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Bonfiglioli Riduttori today is one of the top brands Bonfiglioli Vectron delivers products and services
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Advanced Standard Drive .

but also provides the user easy. 7 Advanced technologies for all industrial fields. component. where they can be used with a variety of medium complex Reliable and generous. too. energy savings. Agile drives are particularly surrounding components in order to avoid faults suited to the food & beverage. The innovative user-friendliness of these drives is Integrated PLC functions allow Agile drives to evident from the word ‘go’. performance in speed and torque control. packaging and ceramic industries. Even inexperienced achieve a practical level of autonomy. special functions designed to reduce programming costs. with a number of programmable logic functions that can be used to complement or replace PLC’s Agile inverter drives are designed for reliability at and process controllers. and robustness of Agile inverter drives reduces diagnostics. machine and process levels. textile. reliability and local intelligence. Agile drives also boast automation processes. The CPU not users will find installation and start-up quick and only controls the motor. A wide range of built-in functions deliver significant The advanced energy saving functions. adaptability benefits to users seeking safety. The new Agile Series of inverter drives from Transparent control is ensured by Agile drives’ Bonfiglioli sets new standards in technology for a ability to accurately diagnose themselves and broad range of users. impact on the environment. These functions facilitate the selection and Agile inverter drives implement a sensorless setting of software parameters and provide a vector control algorithm that offers excellent speedy and intuitive man-machine interface. . Software functions have been specially developed to inform users of the ideal time to perform maintenance in order to ensure continuous service from the plant. wood. and failures in the system.

magnet synchronous servomotors.8 Overview Agile inverter drives are designed to control already built in. Line Additional Communication choke EMC filter modules Breaking resistance Resource pack Asynchronous Sensorless permanent induction motor magnet synchronous motor The Agile Series comes in three book-size models covering power requirements from 0. . Agile drives have advanced standard functions can be expanded been specially developed for maximum functional by accessories and optional modules to extend integration. compact cases. Agile drives are complete and fully asynchronous induction motors and permanent functional drives despite their small size. the generous and With their sleek. Thanks to intelligent design. With a wide range of hi-tech functions versatility even further.25 to 11 kW.

but are particularly suited to the following applications: Food & Beverage Vertical stocking system Textile Wood Packaging Ceramics . 9 Areas of application Agile inverter drives can be used in all areas of industry.

To do exactly and uniquely what drive you need for your without any of these options.5 kW (blank) panel fixing (default) 13 2. These fields must Designation Basic variants Optional variants AGL 402 18 2 F A MPSV CMPDP RP SW Design version Software arrangement A standard cooling (blank) standard (default) (default) S Safe torque off C Cold Plate EMC filter F integrated Memory extension (default) (blank) no card (default) RP Resource Pack installed Size 1 size 1 Communication modules 2 size 2 (blank) no module (default) 3 size 3 CM-CAN CANopen interface CM-PDP Profibus DP interface CM-232 RS232 interface CM-485 RS485 interface CM-DEV DEVICENET interface CM-EtherCAT EtherCAT® interface CM-ProfiNet PROFINET interface Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 CM-VABus/TCP Ethernet VA BUS TCP interface 02 0. This comprises a series of fields that define optional configurations for your drive.55 kW 22 9.1 kW Mounting kit 11 1.0 kW 21 7. You cannot To order an Agile inverter drive. you need to leave any of these fields blank. the drive and its basic variants.37 kW 18 4. The first five fields identify corresponding field blank. simply leave the particular application.2 kW 07 0. specify the designation string corresponding to The next four fields on the other hand define it.75 kW 23 11 kW 09 1.2 kW MPSV feed-through no fan MDIN DIN rail (size 1 only) MNVIB anti-vibration Series AGL 402 inverter 3ph 320-530 V ± 10% .5 kW 05 0.0 kW 19 5.5 kW 03 0.25 kW 15 3.10 Agile 402 series Selection guide be mandatorily compiled in your order.

2 kW Mounting kit (blank) panel fixing (default) 1ph 230V MPSV feed-through no fan Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 MDIN DIN rail (size 1 only) 02 0.37 kW 09 0.5 kW CM-VABus/TCP Ethernet VA BUS TCP interface 05 0.5 kW 13 2.0 kW 21 7.5 kW 19 3 kW MNVIB anti-vibration 03 0.25 kW 07 0.12 kW 15 1.37 kW 18 4.75 kW 09 1.2 kW 21 3 kW 05 0. 11 Agile 202 series Designation Basic variants Optional variants AGL 202 13 1 F A MPSV CMPDP RP SW Design version Software arrangement A standard cooling (blank) standard (default) (default) S Safe torque off C Cold Plate EMC filter Memory extension F integrated (blank) no card (default) (default) RP Resource Pack installed Size 1 size 1 2 size 2 Communication modules 3 size 3 (blank) no module (default) CM-CAN CANopen interface CM-PDP Profibus DP interface CM-232 RS232 interface CM-485 RS485 interface 3ph 230V CM-DEV DEVICENET interface Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 CM-EtherCAT EtherCAT® interface 02 0.0 kW 19 5.1 kW Series AGL 202 inverter 1ph/3ph 200-240 V ± 10% .25 kW 15 3.1 kW 11 1.75 kW 13 1.18 kW 18 2.55 kW 11 0.55 kW 07 0.5 kW CM-ProfiNet PROFINET interface 03 0.

75 Integrated 200 x 170 x 60 AGL402-09 1 F A 3ph 400 1.55 Integrated AGL402-07 1 F A 3ph 400 0.12 Basic offer Agile 402 series Inverter Power supply Power Filter Dimensions [V] [kW] [HxDxW] AGL402-02 1 F A 3ph 400 0.5 Integrated AGL402-13 1 F A 3ph 400 2.2 Integrated AGL402-15 2 F A 3ph 400 3.25 Integrated AGL402-03 1 F A 3ph 400 0.0 Integrated 200 x 196 x 80 AGL402-18 2 F A 3ph 400 4.5 Integrated AGL402-21 3 F A 3ph 400 7.0 Integrated AGL402-19 3 F A 3ph 400 5.37 Integrated AGL402-05 1 F A 3ph 400 0.1 Integrated AGL402-11 1 F A 3ph 400 1.2 Integrated AGL402-23 3 F A 3ph 400 11 Integrated .5 Integrated 200 x 205 x 125 AGL402-22 3 F A 3ph 400 9.

5 AGL202-19 3 F A Integrated 1ph 230 3 200 x 205 x 125 3ph 230 7.25 AGL202-02 1 F A Integrated 1ph 230 0.25 3ph 230 0.37 AGL202-03 1 F A Integrated 1ph 230 0.5 AGL202-21 3 F A Integrated 1ph 230 3 .55 3ph 230 1.37 3ph 230 1.55 AGL202-05 1 F A Integrated 1ph 230 0.5 AGL202-11 1 F A Integrated 1ph 230 0.2 3ph 230 5.75 AGL202-07 1 F A Integrated 200 x 170 x 60 1ph 230 0.1 3ph 230 3. 13 Basic offer Agile 202 series Inverter Power supply Power Filter Dimensions [V] [kW] [HxDxW] 3ph 230 0.18 3ph 230 0.5 200 x 196 x 80 3ph 230 4.0 AGL202-18 2 F A Integrated 1ph 230 2.0 AGL202-15 2 F A Integrated 1ph 230 1.12 3ph 230 0.1 AGL202-09 1 F A Integrated 1ph 230 0.75 3ph 230 2.2 AGL202-13 1 F A Integrated 1ph 230 1.

