(If you don’t need the EXS24 instruments or the Kontakt 2 version etc. and this will launch an installer program to install Speak & Spell into your Live Library.alp” email :customerservices@soniccouture. which is located here: user/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments Keep a copy of the included “Samples” folder somewhere on your hard drive.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE INSTALLATION 1. This folder has all the sample data that the EXS24 instruments need. EXS24 Move the included EXS24/SamplerInstruments/ SC Speak & Spell folder to your real Sampler Instruments folder. Make sure you keep that folder structure as it is. ABLETON LIVE Double click the included “Speak&Spell. so keep it somewhere safe. so that the Kontakt instruments can find their samples. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KONTAKT 2 OR 3 Copy the entire “SC Speak & Spell” folder to anywhere you like on your hard drive. 3. www.soniccouture. you can erase those respective folders… never erase the Samples folder ).com . 2.

www. In addition to toys.soniccouture. Digital musical instruments such as synths and drum machines make excellent circuit bending subjects for musicians. People discovered that if you tinker with its circuits and voice email :customerservices@soniccouture. Today Circuit Bending has reached the levels of an Art-form. in search of sonic chaos. with its leading practitioners going ever further with increasingly unlikely toys and website shows. and other interesting effects can be achieved. Texas Instruments Speak & Spell has found a new lease of life in electronica in the last few years. is said to have begun in the late 1960s. as this is known. glitching. . and its invention is attributed to one Reed Ghazala. after a fortuitous accident with a toy amplifier.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE INTRODUCTION SPEAK & SPELL A much-loved and ubiquitous toy from the 1970s and 80s. ‘Circuit Bending’. as a visit to Circuitbenders.

The best technique tends to be to let the machine go into a random pattern of words and glitches which can then be looped or manipulated.soniccouture. as well as a pitch control knob and the all-important . It has various trigger and loop controls. with the modified controls. the results of a circuit bent S&S are far from predictable. We recorded long takes like this and then edited them afterwards. albeit barely. a keen bender from Brighton. www. In use. UK.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE The SC Speak & Spell was created by Andy email :customerservices@soniccouture.

The ‘Random’ instruments are programed to give a random sound each time a key is played.nki • Words .nki • Words .nki • Loops .All Precise.nki • Speak & Spell Drum Kit.Random 1.Random. • Alphabet .nki • Words . ‘Precise’ instruments will play specific samples. www.nki • SFX .nki • Speak & Spell Drum Kit.nki • SFX .nki The front panel of each instrument includes 10 parameters for further sound design and mangling.nki • Alphabet .nki • Alphabet email :customerservices@soniccouture.All .SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE INSTRUMENTS KONTAKT SINGLE HITS AND LOOPS The following Kontakt Speak&Spell Instruments are based around single hits and loops.All Precise.nki • Words .Random 2. for a true chaotic circuit bent effect.All Precise.Random. and are designed for normal sequencing.Both Precise.soniccouture.

under ‘MIDI Control’ SHREDDER INSTRUMENTS • Speak & Shred email :customerservices@soniccouture.nki • Speak & Shred 3.soniccouture.nki • Speak & Shred 9. The script is activated by the ‘Shred’ Switch.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE All these parameters can be assigned a MIDI CC number in the drop down ‘Knobs’ menu. and the shape of the LFO can be smoothed with the ‘smooth’ control. but randomly jumps around in the sample to different places. www. similar to the Speak&Spell unit.nki • Speak & Shred 2.nki • Speak & Shred 7. The Pan and Velocity of each hit can be randomised with the top two . The speed can be locked to different sub- divisions within the master tempo. A pitch LFO is included for extreme pitch modulation effects. The maximum sample start offset is set with Max Offset (in milliseconds).nki • Speak & Shred 5.nki • Speak & Shred 6.nki • Speak & Shred 4. The depth of this modulation can be set with the Range knob. This simple behaviour can be controlled in various ways.nki These instruments use a classic Soniccouture KSP script. The speed is set as a note value and has a speed multiplier. called ‘Shredder’. Shredder keeps retriggering the note at the speed you set.nki • Speak & Shred 8.

