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Personal Law-I


Course Outline- Personal LawI

Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS.P.R

etc. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY. allocation of duties within marriage by contract and public policy. This course examines the law governing the definition of family and the rights and duties of family members to each other. enforcement and modification of custody and support orders. The tentative plan of the sessional work will be on the following basis: 2 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. guardianship. Objective of the course The main object of this course is to understand about the basic concept of family matters such as marriage. reform. Effects of Torts & criminal law on domestic relations. Semester VI. and issues incident to dissolution of marriage (spousal and child support. legal status of unmarried parents and their children. legal recognition of adult cohabitants. The rationale behind matrimonial relations are not only the happiness of the individual. adoption. procedures and forums. and child custody). two souls and two families. Marriage is being together of two individuals . Mid-Term Examination (25 marks) and End semester examination (45 marks). maintenance . family privacy doctrine. but are also concerned with social norms and ethical mores. divorce.P. the role of divorce mediation. ORISSA JANUARY. Other topics may include jurisdiction. The overall assessment of 100 marks is divided into Sessional work (30 marks). amendment of various statutes governing family relationships from time to time. This has lead to change .R .JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT India is the land of diversities with several religion and culture. It concentrates on marriage and dissolution and covers such topics as restrictions on who may marry. The emotional stability of a society is linked with the institution of marriage. the joint family system. Matrimonial dispute settlement: alternative methods.  Sessional Work (30 Marks): Sessional work is planned by the course teacher in his discretion. The complexity of modern life has had tremendous impact on the institution of marriage. EVALUATION The performance of the students on this course is assessed on the basis of 100 marks. rights of women in the joint family system. and the rights and obligations of the spouse as also their children. surrogacy.

JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT Assessment Mode Marks Content of the paper 10 Marks References/Citation/Bibliography 10 Marks Group Viva 5 Marks Project Attendance and Class Participation 5 Marks Group Work You will have the opportunity to work with a small group of four students from class to do the assigned work. Mid-Term Examination (25 Marks): At the middle of the semester you will have to appear in the Mid-Term Examination of one and half hour and of 25 Marks. LECTURE SCHEME MODULES TITLE LECTURES MODULE ONE Schools & sources of personal laws NINE MODULE TWO Family Law and Constitution EIGHT MODULE THREE Law of marriage under different personal laws TWELVE MODULE FOUR Matrimonial remedies under different Personal Laws FIFTEEN MODULE FIVE Maintenance under personal laws and Crpc EIGHT MODULE SIX Guardianship & Adoption EIGHT Total number of Lectures. . At the end of the semester a viva-voce will be held. You will be eligible to appear in this exam only if you have put in 75% of attendance. End semester examination (45 marks): At the end of the semester student will appear (Subject to the rules of attendance) in End-Term exam for two and half hours and of 45 marks. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY.R .60 Detailed course content Module one: SCHOOLS & SOURCES OF PERSONAL LAWS 3 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS.P. Students are strongly advised to read the leading cases from the report which would enable them to solve the legal problems in the exams as most of the questions will be problem based. Semester VI. ORISSA JANUARY.

P.N. Semester VI. Introduction to modern Hindu law. the highest authority on this law.Chodosh Shetreet (Author). Hindu law. Right of a women to live with human dignity. b. Duncan M. the approved usage. Sources of Hindu Law . ORISSA JANUARY. Uniform Civil Code for India: Proposed Blueprint for Scholarly Discourse. M K Nambyar Trust (Author) 4 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. The Vedas. Muslim law. Hindu law . the Smrithi. Module two : PERSONAL LAWS AND THE CONSTITUTION This module is mainly focusing on the issue of Gender inequality under different personal laws and also discussing the extent of religious freedom under the constitution. Uniform Civil code e. Mulla 2. The sources from which knowledge of Hindu law is to be derived are the indices of dharma have been stated by Hindu Jurisprudence. Personal Laws and Criminal Laws Text Books 1.Flavia Agnes 3.Khalid Rashid 5. Hindu Law. Muslim Law.Paras Diwan 4. Law and Gender inequality. Family Law and Constitutional Claims. c. Religious freedom and the fundamental rights d.JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT Hindu law is considered to be one of the most ancient systems of laws known to the world. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY.R .Flavia Agnes 2. Equality and dignity and Fundamental Rights. Importance of Dharma Shastra on Legislation 3.Derett 3.V. It is believed that it is divine origin.& Christian law 2. Customary practices of Shariyath Law and English law of marriage will also discuss under this module in this module is discussing about in this regard 1. a. Two Principal Schools of Hindu Law 4. Different sects under Muslim Laws Text books 1.Subramania Iyer. and what is agreeable to good conscience are according to Manu.