USER PROCESS Agile inverter process drives provide accurate Agile drives are Bonfiglioli’s solution to the needs sensorless vector control of asynchronous induction of the standard drive market.14 Innovation at the service of people Agile inverter drives help bridge the gap between hardware functions that simplify the management user and process by providing software and of complete systems. and boast a special motors and permanent magnet synchronous “all-in-one” formula that delivers exceptional motors. safety. automation system by contributing to energy saving. and also help manage the complete versatility. Easy start up mode Leader in room saving Energy stand-by Integrated automation Safety inside Sensorless brushless control Diagnostic fault scanner Resource pack Downtime suppressor E-served . maintenance and logic control.

Diagnostic analysis Agile drives provide valuable support for the • Alarm log analysis of critical events affecting the drive itself • Drive and motor status recovery and the system in which it is installed. reconstructing • Built-in multi-trace oscilloscope and interpreting system dynamics. • Automatic suspension of power stage with motor stopped • Adaptation of voltage to suit the load applied to the motor shaft • Minimum earth leakage Functional safety Agile drives respect all the safety standards • Safe Torque Off applicable to electronic variable speed control. and will have the motor up and • Pre-calibrated for Bonfiglioli motors running in next to no time. from control rack installation to software • Clearly identified power terminals configuration. They also • Autodiagnostics after critical events incorporate a tool for monitoring. 15 Innovation at the service of people Rapidity It only takes a few minutes to install and set up an • Drilling template Agile drive. in conformity to EN61800-5-2 product standards for torque elimination through the physical disconnection of the motor inside the inverter. • Automatic and permanent adaptive tuning • Pre-selection of application masks • Customisable units of measure • On-line help Energy saving • Sensorless control of permanent magnet Agile helps reduce system energy requirements by synchronous motors minimising its own losses and those of the motor. Agile drives provide functional safety according to EN61508 SIL2 and electrical safety according to EN954-1 Cat. and make a • Estimation of cooling fan maintenance intervals generous contribution to maintenance efficiency by preventing unexpected machine stoppages. • Foolproof wiring In particular. . 3. Failure prevention Agile drives keep themselves and the system • Estimation of capacitor maintenance intervals they are installed in under control. Users will find everything quick and • DIN rail mounting easy.

There is drives. and can combine these operations to • Accessible drive variables create a functional program that can complement • Input/output buffers or replace a control panel PLC. Sensorless brushless Agile vector drives can control even sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motors thanks to an innovative algorithm which provides full starting torque. order them and monitor delivery over the even a dedicated website for the distribution of internet. newsletters.16 Innovation at the service of people Space saving The compact book size of Agile drives means • High power concentration significant space saving and great manoeuvrability • Space saving in the control panel inside the control cabinet. . Resource pack Agile drives can be fitted with an MMC standard • MMC standard memory expansion card non-volatile flash memory expansion. • Any capacity cards supported • Parameter copy function • Integrated application documentation • Integrated application software E-served management Agile can be fully managed through Bonfiglioli’s Technical training is also available through MOSAICO e-business platform that lets you select Bonfiglioli’s HUB e-learning system. • Book size • Side by side installation • Same height for all sizes Built-in PLC Agile drives can perform simple and complex • Programmable logic functions programmable logic operations on physical • Graphic block programming signals to their terminals and on internal software • Cyclical operating system variables.

0 AGL202-19 3 F A AGL402-21 3 F A BN132MA4 / M4LA4 7.1 AGL202-13 1 F A 3ph 230V BN100LA4 / M3LA4 2.37 AGL202-03 1 F A 3ph 230V BN71B4 / M1SD4 0.25 3ph 230V BN71A / M05B4 0.5 AGL402-13 1 F A BN100LA4 / M3LA4 2.5 AGL402-23 3 F A BN160MR4 / M4LC4 11 .2 AGL202-18 2 F A AGL402-19 3 F A BN132S4 / M4SA4 5.1 1ph 230V BN80A4 / M1LA4 0.2 AGL202-21 3 F A 3ph 230V BN132MA4 / M4LA4 7.37 AGL402-07 1 F A BN80B4 / M2SA4 0.0 AGL402-22 3 F A BN132MB4 / M4LB4 9.0 AGL402-18 2 F A BN112M4 / M3LC4 4. the start-up procedure. data. Agile drives come with all the characteristics simply modify these parameters as required during of equivalent Bonfiglioli motors pre-programmed.25 1ph 230V BN63B4 / M05B4 0.2 AGL402-15 2 F A BN100LB4 / M3LB4 3.25 AGL402-05 1 F A BN80A4 / M1LA4 0.75 AGL402-09 1 F A BN90S4 / M2SB4 1. the motor values.5 AGL202-15 2 F A 3ph 230V BN100LB4 / M3LB4 3.0 1ph 230V BN90LA4 / M3SA4 1.75 AGL202-11 1 F A 3ph 230V BN90LA / M3SA4 1.12 AGL202-02 1 F A AGL402-02 1 F A BN63C4 / M05B4 0.37 1ph 230V BN63C4 / M05B4 0. parameter section will display a pre-programmed To facilitate start-up and avoid the user having list of numeric values ready for use with Bonfiglioli to find and then manually enter all the necessary motors.1 AGL402-11 1 F A BN90LA4 / M3SA4 1.5 1ph 230V BN100LB4 / M3LB4 3.75 AGL202-07 1 F A 3ph 230V BN80B4 / M2SA4 0. Bonfiglioli default motor data A table of correspondence can be defined between asynchronous or permanent magnet synchronous each Agile drive size and the Bonfiglioli 4-pole motor for which the drive is ready for use.55 1ph 230V BN71B4 / M1SD4 0.0 1ph 230V BN100LB4 / M3LB4 3. To use the drive with another motor.2 1ph 230V BN90S4 / M2SB4 1. Power Inverter Asynchronous motor Nominal power Inverter Asynchronous motor Nominal power supply [V] [kW] [kW] 1ph 230V BN63B4 / M05A4 0.18 AGL402-03 1 F A BN71B4 / M1SD4 0. the The drive loads these as default values into the electrical data of the motor have to be known for parameters that can be viewed using the built-in the drive’s speed and torque control to use the display or VPlus software.5 3ph 230V BN112M4 / M3LC4 4.55 AGL202-05 1 F A 3ph 230V BN80A4 / M1LA4 0.5 3ph 230V BN132S4 / M4SA4 5. right mathematical model for calculating control The first time you switch the drive on. 17 Synergy with Bonfiglioli motors To set up a modern microprocessor drive.55 AGL202-09 1 F A 3ph 230V BN90S4 / M2SB4 1.0 1ph 230V BN100LA4 / M3LA4 2.5 1ph 230V BN80B4 / M2SA4 0.

