Numerology Decoder

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Numerology is the philosophical and scientific study of numbers and their connection to human personality and time cycles. In a
comprehensive numerology chart using the exact date, time, place of birth, and legal birth name, over 400 aspects must be
considered for an in-depth, thorough analysis. Please consider that for absolute accuracy in numerology, all numbers in a timing
and personality chart must be interpreted in association with each other and that some positions in the chart carry more
importance than others. Only the numbers 1 through 9 are represented in the “Number Symbolism” section of this numerology outline.
Double and multiple digit numbers, master numbers (11, 22, 33…) and karmic numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) are reduced to single digits
below (fadic addition--for example, reducing 22 to 4 by adding the 2 and 2) to avoid complexity; they are topics of advanced
study. Please refer to chapter 17 in Your Love Life and Reincarnation, by Stephen Petullo ( with
contributing author Scott Petullo for information about many of the aspects below, calculation methods, further meanings of the
numbers 1 through 9 and how each of these numbers relates to love and relationships. This profile is a general numerology outline,
not a comprehensive report.
Report Date: 10/28/2003 9
_________ 5
Current Name: Leonardo DiCaprio
_________ 2
_________ 3
Birth Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
_________ 1
Birth Date: 11/11/1974 1

______________________ Life Path: (birth month + birth day + birth year) most important lessons and abilities, most important
number in the chart.
______________________ Expression: (birth name letters total) abilities and methods, destiny and general main direction of life.
______________________ Maturity Number: (Life Path + Expression) what you become during maturity, secondary Life Path.
______________________ Soul Urge: (vowel total, value of all vowels added) desires and motivations, a powerful motivator.
______________________ Outer Personality: (consonant total, value of all consonants added) how you are seen and a strong
subconscious element of your character.
______________________ Birth Day: (day of calendar month you were born) represents what you are comfortable with and how you are
seen to some extent.
____ Main Challenge: (personality and timing aspect, see below under “Timing Aspects”) secret to your success, once you master it.
____ 1
____ 1
____ Sub Challenges: (personality and timing aspects, see below under “Timing Aspects”) challenges to be turned into

______________________ Minor Expression: (total of the name you go by, the name you introduce yourself with) - subtle meaning.
______________________ Minor Soul Urge: (vowel total of the name you go by, the name you introduce yourself with) subtle meaning.
______________________ Minor Outer Personality: (consonant total of the name you go by, the name you introduce yourself with)
subtle meaning.

______________________ Number of Letters in Expression/Full Birth Name: conduit of the Expression/full birth name total (helps or
hinders), shows weaknesses and strengths.
Inclusion Table (or Intensity Table): numbers behind letters in Expression/full birth name total.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Number descriptions: Physical = 4, 5; Mental = 1, 8; Emotional = 2, 3, 6; Intuitive = 7, 9.
2 - 0 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 5

______________________ Karmic Lesson(s): (missing letter(s)/numbers in Expression) one of many indicators of character weak spots.
______________________ Ruling Passion(s): (strength of Inclusion Table) intensifies or weakens energy of the Soul Urge and
strengthens abilities.
____________________________________ Intensity Point(s): (parts of Inclusion Table that have less than or more than average amount
of numbers) shows limitations and strengths.
______________________ Subconscious Self: (subtract the number of Karmic Lessons from 9) an aura and emotional reaction in crisis.
L 12/3
______________________ Cornerstone: (first letter of full birth name) general physical and mental style.
E 5
______________________ First Vowel in Full Birth Name: general emotional nature and response.
______________________ First Name Total/Key: physical self, connected strongly to money and material interests.
______________________ Middle Name Total: good indicator of emotional self, connected strongly to love life (if more than three
parts to Expression/full birth name, all parts of name except first and last names are combined to form one middle name total).
______________________ Last Name Total: spiritual self.
______________________ Balance Number: (total of the value of the initials of the full birth name, this is the Essence cycle at
birth, see below under “Current Timing Aspects” for information about the Essence) indicates how to most effectively stabilize the
personal energy during challenging or demanding times.
______________________ Rational Thought/Angle of Eccentricity: (first name total + birth day) intellectual tendency and mental

