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11 Chris Liebing Kit 1 ........ 12 Dust Kit .. Content of the drum kits In the table below you‘ll find links to a detailed description of each drum kit including size.................... 14 Funkstörung Kit A ................Kit Groups.................Kit Descriptions All . 13 Exile Kit 2 .. 4 Kai Tracid Kit . 11 Chris Liebing Kit 2 .............................................. 13 Exile Kit 1 ................................. 5 Metamorphic Kit .......................... 3 Áme Kit ................ The musical styles named in the kit descriptions are meant to give an idea about it’s sound . 7 Richard Devine Kit 1 . KONTAKT 2 or KONTAKT 1........... For the most convenient access............. 8 Starwars Disco Kit ...................... 9 Un_Skool HipHop Kit ...........kt2) and a KONTAKT instrument (. 15 Junkie XL Kit...................... 12 Electrolatino Kit ................................. you can also try out the kits directly by playing the corresponding MIDI files................ 9 Analog SciFi Kit.........5................... However........... 15 2 ..nki)....... 7 Plaidbat Kit ...................... 6 One Inch Punch Kit ........................ author.............................................................. number of samples........... 10 Autopsy Kit .... 5 Machine Kit ............. 9 Telefon Tel Aviv Kit ......................................... 12 Einoma Kit .................. 10 AP-CE Kit ................................ 4 Legierung Kit & Schmutz Kit. it is of course also possible to load kits individually from the CD-ROM.......................................... it is highly recommended that you copy the content of the SYNTHETIC DRUMS CD-ROM to your hard drive................. 700 MB free HD space recommended......................................................... style. Each of the kits contains a BATTERY 2 kit (..................................................................... 14 In the Field Kit ............ Please note that the sizes of the BATTERY 2 kits are based on the corresponding folder sizes and may vary depending on your system configuration Synthetic Drums ................. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y System requirements: NI BATTERY 2............................... 8 Sgerman Kit ............................... 6 Myocardium Kit ..... 7 Pendulum Kit ........... 10 Atoms Electroid Kit ...... If you are running low on hard drive space....... The MP3 demos for all of the kits give examples of typical usage...................... 14 Funkc Kit .. 13 Freeform Kit ........................of course there are many other styles in which the samples can be used as well...... 6 Murcof Kit . key range and BATTERY and KONTAKT files......................... 5 Monolith 1 and 2 Kit ............................... 256 MB RAM... 8 Richard Devine Kit 2 ........................ 4 Schmutz Kit ...................................

kt2 All Snares (230 samples) .kt2 .ALL BASS DRUMS 5.ALL SNARES 4.kt2 . excluding other experimental and experimentally treated noises.kt2 .kt2 file contains the maximum 72 samples.kt2 3 .ALL BASS DRUMS 2.ALL HIHATS 3.ALL CLAPS.kt2 All Hi-hats (174 samples) . with the last kit in each file containing the remaining samples of that group.ALL SNARES 1.ALL CYMBALS 1. All Bass Drums (300 samples) . Each .ALL TOMS 2. for which categorization proves difficult.ALL SNARES 3.ALL SNARES 2.kt2 .kt2 .kt2 .kt2 .kt2 .kt2 All Cymbals (75 samples) .kt2 All Toms (112 samples) .kt2 All Claps (56 samples) .kt2 .ALL BASS DRUMS 1.ALL TOMS 1.ALL BASS DRUMS 3.ALL HIHATS 2. Kits may also be used in Kontakt. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y All .kt2 .ALL CYMBALS 2. assembled to allow for an alternative use or selection of the basic instruments.ALL HIHATS 1.ALL BASS DRUMS 4.kt2 .Kit Groups The following six „all“ kit groups are a compilation of each basic drum instrument from each and every artist‘s kit.