from a PC. and also provides a range of practical tools to manage the resources of your AgilE inverter completely and efficiently. diagnosing and controlling your drive connection to the Bonfiglioli drive field bus. IO monitoring The IO monitor window lets you view the inverter’s digital inputs and outputs and motor status. Graphic control panel Current drive functioning values can be displayed numerically or graphically. communications between the same number of drives Now in version 7. VPlus functions Simply click on the relevant icons to: • Upload parameter files to the drive • Configure drive parameters • Read current parameters values • Run the motor setup • Open the inverter monitoring window • Display the 4-trace oscilloscope • Open the inverter status window • Program the drive’s built-in PLC Each of the above functions opens a new window that remains visible along with all the others to permit a global view of drive functions.18 VPlus engineering software VPlus software provides a common programming and VPlus supports multiple and simultaneous monitoring platform for all Bonfiglioli inverter drives. VPlus provides an effective aid to as there are USB ports on the computer. as well as a configuring. Just connect the computer to the drive via the ASK-USB accessory cable and launch VPlus. as the user wishes. Serial communications are quickly established and entire drive setup is displayed on the computer monitor along with a toolbar containing drive control functions. Built-in oscilloscope VPlus software incorporates a digital oscilloscope with the following functions: • 4 programmable traces • 2 ms sampling rate • manual/automatic X-Y axis scaling • programmable threshold triggers • auxiliary cursors • print function • data export in CSV format • image saving The oscilloscope enhances the functionality of the Agile drive’s own diagnostics by permitting the run-time display of any physical or virtual variable handled by the drive and the real time analysis of the entire process driven by the motor shaft. .

VPlus also features an on-line help that explains the meaning and the effect of each drive parameter. Users benefit from a schematic description of the functionalities provided by the selected mask as well as the parameters needed to configure it. VPlus also provides a file compare function that identifies differences and similarities. The various functional blocks processed by the PLC’s operating system can be programmed in VPlus simply by selecting the corresponding page. 19 VPlus engineering software Comparative analysis To make it easier for users to analyse application parameters off-line. On-line help To guide users in programming the drive. Simply click on the desired parameter to access help on it. A graphic editor in VPlus lets you load and drag all the logic blocks recognised by the drive to form the functional program that the PLC needs to implement in RUN mode. Application masks To help users set up the drive for frequent applications quickly and easily. . Built-in graphic PLC The internal PLC of Agile drives can be programmed using VPlus software. VPlus includes a library of application masks showing only those software parameters that are strictly necessary for application start-up.

data interfaces and controls. architecture to be used. Thanks to innovative technology.20 Sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors In brushless motor control. eliminating the cost of superfluous analyses of its magnetic circuit. inside the servomotor to provide the drive with the simplifies the control system and reduces energy necessary electrical signals. however. Agile drives can By combining analytic techniques to reconstruct control brushless servomotors without the need the electrical status of the motor and functional for sensors. requires consumption by permitting a more efficient motor extra cabling. interfaces and controls. This. Agile provide effective vector control of torque. wiring. position is to incorporate an encoder or resolver eliminates the criticalities inherent in sensors. Agile drives components. the exact angular drives use efficient algorithms to calculate the position of the rotor must be known at all times instantaneous angular position of the motor shaft for the drive to commutate the inverter phases. This gives significant savings in costs. Agile Speed Speed or Torque torque Vector PWM Power Sensorless reference control PMSM Calculated position Position reconstruction Power NO feedback Agile Servomotor . from measurements of the current absorbed by The conventional method for tracking rotor the motor.

if the motor quality of the power supply. Bonfiglioli knows exactly what factors determine a If energy saving is your aim. . Standby mode power to the inverter. The minimum to suit applied loads without compromising voltage compatible with the needs of motor performance. is run up to rated speed at zero load. 21 Energy saving Energy saving is a common objective in all areas of reducing the electrical energy needed to power manufacturing. Torque required by motor shaft Motor at zero load Motor at zero load Voltage applied Minimum voltage Minimum voltage to motor Minimum earth leakage applicable standards. low earth leakage. As soon as a start command is To avoid unnecessary energy consumption during received. the drive itself has to remain powered minimal. the same time. A programmable delay can be adjusted on in order to be ready to start the motor as soon by users in order to extend the standby mode even as the application demands. Under conditions active. there is no Agile drives use control to reduce motor voltage need to apply full rated voltage. Agile is the drive to drive’s energy efficiency and how to achieve major help you achieve it. without any loss of dynamic motor Agile drives are designed to bring the benefits of performance. Agile drives use a special Motors are often used in applications involving auto-standby function. Kinetic status Motor rest period of MOTOR Energy status of INVERTER Operating status LOW CONSUMPTION status Operating status Power managing consumption and maintenance requirements and Motor efficiency is significantly conditioned by the helps extend motor life. components. a condition in which energy consumption is like these. Now all this know-how has been AgileE drives incorporate numerous functions for concentrated into a single product. They can electromechanical energy conversion and therefore save money by eliminating superfluous minimises heat loss through the rotor. which leaves the inverter intermittent functioning cycles characterised by in a “sleep” condition with only its control circuits alternating run and rest phases. By significantly reducing Agile drives are equipped with a built-in. Modern brushless motors are extremely efficient Agile drives do not need encoders or resolvers thanks to a design that favours excellent on board the motors to control them. to keypad display. For example. this filter also maximises energy leakage current EMC filter that conforms to all savings under all operating conditions. energy savings. This reduces motor losses. No company is exempt from the motors and can make a major contribution to need to save money and help the environment at energy saving in any plant. Sensorless control of permanent magnet brushless motor technology within the reach of all synchronous motors users. magnetisation is all that is needed. the inverter “wakes up” immediately to motor rest periods without actually disconnecting power the motor.

timers. The problem is that they need qualified. Each module is implemented by running local controller capable of handling the drive’s all its instructions in sequence. by which PLCs can delegate the dynamic control of relieving the main control panel PLC of local tasks. etc. decoders. When the drive multiplexers. programmable functional modules (indexes). OR. and 2 configuration parameters. taking only 1 ms per complex functions. machine statuses. the OS moves on to the next. When one module own internal variables (currents. field bus. has been completed. Agile users do proprietary programming standards. 2 outputs XOR) and functions (counters. expert The intuitive graphic editor allows even non- personnel to convert the needs of the machine expert users to program the PLC of an Agile drive into sequences of PLC instructions. These may without having to learn complicated programming even have to be encoded according to different languages that very few can master. I/O signals to and from the and so on. The inverter is becoming one type of actuator to Agile drives are powerful and intelligent and. The result is an intelligent module. comparators. logic. its operating system indexes all the can be combined using a graphic editor to create active modules in sequence. an axis in synchronisation with other parts of the conform perfectly to the concept of distributed machine. Agile drives guarantee efficient motor control and incorporate a programmable logic controller The Agile PLC recognises and handles 120 that can be used to complement or replace a different functions. These is switched on. and multiplexed data exchanged over a with high calculation and interface capacities. Function Function Block selector Routine Inputs Outputs Software Internal PLC Parameters . In the heart of every Agile drive is a PLC capable of performing multiple logic operations (AND. not have to rely on others to program their drives.). Each module has a maximum of 4 inputs. etc. oscillators.22 A drive with a PLC built in Modern PLCs are extremely evolved devices terminals.). which can be used within 32 conventional control panel PLC. frequencies.

