drop-down menu located to the right of the "wet mix" knob or in presets that come with an impulse already pre-loaded. As soon as you load an impulse from the menu. the effect is set to the default bypassed state. This knob is only active when a reverb impulse has been loaded in the Impulse Select drop- down menu located to the right of the "wet mix" knob or in presets that come with an impulse already pre-loaded. by selecting the "None" option at the top of the list. Once an impulse has been loaded. Low EQ Gain TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano This knob is a basic bass tone control. In some cases. Mid EQ Gain This knob is a basic mid-range tone control. the effect is activated and the impulse you've chosen is loaded into the signal path. so that it doesn't effect any of the audio signal or use any system resources. we don't recommend switching impulses or turning the effect on or off while in the middle of playing or recording. High EQ Gain This knob is a basic bass treble control. Therefore.

Our goal was to dial in the perfect preset for slow.nki This is the standard Emotional Piano instrument patch.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano Please be aware that several of the "Mystery" impulses are longer than 10 seconds each and therefore require higher than normal CPU resources to load and play.nki A light version of the jazz program. to allow a more ominous sound when needed. emotional_piano_master_lite.nki This preset has been sharpened. If you which to restore any knob setting to it's default value after you've changed it. poor performance. emotional_piano_gentle_blur_lite. soft and distant character. bot for buttons or the impulse drop-down menu. emotional_piano_jazz_lite. instability and crashing.nki This custom preset softens the tone. clicking. perfect for moodier. note shaping and performance characteristics to create a faded. darker pieces. it retails the full dynamic range.nki This special preset is entirely focused on the softer end of our piano's dynamic range. 9 . emotional_piano_jazz. Using these impulses on a system without sufficient available resources on any system can result in audio popping. emotional_piano_master. tone and performance settings at default. This is the sound of our actual piano. simply hold the control key and press your right mouse button. essentially just as it feels and sounds in the flesh. Please use caution when using these special impulses. Instruments: We've created a variety of ready-made presets that present some of the many sides our piano has to offer. emotional_piano_gentle_blur.nki A light version of the gentle blur program. this program is also a little lighter on ram usage. gentle. with all velocity layers and all dynamic. emotional_piano_soft.nki A “light” reduced-memory version of the master program. Because we've stripped off the upper velocities. This only works for knobs however. However. brightened and has it's dynamic response expanded to provide a tone more ideal for tight jazz pieces. cinematic compositions.You can modify all preset values.

Special Effect Presets: These presets take the piano a little farther into to the unnatural. with a distant. Modwheel (CC1) controls fuzz intensity.You can almost hear the old corroded strings drifting in and out of unison and the sharp.nki We had fun with this one.nki A light version of the psuedo-granny program.nki We did our best to prematurely "age" our piano and tip it up on it's side into a pretty reasonable replica of our old busted granny piano. this thing packs serious sustain. emotional_piano_psuedo-granny_lite.nki We dialed this one in like an old beat-up warbling blues organ.nki Down with high-fidelity. Modwheel (CC1) and Expression Pedal (CC11) control phaser bandwidth for a cool wah-like effect.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano emotional_piano_psuedo-granny. emotional_piano_blow-out. As you roll the modwheel (CC1) forward. complete with dust pops and crackling. you transport the recording forward in time a few years to the advent of the 33 in true "living stereo". emotional_piano_electric_fuzz_mw. It simulates the sound of a piano recorded on a 1930s era record. emotional_piano_mighty_wurlitzer_mw. the boxy body and hardened warn-out felt. emotional_piano_muddy_78_mw. narrow and boxy sound.nki This one mocks up an old synth piano preset with a little phaser slapped on top.nki Like the mother of all electric stage pianos. Modwheel (CC1) and expression pedal (CC11) control overall tone and the speed of speaker rotation. emotional_piano_default_house_music_preset no knobs needed. 10 . it's all just by-the-book emotional_piano_downsampler_mw. emotional_piano_electric_spin_mw. ranging from simple stereo effects to growling retro organs.nki as if blasted through an old blown out tube amp. Modwheel (CC1) controls the sample rate.

