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wear and surface protection. Rely on: n Tailored products to the exact needs of the Sugar industry n Consistently high product quality n Worldwide distribution and a global service network n Individual technical support by application specialists and welding engineers n Decades of experience and application know-how in the Sugar industry .Join Expertise – Don’t let your productivity wear down To provide solutions for the Sugar industry is a special competence of voestalpine Böhler Welding. repair. We offer you a wide range of long-life filler metals that help you increase productivity and optimize maintenance.

As a part of the voestalpine Group. n Comprehensive welding and steel know-how This way we offer our customers the largest and most comprehensive under one roof product portfolio of filler materials within our three brands: n Coordinated complete solutions comprised of steel and welding filler metals n Böhler Welding n A partner offering maximum economic n UTP Maintenance stability and technological expertise n Fontargen Brazing .voestalpine Böhler Welding Metallurgical Expertise for Best Welding Results voestalpine Böhler Welding Customer First (formerly Böhler Welding Group) Absolute customer focus is our guiding principle. optimize existing products. We consider it as our responsibility to guarantee that we brazing applications. Austria’s largest steel manufacturer and one of Three Competences – Three Brands the world’s leading suppliers of specialized steel products. We ensure that worldwide supplier of filler materials our customers get the right filler metals. we are a part of a global network of In our efforts to afford our customers the best possible support metallurgy experts. and streamline processes so as to achieve very short turn­ around times. deliver to our customers. Our customers benefit from: Repair & Maintenance Welding and Soldering & Brazing. use them correctly. and promote development in line with specific targets. the best possible solutions. We focus on technologically advanced industrial sectors and provide products that are geared to their specific requirements. We see ourselves as is a leading manufacturer and a provider of solutions to challenging welding projects. We also strive to develop new products. and that all welding process parameters are adjusted for the best possible for industrial welding and per­formance. we have built our core competences within Joint Welding. now and in the future.

Repair of Rollers. Arcing Hammers & Knives Others UTP 718 S UTP 63 UTP 86 FN SK Cane Grip S SK 402-O SK FNM .G UTP BMC UTP 75 SK 900-O SK AP-O UTP 32 UTP DUR 350 UTP 614 Kb SK 350-O UTP DUR 600 SK 600-G UTP LEDURIT 61 SK A 866-O UTP LEDURIT 65 SK A 43-O .

G: gas shielded. Basic coated tin-bronze stick electrode for joining and surfacing on copper 100 HB UTP 32 – tin alloys and for weld claddings on cast iron materials and on steel. Products by welding process Typical Description hardness SMAW FCAW SMAW: High-efficiency stick electrode without slag for high wear resistant claddings against abrasion. FCAW: Open-arc wire designed for rebuilding and hard surfacing of Carbon steel parts subjected to adhesive wear with impacts. The deposits will show stress relief cracks. Particularly suited – UTP 614 Kb – for welds in awkward positions. SMAW/FCAW: Austenitic alloy type CrNiMn designed for joining dissimilar 200-350 HB UTP 63 SK 402-O metals and for buffer layer deposits prior to hardfacing. SMAW: Graphite-basic coated ferro-nickel stick electrode with high 150 -220 HB UTP 86 FN SK FNM . rebuilding and joining of Carbon and 14% 260-550 HB UTP BMC SK AP-O Manganese steels. Rollers. FCAW: Premium martensitic steel alloy designed for welding in horizontal and vertical-up positions under gas shielding. The deposits will readily show stress relief cracks. SMAW: Rutile-basic coated hardfacing electrode for high abrasion and 60 HRC UTP LEDURIT 61 SK A 866-O medium impact loads. FCAW: Alloy designed to resist high stress grinding abrasion with low impact. no letter: stick electrodes . Hammers SMAW: Basic coated hardfacing stick electrode resisting impact and and Knives 600 HB UTP DUR 600 SK 600-G abrasion. SMAW: Basic coated welding electrode for crack and wear resistant 350-400 HB UTP DUR 350 SK 350-O surfacings. Basic coated stick electrode for highly-stressed joints. The deposits will readily Others show stress relief cracks. S: submerged arc (SAW). FCAW: Ferro Nickel flux cored wire for welding on cast iron material SMAW/FCAW: containing about 60% Tungsten carbide particles.G mechanical values for repair and construction. SMAW/FCAW: All purpose alloy. buffer layer prior to deposit hard overlay. Legend: O: open arc. SMAW/FCAW: Chromium-Niobium alloy designed to resist high stress 65 HRC UTP LEDURIT 65 SK A 43-O grinding abrasion at service temperature not exceeding 450°C. FCAW: Alloy designed specifically for semi or Arching 60-63 HRC UTP 718 S SK Cane Grip S fully automatic on-site “arcing” of sugar cane mill rolls in view of enhancing the gripping surfaces and prevent excessive wear taking place on the rolls during crushing. A: solid rods & wires (GTAW/GMAW). The best 63 HRC UTP 75 SK 900-O combination of toughness and wear resistance.

+32 496 508 250 E. EN. Customer proximity is guaranteed by 40 subsidiaries in 28 countries. voestalpine Böhler Welding. Creating lasting connections is the brand‘s philosophy in welding and between people.000 distribution partners worldwide. welding.com/welding . 09/2013. guarantee customers an increase in the productivity and protection of their components.000 products for joint welding in all conventional arc welding processes are united in a product portfolio that is unique throughout the world. Fontargen Brazing provides the best brazing and soldering solutions based on proven products with German technology.voestalpine. 1000 voestalpine Böhler Welding Böhler Welding know-how joins steel Customers in over 120 countries join the expertise of voestalpine Böhler Welding (formerly the Böhler Welding Group).maintenance@voestalpine. and through more than 1. Fontargen Brazing – Through deep insight into processing methods and ways of application.com voestalpine Böhler Welding www. Böhler Welding – More than 2. with the support of 2. UTP Maintenance – Decades of industry experience and application know-how in the areas of repair as well as wear and surface protection. +32 64 432631 M. combined with innovative and custom-tailored products. forwarded by: Global Industry Segment Management Sugar Industry T. voestalpine Böhler Welding offers extensive technical consultation and individual solutions for industrial welding and soldering applications.200 employees. Focused on filler metals. The expertise of this brand’s application engineers has been formulated over many years of experience from countless application cases.