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temporary and contract jobs with details of job duties and recommendation letters. from date of graduation till now)  From: to: Company: - INTERESTS. part time.Name of Institution From To Qualification Study Major TRAINING (Please list all trainings attended) Name of Institution Course Attended Date of issued Duration Qualification COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE Hardware Software Programs LANGUAGES (Please tick as appropriate) Spoken Written Language Good Average Poor Good Average Poor VietNamese English Chinese Others EMPLOYMENT(Please list all full time. if any. HOBBIES & SPORTS Interest & Hobbies Sports HEALTH CONDITION General Health Excellent Good Average Poor Condition No Glasses With Glasses Eye Sight .

if have. brothers and sisters) Relationship Name Age Occupation REFERENCES (Please name two persons.Blood Type Physical Impairment No Have you ever had or are you suffering Disease No from any of the following? Mental Illness No Medical Condition No If Yes. friends or colleagues who know you best) Name Relationship Job/Position Telephone/Mobile No of Years Known EMERGENCY CONTACT (Please name your next-of-kin or close friend that we should contact in case of emergency) Relationship Name Contact Telephone/Mobile DECLARATION . please give details FAMILY PARTICULARS (Please list your parents. please give details Other illnesses/allergies. discharged or suspended by any employer? No If yes. please give me details CRIMINAL RECORD Have you even been convicted by a court of law in any country? No Have you ever been dismissed.

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