vintage drum machines and synths that were treated. a VCS 3 and an Eventide Harmonizer. aural stimulating pal- ette of electrifying beats. The result is a supreme blend of bass drums. with alternately tuned bass drums. This is an acoustic kit mostly processed through an Arp 2600. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Áme Kit This kit takes its inspirations and samples from soul and disco records.nki AP-CE Kit The tandem of Phillpott and Eigner created this body-invading.kt2 ( ~29 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .mid Style: Deephouse Kits: BATTERY: Ame Kit.kt2 ( ~3 MB / 62 Samples / Keyrange C1 .kt2 ( ~12 MB / 52 Samples / Keyrange C1 . For those seeking a more sophisticated deep house set.nki 4 . claps and snares with slight variances to keep it lively. Author: Lusine Demos: Lusine Analog Scifi Demo. . toms and cymbals.B6) KONTAKT: Ame Kit. muted and filtered snares. all the while maintaining the spirit of the origi- nal sound.mp3 / apce demo. trapped inside a drum kit! The snares and kicks here are sample layer- ings originate from the Arp Odyssey (mk3). and a variety of hi-hats. while hihats are ARP samples modified with ring modulation and frequency domain time stretching for a more metallic sound. The shakers also fit well as a hihat replacement or in addition.mid Style: Minimal Techno.mid Style: Downbeat. IDM Kits: BATTERY: Analog SciFi Kit.A5 ) KONTAKT: AP-CE Kit. Electro. Author: Áme Demos: Ame Demo. Author: Andrew Phillipott .mp3 / Ame Demo.Christian Eigner Demos: apce demo.mp3 / Lusine Analog Scifi Demo.nki Analog SciFi Kit Outlaw aliens. Electro. The snares are quite restrained and work best together with claps. Beautifully crafted space tones give extra emphasis to the electro in any electronic track. Pop Kits: BATTERY: AP-CE Kit.B6) KONTAKT: Analog SciFi Kit.

hertz. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Autopsy.kt2 ( 6 MB / 70 Samples / Keyrange C1-B6) KONTAKT: Chris Liebing Kit 1.kit ( ~36 MB / 74 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Required use for minimal. compressing. and filter modulation. Author: Jake Mandell Demos: Jake Mandell Autopsy. and tweaking the sounds with high-end hardware. knife- sharp beats.mid Chris Liebing Kit 1 Demo2. groovy.B6) KONTAKT: Atoms Electroid Kit. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Atoms Electroid Kit.mid Style: Techno. utilizing Battery 2‘s panning tricks. A body of evocative work extending out to a full range of crafty.nki Autopsy Kit Autopsy dissects the innards of hard-edged synthetic percussion. bits. responsive velocity splits.kt2 ( ~9 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .mid Style: Electro. deep and dark techno beats.mp3 / Chris Liebing Kit 1 Demo 2. Driving bass drums and equally-responsive snares send life-pumping pulsations into any technically- minded track. The results are crisp. Experimental. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Atoms Electroid Kit This kit calls on some edgy artificial drum and percussion sounds suitable for the more experimental groove programming. eq and pitch envelope functions. controlled by velocity or automized by syncronized LFOs.mp3 / Atoms Electroid Demo. Author: Atom Heart Demos: Atoms Electroid Demo. Author: Chris Liebing Demos: Chris Liebing Kit 1 Demo1.mp3 / Chris Liebing Kit 1 Demo 1.nki 5 .nki Chris Liebing Kit 1 This 909-based kit is an obsessive sound clinic of years of EQ-ing. IDM. with explosive bass drums being at the center of all your musical havoc. Electro Kits: BATTERY: Chris Liebing Kit 1.B6) KONTAKT: Autopsy. edgy percussions that keep the rhythms dirty and deep. Venture into new timbres through liberal massaging of the parameter knobs.mid Style: Techno. Pop. Its non-tonality is heard through modified samples using the loop.mp3 / Jake Mandell Autopsy. Electro.

