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including emergency preparedness and response 5) The significant Occupational Health & Safety Risks. OHSAS 18001 : 2007 – 4. Author Jawad Kadhum HSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Rev 00311 PROCEDURE Page 2 OF 6 1.0 PROCEDURAL STEPS 5.1 Internal Communications / Awareness: 5.0 REFERENCE 1.0 SCOPE This procedure shall be applicable to all the departments of the Company. 3.3 Consultation & Communication 5. 2) The importance of conformance with the Policy. such as regulatory authorities and the public / local community groups. Environmental Aspects associated with work activities & the benefits of improved personal performance.1 Internal communications shall be implemented to ensure that those personnel at each relevant level and function are aware of the following: 1) The HSE Management System.1. 4. 2 . b) External Communication between ALYAMAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY and external interested parties. 3) The potential consequences of system non-conformances 4) Individual roles and responsibilities in achieving conformance with procedures. 2. Procedures and System.4.0 RESPONSIBILITY & AUTHORITY The Management Representative / Contract Managers / Project Managers shall be responsible for implementing this procedure in their respective area.0 PURPOSE This procedure defines the process for: a) Internal Consultation & Communication / awareness within the Company.

and in reviewing risk assessments and risk controls relevant to their own activities. as appropriate in line with job function 3) Training of relevant job functions.2 Internal Consultation: 5.2. 5.2. as appropriate 4) Electronic notes 5) Team meetings and meeting minutes 6) Management reviews and meeting minutes 7) Corrective and Preventive Action Requests 5.g.3 Communication of HSE issues from employees to ALYAMAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY Management Team shall be handled by the Manager representing the affected area.& Training Management Department/Project Programme System Manager 3 .1 Project Managers are responsible to provide arrangements to involve their employees at different levels (including workmen) in the following processes: 1) Consultation over the development and review of policies 2) Development and review of HSE Objectives 3) Decisions on the implementation of processes and procedures to manage risks.2 Records of such involvement are maintained by the Business Unit Head. chemicals. 5.1. materials. including carrying out of hazard identification. Author Jawad Kadhum HSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Rev 00311 PROCEDURE Page 3 OF 6 5.: introduction of new or modified equipments. technologies. No. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION: Personnel Responsible for Topic for Sl. 4) Consultation over changes affecting workplace HSE e. 5. To Be Communication Mode of Communication Communication Communicated 1 Awareness of HSE All Employees MR/HSE Awareness & Induction.1. in coordination with the MR.4 Communication of changes to legal & other requirements to employees shall be taken care by the MR and Manager (HR).1.2 Internal Communications may be accomplished by the use of: 1) Notice boards 2) Awareness training of facility personnel. processes procedures or work patterns.

Training in HSE plan PQP 4. System All Employees MD/MR Management Review Meeting Performance 5.3. HSE Policy All Employees MR/HSE Notice Boards and Training. Meeting. Procedure for Emergency Preparedness and Response shall be implemented. Electronic Committee Department/Project notes Team Manager 6. if required.3 The Manager (HR) / MR / Business Unit Head are responsible for responding to media communications. Department/Project Display on Notice board. Objectives & All Employees MR/Business Unit Inter office memo.3.4 Where community concerns related to a HSE emergency. Conducting meetings. by the concerned Project Manager / Business Unit Head in External Communication log 5.3. 4 . 5. Author Jawad Kadhum HSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Rev 00311 PROCEDURE Page 4 OF 6 2. Notice Targets Head/ Board.3. A log of all written and verbal communications may be maintained. Management Project Manager Review Meeting. External Consultation & Communications: 5.1 External Communication related to HSE aspects of Alyamama are carried out by Project Manager / Business Unit Head. Roles & Concerned Business Unit Integrated System Manual.B.3. 5. regulatory agencies and interested parties. to enquiries / complaints / instructions from the Government bodies. Circulating IOM Display in N.5 The Manager (HR) / MR / Business Unit Head is responsible for determining the need for and preparation of any notification to regulatory agencies on an as needed basis. Manager Conducting Training 3. in consultation with the MR. Responsibility Employees Head/ Procedures and Work Project Manager Instruction.2 The concerned Project Manager / Business Unit Head shall prepare response.3. 5 HSE Issues HSE MR/HSE Inter Office Memo. if any 5.

Social Any Environmental or Letter MD/MR/ Manager (HR)/ Association occupational concerns Head of Division raised. Author Jawad Kadhum HSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Rev 00311 PROCEDURE Page 5 OF 6 EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION: Responsibility Sl. Banks & Relevant Information as Letter MD/Senior Manager Insurers required (Finance) 5 .Any other issues raised. 3. 5. Supplier / . 4. Local -Any Environmental and Letter MD/MR/ Head of Community occupational concern raised Division/ Manager (HR)/ Project Manager -Significant aspect/risk that may affect. Party No Communication ation Recording Communicating 1. Share  Initiatives taken by the Quarterly MD Holders organization towards Report Environmental Protection  6. MR/Project Manager 2.Request for improving Letter Head Purchase/ MR Sub Environmental Protection contractor . Customer Any relevant Information as Letter Business unit Head/ required by the Customer. Topic For Mode of Interested Communic Receiving.

development Interviews. Ministries) 9.0 DOCUMENTS NIL 7. Project Manager 6. Manager (HR) Seminar Regulators Response to Show cause Letter CEO/MR/ Manager 8. (Govt. Author Jawad Kadhum HSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Rev 00311 PROCEDURE Page 6 OF 6 7. Consultants Any relevant Information as Letter Business Unit Head / required by the Customer. Media Initiatives taken by Press MD / organization & subsequent release. Consents (HR) Authorities.0 RECORDS External Communication Log 6 .