. actuators. The program is therefore deterministic and scan time proportional to the number of active function blocks. ms 7. The PLC is therefore Agile PLC functions can be programmed using perfectly able to exchange signals with external VPlus software. ms 2. CYCLE As in any control panel PLC. PLCs. including I/O calculated by summing the 1-ms delays introduced variables... Agile External I/O Field bus External PLC area devices devices Motor control routine . strings exchanged over the field bus and by each function block... PC’s. ..) as well as with the drive itself. cycle management VPlus software also provides a page that can be is entrusted to the operating system and is used to load graphic function blocks and link them independent of all other processes managed by together to create complex logic networks for use the CPU. ms 3. ms 6. input signals and executes output signals before it Active function blocks Instructions Inactive Input Latches & Output Latches function blocks Function Function Function Write 24xx block 1 block 2 block 3 output buffer 25xx P1343 = 0 Update 20xx input buffer 23xx I=1 I=2 I=3 I=4 1.. 23 A drive with a PLC built in The OS scans input and output buffers. ms . ms 4. The Agile PLC supports and processes all the In any automation process. inverters. which graphically displays the devices like sensors. samples indexes the sequence of active modules. numeric motor control values. program to which the drive’s memory corresponds etc. by the drive. the cycle period can be variables used by the drive software. ms (Return) 5... ms 8. . in real time.

the motor electrically. intervening in an emergency to stop motors and disconnect power until normal operating In a conventional drive. disconnection of the motor and the absence of Safety systems must intervene effectively and turning moment at its shaft. never fail to function.e. EN61800-5-2) in Agile drives in of the brake while the shaft is still turning. to guarantee the effective conditions can be restored. Machine control Power M supply Integrated functional safety Integrated electrical safety conforming to EN61508 level SIL 2 conforming to EN13849 Safety system implemented by an Agile drive .24 Integrated safety thanks to Safe Torque Off The Machinery Directive establishes the safety Standards EN 954-1 and EN 61508 regulate safety requirements that all machines must conform system effectiveness and reliability respectively. to before they can carry the CE mark and be These standards assign two distinct value scales to manufactured and sold within the European effectiveness and reliability (Category and Level). Community. minimise the number of operating in compliance with EN13849 and EN61508 SIL2. Machine control Power Generic M supply drive Conventional safety system Bonfiglioli has integrated the Safe-Torque-Off mechanical stress caused by the sudden application system (STO. ensuring that machine manufacturers design in In particular. all machine movements must a degree of safety adequate to the needs of the be monitored by a safety system capable of application. In response to market demand to reduce the size of an emergency this system disconnects the motor control panels. and eliminate the without the need for external contactor. They must also be reliable. i. the safety system uses guarantee physical disconnection between motor remote power switch outside the drive to insulate and power source. components. simplify control.

The simultaneous activation of two digital inputs. to recognise an external emergency condition. followed by total isolation from the inverter. corresponding to two identical Any alarm condition arising inside the drive also but distinct electrical paths. STOA STOB μC PWM M Diagnostics and monitoring Control unit Power unit Suggestive block diagram STOA STOB Effect 0 0 Safe Torque Off active. the drive generates an alarm 1 1 Safe Torque Off not activated. This brings the motor to a controlled stop. irrespective of STOA and STOB signals. 25 Integrated safety thanks to Safe Torque Off Agile drives incorporate redundant functional suspend the generation of PWM pulses and logic and hardware architecture to disconnect physically disable the optoisolators that transmit the motor safely and stop it in the minimum time signals to the IGBT drivers. possible. motor stopped and isolated 0 1 Safe Torque Off in stand-by. causes the software generates an emergency stop in the same way. the software awaits a second signal: 1 0 after 5-s wait time with no signal. STOA and STOB. the motor functions conventionally . all in less than 10ms.

configured to power its motor for a set time different electrical characteristics. The process The architecture of Agile drives lets you store controller must therefore send each drive its simultaneous configurations for all four motors own set of commands and must also transmit the and control them independently at separate times necessary reference signals over a corresponding according to independent criteria and strategies. . number of analog ports or network addresses. sequence passes on to the next axes. corresponding dataset. each multiple but non-simultaneous motors. leaving the others in rest disabled mode By using two digital inputs in binary combination sensorless vector control. This requires a high level of redundancy in system Conventional system: Agile Selective Multi-Motor Control: Process control Process control Inverter Inverter Only the drive controlling the axis to be moved Just one drive is needed to control the motor of is activated at any one time. thus excluding the other three. sensorless brushless mode. users can activate the drive’s parameter motor control) controls the selected motor and configuration corresponding to just one of the drives it according to the parameter settings in the four motors. but using the same power hardware. The currently active control algorithm (V/Hz.26 Selective Multi-Motor Control (SMMC) Industrial applications often require a number of components. a time in a predefined sequence in which no two motors operate simultaneously. reserving a and then to remain inactive while the control dedicated area of memory to the control of each. cabling and control software and axes to be controlled separately and driven one at results in significant energy consumption. Agile drives are specially designed to provide efficient control of complex systems comprising In conventional systems of this type. AgilE individual axis has to be controlled by its own drives can handle four separate motors even with drive. leaving the others the axis to be moved.

27 Selective Multi-Motor Control (SMMC) The drive’s digital outputs can be used to switch that only one motor is ever connected to the drive the cabling upstream from the motors to ensure at any one time. Agile Parameters for Parameters for Parameters for Parameters for Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Digital Binary Data set selector inputs selection Motor control algorithm PWM Digital outputs Remote switching system Motor Motor Motor Motor 1 2 3 4 Multi-motor machine .

catalogues and This main memory is strictly reserved for the technical documentation drive’s operating system. Users are free to . Agile drives. however. drive for inserting the MMC card. • storage of operator manuals. Agile A slot is provided in the front panel of the Agile drives support all common card sizes. the inverter select and buy whatever card they wish. Cards can firmware.28 Resource pack As with all microprocessor systems. • saving configuration files to and from the drive also support a removable MMC memory card or • saving oscilloscope traces Resource Pack that conforms to SPI protocol and • storing any other data relevant to the application can be used to save and organise data as the user wishes. There are no limits to memory capacity. all the motor control routines and all be used for any of the following purposes: the drive functions are contained in the internal • data exchange with the drive memory of Agile drives.

bottom of the drive and are individually marked An RS232 port. alter the overall dimensions of the drive. connectors and push-buttons of the monitoring and control. one or more of these ports is required. elegantly integrated in the drive body. for the RS485 Modbus serial interface as well The power terminals (inverter power input and VABus and a slot for an MMC memory card that motor power output) are located at the top and can be used to copy drive parameters. If wiring. Input power terminals DC bus connector Display Removable top front cover Heat sink Integrated keypad Optional Name plate communication modules DB9 connector RJ45 connector for RS485 communications Slot for memory card Control terminals Terminals for motor power output and braking resistance Connection screens plate Removable bottom front cover . the operator panel in the front of the drive. Profibus DP or CANopen with clearly visible symbols to ensure correct communication port can be fitted as optionals. installation of these optional modules does not provides six function keys for drive programming. 29 Functional layout The terminals. installation Control terminals are located at the front of the is quick and easy and only requires the protective unit and are easily accessible simply by removing cover to be removed to access the slots beneath the blue push-on protective cover. The A keypad. Agile user interface are located where they are The drive is also equipped with an RJ45 connector easily accessible without having to use tools.

