Chapter I



The struggle in our society is in a continuous process. As of now, the farmers need

extremely changes in the society. Providing a high quality food is not a simple thing as 1, 2, 3

and not as easy as a, b and c, in our daily life situation. Our necessity depend upon on how we

were going to contribute in our society. Before all, anything in this world that we use every day

derived with our environment. Enable to bear with this, there is an instances that lots of farmer

choose to shift their job into one another, rather to stay in a low average of profit with their field.

Modernization in this field can also the reason why did the farmer choose to shift, by the

machinery itself this can easily finalized the things needed. Nowadays, without any expenses the

machines can do an effortless work. This is the alarming purposes of the modern technologies for

those farmer, it may easily penetrates the quality of farmer we had in the Philippines.

In Bataan, farmers means to strengthen the man power and lessen the industrialize

equipment in farming. Moreover, how could it be our society without any primary resources, to

sustain our necessity? Farmers are the backbone of the society. Farming is one of the main

source of income here in our country, specifically here in Orani Bataan. Farming is not an easy

job. You have to work hard because it will not only benefit you and your family but also other

people here in our society. There are many farmers here in Tugatog Orani, Bataan and this study

states the problems that they usually encounter, their daily living and how they manage to

overcome them. Farmers are not only the people who should work for all, we are not the only

person in this world, we can work together as team or family that combine to make a strong

enough power to support our environment.

(1990): 136: Large farm operators were less likely to hold supportive opinions about low-input farming (less use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides) and were less concerned about the adverse health effects posed by modern farming practices than operators of smaller farms. it seeks to answer the following question: 1. (2011) carried the study on farmers’ information needs and search behaviors in Tamil Nadu found that the major constraints to information access for the farmers is poor availability. you care. Bataan in the year 2016. The groundwater pollution problem is one that affects the farm family directly. Logan (1990:205) has advised that "farmers” concerns for groundwater protection will be greater than for surface water because farm families are worried about contamination of their own wells. lack of awareness of information sources available among farmers and untimely provision of information." Put most simply." Caring is a necessary and self-interested concern about one's place in the environment.3 Sex . "Caring is bred of familiarity. poor reliability. family farmers represent the common rural phrase. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: 1.2 Age 1. If you are there. Statement of the problems This study will describe the living experiences of the farmers in Barangay Tugatog Orani. Specifically.2017. Babu et al.1 Name 1. Lasley et al.

Scope and Delimitation This Study is bounded only in Farmers of Tugatog Orani.This study will mention that department so that they can be able to provide comprehensive program for the farmers. What are the problems that encounter of the respondents in their works? 4. find solution about this and help these farmers to raise their concerns about ths. .4 Educational Background 2. Department of Agriculture (DOA) . How the municipality may help the respondents to support in their works? Significance of the study The following are the probable beneficiaries of the study. How did the respondents manage their harvest income to support daily needs in their works? 3. Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) . Bataan in the year 2016-2017.that we will be able to acquire new knowledge about this. Researcher. 1. Municipality of Orani .This will help the municipality of Orani to provide a program necessary to support the condition of the farmers and they will be able to be aware with cases like this. Barangay Tugatog – This study will encourage the whole Barangay to support the respondents and help them with the circumstances that they encounter.This study will help that department to know what the farmers needs in their works and what solutions they can formulate for our agriculture.

Also it will use method such as interview. data gathering and other forms of measurement necessary to satisfy the needs of the study. This research will require the profile of the respondents such as their names. . sex and educational background. ages.

Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Related Literature Age Sex Educational Background Related Studies .