Chand Patel v. (2006)5 SCC 475 5. Jai Kishore. Hindu. AIR 2006SC 2522. Govt of NCT. (2008) I DMC 45 ( del) 12. Semester VI. 91928) 30 Bom LR 1346.Kumar. Concept of Stridhana/ dowry 4. Hindu Marriage Act. 25 3. The contents of module are: 1. Conditions of a valid marriage 6. 1954.sections: 02. Aswini Jainabha 91929) 42 Mad 397 17. Delhi. AIR 2000 SC 1650 3.JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT Module Three: LAW OF MARRIAGE UNDER PERSONAL LAWS This course will comprise. 14. Right to marry 2. aktarri. Salima. hospital ‘z’. Surendra Bhatia v. Nagalingam v.section-04.AIR 2003 SC 664. 1872. Emphasis should be laid on the nature of marriage and its development. 19 5 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. (2010) II DMC190 11. Types of marriage 3.11. hindhu law of marriage and divorce and the changes brought by modern legislation. S. Santhosh Kumar Singh. Dilip kumar Patnaik. 1955. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY. Concept of marriage & its development 2. Mr ‘x’ v. Sadiqur Ali Khan v.24. (2002)1 DMC 248 7. Void. Seema v. Muslims and Christian law of marriage and divorce. Namitha Mohanthy v.R .P. Union of India. AIR 2010 ori 62 9. Indian Christian Marriage Act. AIR 2001 sc 3576 8. 4.Poonam Bhatia AIR 2006 Raj 128 10. Lata Singh V. AIR 1999 SC 495. 12 2. Concept of Maher/ dowry 5. Ranjan kumara v. Ayub Hassan v. Registration of marriage Case laws 1. AIR 2008 SC 1915. 2008 MLR 21. Lili Thomas v. ORISSA JANUARY. Bismillah begum. ( 1886) 8 ALL 149 16. Uttar Pradesh. voidable & irregular marriage 7. 15. 07. 05. Abdul kadir v. Ga Arife @ Arti Sharma v. Indian Divorce Act.N.1869. Chand Patel 4. ( AIR 1965 ALL 525) Statutes 1. Gopal Dutt Sharma. (2009) 4 SCC 774. Charanjit Kaur Nagi v. 6. Chandrabhagbai Ganapati v. Hasssri Kutti v. Bismillah Begam. irregular marriage 13.AIR 2008 SC 1915. conditions of valid Marriage. Shivakami. void voidable. Special Marriage Act.

Custody of children 7. Mohammedian Law.R . Semester VI. Hindu Law. judicial separation. Restitution of conjugal rights 4. Leprosy & venereal disease j. 1. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY. Hindu law .Derett 3. Non. Duncan M.Paras Diwan 4. ORISSA JANUARY. Other grounds 5. Grounds for matrimonial reliefs a.Tahir Mohammed 5. Bigamy g.MATRIMONIAL REMEDIES UNDER PERSONAL LAWS The third module deals with matrimonial reliefs viz. Divorce by mutual consent m. The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act. Muslim law in India. Mental illness/ abnormality i. Impotency h. Adultery b. Foreign Marriage Act.Mulla 6. Bars to matrimonial reliefs 6. Mulla 2. Conversion e. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage n. Pre-marriage pregnancy of wife l. Judicial Separation 3. Hand book of Christian Law-Devadasan Module four. restitution of conjugal rights under different personal laws and family court Act. 1969 6.resumption of cohabitation after decree of separation or restitution k. Apart from that it also discuss the different grounds of matrimonial reliefs.P.Saha 7. Desertion d. Divorce 2.JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT 5.A.N. Cruelty c. Matrimonial relief under family court Act Case laws 6 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. 2006 Text books 1. Dowry prohibition Act 7. Introduction to modern Hindu law. Fraud f. divorce. Marriage & Divorce.