Minimal Techno. Downbeat Kits: BATTERY: Dust Kit. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Chris Liebing Kit 2 As Kit 1‘s evil twin.mp3 / Chris Liebing Kit 2 Demo 1.mid Chris Liebing Kit 2 Demo2. These sounds became an influencing force in the controversial and abused „Schranz“ style.mp3 / Einoma Demo. trashed and generally put through the wringer. scratched and f‘ed up hits and effects. Tones and timbres that escape the con- fines of standard sample durations. further tak- ing form using Battery 2‘s sound shaping features.nki 6 . Author: Einoma Demos: Einoma Demo. Author: Eden Demos: Eden Dust Kit Demo. Hip-Hop. Created from a collection of organic sounds that got heavily synthesized.mp3 / Chris Liebing Kit 2 Demo 2.B4) KONTAKT: Dust Kit. filtered. especially when long sweeps of futuristic sound like these can sustain the freshness of a track.nki Einoma Kit Welcome to the land of exotic sound tweaks. Electro.kt2 ( ~12 MB / 72 Samples / C1.kt2 ( ~12 MB / 43 Samples / Keyrange C1. The result is a sonic spice rack.mid Style: Hard Techno. this lush and carefree collection uses frequency- domain transformations.nki Dust Kit This toolbox for the sonic handyman is a collection of cracked. appropriate for any mind-bending rhythms and avantgarde trip-hop. harder techno production--so dark you may not want to work alone. Industrial Kits: BATTERY: Chris Liebing Kit 2. Electro.B6 Keyrange ) KONTAKT: Einoma. Author: Chris Liebing Demos: Chris Liebing Kit 2 Demo1.mid Style: Ambient. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Einoma. Many were generated with Access Virus and afterwards treated and shaped through various hardware and software mutants.mp3 / Eden Dust Kit Demo. wavecycle manipulation and granular resynthesis. to season a basic groove line. Kit 2 probes further into a darker.mid Style: Trip Hop. IDM.kt2 ( 6 MB / 71 Samples / Keyrange C1-B6) KONTAKT: Chris Liebing Kit 2. stretched.

Drink umbrella optional. All come either highly treated or utilize Battery‘s versa- tile modification possibilities. as well as hits. stabs and vocal samples are this kit‘s bread and butter. percussive and sometimes tonal. Drum & Bass. then lay in hiding behind the thicket of textures on your track.kt2 7 .kt2 ( ~ 11 MB / 59 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Add some straight-up kicks. Latin loops. The individual drum sam- ples are heavily compressed.nki Exile Kit 1 Shrapnel-spitting kicks and snares with lots of highly contoured and innovatively re- sponsive percussion and effects hits. Author: Exile Demos: Exile Kit 2 Demo. A few „beyond“ sounds provide some great layering opportunities and timely noisescapes to help glue your drums to the bassline. IDM.B6) KONTAKT: Electrolatino Kit. Drum & Bass.mid Style: Breakbeat.mid Style: Digital Mambo Kits: BATTERY: Electrolatino Kit. Process the Fu- ture Kit’s drum samples with plenty of effects for everything from ingenious ambient to wired two-step.mid Style: Breakbeat.kt2 ( ~ 22 MB / 113 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Electro Kits: BATTERY: Exile Kit 2.mp3 / Exile Kit 2 Demo. Electro Kits: BATTERY: Exile Kit 1. snares and elements to create some additional rhythmic shape. it‘s equally happy anywhere where you prefer a bit of edge. Author: Exile Demos: Exile Kit 1 Demo.mp3 / Exile Kit 1 Demo. But all the same. IDM.mp3 / Electrolatino Demo.B6) KONTAKT: Exile Kit 2. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Electrolatino Kit Electrolatino contains all necessary ingredients to produce the digital mambo of today. and so are very powerful on their own.A#6) KONTAKT: Exile Kit 1. Author: Señor Coconut Demos: Electrolatino Demo. This is the right set for fast and furious drum se- quences that lunge out at your face one moment.kt2 ( ~13 MB / 67 Samples / Keyrange C0 .kt2 Exile Kit 2 This kit features loads of massive high-end stereo sounds.

