.....4 2............0 CONTRIBUTION................6 3....0 CONCLUSION........................2 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND...................................................................4 2................3 2.. FREDDY LAGEY JELUM 4152000581 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.........1 PERSONAL DETAILS............0 INTRODUCTION..........4 2........................ ..............................5 AWARDS.....9 4...........................................................................................0 REFERENCE............... ........4 PUBLISHING.12 2 ..........10 5........11 6........2 CLINICAL EXPERIENCES..................1 FOUNDING UNIVERSITY INSTITUTIONS.............................7 3.5 3...............3 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS.......0 PERSONAL BACKGROUND............7 3...................3 PROFESSIONS..................8 3.......0 PERSONAL VIEW........................6 3..................

contributions and awards received by many organization worldwide. his education levels. his professions. Some peoples called him as The Father of Islamic Psychology. journals and books. 3 . Thus.1. we will provide you his information about personal background. He start to studies all about psychology. Malik Badri to starts his journey as a Islamic Psychologist.0 INTRODUCTION In the slide show a hadith that inspire Professor Dr. Through this assessment. he is the one who started the journey of Islamic psychology through his studies. about islam and about muslim itself. Islam should be have their own perspective. He believed that psychology’s theories are not only come from the western side. Islam are perfect who will provide all kind of knowledge for muslims to dig out which is As-sunnah and al-Quran.

While. in 1977 he registered as British Psychological Society (F. mostly in his publications he used the nick-name of Malik Badri. Dr. England in 1961. Prof. Medical School of London University by the year 1967. Professor Dr. Besides that. English and Ivrit (Hebrew). Middlesex Hospital.2. Malik Badri is a Sudanese who already gained Malaysia permanent residency on 1997 as he worked as a professor in psychology department of International Islamic University Malaysia started 1992. bachelor degree and master in Education at American University of Beirut by the year 1956 to 1958 and furthering his Ph. USA. Dr. 2. He was born on 16th February 1932.D in University of Leicester.0 PERSONAL BACKGROUND 2. Known as Professor Dr. Moreover. Prof. thus this year he is already 83 years old. he joined Clinical Fellow Behavior Therapy and Research Society in Temple University. 4 .Ps.1 PERSONAL DETAILS His name is Malik Babikir Badri. Malik Badri. Malik Badri is chartered as Psychologist (Clinical psychologist) of the British Psychological Society with Practicing Certificate that allows him to practice psychotherapy in Britain. He has the abilities to spoke and write in three different language which is Arabic.B. Malik Badri has been certified of Clinical Psychology by Academic Department of Psychiatry. started 1985.S) in the division of Clinical Psychology. in 1989.2 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND He gained his diploma.

Move to the next year. Between those years. Ethiopia. In the between of that. Sudan and also Head of Department of Applied Psychology in the same university by the year 1977 until 1980. he start promoted as a Full Professor of Psychology in Department of Psychology and also appointed as a Director of the Psychological Clinic in University of Riyadh. which is 1983 until 1984. Academy of Pedagogy in Bahar Dar. 1965 he visiting professor and head of department of Psychology in University of Jordan. The next year. which is in the year 1973 to 1974. In the year 1981 to 1982 and 1984 to 1985. Done as a director of Psychological Clinic in University of Riyadh. Moreover.3 PROFESSIONS Professor Doctor Malik Badri started his profession as Assistant Professor in American University of Beirut. he is appointed reader in Psychology Department of Psychology and Education also being a director of counselling and guidance unit in Omdurman Islamic University at Sudan. In addition.2. during those years which is from 1986 until 1989 he has been 5 . Lebanon from the year 1962 to 1964. Since 1967 to 1971. he turn to be Dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Khartoum. he is appointed as UNESCO Expert in Psychology. he appointed as a Dean of Faculty Education and Vice Chancellor of University of Juba in Southern Sudan. he back into Saudi Arabia as a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology and senior clinical psychologist in the Medical Clinic of Imam Mohamad bin Saud University in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia since 1971 to 1973 and 1974 to 1977. Saudi Arabia. started from 1985 until 1992 he is re-appointed as a professor of Psychology department in University of Khartoum back in Sudan.

