(15 Apr To 25 Apr 2013)

Day Date Time Course Code School
Students in SG9x groups, eg. SG91, SG92:
The specific exam time and venue will be determined by the 
Friday 12‐Apr All
schools. Schools will inform the students with “I” grade  in SG9x 
groups about the exam arrangements.
ACCT101 Financial Accounting SOA
ACCT111 Financial Accounting SOA
ACCT406 Goods and Services Tax SOA
ECON227 The Economics of Politics SOE
IS430 ePayments Proc & Tech SIS
15‐Apr 8.30am
LAW105 Law of Torts SOL
OBHR299 Special Topics in OB LKCSOB
OPIM318 Sustainable Operations LKCSOB
POSC314 Global Issues and Institutions SOSS

ECON131 Maritime Econs & Shipping Fnce SOE
LAW001 Ethics & Social Responsibility SOL
LGST001 Ethics & Social Responsibility [G1‐G20] SOL
PSYC103 Cognitive Psychology SOSS
15‐Apr 1pm QF.205 Computing Tech For Finance LKCSOB
Monday SOCG001 Understanding Societies SOSS

COMM102 Foundations in Corporate Comm. LKCSOB
ECON103 International Economics A SOE
FNCE215 Risk Management & Insurance LKCSOB
INDN201 Bahasa Indonesia SOSS
IS306 Interaction Design Prototyping SIS
LAW301 Legal Theory & Philosophy SOL
15‐Apr 5pm
OBHR215 Organisational Change & Design LKCSOB
OPIM322 High Performance Warehousing LKCSOB
PHIL205 Political Philosophy SOSS
QF201 Linear Algebra and Regression LKCSOB
STEC209 Biological Models for Biz Apps LKCSOB

ECON118 Economic Development in Asia SOE
IS302 Information Security and Trust SIS
LAW409 Law of Confi Info, TS & Pvcy SOL
MGMT.205 International Business LKCSOB
16‐Apr 8.30am
POSC315 Human Rights in Intl Relations SOSS
PSYC208 Psychology Research Methods II SOSS
QF303 Stochastic Calc & Finan Theory LKCSOB

ECON001 Introductory Economics SOE
FNCE101 Finance LKCSOB
FNCE103 Finance For Law LKCSOB
FNCE305 Analy of Derivative Securities LKCSOB
16‐Apr 1pm
LAW306 Law of Evidence&Civ Procedure SOL
OBHR225 Tech Sol for HR Dev & Mgmt LKCSOB

ECON206 Game Theory SOE
FNCE203 Analysis of Equity Investments LKCSOB
IAS001 Exploring Asian Identities SOSS
LGST.219 Islamic Law, Bankg, & Commerce SOL
16‐Apr 5pm
SOCG208 Understanding Chn's Economic SOSS
SPAN201 Spanish SOSS
STAT310 Life Contingent Risks SOE

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 Economics & Policy SOL OBHR101 Management of People at Work LKCSOB 17‐Apr 8.213 Entrepreneurial Finance LKCSOB IDIS001 Analytical Skills SOSS 18‐Apr 5pm LAW203 Comparative Legal Systems (G51) SOL R. SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE FOR TERM 2 of AY2012‐13 (15 Apr To 25 Apr 2013) Day Date Time Course Code School FNCE307 Portfolio Management LKCSOB LAW429 Corporate Insolvency Law SOL LGST227 WTO: Law.S. Page 2 of 6 .30am PSYC001 Introduction to Psychology SOSS STEC210 Biotech. SIS LAW420 Juris: M & C Theories of Law SOL MGMT102 Strategy [G1‐G13] LKCSOB 18‐Apr 8. Devt. & Bioentrepreneurship LKCSOB ACCT201 Corp Reporting & Fin Analysis SOA ACCT222 Corp Reporting & Fin Analysis SOA ACCT403 Advanced Taxation [G1] SOA Thursday COMM346 New Media and Organisations LKCSOB ECON207 Intermediate Econometrics SOE 18‐Apr 1pm LAW303 Law of Equity & Trusts SOL OPIM321 Supply Chain Management LKCSOB POSC202 Rise&Fall of the Great Powers SOSS FNCE.30am QF301 Structured Finance LKCSOB STAT101 Introductory Statistics SOE LAW102 Contract Law 2 SOL ACCT223 Taxation SOA ECON203 International Economics B SOE Wednesday ECON234 International Trade SOE FNCE222 Financial Planning & Advisory LKCSOB IAS204 State Society Rel in China SOSS 17‐Apr 1pm LAW302 Commercial Conflict of Laws SOL MKTG103 Marketing Research LKCSOB OBHR201 Human Capital Management LKCSOB PSYC104 Developmental Psychology SOSS STAT151 Intro to Statistical Theory SOE 17‐Apr 5pm Reserved for Exigencies of situations IS201 Object Oriented Applic.