30 General technical data Environment Connections • Transport and storage temperature -25°C … 55°C The Agile drive is fitted with power input • Operation temperature: 0°C . 528 V provided. this effective • Electric protections: short circuit / earth separation of input and output power terminals • Braking transistor: built-in on standard device helps prevent mis-wiring through human error.40°C (40°C-55°C terminals for connection to the mains. 240 V are connected to the bottom of the drive where • Rated mains frequency: in the range 45 … 69 Hz there is also a connection for a braking resistance • Overload current: 150% nominal current if required. no condensation sections.. power with derating) output terminals for driving the motor and signal • Environment class: 3K3 (EN60721-3-3) terminals for inverter control. The power output cables to the motor • Rated mains voltage 1ph: in the range 200 …. • Altitude of installation: up to 3000m (over 1000m with derating) Power terminals • Storage conditions: according to EN50178 The power terminals are located at the top and • Degree of protection: IP20 bottom of the unit.95%. Standards • CE conformity: Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC and EN50178 / DIN VDE 0160 and EN61800 • Interference immunity: according to EN61800-3 • UL approval: according to UL508c • STO: 61508 / 61800-5-2 / 13849 .. • Peak current: 200% nominal current Just as on ACT and ACU drives. Mains input power is connected to the top of Electrical the drive where a DC-bus connection is also • Rated mains voltage 3ph: in the range 323 …. subdivided into four • Relative humidity 5%.

1 X13. Terminals include: • 6 digital inputs • 1 configurable digital I/O port • 2 configurable multifunctional A/D inputs • 1 digital output • 1 configurable multifunctional A/D/pulse output • 1 auxiliary voltage supply input • 2 voltage supply outputs • 1 Systembus/CAN communication interface X11 X12 X13 24V out Digital Input 24V in 1 1 1 GND Digital Input GND 2 2 2 X10 STOA Analog Input STOB 3 3 3 Digital Input Digital Input 10V out 4 4 4 Alarm relay Digital Input CAN_H Digital Output 3 2 1 5 5 5 Digital Port CAN_L Analog Output 6 6 6 Terminal Default function X13.3 Normally open Alarm Relay contact .3 Digital input for Safe Torque Off B X13.5 Multifunction Digital Input (default = start anticlockwise) X11.6 Multifunction Analog Output (default = Actual speed) X12.3 Voltage Configurable Analog/Digital Multifunction Input (default = frequency reference) X12.1 Normally closed Alarm Relay contact X10.5 Multifunction Digital Output (default = RUN state) X13.1 Auxiliary 24 VDC input X13.2 GND for X11.2 Alarm relay switching contact X10.1 Multifunction Digital Input (default = data set change-over bit 1) X12.5 Systembus/CAN signal + X12.6 Systembus/CAN signal - X11. 31 General technical data Control terminals Control signals are distributed over four separate terminal strips.2 Multifunction Digital Input (default = fixed frequency change-over) X12.4 Voltage Configurable Analog/Digital Multifunction Input (default = motor thermal contact) X12.2 GND for X13.1 X11.4 Multifunction Digital Input (default = start clockwise) X11.3 Digital input for Safe Torque Off A X11.6 Digital Configurable Input/Output (default = data set change-over bit 2) X10. located under the drive’s removable front cover.4 10 VDC output X13.1 24VDC output X11.

5 kW 0. 9.2 kW . .0 kW 1.2 kW 1. The sizes are easily identifiable for the same power ratings to offer a suitable solution for all reason.… 2 F A AGL202.5 kW 3 kW 0. .5 kW .5 kW 3 kW 0. - 1.2 kW 7.12 kW 3. .1 kW . - 2.0 kW 2.… 2 F A AGL402.75 kW . .5 kW 0. applications. divided into three sub-ranges.2 kW Rating 0.5 kW 0. Series Power supply AGL 402 3ph 400V AGL 202 3ph 230V 1ph 230V AGL402.37 kW 4.1 kW .1 kW 0.0 kW 5.… 3 F A Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 0.25 kW .18 kW 4.75 kW 0.75 kW .55 kW . - 2. Each drive of the different power modules combined with size can therefore satisfy the needs of different them. .5 kW 5.25 kW 0.55 kW . - Rating 0. . - AGL202.25 kW 3. - 1. .… 3 F A Size 1 Size 1 Size 2 Size 2 Size 3 Size 3 3ph 230V 1ph 230V 3ph 230V 1ph 230V 3ph 230V 1ph 230V 0.12 The three physical drive sizes are identical in to 11 kW. - .37 kW .… 1 F A AGL202.55 kW 0.… 1 F A AGL402. .32 General technical data The Agile Series covers a power range of 0. - 1. .0 kW 7. . 11 kW 1. each height and depth but differ in width because covered by one physical drive size.37 kW 0.

2 1.1 3. . Short circuit phase to phase / phase to earth DC-bus current 60 s IDCOL A 1. IP 20 (EN 60529) Dimensions HxWxD mm 200 x 60 x 170 Fan cooling . . W 19 29 42 53 70 89 122 Options & accessories Brake-chopper .4 2.8 Fuses 3ph/PE I A 6 6 6 6 6 6 10 DC-bus rated voltage UDC V U x 1.2 4.8 2.8 2.2 Max. Option Operator panel . RS232 option / Profibus DP V1 option / DeviceNet option / EtherCAT® option / ProfiNet option / VABus/TCP option . Vertical Degree of protection .3 5.41 Overvoltage category .8 3.1 1.5 2. .55 0. .0 5.2 kW) AGL402. % 5 … 85. . continuous output current In A 0. motor side Recommended motor power Pn kW 0.4 3. Integrated RS485 Modbus integrated / Systembus integrated / CANopen integrated Communication interfaces .75 1.5 6.7 Input.25 to 2.Technical data (from 0.0 4. .4 8.2 1.0 Output voltage Un V 3 x (0…U) Output frequency fn Hz From 0 to 1000 Switching frequency fc kHz From 2 to 16 Protections .2 Current overload 1 s Ipk A 1.5 2. . 33 AGL402 .2 1. . mains side Mains configuration .25 0. . .1 1.1 3. Option EMI filter .6 2.0 8.0 4. no condensing Power dissipation . . TN. TT.8 6.5 Current overload 60 s IOL A 1. DIN EN 61800-5-1 300V CAT 3 General Short circuit / earth protection .8 1. Integrated Line choke .3 3. . No Yes Environment Coolant temperature Tn °C From 0 to 40 (40 … 55 with derating) Humidity .37 0. 02 03 05 07 09 11 13 Size 1 Output. IT Mains rated voltage U V 323 … 528 Mains rated frequency f Hz 45 … 69 Input rated current I A 0.0 8. unlimited Mounting position .7 2.2 6.0 4. Yes. class A (EN 61800-3) integrated / class B option Braking resistor .0 11.8 1. .