Planes of Expression: (number of physical, mental, emotional and intuitive letters and their total values, type of temperament
indicated by plane(s) with the most letters) Planes of Expression symbolize effectiveness and limitations of physical, mental,
emotional and intuitive temperaments and act as filters for birth name aspects like the Expression.
____ 54/9
_________________ Physical Plane of Expression: (number of physical letters and value of those letters; d/4, e/5, m/4, w/5).
____ 76/13/4
_________________ Mental Plane of Expression: (# of mental letters and value…; a/1, g/7, h/8, j/1, l/3, n/5, p/7).
____ 108/9
_________________ Emotional Plane of Expression: (# of emot…; b/2, i/9, o/15/6, r/18/9, s/19/1, t/20/2, x/15/6, z/26/8).
____ 3
_________________ Intuitive Plane of Expression: (# of intu……; c/3, f/6, k/11/2, q/17/8, u/21/3, v/22/4, y/25/7).

21/3 ______________________ Third Life Path Period: starts in the 1 Personal Year (see below) nearest the 56th birthday and lasts for the rest of the life. the smaller from the larger number). 2013 (age 39) 3rd Pinnacle: _________________________ Nov 11. Timing Aspects Life Path Periods: these three long-term cycles together span the entire life. 41/5. 2003 Scott A. 2041/7. 27/9.4 ______________________ First Pinnacle: starts at birth and lasts until the second Pinnacle. 2025/9. 2035/10/1. but powerful energy representation that is an undercurrent to personal timing. 1 ______________________ Second Challenge: subtract the second Life Path Period from the third Life Path Period (or the third from the second. 2004 2004 2nd Life Path Period: January 1st ________ 2031 to January 1st ________. 2004 (age 30) to _________________________. 2063/11/2.4 ______________________ Current Pinnacle: (see above) 0 ______________________ Current Challenge: (see above) 2003/5 ______________________ Current Universal Year: (current calendar year reduced to single and/or double digits) universal timing vibration. 32/5. 2022 (age 48) 4th Pinnacle: _________________________ to remainder of life. Period. 1 ______________________ Third/Main Challenge: subtract the First Challenge from the Second Challenge (or the Second Challenge from the First Challenge. Period changes always occur on January 1st. begins January 1st and ends December 31st each year. the smaller from the larger number). subtle.5 ______________________ Second Pinnacle: subtract the single digit Life Path number (see above) from the number 37. the smaller from the larger number). the initials of that name form the Essence during the first year of life) powerfully symbolic of predestined events. 2004 (age 30) 2nd Pinnacle: _________________________ Nov 11.27/9 ______________________ Current Personal Year: (birth month + birth day + current calendar year) important medium-term cycle. age ____ 2013/6.23/5 ______________________ 27 (see below).5 ______________________ Fourth Pinnacle: starts at the end of the third Pinnacle and lasts for the rest of the life.9 ______________________ Third Pinnacle: starts at the end of the second Pinnacle and lasts for nine years. 2013 (age 39) to _________________________. Pinnacles: these four long-term cycles together span the entire life. 1st Pinnacle: Birth Nov 11. Challenges: these four long-term cycles span the entire life and match the length of timing of each of the four Pinnacles. but powerful energy representation that is an undercurrent to personal timing. Nov 11.23/5 ______________________ Current Essence: 28 (an aspect going from birthday to birthday derived from the letters of the full age ____ birth name.37/10/1 ______________________ Current Personal Month: (birth month + birth day + current calendar year + current calendar month) important short-term cycle. 45/9. Nov 11. but powerful energy representation that is an undercurrent to personal timing. 22/4.15/6 ______________________ Current Universal Month: (current calendar year added to calendar month and reduced to single and/or double digits) universal timing vibration. 2031 3rd Life Path Period: January 1st ________ throughout the rest of the life. Current Timing Aspects 11/2 ______________________ Current Life Path Period: (see above) 22/4.65/11/2 ______________________ Current Personal Day: (current Personal Month added to the current calendar day of the current calendar month) an easy to track and very noticeable daily cycle. 11/2 ______________________ First Life Path Period: starts at birth and lasts until the second Life Path Period. L. Personal Months for the current calendar year 28/1 _______ 29/2 _______ 30/3 _______ 31/4 _______ 32/5 _______ 33/6 _______ 34/7 _______ 35/8 _______ 36/9 _______ 37/1 _______ 38/2 _______ 39/3 _______ J F M A M J J A S O N D Universal Months for the current calendar year 6 _______ 7 _______ 8 _______ 9 _______ 10/1 _______ 11/2 _______ 12/3 _______ 13/4 _______ 14/5 _______ 15/6 _______ 16/7 _______ 17/8 _______ J F M A M J J A S O N D Copyright © 1998.18/9 ______________________ Next Essence: 29 (see above). 23/5. the smaller from the larger number). Nov 11. 1 ______________________ Fourth Challenge: subtract the first Life Path Period from the third Life Path Period (or the third from the first. subtle.P. 1st Life Path Period: birth to January 1st ________. the result is the age at which the second Pinnacle begins (this Pinnacle lasts for nine years). added to current calendar month.43/7 ______________________ Current Universal Day: (current calendar year. 0 ______________________ First Challenge: subtract the first Life Path Period from the second Life Path Period (or the second from the first. Pinnacle changes always occur on the birthday.P. Previous Essence: age ____ 41/5. subtle. 11/2 ______________________ Second Life Path Period: starts in the 1 Personal Year (see below) nearest the 28th birthday and lasts until the third L. added to current calendar day and reduced to single and/or double digits) universal timing vibration. Petullo Corporation . 2022 (age 48) to _________________________.

