Republic of the Philippines

Cebu City
Branch 3

Plaintiff, CRIMINAL CASE NO. 326-MD-1900

- versus -

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Manifestation in compliance with (a), (b) and (c) of Sections 3 of the
Judicial Affidavit Rule (A.M. No. 12-8-8-SC):

The witness is BRANDON KHO, of legal age, Filipino, married and a
resident of #123 Vaghag Nhaong Street, Cebu City, Philippines.

The lawyer who conducted the examination of the witness is Atty.
GILBERT FERRER, with office at Room 4-F 2nd Floor, Adonis Bldg., Cebu
City, Philippines. The examination is being held at the same address.

The witness is answering the questions asked of him fully conscious
that he does so under oath and that he may face criminal liability for false
testimony and perjury.

The purpose of the affidavit is in compliance with Section 6 of the
Judicial Affidavit Rule (A.M. No. 12-8-8-SC).

ATTY. FERRER: The Judicial Affidavit of witness BRANDON KHO, is being
offered in lieu of his direct testimony in compliance with the Judicial

Do you know FELY NGERA.M. the accused in the above-entitled case. *************************************************************************** ************** 1 Q. B He executed this affidavit to prove that what the complainant was accusing him of purely hearsay. 4 Q: I am showing you this Counter-Affidavit dated September 23. misinterpreted and out of his knowledge. Are you the same person being referred to as the accused in the above-entitled case? Ans: Yes. the complainant in this case? Ans: Yes.Affidavit Rule (A. 2016 which was subscribed before Assistant Prosecutor HON. 6 Q: Did you ever abused or violated your wife in any way? . what relation has this to the Counter-Affidavit you mentioned earlier? Ans: This is my Counter-Affidavit and may I ask that this marked as Exhibit “A” inclusive of the Annexes. 12-8-8-SC) for the purpose of proving the following: A The witness is the accused in the above-entitled case. No. I am BRANDON KHO. 3 Q. C That accused did not commit the crime of violence against women as shown in his Counter-Affidavit. I am filing a case because all the accusations and statement of the complainant are purely hearsays and misinterpretations. 2 Q. she is my wife. RAMON BAGNIT. Do you recall having executed a Counter Affidavit? Ans: Yes. 5 Q: What are your bases in filing this case? Ans.

Petty quarrels like when I caught her flirting with a neighbor. ID with No. by BRANDON KHO. . I have hereunto affixed my signature this 26th day of September 2016. No. I know our age gap and that does not stop me from fulfilling my obligations as a father and it should not stop her from fulfilling hers. We only have petty quarrels like what a growing married couple does. what is that? Ans. I just talked to her and reminded her that she should be at home taking care of our child rather than talking with the neighbors. 9 Q: Does your age gap between you and wife causing all the woes? Ans. 8 Q: What happened after that? Ans. and that he is the same person who personally signed before me the foregoing Judicial Affidavit and acknowledged that he voluntarily executed the same and understood the contents thereof. I did not. 23. BRANDON KHO SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this 26th day of September 2016at Cebu City. I reminded her that she is already a mother and that she should be doing what a normal mother and wife should do. 7 Q: When you mean petty quarrels. in the City of Cebu. Philippines. 2019 issued by LTO bearing his signature and picture. She understood and promised not to do it again. who has satisfactorily proven to me his identity through his Driv. Lic. Ans. She is already a mother and she should not be going out with friends to party all the time leaving her child in the care of our relatives. 2014 and valid until September 24. ___________. Doc. Philippines. No. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. E06-94-456734 issued on Aug.

affiant exhibited to me his IBP I. Cebu City. ATTY. and with office address at Room 4-F 2nd Floor. I have hereunto set my signature this 26th day of September 2016 at Cebu City. Series of 2016.Page No. JUDY SY . ATTY. bearing Attorney’s roll No. Doc.M. of legal age. No.. 2 I faithfully recorded the questions I asked and the corresponding answers that the witness gave. No. Filipino. Page No. Philippines. 332690. __________. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. do hereby depose and state that: 1 I conducted the examination of the witness BRANDON KHO. Adonis Bldg. Book No. _________.D. 12-8-8-SC). 4 I am executing this Sworn Attestation in compliance with Section 4 of the Judicial Affidavit Rule (A. Philippines. ATTY. _________. __________. GILBERT ABELLA FERRER Examining Lawyer SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this 26th day of September 2016 at Cebu City. Philippines. Book No. Explanation: Copies of the foregoing Judicial Affidavit was served upon counsel for the Complainant by personal service. after having been sworn in accordance with law. ___________. Series of 2016 SWORN ATTESTATION I. 3 Neither I nor any other person then present or assisting me coached the witness regarding the latter’s answers. GILBERT FERRER.

Counsel for the Accused 6000 Cebu City .