Teacher: Ileana- Magdalena Stoica

School: Negru Voda, Pitesti

Date: 25th May, 2016

Grade: 2nd

Textbook: Fairyland, Express publishing

Lesson: Looking good!

Functions: The students will practice and extend clothes vocabulary

Skills: speaking, writing.

Objectives: By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

Extend their vocabulary for clothes, develop speaking and writing skills.

Type of lesson: vocabulary

Teaching aids: whiteboard, worksheets.

Teaching Techniques:

- exercise

Methods- conversation, observation, explanation, demonstration.

Number of students: 30

Time: 50’

Interaction: T.Ss Timing: 5’ 3. PRESENTATION: Activity 1: Listening. placing the cards next to the new words. PRACTICE Activity 3: Writing .Speaking Aims: . (How are you today?/What is the weather like today? Is it sunny? Is it cloudy? Interaction: T-Ss Timing : 5 ‘ 2. LEAD IN: Aim: . STAGES OF THE LESSON: 1. Interaction: T.Ss Timing: 5’ 5. PRACTICE: Activity 2: writing Aims: .to prepare the pupils for the lesson Procedure: The teacher greets the pupils and asks them a few ordinary questions. Interaction: T.to get accustomed with the form of the new words Procedure: the teacher writes the words on the board. WARMING-UP: Aim: .to introduce the topic/ to set the context Procedure: ok…what am I wearing? What is this? The teacher tries to make the Ss remember previous knowledge.Ss Timing: 10’ 4.to introduce the Ss to the new vocabulary Procedure: plays the video from the laptop and puts the words on the board. missing the vowels J_ck_t….

ASSIGNING HOMEWORK Aim: -to consolidate and use the acquired the new vocabulary . to describe the girl and the boy from exercise 3. using “I am wearing…” Interaction: T-Ss Timing: 10’ 8. Aims: .develop their writing skill in English Procedures: T. page……in their books The girl is wearing… The boy is wearing…. Interaction: T-s Timing: 10’ 7. Timing: 2’ . asks Ss. PRACTICE: Activity 4: writing Aims: to exercise the new vocabulary Procedure: will solve exercise 1 and2 from their activity book. using the projector and the board.to exercise the new words Procedure: the teacher writes on the board some words with their letters scrambled Interaction: T-Ss Timing: 5’ 6. Interaction: T-->Ss. PRACTICE Activity 5: speaking Aims: .to exercise the new vocabulary Procedure: a few kids present the way they are dressed.