hedonistic. uncaring. shortsighted. insatiable. cowardly. modesty. home and family. excitement. ego. lacking integrity. intellectual. vacillating. too frank. visionary. flexible. ambitious. travel. fanatic. impatient. promotion. love. domineering. sensuality. sensible. self-at-all-cost attitude. 7: The number 7 is connected to mysticism. aggressive. defiant. indulgent. public recognition. dramatic emotional ups and downs. health issues. karma. Under-balanced 5 energy: fear of change. sincere. marriage. friendships. forward-thinking. ignorant. rebellious. depressed. concentration. financial awareness. forgiving. victimized. different wavelength. romance. irresolute. receptive. studious. unwelcoming. work. responsibility. lost in detail. I R = 9 Copyright © 1998. attracting unsolicited help. insecure. weak will. neglectful. sexual expression. hazy. reckless. inspiration. curious. inactive. evasive. management. business success. secretive. exact. efficiency. self-improvement. faint-hearted. Balanced 8 energy: prosperous. balanced. specialization. transmutation. pleasure. business success. clear-headed. Balanced 9 energy: artistic. materialistic. devious. reliable. material objects. 8: The number 8 is tied to influence. sacrificing. dependent. romance. analytical. mystical. lowered physical vitality. magnetic. stable finances. modest. distracted. Balanced 6 energy: domestic. H Q Z = 8. subservient. dreary. persevering. analysis. resentfully resisting. power. intuition. guarded. adaptable. helpful. self-confident. ineffective. unsympathetic. energetic. marriage. leadership. loss. nervous. integrity. disheartened. dreamer. clairvoyant. impractical. sensitive. empty-headed. Over-balanced 8 energy: abuses power. dramatic endings. adventure. dejected. distant. humanitarian. addicted. 3: The number 3 is related to laughter. indecisive. unthinking. harmonizing. clever. pessimistic. interfering. poor judgment. passionate. cautious. emotional crisis. conclusions. control. humane. lack of integrity. travel. effective. friendly. uncompromising. freedom. persuasive. secretive. planning. high-powered. reward. petty. courage and isolation. uninformed. hospitable. inflexible. uncooperative. coarse. avoids power and money. reflective. Balanced 7 energy: metaphysical interests. amusing. impersonal. opinionated. deep love. action. good times. philanthropic. possessive. intolerant. rhythm. Number Symbolism 1: The number 1 is connected with new starts. idle. appropriately dissolving career or personal relationships at the right time. new opportunity. tolerance. creating foundations that last. dynamic. material freedom. helpless. disconsolate. drifting. dependent. F O X = 6. impersonal. wise. B K T = 2. fear of freedom. examination. 5: The number 5 is related to advertising. disloyal. overreaction to money. self-employment. loving. 6: The number 6 is linked to domestic issues. gossipy. harmony. Petullo Corporation . artistic creativity. perfectionist. ending relationships too soon. possessive. appreciative. travel. fluctuation. demanding. unforgiving. money. cultivated. tolerant. physical activity. elitist. gives personal power away. emotionally volatile. critical. hateful. dictatorial. Over-balanced 1 energy: selfish. mercurial. irresponsible. restless. sensible. over-sexed. extreme independence. superficial. unyielding. lack of self-respect. Balanced 2 energy: tactful. loyal. benevolent. fearful. greedy. reflection. affectionate. over-emotional. serious. weary. generous. expert. narrow-minded. sales. telepathic. broadminded. confident. indecisive. bold. C L U = 3. creative. exaggerating. D M V = 4. intimidating. inefficient. making new friends. leadership. charming. 