Downbeat Kits: BATTERY: Funkc Kit.mp3 / Funkstorung Kit B Demo.B5) KONTAKT: Freeform Kit. Electro. Downbeat Kits: BATTERY: Funkstorung Kit A. Electro.mid Style: Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Freeform Kit.kt2 Funkc Kit Funkc offers a large selection of clean. although they can easily just provide an existing beat added flavoring and speaker-grinding muscle.B6) KONTAKT: Funkstorung Kit B.nki Funkstörung Kit A Funkstörung Kit B Loaded with eardrum-shattering primeval beatsounds which every mother loves to hate. Breaks. Kits A and B can be envisioned in any setup or even for sound effects for movies or computer games.kt2 (~11 MB / 76 Samples / Keyrange C1 . The dirtier the music. futuristic kit. meticulously produced to create a coherent.kt2 ( ~7 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .nki 8 .Freeform Kit S A M P L E L IB R A R Y An eclectic selection of hyper-real prepared gongs.B6) KONTAKT: Funkc Kit. Tech Funk.mid Style: Nu-Skool Hip-Hop. Style of music is optional. unlimited creative license is required! Try using the modulation wheel to control amplitude decay on the „clay“ percussion samples.kt2 ( ~ 49 MB / 61 Samples / Keyrange C1 . IDM and hiphop beyond the outer reaches of the universe. Funkarma Demos: Speedy J Funkc Demo.mp3 / Speedy J Funkc Demo. Downbeat Kits: BATTERY: Funkstorung Kit B. Breaks. Use sounds right out of the kit as they are. or pump up the craziness by editing loop or pitch amp set- tings throughout simultaneously by selecting all cells at the same time.mid Style: Nu-Skool Hip-Hop.kt2 ( ~7 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .nki Kit B Author: Funkstörung Demos: Funkstorung Kit B Demo.B6) KONTAKT: Funkstorung Kit A. Its deep kicks and tight snares elevate electro.mp3 / Funkstorung Kit A Demo.mp3 / Freeform Demo. junk instruments and resonant objects dedicated to the experimentally inclined. Funkstörung brings its signature cacophony to a computer nearest you. Electro. the better it works. Author: Simon Pyke Demos: Freeform Demo. Kit A Author: Funkstörung Demos: Funkstorung Kit A Demo. Author: Speedy J.mid Style: Nu-Skool Hip-Hop. deep and punchy drum hits.

surreal soundscapes.mid Style: Breaks.B6 ) KONTAKT: Junkie XL Kit.mid Style: Downbeat. Author: Lusine Demos: Lusine In the Field Demo. Electro. Techno. House. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y In the Field Kit A dynamic beat manifesto taken from Lusine‘s minidisc recording sessions.mp3 / Kai Tracid Demo.kt2 ( ~8 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 . mixed in with drum loops. and other romantic endeavors.mp3 / Junkie XL Kit. Electro. May cause computer meltdown. though meant for a wider spectrum of tastes.mp3 / Lusine In the Field Demo.nki Kai Tracid Kit Much of this originated from Kai Tracid‘s sessions with a Roland modular system with further treatments through high-end outboard equipment. Drum & Bass Kits: BATTERY: Junkie XL Kit. A sure party and dancefloor hellraiser. Ambient Kits: BATTERY: In The Field Kit. Dirty hihats. Author: Junkie XL Demos: Junkie XL Kit. snares and hats . deep bass drums and space-like effects evokes an eighties quality of electrobeats. Author: Kai Tracid Demos: Kai Tracid Demo. Electro. this lends itself to downtempo grooves.kt2 ( ~59 MB / 88 Samples / Keyrange C1 . studio recordings and vinyl sound effects from old orchestral records.nki Junkie XL Kit An extra-large kit of rock-solid and rhythm-nasty kicks.F5 ) KONTAKT: Kai Tracid Kit. yet breathtakingly punchy and crackly. Drum N Bass Kits: BATTERY: Kai Tracid Kit. snares and hats.kt2 ( ~9 MB / 54 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Softly organic and airy. Bottom rows of the kit contain cells of Battery-processed vinyl samples that provide complementary beat fills for kicks.nki 9 .basic build- ing blocks for whatever addictive beat you create.mid Style: Trance. Techno.B6) KONTAKT: In The Field Kit.