Nassrea. Kailashwati v. AIR 1994 MP 18. AIR 2010 Ori 1 8. 3(9).Issac. 1954. 23.32. Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act. Suman kapur v. 1936. Prem Chandra Pandey. 1955. 1986 Module Five.Rupa Bipin Zaveri. 4. ORISSA JANUARY.sections: 05. Prem Masih v. 24. (2010) II DMC 487 SC 6.2.DB) 21. AIR 1975 Mad 331 12. Kumundani Bai. 19. Taan Kumar Mohanthy. Nalini v.13.P. Chanderkala trivedi v. fraud 23. Julmi Devi. (1993) 4 SCC 232 3. AIR 2010 SC 1042. Shampa Mukherjee v. Sreemathy. Usharani lenka v. judicial separation. Ravi kumar v. 2001 (1) KLT 140 Statutes 1.MAINTENANCE 1. AIR 2005 Ori 3 18.1869. 1872. AIR 2007 (NOC) 285 (ker). Trivedi. 2002 (1) KLT 98. 12 2. sudhir kapur. Harvinder kaur v. Fowler v. Ayodhia Prakesh. Indian Divorce Act. Savitri Pandey v. AIR 1997 sc 1266. divorce 2. Fowler ( 1952) 2TlR 143 19. Indian Penal Code.sections-04. 10 6. 26. 25. Rajendra Asthana. AIR 1977 cal 90 27.498 8. 7. 43. Tirath kaur v. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY.P. Radhakrishna v. 1939 sec. AIR 2009 (NOC) 2144 4.R .sections: 30. Jatina Samir Shah v. Raja Roy. Suresh babu v. Narasimha Reddy v. Venkatasubramani v. adultery 15. C. Manisha Tyagi v. Abdurahiman v. Sheela Devi. (1997) 4 SCC 226. Panigrahi. S. Johny. Maintenance under code of criminal procedure 7 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. Hindu Marriage Act. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce )Act.27.H. Sanjeeta Das v. V. Noorjahan v. AIR 1977 MP 267 16. Abdool. Deepak Kumar. Harminder singh. 25. cruelty 17. Pranab Mukherjee AIR 2010 (NOC) 223 cal.constitutional validity of sn-9 of HMA 14. (2010) II DMC 259 ( Mad. Semester VI. Ayesha v. 34 3. mohammed Kazim. 22 5. Maintenance under Muslim law 2.sn10. (2010)II DMC 568 SC 5.Leeela. AIR 1984 Del 66. Basamma. Samir Shah. Meera Asthana v. Sherly Thomas v. Special Marriage Act.P. Air 1976 AP 77 9. Indian Christian Marriage Act. 17.JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT 1. 12. 4. Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act. 11. 24. Bar to relief. conversion 22. AIR 1964 Punj 28 judicial separation & maintenance 10. (2002) 2SCC 73. Dhanalakshmi. Air 1974 MP 88. AIR 2009 SC589 13. Dolly Roy v. desertion 20. ( 1934) 59 Cal LJ 466. 10. Mahendra Nath Yadav v.11. 1860 sn-494. Maintenance under Hindu law 3. 7. 92010) I DMC 411 SC. kartar Singh. Ashok Hurra v.

