Attention to all college admission recruiters!

Learn how to Enhancing Technology Tools Onto Recruitment Activities Online and face-to-face

Major development decision:
Goal of Instruction & specific objectives:
1. Type of instructional materials to implement our learning
Goal of instruction is for the learner to integrate the most objectives. We developed a wide array of activities, rang-
up-to-date technology tools into their job related presenta- ing from Prezi to simple Google documents to appease all
tions. Learners will be able to: the learning styles that may be present within our class.
2. How we would conduct our training? We decided that it
Create a Prezi Presentation was crucial for us to develop a course that was both face-
Create simple webpage to-face and online based on the content of our course.
3. Time. We had to develop a time frame that was efficient
Implement standards into their presentations and practically to fully complete and be competent in all
Implement social media into their recruitment areas of our training. We narrowed it down to five days.
4. Create a quality product for our client that met all their
Instructional approach and justification: needs plus some.
5. Picking reliable sources to gather our information from to
The college recruiters completed a self-administered present to students.
questionnaire. Results from the survey indicated that a
need exists to learn more about different online. This will Description of instructional materials:
allow them to incorporate digital tools into their presenta-
tion and to effectively communicate with their audience. The ISTE and the Standard for the 21st – Century
Instructional design decisions:
Course offered online to cut down on expenses and What is a Concept map:
maximize learning.
Use of video tutorials as primary way to relay infor- re&utm_medium=copy
mation to learners. What is HTML?
Course creation in three learning modules that build up dknj4cm/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
in complexity and interconnect to each other. PowerPoint vs Prezi:
Hands on exercises that insure learner comprehension
at the end of each module. prezi/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
Evaluation and feedback at the end of each module and
at the end of the course via electronic forms. Implementation plan:
Ability for learner interaction with facilitators through the Our product is designed to implement a combination of face-to-face
and online training. The training will be approximately a week long,
Lessons learned: and will take place on the Georgia Perimeter College campus in a
Original learning goals were downsized later in the project in or- computer lab. Students will begin our course reviewing the ISTE
der to maximize learning in the given time period. Standards. Students will then learn about the benefits of using Prezi
Greater communication and involvement in the review process by over Power Point, followed by learning HTML coding to make a sim-
Using Prezi presentations, websites and social media to imple- ple website. Students will learn how to make a concept map, and
ment technology into recruitment activities then learn about social media trends within a University. Upon com-
Understanding the ISTE Standards to ensure best practices pletion of all our lesson, students will be required to do a variety of
activities ranging from creating websites, to making Prezi focusing
on using social media to enhance the college recruitment process!
Course title: Enhancing Technology Tools Onto Recruitment Activities
Presented by: Education Innovators
Who: College Admission Recruiters
Where: Online and face-to-face
Education Innovators