9: The number 9 is associated with unconditional love. corrupt. charity. partnerships. rough. Balanced 3 energy: honest emotional expression. healthy balanced living. expressionless. E N W = 5. vindictive. attracting love. interfering. supportive. teaching. thrill-seeking. routine. tolerant. sentimental. self-reliant. Balanced 5 energy: multifaceted. Over-balanced 4 energy: rigid. harmony. provincial. repressed emotions. liberated. writing. independent. flexibility. paranoid. warm. condescending. healthy limits. trustworthy. unreasonable obstinate. superficial. disapproving. temperamental. determination. Over-balanced 6 energy: distorted idealism. Under-balanced 9 energy: ultraconservative. slow moving energy. divorce. Under-balanced 8 energy: passive. emotional love. vulnerable. administration. imaginative. scientific. artistic and creative matters. plodding. conserving assets. Under-balanced 1 energy: passive. stable. self-depreciating. over-ambitious. Under-balanced 7 energy: lack of depth. literary talent. disorganized. naïve. the finest life has to offer. faultfinding. dull. vivacious. quick recoveries. enthusiastic. instinctive. submissive. G P Y = 7. independence. organization. headstrong. unemotional. poised. confrontational. peace-making. cautious. biased. persistent. self-doubting. hanging on to associations that have expired. forgiveness. overly sensitive. sex. gain. magnetism. receptivity. self-important. status. unsociable. analysis. solitude. Balanced 1 energy: initiative. preoccupied with power and money. idealism. numb emotions. self-centered. bookish. scheming. self-depreciating. methodical. optimistic. self-conscious. prejudiced. overconfident. teamwork. honorable. aggressive. Under-balanced 6 energy: uncaring. and slow growth. businesslike. managing finances. erratic. health matters. forward looking. advising. protective. undeveloped. responsible. unconcerned. elusive. changeable. too trusting. resourceful. 4: The number 4 is associated with material interests. relationships. cowardly. Over-balanced 5 energy: over-indulgent. Under-balanced 2 energy: unresponsive. limitation and lack of fun and excitement. details. disciplined. thrifty. deceitful. Over-balanced 9 energy: deceiving. bad example. patient. Over-balanced 3 energy: lacks concentration. scatters energy. unsure. ambitious. compassion. domineering. 2: The number 2 is linked to sensitivity. indecisive. increased mental activity. Under-balanced 4 energy: apathetic. Under-balanced 3 energy: insincere emotional expression. bored. creative. apprehensive. Over-balanced 2 energy: scheming. Numbers Behind Letters: A J S = 1. inarticulate. divorce. unenthusiastic. structure. commanding. inner growth. critical. careless. stamina. friendships. business failure. devoted. deep. Over-balanced 7 energy: fearful. lack of faith. emotions. lethargic. resentful. impatient. easy money and instability. perceptive. stubborn. cold-blooded. enterprising. leadership by example. changes. well liked. manipulative. assertive. putting ideas into form. courteous. meditative. hostile. originality. egotistical. communication. amusement. developing spirituality. Balanced 4 energy: productive. diplomatic. loving. behind the scenes work. non-committal. conforming. karma. arrogant. dependent. mystified. insecure. cooperation. truth-seeker. standing alone. liberal. fussy. study. disciplined. jealous. stagnant. distrustful. 2003 Scott A.