1.1 Issue Background

A letter for a job application is a very important letter. If you
are sending a CV it is normal to include a covering letter.
Sometimes a letter is all you need for a job application. The job
advertisement will always tell you how to apply. The way you
present the letter is your first introduction to the person who could
be your new employer. As luck would have it, there is a standard
format for this kind of letter, and this makes the letter much easier
to write.

Writing letters is an art in itself, although people say it is a
dying art. There are two types of letters, formal and informal. A
formal letter is the kind of letter you would send with a job
application or to the bank manager. An informal letter is a letter you
would write to a friend or relation. So this paper will discuss all
about application later.

1.2 Problem formulation
Based on the issue background above, the problems discussed
can be formulated as follows:
1. What is the meaning of Application Letter?
2. What are the purposes of Application Letter?
3. What are the components of Application Letter?
4. What is the characteristic of Application Letter?
5. How to write Application Letter?
6. What is the example of Application Letter?


1.3 Purpose of the paper
Purposes of this paper are:
1. Knowing the definition of Application Letter
2. Knowing the purposes of Application Letter
3. Knowing components of Application Letter
4. Knowing characteristic of Application Letter
5. Knowing how to write Application Letter
6. Knowing the example of Application Letter

1.4 Significant of the paper
The information or knowledge of this paper is expected to be
useful reference for the readers or others for the information
about Application Letter.


2.1 Definition of Application Letter

An application letter is a formally written one-page letter that
accompanies a resume and other requested documentation in
application for a job or academic program. Application letters are


The Purposes of Application Letter a. 2.2. an application letter should also take time to highlight the qualifications that prepare the writer for acceptance into the job or academic program. According to Cambridge dictionary application letter is a letter that you write to a company when you are applying for a job. c. and illustrates your experience. and benefits.3 The Components of Application Letter Components of application letter are: 3 . bonuses.often synonymous with cover letters. An application letter is a letter submitted in support of an application for something. 2. to introduce or describe work experience and training The letter has information on how to contact the employment agency for job openings. you can state your credentials and what makes you qualified. It showcases your abilities and strengths. especially a job. b. You can also say if you are truly interested in applying and why. Through the application letter. To say your intent to apply for a certain job or college. Express your interest in attending an institution or receiving a position. and in addition to describing what materials are included in the application. salary.

Closing Use “yours sincerely” if you are addressing to the responsible officer. Smith: Dear Ms. not business letters. Positivity 4 . arouse the employer’s desire to interview you.) Example: Dear Mr. 6. use “Yours faithfully” and Sign your name below the closing remark and type your name under signature. These paragraphs should attract the employer’s attention. and request that the employer take action in the form of an interview. Salutation This is also known as the greeting. The person’s name should be followed by a colon (:) or left blank. Date 3. Enclosures Resume and copy of certificates should be attached to the letter. 2. Chambers: 5. otherwise. 7. 1. state your interest in the company and position. Return Address 2. (Commas are permissible for use in personal letters. Inside / Letter Address Write in the following sequence  Name of the responsible officer  Post of the responsible officer (title)  Name of the organization (company name)  Address of the organization (street address. Do not use a comma. province and postal code) 4. Body The body of the letter contains four basic parts and should be three or four paragraphs long.4 The Characteristic of Application Letter 1.

If you lack experience in a particular area. If your cover letter parrots generic administrative experience. Quality application letters are written in an enthusiastic tone. passionate and friendly tone . Simply going on about your past work experience and successes is not only boring for the reader but often wholly irrelevant to the matter at hand. Poor cover 5 . Perspicacity To many job seekers. Enthusiasm can be as effective as experience. generalized descriptions of their prior professional experience will be understood by recruiters and human resources professionals. This can often be difficult if you're mired in a lengthy job search. Recruiters and human resources professionals aren't interested in reading about every job you've ever had. 2. Delineate your specific experience as it relates to the tasks and responsibilities outlined in the job description. Close your letter by stating that you are looking forward to an interview and that you are eager to learn more about the position. chances are you'll be deemed a generic candidate. the position probably isn't right for you. but it is a must. which is to land an interview. your cover letter should clearly state your desire to learn more about a specific facet of the organization or a professional skill. Your cover letter should explicate your interest and qualifications in a positive. their professional experience is so familiar to them that they tend to assume sweeping. 3. If you find yourself faking the enthusiasm. Initialization Effective application letters should initiate action.

letters simply conclude under the assumption that the ball is now in the employer's court. you can use your letter to get you in the door. you need to write a cover letter for the job application. 2. Next you will compare those to your skills and experiences on your resume. Part 1 (preparing your letter) 1. but before you can submit.  In the left column write down the requirements and skills needed for the job  In the right column write down points from your resume that fit those. and in the right “My Skills”.  Having these points of interest that correlate to the job will help you provide the most important information in your cover letter quickly and effectively. By highlighting your most applicable skills to the job. and can seem like a waste of time. writing a quick and tailored letter of application can be the difference between getting the job or not. people do.5 How to Write Application Letter You’ve found the perfect job opportunity and have updated your resume. 6 . and telling your potential employer how you can be a great asset to the team. Grab a piece of paper and make two columns. Read the job application carefully and become familiar with the requirements for this job. If you live in the same city or near the employer. The left column write “Requirements”. state that you would welcome the opportunity to visit. While it may be the last thing you want to do. Words on a page don't sell skills.