0 4.34 AGL402 .8 7. . TT.8 6. .0 19.0 Output voltage Un V 3 x (0…U) Output frequency fn Hz From 0 to 1000 Switching frequency fc kHz From 2 to 16 Protections . . . .0 Max.Technical data (from 3 to 4 kW) AGL402.2 14. RS232 option / Profibus DP V1 option / DeviceNet option / EtherCAT® option / ProfiNet option / VABus/TCP option .5 Current overload 60 s IOL A 11. .41 Overvoltage category . Short circuit phase to phase / phase to earth DC-bus current 60 s IDCOL A 4. class A (EN 61800-3) integrated / class B option Braking resistor .8 Fuses 3ph/PE I A 10 10 DC-bus rated voltage UDC V U x 1. . Option Operator panel . Yes Environment Coolant temperature Tn °C From 0 to 40 (40 … 55 with derating) Humidity . Integrated Line choke . unlimited Mounting position . W 133 167 Options & accessories Brake-chopper . DIN EN 61800-5-1 300V CAT 3 General Short circuit / earth protection . Yes. . TN. IT Mains rated voltage U V 323 … 528 Mains rated frequency f Hz 45 … 69 Input rated current I A 6.2 Current overload 1 s Ipk A 15. Vertical Degree of protection . Option EMI filter . . continuous output current In A 7. motor side Recommended motor power Pn kW 3.4 Input. . . mains side Mains configuration .5 9. . % 5 … 85. IP 20 (EN 60529) Dimensions HxWxD mm 200 x 80 x 196 Fan cooling . . 15 18 Size 2 Output. Integrated RS485 Modbus integrated / Systembus integrated / CANopen integrated Communication interfaces . no condensing Power dissipation .

0 20.5 25.0 17. Integrated RS485 Modbus integrated / Systembus integrated / CANopen integrated Communication interfaces . . DIN EN 61800-5-1 300V CAT 3 General Short circuit / earth protection . . . IP 20 (EN 60529) Dimensions HxWxD mm 200 x 125 x 205 Fan cooling .0 38. Integrated Line choke . . .0 Input. RS232 option / Profibus DP V1 option / DeviceNet option / EtherCAT® option / ProfiNet option / VABus/TCP option .0 27.0 Current overload 60 s IOL A 19. Yes. % 5 … 85. Short circuit phase to phase / phase to earth DC-bus current 60 s IDCOL A 21.5 7. Vertical Degree of protection .5 Current overload 1 s Ipk A 26.2 15.0 Fuses 3ph/PE I A 25 25 35 35 DC-bus rated voltage UDC V U x 1. TT. motor side Recommended motor power Pn kW 5.0 26.0 37. Option EMI filter .0 23. no condensing Power dissipation .0 46. . 35 AGL402 . IT Mains rated voltage U V 323 … 528 Mains rated frequency f Hz 45 … 69 Input rated current I A 14.8 20. class A (EN 61800-3) integrated / class B (external) option Braking resistor .0 34.5 30. . . Option Operator panel .2 11 Max. . continuous output current In A 13.5 to 11 kW) AGL402.Technical data (from 5. 19 21 22 23 Size 3 Output. Yes Environment Coolant temperature Tn °C From 0 to 40 (40 … 55 with derating) Humidity . TN. W 235 321 393 470 Options & accessories Brake-chopper .0 32. . . unlimited Mounting position .0 Output voltage Un V 3 x (0…U) Output frequency fn Hz From 0 to 1000 Switching frequency fc kHz From 2 to 16 Protections . mains side Mains configuration . .0 34.41 Overvoltage category . .5 9.

0 Output voltage Un V Max input voltage Output frequency fn Hz ± 1000 Switching frequency fc kHz From 2 to 16 Protections . .5 5.5 Current overload 1 s Ipk A 3. .0 4. unlimited Mounting position . .0 Max.0 10. Integrated RS485 Modbus integrated / Systembus integrated / CANopen integrated Communication interfaces . continuous output current 3ph In A 1.36 AGL202 .0 6. . RS232 option / Profibus DP V1 option / DeviceNet option / EtherCAT® option / ProfiNet option / VABus/TCP option .25 0.2 Recommended motor power 1ph Pn kW 0.0 4.Technical data (from 0.0 Current overload 60 s IOL A 2. motor side Recommended motor power 3ph Pn kW 0.0 3.0 3. .0 18. TT.18 0.3 1.25 3. IT Mains rated voltage U V 200 … 240 Mains rated frequency f Hz 50 … 60 Overvoltage category .75 1. .37 0.55 0. DIN EN 61800-5-1 300V CAT 3 General Short circuit / earth protection .0 3.1 Max.25 7. Integrated No Line choke .37 0. . mains side Mains configuration . Vertical Degree of protection .12 to 2. . 02 03 05 07 09 11 13 Size 1 Output. IP 20 (EN 60529) Dimensions HxWxD mm 200 x 60 x 170 Environment Coolant temperature Tn °C From 0 to 40 (40 … 55 with derating) Humidity .55 0.0 12. .0 9.0 1.0 3.5 2.2 kW) AGL202.5 5. Option EMI filter . Yes.1 1.0 6. Option Operator panel .0 13. Short circuit phase to phase / phase to earth Input.5 9.25 0.5 5. class A (EN 61800-3) integrated / class B option Braking resistor .75 1. . % 5 … 85. continuous output current 1ph In A 1.5 2. . no condensing Options & accessories Brake-chopper .12 0. TN. .5 2.0 7.

0 12.0 5. TT. Option Operator panel .5 to 7.Technical data (from 1. IP 20 (EN 60529) Dimensions HxWxD mm 200 x 80 x 196 200 x 125 x 205 Environment Coolant temperature Tn °C From 0 to 40 (40 … 55 with derating) Humidity . unlimited Mounting position . no condensing Options & accessories Brake-chopper . Yes. . . RS232 option / Profibus DP V1 option / DeviceNet option / EtherCAT® option / ProfiNet option / VABus/TCP option .0 Current overload 1 s Ipk A 24.0 15. Integrated RS485 Modbus integrated / Systembus integrated / CANopen integrated Communication interfaces .0 12. Vertical Degree of protection . DIN EN 61800-5-1 300V CAT 3 General Short circuit / earth protection .5 31. .0 Current overload 60 s IOL A 18. continuous output current 1ph In A 6.0 Max. 15 18 19 21 Size 2 Size 3 Output. TN.0 30. class A (EN 61800-3) integrated / class B (external) option Braking resistor . . IT Mains rated voltage U V 200 … 240 Mains rated frequency f Hz 50 … 60 Overvoltage category .5 39.5 2. 37 AGL202 . continuous output current 3ph In A 12. . . .0 26. Short circuit phase to phase / phase to earth Input.5 7.2 3 3 Max.0 4. Option EMI filter .0 9. % 5 … 85.5 kW) AGL202.0 44.0 21. mains side Mains configuration .0 22. No Line choke . motor side Recommended motor power 3ph Pn kW 3. . . .0 Output voltage Un V Max input voltage Output frequency fn Hz ± 1000 Switching frequency fc kHz From 2 to 16 Protections . . .5 Recommended motor power 1ph Pn kW 1.0 42.