The last but not least. referring to his profession we could see he shared his knowledge through being a professor or a dean in Sudan. He also gives his contribution into worldwide organization such as World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Educational. For his contribution. Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Saudi Arabia even in Malaysia. he has been appointed as a professor of Islamic Psychology in the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization. June 1992 where he start his career in Malaysia as a professor of psychology on Department of Psychology of the International Islamic University Malaysia until July 1994. Professor Doctor Malik Badri is a founder of the Faculties of Education and Islamic Studies in the African 6 . In here. he had been re- appointed as dean and professor in the Department of Psychology in the International Islamic University Malaysia. there are three division of contribution which are. 3. he held two position which is dean and a professor. 3.0 CONTRIBUTION Professor Doctor Malik Badri has contribute very well in our social organizations worldwide.asked to establish the Faculties of Islamic Studies and Education in the International African University Khartoum and he serves as Dean for both faculties.1 FOUNDING UNIVERSITY INSTITUTIONS In the founding university institutions. clinical experience in psychiatric clinical and hospital and international organizations. Continuously. founding of university institutions. he has been selected by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as professor in the International Islamic University. Islamabad for the academic year 2006 until 2007 and lastly.

Medical School of London’s University from the year 1966 to 1967. From 1969 until 1971. Sudan. Saudi Arabia from 1972 to 1975. 3. Degree in early childhood education in the Ahfad University.2 CLINICAL EXPERIENCES Through the contribution of clinical experiences in psychiatric clinic and hospital. In the next year. Prof. 1977 to 1981. Sudanese psychologist honored he with the title of Honorary President of the Society and the last one Prof Malik Badri is a developer of the curriculum for the M. in the year 1980 until 1985 he is a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the Medical Services Clinic of the University of Imam Mohammad Bin Saud. Riyadh. Malik Badri is a clinical fellow in the Department of Psychiatry of the Middlesex Hospital.A. He also a founder of the counselling and guidance unit of Omdurman Islamic University and hired as the first director of that university from 1968 till 1970. He also be a founder of the counselling and guidance unit of Omdurman Islamic University. he is the founder of Psychological clinic of the University of Riyadh and being a Senior Clinical Psychologist for five years. he found the Department of Applied Psychology in the Faculty of Education of the University of Khartoum and was its first head.International University.3 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 7 . Since that he practicing psychotherapy in private clinics. Sudan. He had been appointed as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in Al-Riyadh Central Hospital. In the year. Omdurman in Sudan by the year 1990. He also the founder of the Psychological Clinic of the University of Riyadh and the first director of Senior Clinical Psychologist for five years which is 1971 until 1973 and 1975 until 1977. Moreover. Khartoum. He founding President of the Sudanese Psychological Society where lately. 3. he is a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the Clinic for Nervous Disorders Khartoum.

Bahar Dar on Ethiopia. they excel above other comtemplators because have higher incentives and expectations from God. 3.4 PUBLISHING Meanwhile. he also published some books as his efforts to contribute and gives out his knowledge sharing with others which are. London in the year 1978.W. The last part of his contribution is experiences with international organization which is World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations Educational. This book has been translated into Arabic. Institute of Pedagogy. Through this book. He being a WHO member of Panels and Co-author of two studies on mental Health problems in developing countries such as UK and America. Prof Malik Badri suggest that when Muslims contemplate the creation. This book simply explains the pitfalls of following the secular psychology for muslims knowledge.H. “The dilemma of muslim psychologist” been published by M. Malay and Turkish. Those report is “The promotion and development of traditional medicine” for the year 1978 and “Organization of Mental Health services in developing countries” in 1975. the self and the laws of the Almighty therein. His first contribution with UNESCO started from the year 1973 until 1974 as an Expert in Psychology. In this book he prove how human sciences can support faith and spiritual values and how when a mind 8 . It is published based on a paper entitled “Muslim Pschologist in The Lizard’s Hole” read in 1975 at the 4 th Annual Convention of the Association of Muslim Social Scientist (AMSS) of the United States and Canada. Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The last one is he has been elected as WHO expert in the Committee on Traditional Medical Practices for the year 1980 until 1984. The second one is “Contemplation: an Islamic Psychospiritual study” that has been published by IIIT in London and printed by Cambridge University Press in the year 2001.