30am QF203 Real Analysis LKCSOB ACCT402 Governance and Risk Mgmt [G1‐G3] SOA COMM201 Communication Research LKCSOB Saturday ECON233 Economic Forecasting SOE KREA201 Korean SOSS LAW202 Law of Property SOL 20‐Apr 1pm MKTG101 Marketing LKCSOB MKTG102 Consumer Behaviour LKCSOB POSC206 Politics of Japan and Korea SOSS SOCG307 Public Mgmt in Dev. Countries SOSS 20‐Apr 5pm Reserved for Exigencies of situations R. SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE FOR TERM 2 of AY2012‐13 (15 Apr To 25 Apr 2013) Day Date Time Course Code School ECON239 Human Capital & Econs of Educ SOE ECON237 Advanced Macroeconomics SOE FNCE310 Trade Finance LKCSOB IS305 Enterprise Web Solutions SIS 19‐Apr 8. Page 3 of 6 .30pm PSYC108 Social Psychology SOSS QF302 Invest & Financial Data Analys LKCSOB SOCG215 Intro to Sociological Theory SOSS STEC211 The Business of Biotechnology LKCSOB FNCE225 Consumer Banking LKCSOB LAW439 Principles of Spore Income Tax SOL MGMT002 Technology and World Change LKCSOB PSYC202 Cultural Psychology SOSS 20‐Apr 8. LKCSOB MKTG217 Strategic Brand Management LKCSOB Friday ECON101 Intermediate Microeconomics SOE FNCE312 Behavioral Finance LKCSOB IAS103 Changing Public Pol in S'pore SOSS IS301 Enterprise Integration SIS LAW417 Law of Mergers & Acquisitions SOL 19‐Apr 2..S.30am LAW205 Corporate Law SOL MGMT003 Bus. Govt & Soc.

SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE FOR TERM 2 of AY2012‐13 (15 Apr To 25 Apr 2013) Day Date Time Course Code School ECON230 Urban Econ & Real Estate SOE IAS201 Popular Culture in Asia SOSS LAW406 Intl Commercial Arbitration SOL LGST101 Business Law SOL 22‐Apr 8.30am LGST201 Company Law SOL MGMT317 Managing Process Improvement LKCSOB OBHR204 Training & Development LKCSOB ACCT221 Accounting Information Systems SOA Tuesday ECON208 Industrial Organisation SOE IS103 Computational Thinking SIS IS202 Data Management SIS LAW401 Intellectual Property Law SOL LGST203 Intellectual Property Rights SOL 23‐Apr 1pm MKTG219 Retail Mgmt LKCSOB OBHR202 Perform. & Compensation LKCSOB SOCG213 Sociology of Fads and Fashion SOSS STAT311 Risk Theory and Loss Models SOE R.30am LGST223 Law of International Trade SOL OPIM201 Business Processes LKCSOB OPIM319 Operations Strategy LKCSOB Monday ACCT102 Management Accounting SOA ACCT112 Management Accounting SOA ECON107 Applied Econometrics SOE FNCH201 French SOSS 22‐Apr 1pm LAW305 Economic Analysis of Law SOL PSYC204 Psy of Reasoning & Thinking SOSS QF202 Differential Equations LKCSOB TRAD201 Shipping Business LKCSOB ACCT333 Advanced Financial Accounting [G1‐G2] SOA ECON205 Intermediate Maths for Econ SOE IS303 Architectural Analysis SIS LAW443 Law of International Trade SOL 23‐Apr 8. Page 4 of 6 .S. Mgmt.

Page 5 of 6 . SOE R.S.305 Global Financial Risk Mgmt LKCSOB 24‐Apr 1pm STAT312 Applied Regression Methods SOE POSC213 Politics of South East Asia SOSS PSYC107 Psy of Individual Differences SOSS 24‐Apr 5pm Reserved for Exigencies of situations ECON204 Development Economics SOE IS102 Computer as an Analysis Tool SIS MKTG200 Service Exp. & Org Psychology SOSS Thursday LAW304 Law & Regulation SOL MGMT319 Mgmt of Product Dev.30am MLAY Bahasa Melayu SOSS PSYC105 Indus.30am POSC101 Intro to Pub Pol SOSS ECON102 Intermediate Macroeconomics SOE Wednesday LAW432 FD Investment Law & Practice SOL QF. Design & Mgmt LKCSOB 25‐Apr 8. SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE FOR TERM 2 of AY2012‐13 (15 Apr To 25 Apr 2013) Day Date Time Course Code School LAW201 Law of Business Organisations (G51) SOL OPIM101 Management Science LKCSOB POSC003 Intro to Pol & Policy Studies SOSS 24‐Apr 8. & Innov LKCSOB MKTG313 Pricing LKCSOB 25‐Apr 1pm OPIM314 Logistics & Transportation Mgt LKCSOB STAT314 Stat Mtd for Actuarial Analy.