 If you don’t know the name of the hiring manager. Make sure your document is aligned to the left. You want to make it as easy as possible for your prospective employer to contact you and know who you are. 2. search the company’s website to see if you can find him. and have done your research on the hiring manager for the position. Include the current date. add your contact information:  Name  Address  Phone number  Email address  Personal website (if you have one)  LinkedIn profile 3.  By including the contact information of the company to which you are applying. Go to LinkedIn. then separated by a space. Start your letter by adding your contact information at the top. his title. name of company and address. you are showing that you have taken the time to write a specific letter or application to this company. Include the company’s information After you include your information.  Doing your homework puts you ahead of a majority of applications which are clearly generic cut and paste letters. 7 . Before you begin your letter. make sure that you have the proper letterhead. you need to include the name of the employer to whom you are applying for the job. and shows you are dedicated.

as this is informal. What is it about the company that you like? Give an example. you want to be formal and start with a proper address. Don’t address it to “To whomsoever it May Concern”. treat your application letter like a news article. 4. declarative statement that informs your reader that you are excited to be applying for [the position] at [company]. To begin your letter. a simple “Dear [Department] Hiring Manager” will do. Don’t bury the leaded.  Open with a strong. and don’t be afraid to be a little conversational depending on how casual the company is. Write an engaging first paragraph Employers read a lot of cover letters. and even search Twitter. if you don’t have the hiring manager’s name. see if you can find the head of the department to which you are applying. 8 . Address your letter to the person whom you are writing. generic. and gives the impression that you haven’t researched the company.  Be short and specific with what attracted you to the job. If all else fails and you have no name. and most of the time a hiring manager will scan them quickly deciding if your letter goes in the trash or the “keep” pile. Example: “[Department] Hiring Manager”. it’s ok to address your cover letter to the hiring manager of the department. Once again. Part 2 (Writing your letter) 1. If you can’t narrow down a specific name.

such as via a job site. Explain why hiring you will benefit the employer You don’t want to tell them why getting hired will benefit you. the company’s site. There’s a reason this position is open. still be sure to include where you found the application. but that you are a good fit by writing in a similar tone to the company. 2. You’re here to solve it. do some research and see if you know anyone at the company. State where you found the position to which you are applying Before applying. These should highlight why you will be great in the role. If you don’t have a contact at the company.  For example. etc 3.  Look at your list of accomplishments and experience and find one or two examples that you can speak about. look at your accomplishments to see if you have any experience that 9 . and don’t be afraid to name drop if you have the employee’s permission.  For example: if you are applying to a company that writes news articles. you might want to be more authoritative. try to embody a tone that is similar to those articles. It’s always better to have an in and reference. there’s a problem that needs solving. Are they serious. if you see that the position needs someone who can lead a team and handle multiple projects at once. but always be polite. in a newspaper.  Show the manager that you are not only familiar with the company’s work. do they add humor? If it’s a more formal company like a big marketing firm or financial institution.

don’t be afraid to dig deep. When describing why hiring you will benefit the employer. While more recent accomplishments are a good place to start. Paint a picture of yourself that’s not on your resume A hiring manager can read your CV or resume and see what you have done in your previous jobs. You want to show the hiring manager who the person behind the accomplishments is.  Anytime that you can provide stats and numbers.  Look for quick anecdotes that highlight how you’ve been able to solve issues that the company you are applying for might have based on the requirements. If you are applying to your dream job. you want to mirror the job qualifications to two or three of your abilities and experiences that show why you’re perfect for the role. and your skills section from your outline for more explanations of your qualifications and skills. 5. chances are this company has somehow shaped your life. Briefly summarize your strengths. you may have done something in the past that fits perfectly to the requirements.  Include the most relevant aspects of your career. solves that need. 10 . If you've led team members before.  Refer to your CV or resume. do so. express how the company has impacted you personally. 4.  In one or two sentences. and experience In your second paragraph. qualifications. try to use stats like an increase in revenue or a cut down on costs under your leadership. briefly speak to how your leadership skills increased productivity across multiple projects.