nki It only sounds like a 10-ton molten lead harp played by a gelatinous blob because you took the brown acid. emotional_piano_sympathetic_cry. glisses. emotional_piano_strange_song. these presets use signifiant CPU resources to load and play. wandering dissonance.nki A simple stereo shaping patch. Ambient presets: The special effect programs use custom convolution impulses to morph the sound into a wide range of melodic. Due to the long. emotional_piano_stereo_control_mw. dark. A classic piano effect that goes great with dramatic swells.nki Just a little old fashioned pitch-based flange. 11 . astral and often undefinable sounds. motional_piano_reversed_mw.nki a winding resonant chorus.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano emotional_piano_re-tuner_mw. Modwheel controls the depth of detuning. stingers and horror effects. evolving nature of the impulses being used.nki Flips the piano backwards.nki A shimmering chain of lights emotional_piano_spectral_gliss. instability and even crashing. Use the modwheel (CC1) to control how quickly the note swells back to the beginning. man. Please use caution when using these patches and consider avoiding them completely if your computer only has a single processor.nki a glimmer of hope through the rumble of dread. Using these presets on an underpowered system can cause performance problems. emotional_piano_shimmerbells.nki a dark. emotional_piano_stranger_song. emotional_piano_sympathetic_swell.nki So near yet so far.nki a sweep of complimentary sonic colors. emotional_piano_synesthetic_drone. allowing you to narrow or widen the image with the modwheel (CC1).

emotional_piano_wet_church. lush church ideal for gospel music.nki One of our favorite bright and lush epic recording halls. up close and personal. emotional_piano_wet_washout. We've created a couple of special presets with our favorite settings dialed in to sculpt some classic spaces.nki A bright. emotional_piano_wet_garage.nki 12 . bright and reflective wooden studio room. from a hundred feet down. from far perspective. deeeep sound. emotional_piano_wet_hall.nki A massive parking garage with a fat.TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano Reverberant Presets: Any instrument patch in this library can have one of our convolution impulses added by using the drop down impulse menu and wet/dry knobs.nki A wide celestial cathedral. emotional_piano_wet_catheral. emotional_piano_wet_bright_room. emotional_piano_wet_bunker.nki An long-forgotten underground concrete bunker.nki The sound of a medium-sized.

through any means. Upon termination you agree Tonehammer library. or any form of work that went into this labor of love. This license The license is terminated if you break any of the expressly forbids any unauthorized inclusion of terms or conditions of this agreement. for the purpose of re. Using this product and any supplied software is at Inc. which processing. then we musical sample or sound effect sample playback know you won’t pirate. All sounds and samples in this product are licensed. or any any refund for any reason. sound-effect. Licenses cannot be transferred support us. documentation and musical performances included within this product. without written consent of afford to make for you. or request a content contained within this library. for commercial and non-commercial use in the licensee’s own risk. If commercial library of musical and/or sound effect you enjoy our instruments and care about the hard samples and/or articulations. broadcast or similar finished content. responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising performance. This library contains anti-piracy technology due to including but not limited to. re-sampling. 13 . audio/video post-production. instrument programming. isolating. the more awesome libraries we can to another entity.but please be aware that as soon as LICENSE GRANT you've downloaded it. creation and production use. without our at your own expense. mixing. the more you system or device. express written consent. to prosecute piracy and defend this copyrighted creation to the fullest extent of the law. It must be registered recording or reproduction as part of any free or through the Service Center in order to be used. The additional license fees or providing source license will remain in full effect until termination. into any other sample to destroy all copies and contents of the product instrument or library of any kind. it’s compatibility with the Kontakt 4 Player. you can't return it. Inc. RIGHTS Tonehammer retains full copyright privileges and complete ownership of all recorded sounds. Remember. so we product license agreement: can't provide refunds. Tonehammer holds no music. TERMS Tonehammer allows you to use any of the sounds and samples in the library(s) you've purchased for This license agreement is effective from the commercial recordings without paying any moment the product is installed by any means. TONEHAMMER TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano GENERAL LICENSING AGREEMENT LICENSE AGREEMENT REFUNDS By installing the product you accept the following Downloaded libraries can't be returned. full version of Kontakt. but not sold. or embedding into software allows the library to be used by those without the or hardware of any kind. Inc. VIOLATION This license also forbids any re-distribution method of this product. to you by Tonehammer. We also reserve the right Tonehammer. from any form of use of this product. The license for this product is granted only to a RESPONSIBILITY single user. attribution to Tonehammer. We may choose do so at our own discretion. or its sounds.

concerns. TONEHAMMER Emotional Piano We wanna thank you for buying the Tonehammer Emotional Piano. TONEHAMMER. . love-letters or hate mail feel free to send it to: info@tonehammer. THANK YOU. 14 Kontakt and Kontakt 4 Player are trademarks of Native Instruments. Gmbh. If you have any questions. images and text © Tonehammer 2006 .COM All programming. samples. All Rights Reserved.com Love.2010. Mike and Troels. Tonehammer is a registered trademark of Tonehammer. Inc.