The medal. guided by the Qur’an and the Sunnah it will graced by the light of faith and the light of revelation as well as by the guiding light of reason. He received honorary Doctor of Science (D. Sudan and Pakistan. Currently. through this book Prof Malik Badri describe all the bad things about anal sex that positively set as a myth and aversion to simply it as a result of cultural outlook that are already growing through community. this book used as a reference in community medicine and public heath in medical faculties in a number of Middle Eastern and Asian Universities such as Yemen.Sc. Omdurman.5 AWARDS Prof. Malik Badri has been awarded the highest academic award in Sudan known as Zudair Price for Academic Excellence on 1 st April 2003. has been awarded the Bachelor of Arts (B. 3. scrolls and financial reward were presented by President of Sudan. Sudan. Thus. Honorary president of the Sudanese Psychological Society.) from Ahfad University. 9 . Honorary President of the International Association of Muslim Psychologist in February 2009.A) from the American University of Beirut with Distinction and in 1980 till 1984 being elected as a member of the WHO committee on Traditional Medical Practices. This book was bestowed with the Award of the best contribution to Islamic medicine for the year 2000 by the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa. This book underline the fact that even education text book promoting anal sex. The last one is “The AIDS Crisis: an Islamic Sociocultural perspective” that published by ISTAC in 1997. It third edition was published in South Africa by Islamic Medical Association and Kuala Lumpur by Medeena Books under the title “The AIDS crisis: a natural product of modernity’s sexual revolution” in the year 2000. He also elected as President of the International Association of Muslim Psychologist in August 1977. President Omar Albashir. He has been elected as a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

10 .

we sees he is the one who bringing the new perspective view of psychology in Islam started in the year of 1978 through his journal of Muslim Social Scientist in USA titled “Muslim Psychologist in the Lizard’s hole”. He opened eyes of others muslim psychologists about the theories proposed by secular psychologist and motivate Islamic psychologist to seeing psychology through Islamic scope that proved that psychology are not only scientific study but also able to relate with spiritual study and religion views. personally it shows that he have high determination to make a change into psychology fields through all his efforts. Thus. 11 . Which shows he is really concern about society development through how he being a founder of some universities. That gives them an ability to make some contribution for society such as what has been done by Dr. faculties and publishing. The last our point of view is it proved that he had contribute a lot of goodness towards society.4. Alizi Alias who already apply Iman Restoration Therapy (IRT) among adulthood clients which gives high impact towards his clients. Firstly. spiritual and Islamic based on Al-Quran and As-sunnah. As he really gives out all his knowledge in many shaped that he knows will give a big impact in the future. He has high determination that may create awareness among Islamic psychologist to started their studies with relativity in Islamic perspective. we believe that numerous Islamic psychologist nowadays able to see the relation between psychology. On the other ways. through his awareness.0 PERSONAL VIEW This is our personal view about Professor Doctor Malik Badri.

After that. He said that instead introduce western thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle.5. we should introduce students and societies about muslim scientist. he believed that Islam is not just a psychological western science but also been perfected with the justification from al-Qur’an and Hadith. Finally. we bring out his theory proposed in the Islamic Psychology where he assume that there are two types of Islamization which are.0 CONCLUSION As a conclusion. from that Islamic psychologist would able to sees the history of the human soul. proposal through detailed examine. (1) to enhancing the Islamic way of life for muslims and (2) how to make psychology as a study that is appropriate and beneficial for muslims (To use Islam to help muslims). This could be achieved through three related ways proposed by him which are. theories. he proposed Islamic psychologist should gradually build their own psychology and departs from the needs and worldview we as Muslims through initiating new theories and methods with new outcomes of research and therapy. firstly muslims should have the knowledge about past muslim’s scientists artworks. 12 .

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