and released his first full length album Get Scraped in 2005. Outside Lands. ▶ Joel created the alias deadmau5.0 . then it's pretty much worth it. Sonar. and 3 Billboard Dance Chart #1 hits. — deadmau5 ▶ Joel Zimmerman was born on January 5th. ▶ Deadmau5 is the first EDM artist to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. 1981 in Niagara Falls. Ontario. and Bonnaroo music festivals.WELCOME TO MASTERCLASS DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION 2 You have to think that if you can impact one person with your music. ▶ Deadmau5 has headlined Lollapalooza. ▶ Joel started composing electronic music with the program “Impulse Tracker. Electric Daisy Carnival. 6 Grammy nominations. Ultra.” inspired largely by video game soundtracks. v1. ▶ Deadmau5 has 3 Juno awards.

"Cat Thruster" and "No Problem". WRITING MATERIALS D You'll want to keep writing materials handy. which you’ll find on page 5 of this Class Workbook. Have Spotify or a streaming application handy to be able to listen to songs and albums mentioned in the class. "Phantoms Can't Hang". we have a few recommendations for getting the most out of your experience.0 . It’s tempting to finish all of the lessons in one sitting. both for taking notes while going through the class and for completing several of the assignments. here are a few other items we think will enhance your learning experience: CLASS WORKBOOK A This printable PDF filled with lesson recaps and assignments. SUGGESTED VIEWING SCHEDULE B Deadmau5 explains his techniques to you in 23 lessons.01 INTRODUCTION DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION 3 HOW TO USE THIS CLASS Before you dive in. C A few of deadmau5's songs are mentioned repeatedly in the class: "Snowcone". "Imaginary Friends". We’d like to recommend our suggested viewing schedule. However. THINGS YOU MIGHT NEED To enjoy this class. v1. you only need your computer and a desire to learn.

v1. you should be familiar with the basics of recording and processing audio on your computer.0 . but to get started. If you already have those skills and can produce tracks of your own. Ableton Live. If you feel like you need to get up to speed or brush up on some core concepts. DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION E Joel will talk more about studio gear in Chapter 4. Joel's techniques will apply to any DAW. you will want a piece of software that lets you put Joel's lessons to work and produce your own tracks. you should be ready to go. we'd recommend downloading the demo version of the DAW Joel uses in the class. If you don't already have one of your own. go through our Fundamentals Guide.01 INTRODUCTION DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION 4 CLASS RESOURCES To get the most out of these lessons.

LESSON DISCUSSIONS OFFICE HOURS Share your works in progress and ask Submit and watch video and text your peers for help and support questions for deadmau5 from the if you’ve hit a roadblock. our community features. MasterClass community. COMMUNITY QUESTIONS & FEEDBACK Continue connecting with your We want to hear from you! MasterClass peers with Email support@masterclass.01 INTRODUCTION DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION 5 THINGS YOU WILL SEE Here are a few general tips for navigating your way around the class site: LESSON VIDEOS INTERACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS Watch and listen to deadmau5 Take advantage of the innovative tools explain the nuts and bolts of his and interactive assignments we’ve process created to enhance your education.0 .

