1 Accelerator

The TOGAF® 9.1 Accelerator from Orbus Software is a comprehensive toolkit that will enable your
organization to align with The Open Group’s de facto framework and kick-start your EA initiative.

Features Benefits
¤¤ A TOGAF ADM-based architecture and modeling ¤¤ Develop your Enterprise Architecture in line with the
repository de-facto architecture framework - TOGAF
¤¤ Implemented TOGAF 9.1 content meta-model ¤¤ Kick start your TOGAF adoption on day one of your
(Including TOGAF attributes) Enterprise Architecture initiative
¤¤ Complete set of TOGAF artifact and deliverable ¤¤ Establish a TOGAF aligned Architecture Capability
templates (TOGAF views and viewpoints) and Deliverables in weeks rather than months
¤¤ Attractive TOGAF 9.1 Visio notations ¤¤ Customize the TOGAF repository to suit your
organizational requirements
¤¤ TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate 2.1 diagram validation rules
¤¤ Leverage your current investment in Microsoft
¤¤ TOGAF “How To” BPMN processes and other
technologies to reduce your total cost of ownership
reference guides

This is our ArchiMate® 2.1 architecture domains and phases of the ADM.1 meta-model. It is built around the ADM. The diagram templates in Visio format. ensuring integrity of .orbussoftware. covering each of the accelerator also fully supports the TOGAF 9. The a complete set of TOGAF deliverables and artifact types templates and viewpoints provided include TOGAF 9. relationship Microsoft Word templates for all TOGAF 9. It can also work in combination with you to monitor data against a time horizon.orbussoftware. Orbus Software UK Orbus Software US Orbus Software AUS Orbus Software RSA London New York Sydney Johannesburg www. we also have regional offices in the USA. as well as meta-model.1 Accelerator BOOK A FREE DEMO Sign up on for a free demonstration of the iServer product suite Consisting of a pre-configured iServer repository.1 Accelerator works in the familiar with TOGAF 9. UK.1.1 aligned to the appropriate phases of the ADM. Australia and South Africa. accelerator is designed to give you a very quick start the TOGAF 9. containing environment of Microsoft Office and Visio. allowing and documents.1 deliverables types. this As a part of the iServer collaborative platform. notation and viewpoints for the enterprise architecture content. including all object types. and the full set of meta-data definitions.1 Accelerator. Orbus has a global reach which means we can serve and support customers in every major global region. Headquartered in London. ArchiMate equivalents.TOGAF® 9. swapping the TOGAF supported by full versioning.