sn 26 7.286 6.JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT Case laws 1. Syed Fathima Nachi. T. 1956. Komalakumari.Paras Diwan 4.S.18. Sivankutty v.D. Mukhttiar Kaur. parentage and Doctrine of Acknowledgement. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY. Semester VI. ORISSA JANUARY. AIR 1969 P&H 285 p. (1996) 4 SCC 616 3. 1. Mohammedian Law.Mulla 6. who can adopt 8 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. Hindu law . Shah Bano Begum . 1956 sn.P. Mohammed Ahammedkhan v. Hindu Law.PARENTAGE & ADOPTION Hindu law of adoption will include special reference to the juristic concept and development of case laws and changes brought about hindhu adoption and Maintenance Act.P. Denial lathif v.Tahir Mohammed 5. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce )Act.29 3. sn. Mulla 2. Special marriage Act.S. Concept of adoption and its evolution 2.P.AIR 1985 SC 945 2. Duncan M. 1955. Vijay Malti v. Senior citizens protection Act.1955 Text books 1. Air 2007 Del 89 Statutes 1. 0Hand Book of Christian Law. (1989) CrLJ 2032 ( Mad) 7.Derett 3. UOI.200 5. Tamil Nadu Wakf Board v. AIR 2001 SC 3958 4. The study will also include the Muslim law of legitimacy. Wali ram v. Hindu Marriage Act. Hindu Adoption & maintenance Act. T.H Selva saroja v.1869. Code of Criminal Procedure. Indian Divorce Act. Rajiv Vij. Muslim law in India.41-44 4.1972 sn. 5. 1986 6.E. Introduction to modern Hindu law. (1988) (1) KLT 601.125-128 2.R .Devadasan Module six.H Sasinathana.

The Personal Law Amendment Act. Baby manji yamada v. Fyzee SUGGESTED READINGS Mulla : Principles of Hindu Law G. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY.J. UOI. Introduction to modern Hindu law. Mohammedian Law.N.Saha 7. AIR 2009 (NOC)888 ( Kar) 7. Abilash Sharma v. AIR 1987 SC232. Anokha v. AIR 2006 BOM 123 3. section. 1956. AIR 1984 Sc 469. AIR 2004 Kant 230 9. AIR 2009 All 77 10. Marriage & Divorce.Derett 3. ORISSA JANUARY. H.Kariappa.Asafa. 1937. AIR 2004 SC 2820 12. Statutes 1. Brijendra singh v. Sambhu Mandal. Siddaramappa v. Binapani samanta v. Hindu law .Tahir Mohammed 5. AIR 2007 Cal 4 5.01-17 2.Paras Diwan 4. 2000 5. Mulla 2. Lekshmi Kanth v. 8. Siddalingaiah v.2013 4. AIR 2010 9NOC) 466 9cal) 2. Who can be adopted 5. V. Outlines of Muhammedan Law. Duncan M. Gouravva. Guardian & Wards Act. Shrirang Narayan Kanse. State of Rajasthan. Juvenile Justice Act. The Hindhu Adoption & Maintenance Act.K.A. (2008) 1 MLJ 1083 (sc) 4. AIR 2009(NOC) 326 (HP) 6. Effect of adoption 6. 2010 3. State of U. 6. state of M. 11. Philips Alfred Malvin v. sn-2 Text Books 1. The Muslim personal Law ( shariat) Application Act. Muslim law in India.P. Inter country adoption 7. Oriental Insurance Co.JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT 3. Mitali Roy v. Hindu Law. Hanmant Laxman Salunke v.R . Semester VI. AIR 1999 ker 187.P. [2008] insc 1656 (29 September 2008).M. Who has the capacity to give in adoption? 4. Assisted Reproductive Technology bill( surrogacy) .Gonsalves. AIR1986 SC 272. Adoption and surrogacy laws Case laws 1. Lalitha Sharma.P.A. union of India & anr.1890. Divekar : Hindu Law 9 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS. Ltd v. Sudhindrananth Majumdar.Mulla 6.

JUNE PERSONAL LAW I-COURSE CONTENT Ramesh Chander Nagpal : Modern Hindu Law Mayne : Hindu Law Raghvachariar : Hindu Law Kusum : Family Law Lectures-I Srinivasan : Special Marriage Act Dr. Paras Diwan : Muslim Law in Modern India Dr. 2017 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY.R . ORISSA JANUARY.P. Semester VI. Paras Diwan : Modern Hindu Law Aqil Ahmed : Mohammadan Law Mulla : Muslim Law Wish you good luck! 10 Course Designed by: | RAMAKRISHNA DAS.