Client’s Contact Information

Client- Joan Wesley
School-Pointe South Elementary
Redesigned Materials
Here is the link to my comic-
Here is the link to the second comic-
Description of Client
The client works as a third grade teacher at Pointe South Elementary. Her classroom is 99%
African American and 1% Hispanic. The school is a Title 1 school. There are 19 boys and 7 girls.
She has one student who is classified as gifted, and one student who attends the High Potential
program, for students who are not classified as gifted, but scored high on standardized test scores
in 2nd grade. 100% of the students receive free lunch.
Instructional Problem
Students are struggling to understand the effects of humans and pollution on our environment.
Redesign of the Lesson- Instead of using the original Power Point Presentation that was created
by the teacher. I have decided to model for students how to create a comic, using characters and
specific scenes, to depict what happens to our environment when humans pollute it.
Method to Assess
Students will complete a questionnaire on the effectiveness of the lesson.
The teacher of this class, has expressed that many of her students display negative behaviors
towards learning, they are not engaged, and are unwilling to try. The teacher expressed that she
uses ppt’s sometimes, but lectures most of the time. According to y research, using political
cartoons, comics, and cartoons, can spark children’s interest, increase their creativity, keep them
engaged, and motivated to learn. I strongly feel that if her students are exposed to different
methods of teaching, this can elevate some of the behavior issues within her classroom.
Standards: The visual and literacy competency standard that is addressed is standard number 3.
I feel this way, because students had to interpret the meaning of my comic, and what message it
was trying to convey to the, The students had to take their time and analyze the images and try to
connect it to content that was previously covered during the semester. Students were eventually
able to draw the conclusion, that my comic was depicting the effects of pollution and humans on
our environment.
Standard 3 states, “The visually literate student interprets and analyzes the meanings of images
and visual media.” Listed below are several learning outcomes.
Learning Outcomes:
a. Looks carefully at an image and observes content and physical details
b. Reads captions, metadata, and accompanying text to learn about an image
c. Identifies the subject of an image
d. Examines the relationships of images to each other and uses related images to inform
e. Recognizes when more information about an image is needed, develops questions for further
research, and conducts additional research as appropriate
Survey/Questionnaire Link-
The biggest obstacles/challenges I faced with this assignment is time. Due to state testing, and
breaks, it would have been better if I taught my lesson earlier on. I had to change my lesson, due
to state testing bylaws, that prohibits us to teach material that could be on the test, after the
students have already taken the test. I planned to teach my lesson Wednesday, however I had to
change it to Thursday, and I had to change the content area to science, for this could be
considered review for the students. Working with students who have not been exposed to using
different visuals to learn was also challenging. I have exposed my students to many forms of
visuals, and they are very comfortable with using them, unlike these students. Behavior was also
a major challenge. Many of these student suffer from behavior disorders, which cause them to
feed off one another, and makes instructing very difficult at times.