2017 OBA Draft Evaluation

Best picks by round including analysis for first 3 rounds
By Harry Cox
Round 1:
Best Pick: R1P3 - Luke Digiacobbe picked by Mike Covert
When Covert picked up Digi it immediately gave his team the best backcourt in the league. This
two headed monster should be able to initiate scoring opportunities every time they have the ball.
Close Second: R1P1 – Sean Hopkins picked by Jake Fails
You would think the first overall pick would be the best pickup of the round, however Hopkins
has expressed a disinterest to being on Fails’ team. That being said he will still show up and ball
out, as long as he’s at the games
Worst Pick: None
The first 6 players drafted in the OBA draft are all of high quality and should not be a

Round 2:
Best Pick: R2P3 – Pat Quinn picked by Team King
James Patrick Quinn was easily the best player at the combine in my opinion and improved his
already high draft stock. He can play a down low role and control the rebound game with King’s
first rounder Sean Durant or play behind the arch and hit the 3 that so many other players
struggle with and complain about.
Close Second: R2P1 – Jake Wilsey picked by Team Demarco
What Jake Wilsey brings to the court is what few others can, he goes 100 mph ALL. THE.
TIME. He’ll be able to do it all for the well-rounded Demarco team.
Worst Pick: R2P4 – Vinny Demarco picked by Team Covert
First off, I truly do respect the skillset of Vincent Demarco, but if Covert really wanted him he
could’ve gotten him later. Demarco will likely fit in at a guard type role which would have him
likely on the bench behind Mac and Digi.
Round 3:
Best Pick: R3P5 – Keaton Flynn picked by Team Watson
Despite the expectation for Ben Watson to draft poorly he hit the mark with this pick. Flynn’s
game is underestimated partially due to his size put have no doubt, he can play. He’ll fit right in
with first round pick, Drew Hickson in the back court, he’ll initiate plays and get Drew wide
open threes.
Close Second: R3P2 – Owen Walsh picked by Team Miller
If anyone can match the intensity and heart of Jake Wilsey, it’s Owen Walsh. He may not hit a
high percentage of his shots (he does catch fire every now and then) but he’s a lock down
defender, gets both offensive and defensive boards, can bring the ball up the court, and get the
ball to his playmakers. Expect him to fit in as a hybrid G/F for team miller
Worst Pick: R3P3 – Andrew Hoff picked by Team Covert
Andrew Hoff has no basketball skill in any way whatsoever, Covert probably could’ve gotten
him 5th round at the earliest so he could have himself a big man. Don’t be surprised to see lots of
turnovers, air balls, and fake hangings from Hoffnasty

Round 4:
Best Pick: R4P3 – Zach Boughter picked by Team King
Close Second: R4P4 – Ian Strazinski picked by Team Covert
Worst Pick: R4P6 – Anthony Simone picked by Team Fails

Round 5:
Best Pick: R5P6- Pete Halladay picked by Team Demarco
Close Second: R5P5- Connor Bart picked by Team Watson
Worst Pick: None

Round 6:
Best Pick: R6P3- Collin Hurley picked by Team King
Close Second: R6P5- Andrew Pechin picked by Team Miller
Worst Pick: R6P2- Pat McDonough picked by Team Watson
Round 7:
Best Pick: R7P4 – Jeff Fichter picked by Team King
Close Second: R7P6 – Logan Gagliardi picked by Team Demarco
Worst Pick R7P1 – Tommy Alexander picked by Team Fails

Round 8:
Best Pick: R8P6 - Kyle Burton picked by Team Fails
Close Second: R8P5- Luke Maganas picked by Team Miller
Worst Pick: R8P3- Gavin Rotelli picked by Team King

Round 9:
Best Pick: R9P6 – Joe Craig picked by Team Demarco
Close Second: R9P3 – Willem Einthoven by Team Covert
Worst Pick: R9P5 – Jon Cwowe picked by Team Watson