nki 10 . like turning a simple drum sound into a haunting drone. The eccentric Legierung kit was generated by purely synthetic means (as in synthesizers. they are easily distinguished by their source material.kt2 ( ~17 MB / 69 Samples / Keyrange C1 .kt2 ( ~26 MB / 46 Samples / Keyrange C1 .mid Style: Electro.kt2 ( ~28 MB / 70 Samples / Keyrange C1 . treated to a makeover.mp3 / Machine Kit Demo. Nu-Skool Hip-Hop.B6 ) KONTAKT: Legierung Kit.B5 ) KONTAKT: Schmutz Kit.nki Schmutz Kit Author: Sutekh Demos: Schmutz Demo. stretched. twisted. IDM Kits: BATTERY: Legierung Kit. Techno. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Legierung Kit & Schmutz Kit Though these two superbly crafted kits may sound quite similar in their odd un-drum- like approach. IDM Kits: BATTERY: Schmutz Kit.mid Style: Electro. digital and analog). Legierung Kit Author: Sutekh Demos: Sutekh Legierung Demo. and affected to the point of disturbance. Techno. This kit feels at home with the upwardly electro and hip-hop clientele. Techno. reshaped. Some sounds have been re-sampled after being treated with Bat- tery. Battery 2‘s use provided such unusual results. but can also be reached for when all other e-drums and percussion are still trying to catch up with the Joneses.mp3 / Sutekh Legierung Demo. others have been pampered with external filters.mp3 / Schmutz Demo.A#5 ) KONTAKT: Machine Kit. while the Schmutz kit originates from purely acoustic sources--sound recorded through some type of microphone. distortion and EQ. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Machine Kit. Author: Smyglyssna Demos: Machine Kit Demo.mid Style: Electro.nki Machine Kit Made exclusively with exquisite sounds of the Elektron MachineDrum. for instance.

mp3 / Monolith 2 Demo.kt2 ( ~15 MB / 57 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Nu-Skool Hip-Hop. these multi-faceted acoustic sounds were treated to a digital jackhammering. hip- hop or any other warm and wide futurisms. avant-house. Techno. organic techno. Breaks. Detroit Techno.G#6) KONTAKT: Metamorphic Kit. and the in-your-face punches and kicks are the engines. Downbeat Kits: BATTERY: Metamorphic Kit. an Aphex Studio Exiter and other high-end hardware that you probably can‘t pronounce. Monolith 1 Kit Author: Rob Acid Demos: Monolith 1 Demo.C#5 ) KONTAKT: Monolith 1 Kit. House.mp3 / Monolith 1 Demo. Detroit house.mid Style: RnB. Avoiding the sterility of the average kit. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Metamorphic Kit All worshippers of minimal house.kt2 ( ~6 MB / 51 Samples / Keyrange C1. Subtlety and atmosphere are the drivers.mid Style: RnB.mid Style: Organic. Two Step. is set at different ve- locities for slight variations--the quality of the tambourine remains but undertones change. Sontec Eqs. Nu-Skool Hip-Hop.kt2 ( ~19 MB / 38 Samples / Keyrange C1. Get ready for an interstellar smackdown! Author: Dan Curtin Demos: Metamorphic Demo. Breaks.nki 11 . will make offerings to this god of a drum kit. Two Step. Electro Kits: BATTERY: Monolith 1 Kit.B3 ) KONTAKT: Monolith 2 Kit.nki Monolith 2 Kit Author: Rob Acid Demos: Monolith 2 Demo. Nu-Skool Hip Hop.nki Monolith 1 and 2 Kit These warm and earthy sound tidbits had been generated from the genius of many synthesizers in the studio of Rob Acid and then treated with an Eventide Orville. Kyma. Techno. Api2500. Electro Kits: BATTERY: Monolith 2 Kit. EMT156. „dc_cletamb“ for example.mp3 / Metamorphic Demo.