01 INTRODUCTION DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION 6 CLASS OUTLINE . Good ▶ Lead Lines ▶ Use Effects to Create Original Producers Copy in New Ways Sounds ▶ Case Study: Cat Thruster ▶ You Don't Have to be a Team ▶ The Secret to Fat Bass Player 0 INTRODUCTION TO ▶ Reverbs ▶ Doubts and Mistakes Make you SYNTHESIZED SOUNDS ▶ Adding Spaces and Depth Better ▶ We're Here to Create Sounds No ▶ Processing Shit Into Gold ▶ Nothing's Ever Really Done One's Ever Heard ▶ Synth Basics: Waveforms and 11 BEATS: PART 1 0 THE DEADMAU5 Filters PROCESS: PRACTICE ▶ Dance Beats Should Be for ▶ Using Envelops and LFOs to Everybody ▶ Starting A Track From Scratch Modulate Sound ▶ There's No Such Thing as a Bad Drum Sample 0 BUILDING YOUR 0 EXPERIMENTING WITH HOME STUDIO ▶ Building Your Kick Sound MODULAR SYNTHS ▶ Everything Ends Up Digital ▶ Watch Out for Phase Cancellation ▶ Cross Modulating Simple Waves ▶ Your Computer Setup ▶ Balancing Drums and Melody ▶ Using Envelopes To Automate ▶ DAWS ▶ Adding Effects 1 BEATS: PART 2 ▶ Hardware Can Come Later ▶ Playing Sequenced Notes ▶ The Secret to Snare Sounds ▶ No Headphones ▶ Putting Mod Synths in Your Tracks ▶ Making Your Drums Breathe ▶ Studio Monitors ▶ Start Experimenting ▶ Case Study: Snowcone Drums ▶ It's About Your Ideas Not Your Gear v1. MELODIC STRUCTURES ANALOG SYNTHS 0 THE DEADMAU5 ▶ Resolving ▶ Hearing the Digital Analog PROCESS: THEORY ▶ Writing a Melody Difference ▶ Find a Way to Stop Thinking ▶ Drone Notes ▶ Digital vs. Analog Cross Modulation ▶ You Don't Have to Feel It to Write It ▶ Don't Be Obvious ▶ Synths in Snowcone ▶ Experimentation not Inspiration ▶ Building Your Mister Potato Head 10 0 TURNING MELODIES SHAPING SOUNDS WITH Bin INTO ARRANGEMENTS EFFECTS AND PROCESSING ▶ 23 Seconds is a Track ▶ Bass Lines ▶ Think Outside the Preset Box ▶ Every Producer Copies.SUGGESTED VIEWING SCHEDULE 1 01 INTRODUCTION 0 DEVELOPING 0 DIGITAL VS.0 .

Perceived Loudness Most ▶ Getting Feedback on Your Mix v1.01 INTRODUCTION DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION 7 1 STRUCTURING SONGS 1 MASTERING CASE 1 ON STAGE: THE STUDY: SNOWCONE TECHNICAL SIDE ▶ Copy. Rework Package ▶ Choosing Remix Material ▶ The Truth About Getting Signed ON STAGE: THE SHOW ▶ What Starts as a Remix.0 .Can End ▶ Invest in Yourself ▶ Forget the Crowd as Your Own Track ▶ Making Music Your Full Time Job ▶ Don't Be Like a Saw Movie ▶ Guide to Remixing deadmau5 ▶ Define Your Brand ▶ Putting on a Show ▶ Starting Your Own deadmau5 ▶ The Secret to Selling Yourself: ▶ Another Day at the Office Remix Don't ▶ Feeling Comfortabe on Stage 1 MIXING 1 UNDERSTANDING ▶ Tracks and Groups THE MUSIC BUSINESS CLOSING ▶ Earballing ▶ Learn the System and Make It ▶ EQing for Clarity Work For You ▶ Getting Your Leads to Sit in the ▶ The Problems With Major Labels Track ▶ Building Your Team ▶ Shaping Your Bass ▶ The Online Marketplace ▶ LFO Tool vs.. Add and Subtract ▶ Find the Right Track Length ▶ Comparing Different Master Chains ▶ A Show.. Compression ▶ An Approach to Making Albums ▶ Mixing in Home Studio ▶ Don't Stress Over Titles 1 MASTERING 0 ON STAGE: THE MUSIC ▶ Mastering Yourself ▶ Programming Shows ▶ Mastering Basics ▶ Playing the DAW ▶ Limiting ▶ Crafting Your Set List ▶ No Magic Master Chain ▶ Openings and Endings Matter ▶ Loudness vs. Copy. B Show ▶ Parametric EQing ▶ Rehearse Every Aspect of Your ▶ Think Ahead to Your Live Set ▶ Keep an Eye on Signal Path Show ▶ There's More to Music Than Big ▶ What's in the Cube Drops 1 STARTING YOUR ▶ Learn Your Systems PRODUCING CAREER 1 REMIXES ▶ Keeping Your Equipment Running ▶ Labels are Looking for the Total ▶ Keep it Cool ▶ Don't Remix.