It’s about how your contributions will help the company. remember that you want to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. You can conclude your letter by thanking the hiring manager and ending with a statement like “I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Ask yourself what you would be looking for in a candidate if you were hiring.” Don’t just ask the hiring manager to contact you if he feels you are a good fit. But by showing the human side of yourself with a story. Sign of 11 . Show some confidence (without being cocky) by telling him that you look forward to speaking further. and keep it short. Part 3 (Finishing up the letter) 1. When you explain how you can contribute to the company.  Don’t get too sappy. 3. you show that you’re more than just facts on a piece of paper. 2. Briefly summarize why you’re the perfect candidate for the job in one sentence Ending your letter of application on the right note is a very important part of your letter as it can help you land the interview. not how the company will help you. Invite the hiring manager to contact you Inform your reader that you would love the opportunity to speak further about the position and provide your contact info again.

you will have to scan your letter back into your computer. Being too formal can hurt you here as you may come off insincere. you can print out your letter and sign your name by hand if you wish. you can insert it under your name. Although with this method. 4. something like “Cheers” may be too informal and can come off as presumptuous. write your full name on the last line. 2. [6] Alternatively. and consider including a signature. By saying something like “Best” or “Best wishes”. or become frustrating if you don’t know what is appropriate. Signing off can seem like an afterthought. Use Yours sincerely or simply “Best”.  If you have set up a signature on your word processor. 2018 12 .  A signature is not always required.  Alternatively. you show respect without sounding like you’re writing a love letter.6 Example of Application Letter Example 1 July 23. Write your name underneath After you sign off. or it may not fit the style of the rest of your letter.

I believe that I possess the temperament and experience to excel in this position. In this position I honed my interpersonal skills through customer service. TX 45965 Phone: (555) 555-1212 Email: hwaybird@email. Attn: Thomas Burgin 4634 W. I write to apply for the Office Manager position at Acme Investments. Inc. Burgin. TX 45987 Harold Waybird 586 Main St. clerical responsibilities (in-phone. Brighton. as demonstrated by my extensive background in office management and proven success as a corporate administrator. In my previous role. I am an excellent fit for this Dear. and by assessing and responding to the various tasks a vibrant work environment brings. 24 Houston. telephone. Not only am I well organized but I have a passion for 13 . I look forward to learning the needs of your organization and providing quality service for clients and employees alike.. Industrial Dr. I successfully supported an office of 100 personnel.Acme Investments. Inc. Ste. and electronic correspondence). Mr.

Through observation and asking detailed questions I believe that I will have a significant impact on the daily operations of Acme Investments. Thank you for your time and consideration. Harold Waybird Example 2 14 . I look forward to hearing from you about the progress of my application. Respectfully.creating positive and productive work environments. If you have any further questions or require any additional documentation. please contact me using the above information.

15 .

and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. and supported live use applications  I strive for continued excellence 16 . I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised in the Times Union. and three references. my resume. CA 08067 909-555-5555 john.Example 3 John Donaldson 8 Sue Circle Smithtown. Gilhooley. my certification. CA 08065 Dear Mr. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include:  I have successfully Date George Gilhooley XYZ Company 87 Delaware Road Hatfield.donaldson@emailexample. I am enclosing a completed job application. developed. The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting. As requested.

909-555- 5555.  I provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers With a BS degree in Computer or my cell phone. Sincerely. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. Signature (for hard copy letter) John Donaldson Example 4 17 . Please see my resume for additional information on my experience. I have a full understanding of the full lifecycle of a software development project. Thank you for your time and consideration. I can be reached anytime via email at john.donaldson@emailexample. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

Example 5 18 .

I have become quite interested in this position. I have had the opportunity to participate in an internship with the Wisconsin Early Autism Project. I will complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development in May 20XX.September 22. A senior at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Over the past semester. James: After reading the Family Advocate listing available with Fox Valley Autism Center on the Career Services’ Phoenix Recruitment Online. Through this experience.The prospect of joining your staff in this role would be a welcome and exciting challenge. James Program Director Fox Valley Autism Center 309 De Witt Street Appleton. my communication and leadership skills have been cultivated through my extracurricular involvement and conducting class group projects 19 . and participating in staff meetings to review therapy plans. This involved working one-on- one with autistic children on cognitive and behavioral issues. WI 54911 Dear Ms. I have demonstrated the ability to work independently as well as become a valued team member. In addition to my internship. 200X Jacqueline C.

Lisa J. Sincerely. I may be reached at (920) 639-XXX. If you have questions or wish to arrange an interview. Hall Enclosure: Resume 20 .and presentations. Through this combination of skills and experience. My resume is enclosed for your review. I am confident that I could be an asset to your staff in the Family Advocate position. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hall Lisa J.

and so on. characteristic. 3. like express your interest in attending an institution or receiving a position. b. purposes.1 Conclusion Based on the description of the discussion above can be conclude that: a. 21 . are positivity.2 Advices Based on the discussion about Application Letter authors provide suggestion that we can understand all about Application Letter includes the definition. There are seven components of application letter. e. perspicacity and initialization. Application letter is a letter that you write to a company when you are applying for a job. There are three characteristics of application letter. d. There are three purposes of application letter. c. To write an application letter there are three steps/parts. CHAPTER III FINAL 3.

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