SCHOOL – Scoala Gimnaziala Darza- Crevedia
GRADE – 1st
LEVEL –Beginners
TEACHER – Balasa Adela Mihaela
LESSON – I love my Pet
TYPE OF LESSON – Vocabulary
DATE – 3rd,March 2017
TIME – 45 minutes


By the end of the lesson the students will be able:
1. To enrich vocabulary related to pets
2. To identify the pets
3. To ask and answer questions related to their favourite pets
4. To feel more positive when expressing their ideas in English;

· speaking listening
· reading writing

· dialogues
· group work
· observation
· explanation
· pair work
· overhead projector
· flipchart
· whiteboard
· notebooks
· handouts

 If students have problems understanding the English tasks, the teacher may rephrase the task
so that all students will understand it; if students still do not understand the tasks, these
will be translated into Romanian for them.

Then point to one picture and elicit the word. bit by bit.T PROCEDURE T asks Ss to sing and dance “ Form banana”. ESTIMATED TIME *10 minutes . To predict the topic of the lesson COMPETENCES INTERACTION *Ss – T *T – Ss PROCEDURE Teacher asks Ss to play "Flashcard Reveal": T takes the first flashcard and place it behind the pack of the other cards. *Ss read their homework. LEAD IN AIDS Whiteboard. then write it clearly under the card. Slowly push the flashcard up so that the picture is revealed. flashcards AIM . Teacher checks. *helping students feel relaxed. Encourage everyone to shout out what they think it is until someone gets the right answer. Teacher sings and dances with the Ss. ESTIMATED TIME *3 minute TRANSITION TO THE NEW TOPIC AIDS SS’ homework AIM *checking if there were any problems with their homework. INTERACTION *Ss – Ss *Ss – T PROCEDURE *T asks Ss what their homework was. ESTIMATED TIME *2 minutes PRESENTATION: A.ACTIVITIES WARM UP AIM *creating a pleasant atmosphere for the English class. so it is hidden from view. It is ok if students shout out the word in their language if they don't know it – but make sure you teach the English word. Chorus each word three times and stick onto the board. 1. INTERACTION *T – Ss *Ss . chorus them one more time. to the class. Once all of the cards are on the board.

Activity 2 B. worksheet AIM To identify the pets COMPETENCES Teacher asks Ss the following questions: What is your favourite pet? Do you have a pet? Teacher asks to solve the worksheet form appendix 1. Teacher asks Ss to read the words.Ss . and then to make sentence: This is a dog/cat/hamster/fish/turtle/bird. Teacher writes the words on the board and reads the words.T PROCEDURE Teacher asks Ss to repeat the pets which are on the board. COMPETENCES INTERACTION *Ss. Teacher checks their answers and gives feedback. Teacher asks Ss to pay attention the way we read and the way we write the words. Teacher helps Ss. handouts AIM -To enrich vocabulary related to pets COMPETENCES INTERACTION *Ss – Ss *Ss .Ss *Ss – T PROCEDURE ESTIMATED TIME 10 minutes PRODUCTION/ FEED-BACK post- reading AIDS Worksheet AIM To feel more positive when expressing their ideas in English. AIDS Whiteboard. INTERACTION *Ss . whenever they need the help. ESTIMATED TIME 7 minutes Practice 1 DEVELOPMENT/ PRACTICE AIDS Whiteboard. one by one.

Each group has got a different pet. ESTIMATED TIME *10 minutes Emotional Feedback/ Aims’ checklist AIMS *getting feed-back from the Ss INTERACTION *Ss . INTERACTION *T . ESTIMATED TIME *2 minute .T PROCEDURE *T asks Ss to say a colour which best describes their emotional state at the end of the English class. Teacher asks Ss if they like puzzles. They have to match the pieces and then. relying on the information provided during the class.Ss PROCEDURE Teacher asks Ss to form groups of four. Teacher informs Ss they are going to solve a puzzle. The puzzle represents a pet. to colour the final product. Teacher presents the final product to the class.Ss PROCEDURE T asks to draw their favorite pet. *Ss – Ss *T . ESTIMATED TIME *3 minute Assigning Homework AIM : To practise present perfect tenses.

Pets Words Search Write the words from the word bank under the correct pictures and find them in the grid. Word Bank bird cat dog fish hamster rabbit turtle .

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