38 Dimensions Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 [mm] A 170 196 205 B 60 80 125 C 200 200 200 Size 1 A B C Size 2 A B C Size 3 A B C .

to DIN EN 618000-5-1 DIN EN 50178 Electronic equipment for use in power installations 1998-04 German version EN 50178:1997 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive 89/336/EEC EMC Directive Possible certifications: UL (508c) cUL (CSA C22.part 3: 2005-07 - EMC requirements and specific test methods (IEC 61800-3:2004) - German version EN 61800-3:2004 DIN EN 61800-5-1 Amend. 14) (in preparation) CE . Power Drive Systems (IEC 61800-2:1998) German version EN 61800-2:1998 DIN EN 61800-3 Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive System .part 2: 1999-08 - General requirements - Rating specifications for Low Voltage Adjustable Frequency a.c. Power Drive Systems (IEC 61800-1:1997) - German version EN 61800-1:1998 DIN EN 61800-2 Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive System . 39 Standards and Regulations Obligatory compliance: DIN EN 61800-1 Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive System .2 No.part 1: 1999-08 - General requirements - Rating specifications for Low Voltage Adjustable Speed d. 2 Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive System .part 5-1: 2006-01 - Safety requirements - Electrical thermal and energy (IEC 61800-5-1:2003) German version EN 61800-5-1:2003 Amend.c.

ProfiNet CM-PNET VABus/TCP CM-VATCP Logos RS-232 RS-485 Modbus CANopen Profibus DP V1 DeviceNet EtherCAT® ProfiNet VABus/TCP . Agile drives support various communication standards. Simply remove RS-485 Modbus CM-485 the protective cover to access the slots. Some of these do not require Field bus Optional module any optional equipment while others require the corresponding module to be installed. See the table alongside. so that the drive recognises and enables the new module automatically as soon as it is powered on.40 Optional modules Even in their basic configuration. Communication modules are installed in slots in the front of the drive. They also enjoy the same plug & play functionality. Nevertheless. Agile drives can therefore be integrated in existing fieldbus networks simply by adapting drive communications to the hardware and software of the existing communications standard. With the front panel removed. Agile drives are equipped with an on-board RJ45 connector for use with communications ports. if you wish to extend the opportunities for field network integration you can install an optional module with an additional network interface. A secure push-fit ensures an efficient electrical DeviceNet CM-DEV connection. but differ in electronic functioning RS-232 CM-232 according to the standards of the type of field bus they communicate with. CANopen CM-CAN Profibus DP V1 CM-PDP All optional modules are identical in shape and size. the DB9 connector for the mains connection module is EtherCAT® CM-CAT also accessible. Agile drives use exactly the same communication modules as Bonfiglioli’s Active and Active Cube series.

... -13 1 F A AGL ...... -15 2 F A 2 MPSV2-AGL MNVIB2-AGL AGL . -09 1 F A MSTD12-AGL AGL . -02 1 F A AGL . -18 2 F A AGL .. Drives equipment is available for what inverter sizes.. -05 1 F A 1 AGL .. -07 1 F A MPSV1-AGL MDIN1-AGL MNVIB1-AGL AGL .. 41 Mounting Installation equipment There are a number of different ways to install The following table summarises what installation Agile inverter drives inside control panels. can be installed using the metal brackets supplied or using one of the various optional kits... -03 1F A AGL . Standard Feed-through DIN rail Anti-vibration Inverter mounting mounting mounting mounting (supplied) (optional) (optional) (optional) Size Type MSTD kit MPSV kit MDIN kit MNVIB kit AGL .... -11 1 F A AGL .... -19 3 F A - AGL .. -21 3 F A 3 MSTD3-AGL MPSV3-AGL MNVIB3-AGL AGL402-22 3 F A AGL402-23 3 F A ..

inside the control panel.42 Mounting MSTD kit (standard mounting) This kit comprises two brackets that engage with fixed to the inside wall of the control panel with slots in the drive’s heat sink fins. through mounting kit lets you install the drive MPSV1-AGL MPSV2-AGL MPSV3-AGL . or component depth minimised. MSTD12-AGL MSTD3-AGL MPSV kit (feed-through mounting) When heat has to be dissipated outside the control with the heat sink outside and the rest of the drive panel. the feed. The brackets are two screws.

43 Mounting MDIN kit (DIN mounting) Only available for Agile size 1 drives. the MDIN kit the drive’s heat sink fins and allows the drive to be comprises a metal plate that engages with slots in installed on a DIN rail inside the control panel. MDIN1-AGL MNVIB kit (vibration proof mounting) Designed for installation in high vibrations to introduce between the heat sink fins to assure environment. the MNVIB kit consists of two inserts greater strength of attachment. MNVIB1-AGL MNVIB2-AGL MNVIB3-AGL .

MCP-AGL Agile standard version Agile Cold Plate version Control panel heat sink . Agile offers an alternative design form.44 Mounting Cold Plate design form The Agile’ s standard version is executed with The cold plate version is realized without built-in integrated heat-sink which contributes to define cooling ribs which instead must be prepared by the inverter overall dimensions allowing optimal the user according to parameters reported on the performances by means of suitable heat disposal. In that configuration the drive backside ends with For special applications requiring space saving or smooth metal plate able to be fixed to an auxiliary compliance with heavy environmental regimes. heat-sink by means of specific mounting kit. on demand during purchase order emission. relevant technical manual. cold plate version.

a connection cable to the drive The RS485 port is integrated and accessible via the . integrated in the basic RS485 / USB converter . and VABus (Bonfiglioli Vectron’s own propietary Some of these (RS485. The corresponding CM optional module is installed in kit comprises three components: the drive. CAN-Systembus) are and open to public protocol). while others (RS232. CAN. DeviceNet. .a connection cable to the computer RJ45 connector on the front panel. This port is able Connection cable to drive RS485 / USB converter Connection cable to computer USB connection to the computer RJ45 connection to the drive . Profibus. 45 ASK-USB serial connection kit AgilE inverter drives are equipped with a number to communicate using Modbus RTU. Modbus ASCII of different communication interfaces. EtherCAT®. The ASK-USB connection kit allows you to connect ProfiNet. VABus/TCP) are only available if the your Agile drive to your computer’s USB port.