Author: Bob Humid Demos: One Inch Punch Demo.kt2 ( ~ 10 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .Pitch controls Vowel A Filter.mp3 / Murcof Demo.mid Style: RnB.mid Style: Minimal House.B6 ) KONTAKT: Murcof Kit.B6) KONTAKT: Myocardium Kit. nu-skool hip-hop. Nu-Skool Hip-Hop.Pitchbend controls Vowel A Filter. Pop.nki One Inch Punch Kit A tremendously snappy. Author: Murcof Demos: Murcof Demo. Electric Whale . yet sexy and dope textures greases up drum tracks in need of some heavy electronic lubrication.mp3 / One Inch Punch Demo. An instantly playable and original kit.B5) KONTAKT: One Inch Punch Kit. Two Step. Nearly five dozen care- fully fashioned percussive sounds take full advantage of Battery 2‘s dynamic rhythm creation. Murcof‘s synthesized.kt2 ( ~45 MB / 98 Samples / Keyrange C1 . S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Murcof Kit This kit could be mistaken for a manual of robot lovemaking. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Murcof Kit. hip-hop style. Tech Funk Kits: BATTERY: One Inch Punch Kit. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Myocardium Kit.mid Style: Techno. tight and punchy Sci-Fi kit ready to blaze up the joint of any modern R&B.nki 12 .mp3 / Myocardium Demo. while simultaneously getting beat junkies of all styles to bob their heads in unison. Techno. Special moves in this kit: Airy Kick Punch 2 .kt2 ( ~8 MB / 29 Samples / Keyrange C1 . stacking the snares to achieve different timbres or sound colorations. IDM. Electro. electro or avantgarde beat producer averse to the standard sonic fare. Electro.nki Myocardium Kit A tight assembly of deep hits and wide open atmospheres that form a possible founda- tion of a futuristic techno or a bumping drum and bass track. Author: Jake Mandell Demos: Myocardium Demo. Bluff Variante . This highly versatile set is best arranged minimally.Pitchbend controls Phaser EQ.

mp3 / Pendulum Kit Demo. IDM.nki Plaidbat Kit Originating from bat sounds.mid Style: Techno.F#6) KONTAKT: Pendulum Kit. synthetic percussion sounds emanate from Richard Devine‘s custom sound design library into this group. The bombastic brutality of this kit will leave your listening audience with a sonic hangover to last them into the next century.kt2 ( ~5 MB / 54 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Appropriate use on extreme tempo tracks or whatever else locks you into the fast lane of the autobahn.mid Style: Drum & Bass Kits: BATTERY: Pendulum Kit. but rather an intriguing amalgamation of hits for everyday use.mp3 / Plaid Kit Demo. Plaid brings a highly charged atmosphere to his collection of outland- ish samples that command your utmost attention.mp3 / Richard Devine Kit 1 Demo. Author: Pendulum Demos: Pendulum Kit Demo.B6) KONTAKT: Richard Devine Kit 1.kt2 ( ~9 MB / 46 Samples / Keyrange C1 . S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Pendulum Kit If you’ve ever envisioned a kit on high amounts of caffeine while leading police on a high-speed car chase. Electro. or bar mitzvahs. this kit is one you wouldn‘t want to meet in a dark alley. Though made to work within many different musical environments and painstakingly matched to work with other sounds and multilayered samples. erotic films. Author: Richard Devine Demos: Richard Devine Kit 1 Demo.E6) KONTAKT: Plaidbat Kit. Industrial. this is designed not to be a „one track“ kit. this may be the one for you. corporate presentations.nki 13 . Experimental Kits: BATTERY: Richard Devine Kit 1. Author: Plaid Demos: Plaid Kit Demo.mid Style: Open Kits: BATTERY: Plaidbat Kit. you may want to use it for electronic music as well. Of course.kt2 ( ~38 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .nki Richard Devine Kit 1 A wide mix of hard-driving.