318 Design Thinking and Innovation LKCSOB COMM345 Special Topics in Cor.218 Negotiat'n Skills for Business LKCSOB IS417 Data Warehousing and Bus.&Soc LKCSOB FNAR002 Art: East and West SOSS MGMT215 Work and Family LKCSOB FNCE201 Corporate Finance LKCSOB MGMT218 Entre. & Ext. Rep.330 Persuasion:Bus.312 Asia Pacific Business LKCSOB COMM331 PR Stra Creatng Cor Val info LKCSOB MGMT.301 Country Studies/BSM LKCSOB COMM245 Organizational Communication LKCSOB MGMT. Rel LKCSOB MGMT.315 Global Mega‐Trends LKCSOB COMM340 Managing Corp. SIS OBHR.15am R.224 World Travel & Tourism LKCSOB IDST300 Independent Study LKCSOB MKTG204 Services Marketing LKCSOB IS406 Supply Chain Proc & Tech SIS MKTG205 Advertising LKCSOB IS410 Adv. SIS OPIM311 Service Processes LKCSOB IS426 Technopreneurship SIS POSC217 Corp Resp in the Global Era SOSS IS427 Techno. Page 6 of 6 . Soc. SIS OBHR103 Leadership Through Mentoring LKCSOB IS425 Advanced Seminar on IS Mgt.221 Enterprise Development LKCSOB COMM216 The Comm Ind: Bus.Cul. & Bus. of Influence LKCSOB MAND201 Mandarin SOSS COMM101 Management Communication LKCSOB MGMT. Anal.S. Study Mission SIS POSC308 Gender Pols: Excl & Empowerm't SOSS IS429 Cloud Comp & SaaS Sol SIS POSC401 Senior Thesis in Pol Issue SOSS IS470 Guided Research in IS SIS PSYC401 Senior Thesis in Psychology SOSS IS471 Guided Research in IS 2 SIS SOCG306 Sociology Study Mission  SOSS IS480 IS Application Project SIS SOCG401 Senior Thesis in Sociology SOSS IS481 IS Application Project 2 SIS SSCS400 Capstone Seminar SOSS JPAN201 Japanese SOSS STEC202 Environmental Science LKCSOB LAW106 Legal Research & Writing SOL STEC206 Intro to Phy Science LKCSOB LAW403 Negotn & Mediatn for Lawyers SOL WRIT001 Academic Writing CEC LAW411 Corporate Crime SOL Updated: 5 Nov 2012. Courses with no final written examinations : ACM001 Art.120 Intercultural Communication LKCSOB LAW442 Contract Nego and Drafting SOL COMM. Ana. Data Management SIS MKTG215 New Product Development LKCSOB IS411 Global S/ware Project Mgmt SIS MKTG225 Customer Relationship Mgmt LKCSOB IS415 Geospatial Analytics for BI SIS OBHR. Models&Prac LKCSOB MGMT.215 Digital Media Across Asia LKCSOB LGST226 Chinese Hist. Creat'n LKCSOB FNCE217 Wealth Management LKCSOB MGMT222 Family Business LKCSOB FNCE221 Investment Banking LKCSOB MGMT227 Corporate Creativity LKCSOB FNCE309 Enterprise Risk Management LKCSOB MGMT233 Leadership Seminar with CEOs LKCSOB FNCE311 Mergers and Acquisitions LKCSOB MGMT336 Peer Mentoring & Facilitation LKCSOB IAS203 History of Southeast Asia SOSS MKTG. LKCSOB MGMT. Cul. & Culture  SOSS LAW425 Advocacy SOL ACM002 Arts Leadership SOSS LAW430 International Moots 2 SOL COMM.305 Enterprise Consulting LKCSOB COMM247 Managing Employee Comm LKCSOB MGMT. Comm. 9. Econ & Law SOL COMM.299 Spec Top in Mgmt LKCSOB COMM225 Public Relations Writing LKCSOB MGMT.324 Technological Entrepreneurship  LKCSOB ECON400 Senior Thesis SOE MGMT004 Creative Thinking LKCSOB ENGL001 Shakespeare on Film SOSS MGMT104 Entrepreneurial Management LKCSOB ENGL002 Creative Writing SOSS MGMT105 Current Issues in Biz.211 Gov'n'g.Mging&Protect'g KinOrg LKCSOB IS418 Intelligent Business Gaming SIS OBHR001 Leadership and Team Building LKCSOB IS424 Data Mining and Bus.