0 5.0 .75 BR 160/100 43 21 -07 0. 11 -22 9. BR Series braking resistors are safe and compact. for panel mounting and feature integrated thermal This causes voltage in the drive’s intermediate circuit protection. braking time must not exceed the The purpose of the reference cycle is to inform users value of TFmax calculated on the basis of the reference that over a period of 120 seconds.2 BR 432/37 39 20 -13 2.5 BR 432/37 57 29 -11 1. -21 7. to rise to a value at which it becomes necessary to BR resistors can be used with all Bonfiglioli drives.37 BR 213/300 58 -05 0.5 3. not exceed 1.1 2. 7. this cycle permits during which the drive’s full rated power is deviated adequate cooling.25 BR 160/100 100 64 -02 0.75 BR 213/300 28 -09 0. BR 667/24 22 . ACU and VCB Series. offer it becomes regenerative and returns electrical energy an index of protection of IP20 and above.5 BR 1330/48 18 -21 . Braking cycle Energy dissipated to resistor T P rated drive TF δR TFmax = T ≤ 1.46 Braking resistors Regenerative mode selected to suit the duty cycle of the application.2 4. and a connection to a braking resistor for the To help identify the most suitable braking resistors thermal dissipation of energy.55 BR 213/300 39 -07 0.18 0. connection to other drives capable of using the excess energy.12 0. Each resistors is identified by a power rating and Agile drives support both methods of regeneration a resistance value.25 0.2 BR 1330/48 14 * 2x BR 423/37 parallel -23 11 BR 1330/48 12 * referred to a period of 120 seconds Since each resistor has a lower continuous rated The reference cycle is therefore a limit cycle and must power value than the corresponding drive.2 δR 100 .25 BR 213/300 85 -03 0.55 BR 160/100 64 29 -05 0.0 BR 432/37 20 11 -18 4.1 BR 213/300 19 -11 0. or the resistor will overheat. Given an application with a user-defined period T. through external dissipative components.5 BR 213/300 14 -13 1.5 BR 667/24 22 12 -19 5. the following table suggests pairings that allow drives to dissipate Braking Resistor their full rated power to the resistor for a limited by All Agile drives have a built-in braking chopper for cyclically repeatable time.5 2x BR 423/37* . for different drives and applications.0 BR 471/136 12 -19 3.0 BR 471/136 16 -18 2.0 BR 432/37 29 14 -15 3. to the resistor. important to respect the specified dissipation cycle.37 BR 160/100 89 43 -03 0. dispose of excess energy through a recovery system or from the AGL Series to the ACT.75 1. are suitable to the drive. Recommended Recommended Inverter Reference cycle* Inverter Reference cycle* resistor resistor AGL202 kW (1ph) kW (3ph) Type % (1ph) % (3ph) AGL402 kW Type % -02 0. braking time must cycle.55 1. Though the component will heat up.37 0. When an inverter-controlled electric motor is braking. it is not be exceeded.5 BR 1330/48 24 3.2 dR seconds. which form the criteria for energy management and provide a DC-bus power combination with different drive ratings.2 BR 213/300 10 -15 1. use with a range of Bonfiglioli braking resistors.1 BR 160/100 29 15 -09 1.

. to offer ever greater impedance to higher harmonic components and act effectively as a low-pass filter. The addition of line chokes boosts this sizes according to the table below. Bonfiglioli can provide a range of line chokes The mains power supply has its own intrinsic satisfying these criteria for use with different drive inductance. Inverter Recommended Bonfiglioli line choke AGL202 1ph 3ph AGL202-02 LCVS006 LCVT004 AGL202-03 LCVS006 LCVT004 AGL202-05 LCVS006 LCVT004 AGL202-07 LCVS006 LCVT004 AGL202-09 LCVS006 LCVT006 AGL202-11 LCVS008 LCVT008 AGL202-13 LCVS015 LCVT010 AGL202-15 LCVS015 LCVT015 AGL202-18 LCVS018* LCVT018 AGL202-19 on request LCVT025 AGL402-21 on request LCVT034 AGL402 AGL402-02 LCVT004 AGL402-03 LCVT004 AGL402-05 LCVT004 AGL402-07 LCVT004 AGL402-09 LCVT004 AGL402-11 LCVT004 AGL402-13 LCVT006 AGL402-15 LCVT008 AGL402-18 LCVT010 AGL402-19 LCVT015 AGL402-21 LCVT018 AGL402-22 LCVT025 AGL402-23 LCVT034 * Use permitted at maximum continuous power of 18A. The best solution to 40 times greater than the rated power of the drive for dealing with harmonics is to install line chokes in and should produce voltage drops no greater than series with each phase. 47 Line choke Harmonic handling Power feeding line Current harmonics at the drive’s power inputs can Line chokes should have a short circuit rating some 20 attenuate a system’s active power. 4%.

Added value .

listen to their requests and most prestigious universities. for which we have the service possible – before. and advanced energy. . Our work increasingly brings us into contact with Bonfiglioli is determined to deliver the best other nations and cultures. 49 Sharing the value of our work with you. work with them to improve our own performance. and by We succeed in this because we co-operate closely working hand in hand with some of the world’s with our customers. centres to research and development. tailored solutions We believe in innovation. communication tools. The development of effective. Bonfiglioli works to the This bond of commitment allows us to be an strictest standards of quality and safety. experience. technology. institutes. during and after the greatest respect and with whom we share a vision sale of any of our products – by applying all our of sustainable development based on renewable know-how. and back up this belief for a wide range of applications is a fundamental by dedicating 100 of our people and 5 activity aspect of our work. as certified authoritative and reliable global partner for the by seven different internationally recognised present and the future.

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of the local market. network of subsidiaries located in 17 countries and on 5 continents. in a sharing process that sees one party transferring know-how and technology and To give everybody the chance to purchase a the other partly providing a thorough knowledge Bonfiglioli product . by a off and on-line. manufacturer and of authorised dealers. selected for their ability distributors are working together from the to guarantee excellent pre-sales and after-sales product assembly stage and in the design of new assistance. Customer satisfaction has always been one of This is the ambitious objective that drives the Bonfiglioli’s key values. assembly plant and warehouses. . our training courses and tools. world. power transmission. sales and after-sales service. and in a wide range of contexts. and our promotional activities. It is pursued around the development of our added value sales networks. BEST (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team) is one of the most modern sales organisations in the field of Each subsidiary provides rapid and efficient pre. applications. Bonfiglioli can also rely on an extensive network For the first time ever. 51 Bonfiglioli is your partner worldwide for power transmission and motion control. and can guarantee prompt deliveries from local assembly plant and Our BEST partners can benefit from our local warehouses.anywhere. In addition to our directly controlled subsidiaries.

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mobile machinery and renewable energy applications since 1956.A.bonfiglioli.p. tel: +39 051 647 3111 VE_CAT_AGL_STD_ENG_R00_0 Via Giovanni XXIII. Bonfiglioli Riduttori Bologna (Italy) www. 7/A fax: +39 051 647 3126 40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno .Bonfiglioli has been designing and developing innovative and reliable power transmission and control solutions for industry.