for a true chaotic circuit bent effect.akg • Speak & Shred 5.exs • Speak Seq .akg • Speak & Shred 3.exs • Speak Seq 7.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE EXS24 • Alphabets.akg • Speak & Shred 2.exs • Speak Seq 6.exs • SFX.exs • Speak Seq 1.exs • Speak Seq 4. various randomly generated words. ‘Precise’ instruments will play specific samples.All Precise.exs The EXS24 instruments are straight sample playback.akg • Words . LIVE • Alphabet . a set of interesting loops and longer sequences taken from the Speak&spell.exs • Speak Seq 2.akg • Alphabet .Random 1. www.akg • Speak & Shred 9.akg • Speak & Spell Drum Kit.Both Precise. and are composed of the full Alphabet.akg • SFX .Random email :customerservices@soniccouture. both ‘bent’ and straight.exs • Speak Seq 3.akg • Words .akg • SFX .Random.exs • Speak Seq 9. a drum kit.akg • Speak & Shred 4.exs • Loops.exs • Words.akg • Loops .All Precise.Random.akg • Speak & Shred 8.exs • Speak Seq 5.akg • Speak & Shred 6.akg • Speak & Shred 1.akg The ‘Random’ instruments are programed to give a random sound each time a key is played.akg • Alphabet .akg • Speak & Shred 7.All Precise.exs • Speak & Spell Drum Kit.

com .com email the sample start time is randomised each time a key is played.soniccouture.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE The ‘Speak & Shred’ instruments in the Live version work differently to Kontakt . since this jumps to different parts of one long sample from the Speak&Spell. www. This gives a different effect from the ‘Random’ instruments.

com or we have a support forum within the KVR Audio email :customerservices@soniccouture. You can either email us at : customerservices@soniccouture. please feel free to contact us. so please be patient! www. but do bear in mind the differences in time zones.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE SUPPORT If you have any problems or questions relating to the use of this .soniccouture. which can be found here : Soniccouture Support Forum We will always endeavour to reply to any enquiry within 12 hours.

which includes computer software and may include associated media. as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. for example a studio desktop and a laptop for live performance. or scripts) is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without express written agreement of Soniccouture Ltd. loops. The software is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties. commercial or otherwise. copying. The ownership of all title and copyrights in and to the Software (including but not limited to any images.SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE E. animations. fully mixed audio clips. If you do not agree to the terms of this . or where the Owner has two non-concurrent sites of work. printed materials. video. music. www. Soniccouture Ltd grants the Owner of a Soniccouture product the right to create finished musical works and performances using the sounds and software that comprise the Soniccouture product. and "applets" incorporated into the Software ) is fully asserted by Soniccouture email :customerservices@soniccouture. you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA. you may not use the software. and violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of international and local copyright law. The Owner may only install and use Soniccouture libraries and software on multiple computers strictly under the following conditions: where multiple computers comprise part of a single composition workstation for a composer.L.A. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT PREFACE: This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you and Soniccouture LTD for the Soniccouture product accompanying this EULA. By installing. using Soniccouture audio or software (be they single hits. The software is licensed. and online or electronic documentation ("Software"). or using the software. audio. The making of sample libraries in any form. not sold. photographs.U. text.

indirect. resell. without limitation. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: The software is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. network. implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.soniccouture. in no event shall Soniccouture be liable for any consequential. loan. www. loss of business information. punitive. and any accompanying hardware. but not limited to. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. incidental. special. with regard to the software. modify. electronically transmit or merge the Software. including. rent. lease. or other damages whatsoever (including. either express or implied. The entire risk arising out of the use or performance of the software and documentation remains with user. even if Soniccouture has been advised of the possibility of such damages. business interruption. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable email .SONICCOUTURE SPEAK & SPELL USER GUIDE The Owner may not transfer. damages for loss of business profits. direct. Soniccouture further disclaims all warranties. distribute. or other pecuniary loss) arising out of this EULA or the use of or inability to use the software.