B6) KONTAKT: Richard Devine Kit 2. breakcore. this kit is sure to terrorize you with some heavy metal madness! Author: Richard Devine Demos: Richard Devine . hard techno. beeps. Breaks. IDM. Electro. Industrial. Since these are not your conventional drum kit hits.mp3 / Sgerman Demo. Author: MRI Demos: Starwars Disco Demo. Designed to work against many different textural backgrounds. The bone-crunching kicks-snare-hihat combinations included should induce some disturbing visions on the dancefloor. Techno.mid Style: Electro. or anything heavy and mean. Curv Demos: Sgerman Demo. IDM. cracks.nki 14 . it‘s great to experiment with extreme settings on parameters like tuning and ADSR.mid Style: Techno.mid Style: Hard Techno.F6) KONTAKT: Starwars Disco Kit.kt2 ( ~8 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 . this hard and fast amalgamation of sounds leans more industrial. Electro.nki Sgerman Kit Gritty noises generated using standard drum sounds run through a Sherman qmf filter- bank for an extra dose of rudeness. BreakCore Kits: BATTERY: Richard Devine Kit 2. S A M P L E L IB R A R Y Richard Devine Kit 2 A veritable assault on the senses. Try them on tracks that need filth! Author: Speedy J.nki Starwars Disco Kit The rigorous tonal medley of tweaks.Kit 2 Demo.kt2 ( ~19 MB / 72 Samples / Keyrange C1 .Kit 2 Demo.mp3 / Starwars Disco Demo. Serve it up as a stand alone or use it for layering over existing drum parts to fatten them up and add some extra dirt.kt2 (~4 MB / 50 Samples / Keyrange C1 . Breaks Kits: BATTERY: Sgerman Kit.B6) KONTAKT: Sgerman Kit. pops and grounding noises in Apparat‘s logic-defying. Industrial.mp3 / Richard Devine . Digital Disco Kits: BATTERY: Starwars Disco Kit. earth-rumbling kit can be put to excellent use in your galac- tic composition.

Telefon Tel Aviv Kit S A M P L E L IB R A R Y A sultry smooth kit ready to seduce the most innocent of ears. re-distribution or re-sale of this product or any of the contained samples) is expressly prohibited. This license will terminate automatically without notice by Native Instruments if you fail to comply with any provision of this license. re-issuing. Silky and delicate erotic chirps. By downloading. © Copyright 2005 . Author: Telefon Tel Aviv Demos: Telefon Tel Aviv Demo. without the prior written permission of Native Instruments.kt2 ( ~3 MB / 62 Samples / Keyrange C1 - B5) KONTAKT: Telefon Tel Aviv Kit. beeps. a door.B4) KONTAKT: Un_Skool HipHop Kit.Native Instruments Software Synthesis GmbH 15 .com Technical support: support@native-instruments. R&B. various records. Tech Funk. you agree to be legally bound by the terms of this license agreement. Try it out on a mid-tempo shuffle or even on an up-tempo contemplative groove or ambient atmosphere. It governs your use of the sample-library “SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2” supplied to you by Native Instruments.kt2 (~6 MB / 68 Samples / Keyrange C1 .mp3 / Telefon Tel Aviv Demo. Hip-Hop Kits: BATTERY: Telefon Tel Aviv Kit. renting. Author: Smyglyssna Demos: Un_Skool Demo. IDM. Upon termination you shall destroy all copies of the Sample-Library. a Nord Lead synthesizer and a mouth! Try it out on anything from forward thinking hip-hop and R&B to Electronica and leftfield pop. You may make one copy of each CD for backup purposes only. The provided samples are produced exclusively by Native Instruments and can be used for commer- cial or non-commercial music and audio productions without the prior permission from Native Instruments under the terms of this agreement.mid Style: Nu-Skool Hip-Hop. a spring reverb.nki Contact Any questions? info@native-instruments.mid Style: Electronica. snares. Electro. a typewriter. Electronica Kits: BATTERY: Un_Skool HipHop Kit. Breaks. and buzzes complement the accompanying forceful and brutish kicks. All material contained in this product is 100% copyright-free.nki Un_Skool HipHop Kit A street-smart kit containing samples made from a vast and slightly atypical selection of sources--a Roland analog synthesizer. lending.com LICENSE AGREEMENT This license agreement is an agreement between you and Native Instruments. Any other use in whole or in parts (giving. installing or otherwise using the samples and kits. Class dismissed. forgotten 80s drum machines. With the purchase of this sample library you have acquired a single license. and hihats. trading.mp3 / Un_Skool HipHop.